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Have you got a deadline for an education essay and are seriously feeling the pressure? Don’t worry, after reading this article you will be able to write your essay, if you follow the steps laid down here. In this article, you will learn:

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Writing an essay is like buying skincare; if you choose the wrong product, your face could come up in a rash instead of looking better. Likewise, if you choose the wrong essay question, you could end up red in the face through the sheer stress of trying to write it. Let’s imagine that you have to write an education essay on TESL (Teaching English as a Second Language). You have a list to choose from that includes:

  1. How to teach the present perfect continuous.
  2. How to plan a lesson using the Presentation – Practice – Production Model.
  3. How to use Total Physical Response within your lesson plan.
  4. Using your own Realia.
  5. How to develop intonation with primary school children.

If you go through the list, you may find that you are really not that clear on the present perfect continuous and need to work at it some more yourself. Don’t be tempted to choose a subject that you are vague on thinking it will help you to understand it better. It will simply make you more stressed and you won’t get the best grade for it either. Likewise, if you look at the second question on lesson planning and although you know how to do it, you find it super dreary, don’t be tempted to write on that either. When you are writing an education essay, your passion needs to shine through. If you find the subject dull, this will reflect in your writing and the reader is sure to glaze over. If you look at the third question and the fifth question and they both apply more to young children and your interest is in adult education, then you have your choice providing “using your own Realia is something that you understand and find interesting, that is your question. Of course, there are times when all the questions are unsuitable for your own individual needs. In cases, like that you have to choose the one that is the least painful.

Often, when people are writing an education essay, they choose a subject that they are au fait with and have a couple of theories to back their argument up and they think that this is enough. The problem with that method of essay writing is that when you sit down to write, you may find that you are blocked. The reason for this is that you haven’t done enough back ground reading and note taking. If you take the time to read fully around your subject and engage in detailed note taking, you will find that you have more than enough material for your essay.

Obviously, you don’t need to read every single journal and book that has been written on your subject, it has to be relevant to your argument. However, having more material than you need makes for easier essay writing than not having enough. For instance, if you were writing an education essay on the psychology of education, you may be arguing that “gifted children are carefully nurtured.” Simply reading Jung’s “The Gifted Child” would not give you a strong enough overview of the subject. You would need to read what other theorists had written on giftedness and also delve into the argument of nature versus nurture. If you did all that, you would find that as you did your research, your own critical opinions would start to develop and you would be on your way to writing an essay.

Once you have all your information to hand, you can begin on your essay map. This is a fun way of helping you to think. There are different ways in which you can do this depending on your circumstances. If you have a whiteboard, that can be enjoyable or even a large sheet of white paper. However, a piece of A4 is perfectly good too. Let’s imagine that you are writing an education essay on multiple intelligences theory developed by Howard Gardner. As academics tend to traditionally only recognise the verbal/ linguistics and logical mathematics intelligences, you may wish to argue that “using a variation of MI theory helps children to learn better because it prevents boredom.”

  • Introduction – Your map could consist of a picture of a child looking fed up being taught in a traditional manner and a child that is engaged being taught by using body movements. You can write your question underneath the pictures too if you like.
  • Point 1. Verbal/ linguistic – put a picture of a text book on.
  • Point 2. Visual spatial – stick pictures and images on your map.
  • Point 3. Bodily kinaesthetic – this needs images of movements and the body.
  • Point 4. Interpersonal – draw or stick photos of team work.
  • Point 5. Musical – use images that imply using music or rhythm.
  • Point 6. Logical mathematical – draw a mathematical formula.
  • Point 7. Environmental – choose images that indicate use of the natural world.
  • Conclusion. Indicate with a picture whether you believe that using MI helps improve educational performance in children or not.

Now that you have your map, you need to use your notes and your background reading to brainstorm the advantages and disadvantages of each form of intelligence. You can either, at this point, use a linear plan or you can draw ideas coming out of your essay map.

Your background reading, mapping and listing of advantages and disadvantages of using multiple intelligences should have got you to a point where you have a strong and logical idea of what you believe. This is going to be the basis of your argument in your education essay.

  • Introduction. This will clearly state what your hypothesis is and briefly how you are going to prove it. Concisely list each point but don’t go into any detail, remember this is just a teaser to get your reader anticipating all the excellent ideas you are going to put forth.
  • The main body of your essay. What are the points that you wish to put forth? Make sure that you have separated them because it is easy to entangle points and this loses clarity within your argument. For instance, after all your reading and delving into the different form of intelligences, you may believe that some of them are useful in keeping children engaged but some of them are not. Furthermore, you may believe that some of them are not beneficial to the constraints of working in a public primary school. It will depend upon your essay length, whether you can get all your points in or not. If you find you have too many, simply choose the strongest points and discard the rest.
  • Conclusion. Your conclusion needs to be kept succinct. Don’t repeat all the information that you have made in the main body of your education essay. Indicate what final thoughts you have on the subject because of your research and writing and how it is useful to your field of study. It may also be helpful if you could state how this could help further research in education by suggesting what other steps could be taken.

For many students, this really is the most difficult part. If you find that you are suddenly glued to a daytime television programme that you detest, you are suffering from WP. In other words, writer’s procrastination. Don’t worry, there are ways to get over it. One of the main causes of it is fear. The fear comes from worrying that the essay will not be good enough.

One way of getting over the fear is to allow yourself to do a first draft where you don’t worry about spelling mistakes, grammar or even your argument. You tell yourself that you are simply getting your ideas down. The other message to give to yourself is that absolutely no-one is going to see this draft. In other words, it really does not matter if it is awful, just get it down. It is amazing how once all the pressure is off, the words seem to flow. Another aspect of this is that it is never as bad as you imagine it will be. Try it.

Once you have your first draft, then your second draft should be checking that your argument is strong and logical. Keep referring to your hypothesis while checking your points. Are you sticking to the point? Make sure that you don’t go off on any tangents.

When you are sure that your argument is stable and strong, you can do your third edit which means that you are checking the actual writing. Make sure your voice is formal but not dreary. Read it out loud. If you have trouble doing this because your sentences are long and convoluted, edit them until you can comfortably read it. As you read through, check for repetitiveness. This can happen in two ways. You can repeat your argument or you can use the same word far too often.

Although you allowed yourself the freedom from grammatical mistakes and spelling errors in the first draft, you have to eradicate them at this stage. It would be ironic if you were supposed to be teaching people English and you used the wrong homophones or conjugated your verbs incorrectly. At this point, it really is worth getting another pair of eyes to check that your essay is the best that it can be.

Check that any sources that you have used are mentioned and also attach a full bibliography. Try to do this as you work through your background reading. One of the worst time wasting exercises when writing essays is searching for a reference when writing your essay. Detailed note taking might be slow and arduous, but you will reap the benefits when you come to write your essay up.

The problem with writing essays is that it requires a lot of different skills. If one of these skills is difficult for you it can make the idea of writing an essay such a stressful experience. If you add to this examinations or having to write a dissertation too, it can seem like you have a steam cooker inside your head ready to explode. This then makes it harder to concentrate on any of the other academic tasks that you have deadlines for.

The good news is that you do not need to feel this way because you can get help. We offer a whole range of research and writing services. We can do all aspects of dissertation work from research right through to writing. We also offer tailor made essays that are written especially as a model answer to show you how it can be done. If you need a cover letter for a job, we can also do that. As our services are purely confidential, no one will be aware that you use them unless you tell them yourself. Why not get in touch with us and see what we can do for you?

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