A Review On Genting Strawberry Marketing Essay

There is no more any hesitation that todays tourism has been rapidly ascendancy to the worlds major industry, even in Malaysia, a under producing country. Since last decade, Malaysia endeavors stimulates its a multicultural country as an fascination to worldwide tourists because of the high currency exchange and high cash flow of tourism industry leave positive influences to the market. Meanwhile, administration of Malaysia offers subsidies to arouse the business enterprise of tourism in sponsor country aim to enhance the local tourism development. Such a small company, Genting Strawberry Leisure Farm(delegated by GS) has build their new tourism attraction where found in Genting Highlands of Malaysia.


Take goal of Genting Highlands as a global well-known tourism appeal, Genting Strawberry Leisure Plantation Sdn Bhd proven in this mid of yr with the arrangement of twelve years lease with Genting Group. As the name suggest, the primary interest of Genting Strawberry Leisure Farm is strawberry plantation, which is incredibly rare in this tropic country and initially just available in Cameron Highlands of Malaysia. Thus, the key competition of GS is merely Cameron Highlands plus they can consider as monopoly players in Malaysia. Genting Highlands with the temperatures around 14Лc to 25Лc is definitely sufficient for strawberry planting. Others, the location of GS take advantage of close proximity with town and citizen, relatively; Cameron Highlands is quite distant place and required both long distance and time to attain. From the reputation and commitment of Genting Highlands tourists, GS reduces the start up cost of advert and campaign in long-term and correctly spends cost in expanding marketing strategy to gain competitive advantages.

The main concept of GS offers a farm experience for townsfolk and family teams to have the chance to pluck strawberry and learning about the plantation of varied fruits and vegetables. Different customer has different need rely upon the diversity life style and their ability to pay. It therefore makes a sense for marketers to portion the market with special characteristics and target the customer group to develop marketing strategy. () GS's goal customer segmentation is townsfolk and family communities who earn a midsection and high income and desire to presenting leisure time to reduce the pressure of work on the other side enhance the family romantic relationship by experienced a memorable trip. As what already within Cameron Highlands, GS provides a large strawberry farm for visitors to self plucking strawberry and offers the product range of strawberry such as drink, jam, apparels, and many other strawberry design souvenirs. However GS not the same as them is it a blend of several appeal in their leisure farm. Despite provide strawberry plantation visit and self plucking service, they may be mushroom plantation, orchids and cactus plantation who create an educational and healthy environment visitation, in the same way with the concept of ecotourism. Considered the massive amount costs spend to the engineering and advertisements and syndication of the leisure farm, GS recovers the costs by rent retailers to diver businesses yet raise the products range in the farm. These rent retailers created as an appeal known as "Cameron Road" where sold various souvenirs, more fresh vegetables and food with the decoration of aboriginal style building design. This implies that tourists can feel and acquire what they expected in Cameron Highlands, like the fascination of spring-like climate. In today's marketing practice, products in tourism industry are created for and continuously designed to match the needs and goals of goal consumer and their potential to pay. Apart from advertising fresh strawberry, GS develop product differentiation by suit the necessity of these, such as healthy strawberry jam. Genting Strawberry jam is different from the supermarket because they enhance 'handmade' menu, which is less sugars, no MSG, no colouring to conform today's healthy lifestyle people. There's also a workshop where displays the live procedure of strawberry jam making by recruited special man in order to providing an educational experience trip to tourists on the other palm promote the sales of strawberry jam. Look onward the increase of instant coffee in the buyer market, Genting Strawberry develops strawberry taste instant coffee with its own brand. Normally, the merchandise of tourism is depends on personal advertising, thus the service and frame of mind of employees is key role to deliver the merchandise to consumers. Because of Genting Highlands tend to local and international visitors, every one of the employees of GS required the essential knowledge of English as international vocabulary and communication tool with the customers. Besides, through training, these are familiar to the merchandise and enable to market the great things about the products in accordance with customers' need.

Price of the products is the key role of revenue of GS because they have no charge entrance price. One important of charges strategy of GS put in place is no entrance fee although collection of entrance fees would decrease the repaid period. Based on the director of GS, entrance cost is a hurdle to the guests especially family who may increased the perspective of decrease the expenditure on purchasing good and service. In contrary, free accessibility given tourists a happy sense and would likely to spend money products and service more than expected. Price modification of products and services is relevant to the image of the company. ()As put together that Genting Highlands is a well known international fascination, it is no wonder the price of products and service changed to be higher because of its market value. Similarly, the strawberry products' price definitely greater than the products bought from Cameron Highlands and supermarket because of its branding and value. Again, as a new products and service, GS used the market-skimming strategy which is arranging a high price for a fresh product to skim maximum income layer by coating from the segments eager to pay the high price. () However, they are also some of the range products used the strategy of discount and allowance in other dressing up event such as seasonal discount. ()For example, chocolate and sugary always the hot pot product during the Xmas season, therefore Genting Strawberry attracts customers to buy their branding strawberry flavor chocolates with offering free product.

Promotion comprising the initiatives of sales campaign, advertising, sales causes activities, public relationship and immediate marketing by company to provide products and service to the customer. () Owing to a fresh brand in the tourism market, Genting Strawberry pay a lot of cost to the advertisement and distribution channel try to build strong identify brand and awareness to the local citizens and international tourists. Inside the part of advertising, they purchase on various mag and newspaper to spread their visitors attractions over the country. In today's world, there is absolutely no doubt the power of internet and technology deeply influences the point of view of consumers. () Since Facebook is the popular website for today's people no matter the age, contest or culture, GS created a admirer club in Facebook to distributed their news and promotion to all or any over the world. Considered cost spent on the advert is an enormous expenditure, post the news on internet is an effective way to reduces cost consumption. Among the concentrate on customers of GS is office employees who stress in work place and require a great relax place. GS with the fresh air and approach to the environment again close proximity from town is the ideal destination to spend weekend and holiday break. GS realizes radio is the most influencing advertising to almost individuals because the serious problem of traffic jam in Malaysia leads FM becoming popular in the automobile journey. Through collaboration with My FM, the latest FM in Malaysia, the famous DJ study out redemption game show as an approach to increase people' consciousness and their determination to go to new attraction. To make strong identify brand, in addition they invite well known local actor, Jack Lim to be the spoke person of GS. Travel agent is an integral distribution route in tourism industry and develop built in communication romance with them is necessary. To be able to increase guests and sales, GS offers fifteen % of payment to the tour guides on the sales of item purchased by the tourists they bring to motive they coordinate travels to the farm. Regarding taxi and van individuals also a tourism agent to site visitors, GS also develop long term romantic relationship with them by offering promotional allowance for them, such as percentage and parking cost. Because the promotional allowance strategy carried out, the attendance of travel buses, vans, and taxis increase hugely following the sale of strawberry and products. Voucher and brochure is common promotional strategy among marketers, including GS. They provide brochure within the voucher of five per cent discount and allocate to stakeholders such as travel companies, restaurants, hotels and also publisher like journal and newspaper. In order to increase site visitors' determination, they change the discount to ten % as strategy to increase stream and increase products sale.

For marketing purposes, place not merely mean the location of a traveler attraction or service but the location of all the points of sale that provide potential customers with access to the traveler products. () Genting Highlands known as the world of entertainment bulk access to guests like family communities who expected a memorable vacation experience. This concept fitting to the eye-sight of GS which is provide educational and experience visit to family group, especially children. As a result of marketing decisions, potential site visitors go to Genting to acquire both exciting and dreamy family trip they expected. To deliver a message of whole family day to site visitors, GS involved in get yourself a status where stated in the background of Genting Highlands and create exhibition stalls at Genting Highlands. Others, brochures and vouchers offered to the clients of the Genting's hotels as a technique to increase guests' awareness. Meanwhile, GS develops public relation with the executive of Genting Highlands as well as the circulation channel to be able to increase reputation and the possible of business collaboration in the foreseeable future.


A good marketing plan is need for a business to lasting competitive advantage on the market and conversely making a wrong choice may lead to costly financial burden and facing deficit. () As well as the five forces style of industry competition, Michael Porter review out a framework of so-called general business strategies predicated on the concentrate on either cost or differentiation advantage strategies. (Keegan W. J. , Green M. C. , 2005) In other words, while an expense focus supplying a target market low price, a business pursing centered differentiation will give you a target market the belief of product uniqueness at a premium price. Strawberry is very common in Cameron Highlands since there are extensive strawberry suppliers with self-plantation lower the cost of distribution and therefore low price. Even the initial strawberry farm in Genting Highlands, GS facing the opponents who obtained strawberries from retailers of Cameron Highlands and promote their products using yank strategy. That's they sell their strawberry by employees immediate offering from house to accommodate. To get competitive advantage, GS requires centered on good and service differentiation to their target customers. To be able to customers' convenience, GS can offers move service like mini buses or vans place nearby air-port and public areas specifically to carry foreigners and citizens to visit their plantation. This advice required expensive costs to the business but is valuable in long-term when increasing numbers of people consciousness and having happiness experience in the travel and leisure place because visitors to people transmission is one of the most effective multimedia without publicity expenses. Others, they could develop integrated marketing communication with the hotels to future business development. For instance, through communication with particular hotel department, GS offers ten per cent discount to the hotels' customers and in the same way the clients with the purchase receipt of GS can get a free breakfast time in the hotels concerned. The business which achieves win-win situation would improve generating pressure of the stakeholders of the company, compare to just exchange brochures in preciously.

Branding has become so strong that today almost nothing should go unbranded. () Although GS has its own brand and brand, the presentation design of the merchandise is lack of innovation and does not leave a deep point of view to customers. To vary from the strawberry product range on the market, GS requires develop innovative packaging which can provide the company an edge over rivals and improve sales. Consider plastic bag is such material damaged the environment, GS can instead by their top quality reusable bag or so called inexperienced shopping carrier which is carried out by many companies with good respond of customers. In addition to implement communal responsible, the attracted design of reusable tote would beautify the packaging of the merchandise and allures more purchasers. T-shirt is one of the hot sell products in travel and leisure industry and vary from others GS can develops family series clothing particularly for their target customer, family groupings. Fashionable outfits design with GS emblem would end up being the ideal souvenir for household tourists or even few categories to keep a happy storage area, and this new product can establish higher price because it is branded and unique in Malaysia.

As format that the primary idea of GS is to provide a leisure farm for people to experience the life style in farm town with product assortment. In the main one year plan, great deal of thought is new and still having vacant whole lot, GS can look for the actual business collaboration such as chocolate gallery shop, vineyard or outdoor shed to increase product selection in the leisure farm. In term of the consideration of place, the local climate of Genting Highlands is certainly suitable for the products design and plantation and again the uniqueness in Malaysia. The benefits of bouquets and grapes home plucking services must draw in today's urbanization people by advertising in media such as television, radio, or website. Besides, though contribution of the potential businesses companions would raise the motivation of travel agents, including taxi, bus, and truck drivers due to increasing of commission payment they gained.


The development of differentiation products and services will incur additional costs to a business in creating their competitive advantage. Companies seek to recover the cost costs by upsurge in revenue produced by sales. By selling in an increased price, GS requires ensure the grade of the merchandise and services. Aside from ensure the grade of products especially foods such as expired day of jam, the quality of customer service is vital. GS profits competitive benefits since its uniqueness and geographical benefits and potential development is extensively. The recommended one year marketing plan considered would improve the competitive advantages and raise the revenue of GS through high awareness and achieve customers' loyalty.

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