A research study on a domestic violence intervention

Working with Individuals


The student interpersonal worker is positioned with Bharatiya Mahila Federation (BMF). Bharatiya Mahila Federation (BMF) is an all-India organization womens mass corporation, dealing with the subjects of Domestic Violence. BMF was set up by many leaders including Aruna Asaf Ali. Mahila Samasya Nivaaran Kendras (Family Counselling Centers for females) are positioned in Thane, Kalyan, and Bhiwandi. Within the purview of socially relevant issues, it also manages the education of the slum children by way of a non-formal methodology towards education, under the name of Disha Classes. BMF has vigorously campaigned against female foeticide. Additionally it is employed in tandem with Malati Vaidya Trust to begin a Resource Center in Ganeshwadi, Badlapur.

The student works together with the Family Counselling Center in Thane. The guts is run by para-professionals, some of whom were themselves patients at some point with time.


For the purpose of explanation of the many aspects of dealing with individuals, the university student will like to say the case of the 30 time old women named Sanaa (name evolved). Sanaa is Muslim by faith and was committed off at age 26 as her husbands second better half. He remarried after offering divorce to his first partner. Sanaa is residing with her parents, sibling and sister-in-law in Mumbra. She has four children. The first two are twin daughters and one of these named Aalia(name altered) is intellectually challenged because of the accidental injuries inflicted on Sanaa during motherhood. The other child known as Nazia was forcefully taken away by her daddy Khalid with him since unlike the first girl she is normal. Clearly, the father has left the entire responsibility of the child who's intellectually- challenged on the mother, without giving any maintenance from his part. The 3rd child, who's a guy, Naseer (name altered), is literally challenged and cant walk normally. The fourth child, Ali, is 7 calendar months and it is chronically ill has been hospitalized many times.

Sanaa approached the agencys Family Counselling Centre. She complained of being beaten up by her man, brother-in-law and sister-in-law and the atrocities dedicated against her at the time of her pregnancy. Because of the injuries, she got a miscarriage the first time she got pregnant.

The agency wished the trainee to do a home-visit and confirm the facts. The home visit unveiled that the client is residing in a chawl in unhygienic conditions. The trainee interviewed your client and her mom. Her spouse has refused to simply accept her and the kids back and wants a divorce, but Sanaa desires to remain with him. Her husband has put a condition that he'll let her come back only when she and her family give in writing that they will not record a police problem against him and will not deal with any NGO/company for further help as they have earlier. Sanaa wants to be with him despite all the physical and mental tortures that her partner makes her proceed through. She will not wish to load her parents with her and her childrens responsibility. As far as her education his concerned, she has obtained education till the extra level. Before matrimony, she used to instruct kids of the primary level. The trainee tried out to counsel her that sticking to her husband wouldn't normally change her conditions. Instead she should file an instance on him requiring maintenance for herself and her kids. The trainee also advised that she takes up a job. Before an instance could be registered, the trainee paid a stop by at her man to come for a gathering at the company but he refused to all attempts of negotiation and said that he will confront her immediately in the judge.

Later on, when the university student called her up to learn her decision about filing the truth, she said she was all set forward with it. Hence, she was asked to come for the ending up in the agencys advocate on the given particular date. The advocate asked the trainee to submit Sanaas case history so that the petition could be filed in the court.

The student cultural worker also determined that Sanaas case has a whole lot of range of medical intervention apart from assistance at the legal level. While the trainee was planning the further course of action for the case, the client took up a teaching job in a neighbourhood school in her locality. This indeed arrived as a happy information for the trainee as it shown that mere triggering an idea can actually stimulate the client to help herself. The client was also prompted to further continue her studies.

For the medical help for Sanaas kids, the trainee decided to take them to a BMC Medical center. After longing in the queue for two-and-half hours outside the OPD for Skin area Diseases, Naseer was diagnosed, medicines were recommended and the doctor asked to bring him in the arriving week for follow-up. The approved medicines were not available in the hospitals pharmacy. So, the medications were bought from external. Naseer was also evaluated for his swollen abdominal area. The doctor informed that there is a doubt of him suffering from Langerhans cell Histiocytosis (LCH) and hence he needs to be admitted. Sanaa was apprehensive about admitting Naseer, since she'd not have the ability to afford it. The trainee could observe a manifestation of fear on her behalf face. It had been time for the trainee to counsel her about the urgent have to get her son admitted. On the way back, while talking to the client, the trainee found out that Sanaas mom wants her to give up the coaching job since its going for a lot of her time and it becomes quite difficult for her mother to handle three kids when Sanaas has gone out for work in the evening school. As a substitute, her mother had suggested her to take up tailoring work. For the same, she indicated the need for a sewing machine.

So now, there was a need to consider a donor for Naseers treatment and for the machine. The supervisor suggested that Sanaas case can be referred to another organization who is involved into such kind of work. After brainstorming, the trainee decided to refer Sanaas circumstance to MESCO - an organization in Mumbra.

The visit to MESCO turned out to be quite fruitful. In the ending up in its staff, it was prepared that the after submitting required documents the financial assistance would be provided for Naseers treatment. However, one constraint was that MESCO provides help only on first three days of each month therefore the trainee had to really pace up the process of planning all the documents. For Sanaas tailoring endeavor, the representative brought up that she'll have to seem for a skill test and she would get a sewing machine.

The documents process can in fact kill a lot of time and the trainee already had limited one in hand, because the end of the field work with the entire year was nearing. After operating from post-to-post for one signature from the physician at the hospital, trainee possessed a cost qualification at hand which ended up being useless since the sociable worker at a healthcare facility asked to get another one for the total estimated cost of treatment, playing around that was postponed to another week by the physician. In the meantime, the college student was fighting herself as to discover a way to convince the client to get her son admitted. Weekly he was slipping ill and the medicine for your skin disease seemed to have an impact only in the first week. Follow-ups to the doctor after that didn't make a lot of a difference. This led the trainee to ponder as to the reasons this was happening and the speculation was that it's possible that your skin disease is actually a warning sign of LCH. After reading up on LCH, the doubt was confirmed. For weeks, Naseer had been cared for for the indicator! However now the field work time was over! So what should one do in that situation? The client cannot be left midway in the aiding process. It raises a whole lot of moral issues.


1. Social Research 2. Social Examination 3. Intervention 4. Termination 5. Evaluation

The initial description of the circumstance is obviously a Social Review of Sanaas case. Social Review is a systematic study of the client and her/his circumstances with regards to her/his problem Information is collected and organised in regards to to the following: Problems (the initially mentioned problem and associated problems if any), Age, sex, marital status, Educational qualification, Character of occupation, income, Health issues, Personality features, Home and neighbourhood, Family constellation, Family history (significant events, behaviour, connections, etc. ). Sanaas circumstance was constantly assessed for the intended purpose of necessary treatment. Each course of action had to be simultaneously evaluated to check on for loopholes. However, the truth can't be called to reach the termination. However the intervention done so far has proved to be be productive to the magnitude that Sanaa took up a job on her behalf when inspired and encouraged. The trainee could track down a business who could provide her with a machine for starting tailoring work and fund the treating her child. Naseer do get some OPD treatment, which revealed the need for a permanent treatment. The trainee was also in a position to facilitate the procedure of providing legal assistance to the client.


Tools can be explained as the ways through which a particular occupation, profession or form of trade is applied. In cultural casework, tools will be the means of establishing and growing contact with the customers. Through casework tools, one can get access to the info about the client, her concerns, her family, her environment. The student made use of all the five casework tools, particularly, Listening, Observation, Romance, Home-Visit and Interview. Relating to Grace Mathew, the last three tools pointed out here, are the channels to make the casework techniques operative. Mathew has described casework techniques as the systematic procedures of assisting. These are- Approval, Assurance, Facilitation of Expression of Thoughts, , Allaying overpowering feelings, Accrediting and Building Self-Confidence, Encouragement and Reassurance, Being with your client, Emotional Support, Action-Oriented Support. Then Sophistication Mathew outlined down certain other techniques for the goal of enhancing resources. They are - Providing or Procuring Materials Help, Change of Physical Environment, Enhancing Information and Knowledge. There's also approaches for changing the internal operations- Counselling techniques (Reflective Dialogue, Advice, Determination, Clarification, and Correcting Notion), Anticipatory Guidance, Modelling, Role Performing, Certainty Orientation, Remove Guilt Feelings and using them constructively, Interpretation, Partialisation, Universalisation, Setting up Limits, Confrontation, TRYING, Renewing Family Links, Improving Communication Habits, Changing Attitudes.

Listening as a tool is effective only when it is energetic and attentive to understand the clients thoughts and to know very well what she/he is conveying. Effective hearing is facilitated by keeping an eye contact with the client. Distractions, wool gathering and selective hearing obstruct the listening process.

Observation is used in casework to note the clients facial expression, body language and indicators of uneasiness in the process of connection with your client.

Relationship between the worker an the client is a specialist one which is positive in mother nature. The positivity of the partnership is manifest in the rapport the caseworker has with your client.

Home Visit can be an instrument, which enables the social employee to verify the reality of the circumstance being handled. In addition, it conveys a note to your client about the communal workers affinity for his/her welfare. Sometimes home-visits can be be highly revealing and at times, may change the shape of the course. The facts me be transformed ugly.

Interview facilitates face-to-face conversation between the caseworker and the client. The aims in this interaction are to acquire information from the client or to impart some to the client, to review and assess the problem of the clients problem unique to her/him also to give assistance.

Drawing from the above circumstance, first of all the caseworker needed to evoke the self-assurance of your client since the regular victimization to the domestic violence possessed made her suspect her own capacities. The client had to be informed that she can restore her lost self-assurance by keeping herself occupied and taking up a job. She was encouraged and encouraged enough to take up the coaching job again. The caseworker has been working towards making provision for materials help for the treatment of kids and for the required equipment so that she may take up tailoring home based. The caseworker have a great deal of advocacy work in Sanaas circumstance such as going to the hospital for procuring the certificate, ending up in the referral organizations staff for seeking financial assistance for the client. Many counselling techniques as Fixing Perception, Advice, Getting rid of Guilt Emotions, Universalisation were used. In the beginning, when the Home-Visit was made the caseworker recommended Sanaa on the path to emerge from her situation, how the agency would help in the process. When her boy was considered for treatment, so credited to waiting around in the long queues and the whole documentation procedure for OPD treatment, Sanaa began feeling

guilty that why did she marry to begin with, had she not hitched she would not have had to handle such problems. In that situation, she needed to be told that marriage was not the mistake and she does not need to be guilty about something for which she actually is not responsible. She was wedded off to a man, the backdrop and other information on whom were not at all validated by her family. As it came to the caseworkers amazement while talking to the clients mom, the last mentioned used to see a woman frequently in the area and got familiar with her and on her proposal, committed off her little girl to her brother. When the caseworker asked the client to get money facts from her university, without which she would not have received financial the help of the referral corporation, she didn't achieve this for weeks despite repeated reminders. The sociable worker was required to then step in and find out what the matter was and what came out was that she acquired a misconception about it. Your client thought that if she'd submit an income proof, then she'd not be provided any help since, according to her, they may think if she actually is gaining then she does not need help. The caseworker then possessed to correct her understanding that the income evidence is a formality and because her income is meager to cover the treating her son she would definitely be provided with financial assistance. Once the consumer was very thwarted with herself. At that time, the caseworker brought to light the examples of many other woman who've been and who are in worse situation than hers.


The pupil trainee used the Empowerment and Advocacy Approach. It has been said that empowerment seeks to help clients gain electricity of decision and action over their own lives by lowering the effect of cultural or personal blocks to existing power, by increasing capacity and self-confidence to utilize vitality and by moving power from the surroundings to clients. Advocacy looks for to represent the pursuits of the powerless clients to powerful individuals and buildings. For Furlong, empowerment can be an essential purpose of casework since it avoids a crude polarization of interpersonal action and individualized perspectives, placing use individuals and people in a context of concern for social aims. In 1994, Anderson et al, offered a style of empowerment for interpersonal development in Africa worried about the five proportions of practice: personal, cultural, educational, economical and politics. These sizes are intertwined with one another and looking at them so allows people to meet individual needs (personal electric power), enhance their capacity to affect others (interpersonal power), which creates an potential to influence the power distribution more widely (political power). Rees came up with a set of ideas with regard to empowerment, viz. , a) biography b) electric power c) Political understanding d) Skills e) Interdependence of Coverage and Practice. For Rees, the basic goal of empowerment is communal justice, greater security, political and social equality to the people, through mutual support and distributed learning. Kondrat emphasized after the worthiness of local knowledge, specifically the one coming from the clients. One intricacy of advocacy is based on the duality of its interrelated meanings of representation. The representation in advocacy is within term of the performing and arguing for the hobbies of the clients. However, for Phillip (1979), advocacy requires representation in conditions of interpreting and showing the worthiness of clients to the powerful groups in the contemporary society. Advocacy, partly, is reported to be an element of empowerment, since it could be used to claim for resources, or change the interpretation which powerful organizations make of clients. Andersons style of empowerment was vital for software in Sanaas circumstance, since socio-economic, personal and educational aspects were targeted upon at the amount of evaluation as well as treatment.

The caseworker also used Reess understanding of empowerment in terms of the Skill advancement. The clients tailoring skills was tapped on to allow her choose the right livelihood option. Advocacy work was also done by initiating the process of legal assistance and facilitating the process of financial assistance by MESCO.


One of the troubles encountered was that not all three kids could be studied for consultation mutually since no person from the clients family could go with her to a healthcare facility. So there was a absence in conditions of recruiting. Social Circumstance Work Practice is an enormous responsibility, specially when any form of medical involvement is involved, especially, when ones concentrate on system involves infants. Another challenge was the unavailability of the prescribed medicines in municipal hospitals pharmacy. Those that cannot find the money for to buy the expensive medications from outside aren't even able to get started on the treatment. On the macro level, this remains a large loophole in medical health care sector of the united states. It is an obstacle for the low-income group in being able to access healthcare services. This also paralyses the federal government health care sector at a very basic level. Looking for a donor or an company where Sanaas case could be known for another concern.

The biggest honest issue was about the departing the treatment process midway. The follow-up in the event is being prepared to overcome the issue.

The consumer has been very tolerant to the idea of admitting the child in a healthcare facility despite repeated reassurance that the financial assistance would be studied health care of.

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