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I am a qualified economics tutor. My experience in the field is vast spilling over five years of teaching and mentoring. I have a linear progression in this course from the lower level of my education up to the Ph.D. level which currently defines the peak of my qualification. Being in the realm of academics, I have transcended beyond economics to other disciplines such as Law, psychology, world literature, history, and business. My technical course is Information Technology and Communication (ICT) which has generally contributed to my concrete understanding of my major course through the facilitation of digital research. Over my period of studies and tutoring, I have been shaped with ideas from broader fields like philosophy, sociology, and theology whose concepts are inevitable in broadening the scope of my major units.
Owing to the fact that I have stayed for long in the field, I have engaged in several pieces of research on general topics such as business law and specific topics such as tenets of the economics and financial management. My major contribution in this field is on the neuro-economics whereby I attempted to understand how people’s thoughts and feelings determine their decision making processes basing on the whole matters of economy and finance. This was a dissertation that earned me a Ph.D. I have assisted several undergraduate and graduate to revise their research papers again from different fields as well as helping others to come up with researchable topic and planning of their papers. I appreciate this experience since it further exponent my scopes in the understanding of economics as well as finance and thus I can qualify myself as a prolific academician whose competences are incomparable. With no limitation, I have over the period of time interacted with my peers and other reputable professors through the economic conferences, seminars, and expositions who have clearly reshaped my insights in the academic world.
My ambition is to scale further and deeper not only in the field of economics but also to other fields such as the ones mentioned above in order to help in providing long-lasting solutions to the problems experienced in the academic realm. I will also devote myself to helping students to climb the ladder of academics in order to fulfill their dreams and to gain satisfaction.


Kenyata University, Bachelor, Economics



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user1038811 user icon 17 September 2019 On Time Positive
Great job. Definitely recommend him for your work!
user290191 user icon 15 September 2019 On Time Positive
Great Writer! Excellent Communication!
james9876 user icon 15 September 2019 On Time Positive
great work as always
ANAS9 user icon 14 September 2019 On Time Positive
on time, excellent work!!
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