A Hillsides Like White Elephants British Literature Essay

Hills Like White Elephants. Ernest Hemingway story "Hillsides Like White Elephants, " has lots of of symbolism throughout the storyplot. Symbolisms are physical things that are important and means something else. Within this story, the icons are the hillsides, white elephants, railroad paths, and the sensed pads. Hemingway uses these symbols to create the theme of the story. The theme is about how exactly change provides joy for Jig by getting the baby as the man doesn't see what the near future supports for him if Jig gets the baby and he attempts to persuade her to go with an abortion

In the beginning of the story, the American and the lady, Jig, are in the rail stop looking forward to a train to go to Madrid. While looking forward to the train the two sit at a stand at the bar having some refreshments. "The woman brought two cups of beverage and two thought pads. She put the felt pads and the beer glasses up for grabs" (294). Thought pads will be a symbol of cover from pregnancy. In the quoted source, the waiter didn't place the glasses together with pads indicating that there weren't much protection prior to arriving to the place. That's when the two started discussing abortion.

They began to have an intense discussion on what she would do with the infant. The man needs her to get an abortion while she doesn't. He stated that "you don't have to be afraid. I've known lots of people that have done it but unless you want to you don't have to. I wouldn't have you do it if you didn't want to. But I know it's perfectly simple" (295). In that quote, the American endeavoring to persuade the girl, Jig, into having an abortion but using different words rather than just saying the true simple fact. Hemingway made the person more of a second guesser who attempts to find the easy way to avoid it in life situations; in cases like this the abortion is his choice. While on other hands Jig believes than it as an event in life way she can feel more of a women. As the dialogue went on stress grew between them triggering the person to persuade more. The man said "I don't care anything about any of it. I'll scream, the lady said" (297). His thinking that she's going to have this child so he begins to worry. "He pick up both heavy carriers and carried them around the stop to the other songs. He appeared up the tracks but cannot see the train. Returning, he walked through the barroom, where people looking forward to the coach were consuming. He drank an Anis at the bar and viewed the people. These were all waiting sensibly for the teach" (297). The man was required to leave the desk because he was having trouble with the problem he was in. As the man drank that ale in the bar, Hemingway created the character anxious apart from being persistence as the other characters are operating around him. The person is wishing on that while he was ended up moving the bags that the problem would have been fixed. So he returns an asks "Do you feel better? I feel fine, she said. There's nothing wrong beside me. I feel fine" (297). He finds out that little or nothing change in his time recent.

While the two are drinking, Jig looks out at the hillsides and says "they look like white elephants" (294). The person explained "I've never seen one" (294), Jig responds "no, you wouldn't have" (294). Jig perceives the white elephants as the infant and the person doesn't see them in the shadows of the hills because he doesn't want her to own it and complements the abortion. The person says "it's perfectly simple" (295), signifying by having an abortion will bring enjoyment and things would get back to normal for all of us but Jig feels of having this baby is a beautiful fact of life.

Jig has many road blocks in her life. Hemingway uses the hillsides to symbolize those hurdles. The hills stand for the obstacles when you are big and folks would need to climb their way through them to maneuver through the obstacle. In this history, Jig biggest obstacle is the baby. She has to produce a decision on if she willing to keep the baby or not. The hills are viewpoints to check out. Jig sees the hillsides as an opportunity to keep carefully the baby bringing a fresh experience in her life as the man view is clogged by the infant because he doesn't want to develop up so he looking for an easy way out of not caring for a kid.

The hills are a stationary object which signifies that when expecting the parents would need to settled down to take care of their child and also that being pregnant isn't easy to beat. Jig says "we're able to have all this and we're able to have everything and every day we make it more impossible" (296). This is where she sees opportunity. She thinking about a new life on her behalf and having a newborn baby in her life. Jig always wanted change. That's why the two are experiencing different drinks constantly and not having the same thing again and again. Jig doesn't like doing things again and again. She desires to try new things and that's how by expecting she will experience change in her life.

At the place, there were two railroads. Those railroads symbolize as being change of life. The two railroads were parallel to the other person for being way on what way both will decide on getting the baby or never to have. It's a time of crisis for them because they need to make a decision fast. They can't stay in the station permanently; they have to reach Madrid. Towards the finish, the person "picked up both heavy totes and transported them around the place to the other tracks" (297). This discussing on the route both will be heading. "Do you feel better? He ask. Personally i think fine, she said there's nothing wrong with me at night. I feel fine" (297). Jig didn't make her decision yet forcing the person hope of moving on along with his life delayed until she makes a decision.

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