A Critical Evaluation Of A Summer Tragedy English Literature Essay

The report, 'A Summertime of Tragedy' was written in 1933 by Arna Bontemps. It had been written at the same time of great economic depressive disorder and color segregation in America. It is set in New Orleans a location that is very fertile and near the river Mississippi. It tells the storyline of a vintage couple who are on the verge of despair. Jeff and Jennie are the two protagonists. They are really a poor couple who seem to acquire lost all expectation in life. After loosing their five children in a period of two years, being in much arrears, sickness and their old age, the couple has little or nothing else to live on for. The story is written in the age when majority of the dark-colored people did not own their own land. It was a period when America was still struggling to let go of slavery. Many African Us citizens performed for the white people mostly as show farmers.

Jennie, who is Jeff's partner, is a sickly blind woman. Despite the poverty and misery they live in, the couple is very much in love plus they care deeply for just one another. This is seen when Jennie helps Jeff to decorate regardless of the fact that she actually is blind and her is aching. The storyplot starts as the couple is dressing to go for a journey. It isn't a normal trip however, as Jeff shakes and trembles at the idea of it. He is so unsure of the whole idea and it really scares him. At one time, he even seems dizzy just great deal of thought. Normal journeys feel people who have thrills and longing. They wear their best clothing and are ready to go (Shuman 193). Despite her blindness and obvious sickly dynamics, Jennie sometimes appears as having a greater will to just do it with their trip. She actually is the more robust of both and she actually is the main one who urges Jeff to go forward and chiding him about his dread. There are many issues brought about in the storyplot.

The main theme as seen in the storyline is hopelessness and desperation, which includes been brought about by the fantastic poverty that the Pattons are living in. The Pattons are going through many battles. Death sometimes appears as really the only resolve out. Though at first Jeff is doubtful of the idea, Jennie goes ahead and urges him on. She reminds him of their plans and they have little or nothing else to live on for. Most of this desperation has been as a result of poverty and the damaging fact that all their children have offered. Their best attires are filled with openings yet they are only worn occasionally. They barely have sufficient to eat and Jennie is referred to as having a crooked appearance and having very small legs such that her stockings can't maintain (Chapman, 88).

Love is another theme in the storyline. The Pattons screen a genuine love for one another and even amid gloom; they still see a reason to love. They refer to the other person affectionately and really show a deep commitment to one another even on their way to loss of life. Perhaps, this kind of love has held them going for so long. There is so much selflessness observed in Jennie. She will not mind the fact that her is aching or that she cannot see. She will go in advance and painfully fixes Jeff's bow link. She also shows how jealous she actually is especially when it involves her love for Jeff. Because they go Delia's house she is expecting that Delia will dsicover her and know about what they do with Jeff. Even though they are on their way to death she still remembers how Delia used to laugh at her man. After Jennie has finished making Jeff's bow tie up, he is merely comfortable when he hears her place her cane resistant to the wall in the next room and this guarantees him that she actually is ok. Jeff's love for Jennie is also seen, as he prefers dying than the very thought of burdening her. He reasons that if he previously another stroke and does not die, Jennie would have to take care of him which would not be fair viewing, as Jennie is blind and her health is very frail.

Devotion, commitment, hard work, and commitment are other topics portrayed in the storyplot. Jeff has devoted forty-five years of his life to focusing on the same plantation. This is quite a while to work at one place for just one person. He should go in advance and admires his work as they go the cotton domains. Despite disagreeing with old man Stevenson idea about overworking mules and men, he is constantly on the work in the same place. He loves the plantation where he works as though it were his own. Old man Stevenson is also devoted to keeping his staff. He has been with Jeff for forty-five years. Jeff still works together with old man Stevenson despite owing him. Stevenson still keeps Jeff working on his farm despite the fact that he obviously will not produce the same output he used to when he was more youthful.

The theme of independence and liberation is also presented. The whole report shows the way the Jeff and Jennie wished to be free from the bondages which were holding them. That they had the pain of loosing their five children plus they therefore didn't have anyone to care for them. As if this was insufficient, they had to deal with Jeff using a heart stroke and other body problems and Jennie's blindness and fragile health. Furthermore, they had obligations which they could not conclude paying, were moving into poverty and they had neighbours who they could not trust as most of their chickens have been stolen or wiped out from their home. They had to move away from all of this and suicide was the thing they could think of. They sought a life clear of oppression and misery (Nelson, 38).

The Pattons choose to expire with dignity. They take time to plan what they are going to do and how they will do it. In addition they wear their finest outfit. Jennie even would like her neighbor Delia to see her in her best clothes. They might have chosen another way to die such as taking poison, however they do not. Instead, they choose a means, that they plan and prepare for. Sometimes both of these have second thoughts about it nonetheless they encourage the other person up to the final moment. They also look after and love their friends and neighbors. Jennie has nostalgic thoughts about the items and the people that they will leave back of. She breaks down as she considers them (A summertime tragedy).

Ill health is among the themes in the story. This account is written amid hard economic occasions when people cannot find the money for better things in life. Jeff is recovering from a stroke he previously acquired. He in addition has lost all his teeth and he only has one working foot. His fingers and eyesight are not so excellent and he's unable to tie up a bow tie up. His legs and bones also ache a great deal. His memory is poor and he sometimes talks to himself. His wife's tone of voice is shrunken and her appearance has been described as that of a inactive leaf and a string bean. This means that she actually is very skinny and unhealthy. She is also blind. Jeff also has a fear of the unidentified and he confesses to himself that he is scared. He's scared of sounds that he does not recognize especially at night. He is even worried of going definately not his home even during daytime.

There is unfair labor, that can be seen by the way old man Stevenson snacks his workers and even his farm pets (mules). He feels the particular one mule is enough to work a thirty-acre piece of land. He overworks them and many conclude dying. Farmers are also reported to possess passed away because of overwork. Segregation is also highlighted. There have been areas in the plantation where shaded people were permitted to work by themselves. Jeff has been used to highlight superstition that existed in those days. He ultimately believed that poor men were curses and he previously no endurance with them. He also got no sympathy for the men who acquired died credited to being overworked, as he assumed that they were weak (A summer). The theme of superstition is also seen when Jeff is reflecting about the chickens. He is convinced that they feed on poison and therefore helps to keep the spells and curses away. As the story does not give a method for the problem, it does its better to highlight the issues that were facing the African American community at that time. It dished up as a tone for those who were moving into the great major depression and facing great troubles during that time.

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