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A Christians Experience In A Mosque Religious beliefs Essay

I am a Christian by personal trust, genetics and through situation of being raised in the church. I have already been a Christian such a long time that every other religion to me is of little concern to me privately. But, I do not say this to be mean because I've many friends of different religions, values and races. Whatever they believe in is fine with me at night and vice versa. I went to a mosque with my best good friend since fourth level since she actually is lady. I learned a lot more than I formerly thought and this is my voyage.

Humama and I have been best friends since fourth class. My family and hers are close despite one being Religious and the other Muslim. To the other person we could people, friends, and religious beliefs does not establish our romantic relationship. I asked Humama to include me to the mosque downtown on Ruler Street because I would feel more comfortable being with someone who knew what was happening. We decided to go on a Fri, which is their holy day.

Before going out of her house in Goose Creek, we performed ritual called a Wudu. It is washing of areas of the body important to undertaking formal prayers, called Salah. She said that there surely is a train station at the mosque for this, or they use a sink for it but it would be easier to get it done before we remaining home. She gave me a blue costume to wear with a matching veil to cover from our wrists to your ankles for modesty and admiration.

On the drive downtown, bundled up in a lovely attire completely out of my normal

form of dressing, I wondered how I'd be greeted and exactly how I would be transformed by this. I've walked and drove at night mosque on Ruler Street often. After living downtown for almost a year, you would need to be blind not to notice it. It sits there on the area of Ruler and Romney road, quiet and not architecturally designed like the mosques I have seen in pictures. It is simplistic in its design for its purpose.

We parked and strolled to the mosque and I noticed people of different races joining the mosque which amazed me. There have been Blacks, Whites, and many people of Midsection Eastern descent. There were teenagers, old people and all seemed unified in their beliefs of Allah. We entered the mosque and got into a quick prayer to bless the mosque. The prayer had not started yet, so Humama unveiled me to other Muslims in the hallway. My anxiety was easing somewhat speaking to others that didn't seem in your thoughts I was there, despite being a Christian. Before joining the real mosque, Humama and I took off our shoes to show another form of respect.

Humama and I sat facing Mecca, after speaking for a few minutes to the others, she said we could offer other quick prayers while looking forward to the sermon to start. I realized for the very first time that the men and women were segregated in the mosque. The men were in the front and the women in the back, though we could still see everything. I noticed that there were two rows of chair and I observed that the handicapped or men of importance sat there. I sat beside Humama thinking, this is kind of unfair needing to sit all the way in back rather than among the men. In my own church you sit down anywhere, but I pulled the thought back, to not assess but take part in her beliefs. To get my mind off it, I considered to myself that I really enjoyed devoid of my shoes on since I am slightly bohemian.

Humama up to date me we were looking forward to the Imam, the preacher and innovator of the

mosque, to come out and "preach" to create the Pre-Prayer. She prepared that the Imam would usually come out and present a sermon on whatever he wanted to or tell a religious tale. He'd later in the sermon connect the meaning than it to his sermon. I became just a little impatient looking forward to the Imam to come out, but she reassured me that he'd be out soon. After five more minutes he strolled out and actuality finally set in that I was completely out of my depth.

The Imam, whose genuine name is Mohamed Melhem didn't look like a "preacher" to me. He appeared like a normal man yet easy to talk to. He started out the sermon by welcoming everyone to the mosque and praising Allah. He was easy to hear also to understand. He gave a sermon on providing Allah and fasting. That by fasting you gain a closer romantic relationship with Allah. Allah will there be for us and there is only one. Prayer should be consistent (they pray five times per day) and that the Quran is there to steer us. He spoke to be a Muslim in the world, that all aspects of being a Muslim should be maintained once departing the mosque. As the Muslim, your ethics and how you stick to them on the globe shows how Allah is working through you.

I noticed that everyone seemed in awe and got in every word he said. They appeared completely specialized in listening to the Imam discuss this, because by looking at them you might notify some found themselves again by being among peers like themselves. After concluding the sermon, the Adhan or Azan, have a call to prayer. Everyone listened and relocated ahead face down listening to the Azan pray. After the prayer was finished, some people continued to pray while others received up to socialize. The mosque offered food to us to improve money for the mosque. The food was similar to what I had eaten before at Humama's house and it was delicious. I really do not bear in mind the labels of the food, but it did not matter at the time. Everyone socialized for about an hour and a half plus some continued to discuss Allah, others about school and work. Some people were to arrive overdue having just acquired off work to come in at the right time to pray.

Leaving the mosque, I felt a little different. The serenity of praying with others who get along despite your contest. The sacredness of giving the world outdoors and finding yourself again when getting into the mosque. Facing Mecca and everyone praying in a single direction with one time. They all believe the same way and it shows why they have got such a strong community. Nobody is wanting to pull away and do their own thing. It made me feel closer to my own God, which it creates life easier understanding that essentially we all have the same belief in one God, despite the various ways we worship. I gained a closer romance with my best good friend and with my God and that basically transformed me.

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