A Comparison Of A PARTICULAR Lady

The portrayal of women in literature has mixed greatly as record has progressed. Inside the Jazz Era, women were viewed as breaking clear of being simply a housewife and the shadow of a guy. The flapper was a female who meticulously resembles the women of today. She smoked, drank, wore revealing clothing for enough time, and considered herself the same to men. A woman who had a profession that rivaled most men was Dorothy Parker. She was a founding member of the Vicious Group meaning that some men even cured her as an equal during a time when women's right were still new and the role of that which was expected of a woman was changing. Inside the poems A PARTICULAR Lady, To a Lady, as well as the Lady's Compensation Parker explores the mind of a female, and exactly how said girl used what she had to get what she needed.

The poem A PARTICULAR Lady depicts how a certain woman would take action while a man informed her of his exploits. The woman is likely to just listen and almost be happy that the man is having successful conquests. The girl is supposed to be passive and bat her eyes and be oblivious to the complete situation because historically women were considered being much less sensible as men. However in this poem it is apparent that the woman is extremely smart. The final two lines of the poems read, "And what goes on, my love, while you're away, /You'll never know. " It really is clear that the loudspeaker knows the way the man is really since it is implied that while he is away she's her own plan. This also implies equality between them, at least in the speaker's brain. The speaker believes that as the man is allowed to do as he pleases that she is equally as deserving to do the same.

Despite this, the speaker seemed slightly upset at the man's activities although she likely might be doing the same:

And you have fun back, nor is it possible to ever see

The thousand little deaths my center has passed away

Nor would you see my staring eyes of nights,

And when, in search of novelty, you stray.

The presenter definitely seems damage with what this man is sharing with her. It is as though each and every time the man says her of his conquests, a little little bit of her heart and soul dies. It looks like it is gradually crushing her. The loudspeaker goes on to say that the man will not see her "staring sight. " Perhaps which means that the man does not see what he is doing to her or even that she stares into the night pondering what he could be doing at that moment. It appears that the woman lives by the saying "ignorance is bliss. " It seems that so long as he is not informing her of his exploits. She can continue on with her life and do as she pleases. So long as she pretends she actually is not smart she can have pretend joy or continue to try filling a void that is can't be crammed. A poem that carries on with the concept of the girl being intentionally ignorant to what is going on is To a Lady. Yet, in this poem, the ignorance can be used with a different motive.

Another poem by Dorothy Parker that carries on with the concept of "ignorance is bliss" is the poem To a Lady. On this poem a woman is described as being "delicate" with "helpless little hands. " Taking the poem at face value, the majority of it looks like a woman is being depicted as delicate and defenseless. However, it is revealed to be much more.

Many are the hearts that lie beneath your toes

Who could be a-counting all the hearts they broke?

Not a guy you meet it doesn't fall season for you;

Lady, pretty female, how I am hoping you choke!

It is clear that the woman knows what she is doing to these men. She walks all over their hearts even while pretending to be oblivious. She uses her looks and her "sensitivity" to get what she desires and also uses it as a cover on her behalf real intentions. Knowing the real person that the girl in the poem is, the poem can be read in a completely different way. The woman lives behind the faade of being innocent yet she undergoes man and leads them on again and again. In addition, it seems as if she gets enjoyment from it as well. The presenter is obviously privy to all this. Perhaps the speaker of the poem is another woman, describing how a stereotypical female might act. The speaker might be bitter towards this type of woman possibly because that kind of woman provides rest a poor reputation. This can be inferred from the brand, "Lady, pretty woman, how I am hoping you choke!" The loudspeaker definitely feels highly about how precisely this woman functions. This poem can be read as completely sarcastic.

Lady, pretty lady, blithe as trilling birds,

Shy as early sunbeams play your immediate smile.

How you quaintly prattle lilting baby words,

Fluttering your helpless little hands even while!

The girl pretends to be doe-like and nonsensical yet she really has different intentions. Within the next poem, the speaker tells a woman that in order for her to be accepted by modern culture she must react a certain way.

The poem The Lady's Pay back is nearly an instructional manual how a female should respond properly. It tells the girl that in order for her to marry a man, she must take action a certain way and present herself in a certain way.

Lady, female, never start

Conversation toward your center;

Keep your lovely words serene;

Never murmur what you imply.

Show yourself, by phrase and look,

Swift and shallow as a brook.

The loudspeaker is telling the girl that she must never talk about her thoughts. She must also never speak of very serious things and keep her words "pretty. " She must never let anyone know how she really seems about something. She must keep her heart key. She may only be known by her "pretty words" and exactly how she looks. For her to get married she must:

Never serious be, nor true,

And your wish will come to you-

And if that makes you happy, kid,

You'll be the first it ever before did.

The girl must never be "serious" or she'll never get wedded and therefore never be happy. That is ironic due to previous two lines. The loudspeaker tells the girl that she'll be the first person who was ever pleased to live this way. However the entire poem is sharing with her to act this way. The speaker tells the woman that she must work a certain way to get the person, which is supposed to fulfill her dreams, theoretically making her happy. Yet, knowing everything she must quit and maintain herself, she will be not happy. This makes the poem's name interesting. The lady's "reward" is not really a reward in any way. The pay back is an eternity of unhappiness because she'll not be able to full communicate how she seems since it would be incorrect rather than expected of her.

All three of the poems package with the principles of what sort of woman was likely to behave and carry herself. Although forms differ in the poems (the first poem and second poem come with an ABAB pattern. The third poem has an AABB design) the meaning remains in tact. Each poem explores women's jobs and exactly how women have used these stereotypes to progress themselves. An interesting thing about these poems is that they all experienced the term "lady" in the subject and the women were always referred to as ladies rather than as women or girls. It gives the impression that the word lady in these poems results the over shade, using sweetheart in a sarcastic, bitter way. It can even be argued that the loudspeaker of all three poems is feminine, the first poem in first person, the second and third in third person. It appears that Dorothy Parker was very objective on losing light how these women acted and exactly how they really believed. Perhaps because of the changing times that Parker lived in, she wanted to encourage the girl reader never to work this way also to stand up on her own ft.

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