19th and 20th Century Feminism Culture

All throughout history women have been degraded and suppressed for not being a man. Starting in the roman days, women had to be reliant on the men in support of them. Their man was in charge of them and what they does and if they weren't married, these were under their fathers control. For instance, women were not able to teach because of the fact it provided them too much authority and authority (Mountjoy 14). It was expected in the nineteenth century modern culture that men were able to go to work and be able to socialize with others, while women were expected to watch the youngsters and make meal. Through the entire 19th to the 20th century, women, as a group, fought for equality and the to vote. In addition they wanted to have significantly more regulations about rape and abortion. Especially since sometimes in studies, men never get plenty of time in jail while women do not get enough closure. Inside the nineteenth century women right became more accounted for after they realized how men had much more choices than females. (Sailus).

Literature was a significant way that women's feelings and thoughts towards men were raised. After that women became more educated on this issue and women were able to grasp that they needed increased equality. This is when women's right activist began to share their ideas and used their speech in an effort to hook up with others. For instance, in 1972 Mary Wollstonecraft publicized a booklet called, "A Vindication on the Rights of Women". Within this book she marketed the thought of sexual equality. Wollstonecraft influenced many others lady to become feminist. Feminist are people who have confidence in sexual equality, they may be women or men. Usually feminist are women generally though. A number of the key feminist of the women's right motion are Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady (Mountjoy 46).

Susan B. Anthony was one of the most famous woman involved in the women's right movement because she helped add the nineteenth amendment in the U. S constitution in August, 26, 1920. The nineteenth amendment allowed any gender to really have the to vote without having to be denied by the United States or by any state. This amendment symbolled victory for women for the most part, but still things would have to be done (DeLuzio 93). Elizabeth Cady was another social activist that possessed an enormous contribution to creating similar rights for ladies. She helped create the first women's right convention that was held in Seneca Fall season, NY, in 1848. Cady also created the declaration of sentiments to motivate for women's suffrage (Mountjoy 42).

Sociological point of view is a viewing of the behavior of categories in a systematic way (Thomas 4). Feminist can be considered from a sociological point of view since you can look behind a thought about this and see the hidden meaning. For instance, people thought Feminist were trapped up young ladies who just wanted to be dramatic however when looked deeper involved with it, it is approximately women who want equality and to have the same rights as men. With this cultural perspective, it allowed more people to care about this issue and want to join into being truly a feminist. Sociological creativeness is the capability to see the interconnection between the greater world and our personal lives (Thomas 5). Feminist is seen by sociological creativity because in society women are thought to be much less smart and are less able to get jobs than men. This is linked to someone's personal life because every day a girl can say in institution most teachers expect the children to do better in a math test when compared to a girl. This damaged the globe by people having the ability to relate to these situations and understanding how women thought.

In chapter two we learn about ethnocentrism, which is the inclination to view one's own group or culture as more advanced than others (Thomas 35). The feminist in the nineteenth century demonstrate this by seeming more important than African People in america. During the nineteenth and twentieth century African Us citizens weren't cared for with admiration and were thought of less than Caucasian people. Women acted as if they needed their rights more than African Us citizens, when the truth is African Americans were treated worse. Although African Us citizens were having trouble, DARK-COLORED women still signed up with the feminist movement and protested equality with them (DeLuzio 29). Feminist also illustrate ethnocentrism by causing them seem much better than men. With all of these protest, conventions and literature being created, it made women appear as though men were awful and didn't do anything to them. The power women were able to gain through this movement, allowed others to observe how far better women were and they weren't getting acknowledged and given. When women were acknowledged they were able to gain more freedom and protection under the law, which changed the world (DeLuzio 133).

A counterculture is a group that rejects the worth, norms, and techniques of the larger world and replace them with their own social pattern (Thomas 39). Feminist in the nineteenth century and twentieth century symbolize a counterculture because they reject norms and prices of culture. The group rejects the distributed rules of do by taking activities in a situation and being the leader, when the most common norm was to place back and let the men do everything (Mountjoy 14). For example, Carrie Chapman Catt had taken authority into her own hands and created League Women voters, this advertised social welfare charges, protected legislative for girls and removed discriminatory regulations (DeLuzio 134). Feminist reject worth by thinking women sticking up for themselves were a good thing and allowing men have more rights than them were bad. In the past, women sticking up for themselves was uncommon and unusual and wouldn't be taken seriously. For example, creating confrontation and struggling with back was thought as not sweetheart like but in the counterculture women saying things again was thought as empowering and heroic (Sailus). When Pauli Murray decided to speak up and use her tone to talk about how precisely she was denied from Harvard University or college for being a girl, it expanded the meaning of flexibility and justice for females but also stunned the globe because most African American women wouldn't talk about that (DeLuzio 194).

Cultural relativism is the belief that an organization or culture should be judged by their own benchmarks rather than by others. Feminist behaved in the manner because of social relativism. They are justified because these were just looking to have protection under the law and make people see gender relations. If they were judged by other requirements, people would think that it was peculiar and stupid to expect equality. Within a male dominated contemporary society, especially in various countries, they might understand this counterculture and be surprised. For example, the Arapesh women were always given partner at a era and then given at home careers. Since this is the Arapesh custom, people in America would judge Feminist because they want to have gender equality (Thomas 32). This is why ethnical relativism is a good thing because ladies in america could actually earn equality and never have to be concerned about being in comparison to other civilizations.

In my own opinion, I agree with my counterculture's school of thought. I agree typically because I am a lady and I believe women must have the same privileges as men. I disagree how inadequate women were treated back then. For example, when I learned women were never in a position to do certain careers because of men being bothered women would get management. I am actually very thankful because of this group. Without them I wouldn't have been able to vote or get the training I am able to obtain now. I'd have to remain at home and offer with cooking food and taking care of kids. This counterculture allowed me to desire to go in to the engineering field because I came to the realization I could get it done, although most men overpopulate the engineering field.

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