A Red Or Blue Sea Strategy Marketing Essay

According to John A. Byrne, strategy is a structure of the essential goals of the walk and planned, the circulation of resources and the business of connection with the market, competition and factor-environmental factors. The central of the strategy is how to endure in a competitive world, how to build a better belief in the thoughts of consumers, to be different, identify advantages and weaknesses rivals, specializes, to control one simple term in the top, which provide command and direction to understand the reality of the marketplace by becoming the first of which became better.

The strategy is divided into blue ocean strategy and red ocean strategy. Blue ocean strategy is the problem where the players of a specific segment have different things and have its uniqueness, create and keep maintaining an uncontested market space where in fact the competition is irrelevant, no alternatives from the buyer's viewpoint.

Sushi Zanmai is known as to be the exemplory case of red ocean strategy. Red Sea Strategy is a head to head battle where the players of a particular segment contend with each other left over in the same market space i. e. within the boundaries of the same industry on the concept of 'competitive benefits'. Its characteristics are including compete in existing market space, beat the competition, focus on existing customers, exploit existing demand, make the value-cost trade-off, align the complete system of a company's activities with its strategic choice of differentiation or low cost, and opportunities for development and profit are reduced.

The Japanese culture has influenced the earth beyond the shores of Japan. Japan is also well-known for its rich traditions in culinary, and Japan have developed superior and refined cuisine with a variety of traditional Japanese food, like the staples of grain and miso soup, as well as many seafood meals such as sushi and sashimi.

There are another two main Japanese cuisine restaurants on the market besides Sushi Zanmai, that happen to be Sushi King and Sakae Sushi. Three of them are within the same market space and remain competitive among themselves. Sushi Zanmai provides more than 100 assortments of sushi and 100 types of grilled food that are authentically Japanese. They offers new menu another month in order to impress customers. The Sushi King menu is change double a year to suit the customer needs and needs, and all the menu is create by the Japanese chef. They not only are providing sushi but also wide variety of Japanese. A hit among Japanese food enthusiasts, Sakae Sushi offers 200 varieties of sushi, sashimi and many others. Overall, the meals menus provided by the aforementioned three Japanese delicacies restaurants are almost the same, including their cooking method, food presentation and food screen. Their stand mat menu involves set foods and sushi items.

Sushi Zanmai offers extensive competence for raw materials selection and genuine materials in conjunction with original dishes. Cuisines that are authentically Japanese is provided. Sakae Sushi sources ingredients from top suppliers about the world and maintains stringent food safety and hygiene benchmarks to safeguard the highest requirements of freshness and quality. This same goes to Sushi King's quality insurance plan. All of them are focus on portion safe, high quality and affordable Sushi and Japanese meals to all customers with fair price. Besides that, they also directed to provide healthy but appetizing food. For instance, Sakae Sushi have been enriched its grain with supplement E.

As for the outlet design, these three Japanese delicacies restaurants talk about the same feature; the decoration is creative with Japanese style. They choose the place with festive environment in a good and comfortable atmosphere. The uniqueness of picking sushi at leisure from the revolving conveyor belt is one of these destinations to customers. For alternative, the meals product is prepared while customers watch at sushi pub or table-side. Sakae Sushi even offers the first-of-its-kind iPad interactive menu system, allow customers to order their favourite dishes directly from your kitchen while keeping tabs on their costs easily. These three restaurants targeted customer continues to be focus on youth. This is because children is more happy to take the task to try the new food.

Impeccable service is another similar factor shared among these three restaurants. Customers that walk in to any outlet get enthusiastic greetings in Japanese and are taken care of immediately; so when the customers walk out, the employees point out their thanks a lot in Japanese with a look. The front range staffs are trained how to serve the customers. It could be said that these three Japanese dishes restaurants are having an strong competition in existing market space. Sushi Zanmai is having many stores in worldwide. Sushi King presently has 62 restaurants nationwide. Sakae Sushi has grown into a global chain greater than 50 retailers throughout Asia.

In order to stick out from others challengers, Sushi Zanmai have to ensure its brand positioning is consistent throughout its brand identification, brand image, brand safety, brand positioning, brand promotion as well as brand syndication to create higher brand consciousness and brand recall. Which has a consistent brand alignment throughout its brand communication strategy, the mark market will be able to relate to the Sushi Zanmai brand better and identify it from other brands. This helps the brand set up better brand memorability among the target market. Because of this, Sushi Zanmai will be the top choice of Japanese food in Malaysia.

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