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Advantage And Cons Of Dividend Payout Plan Finance Essay

When a company has a surplus of profit, it could be used either repay the shareholders or reinvest in to the business. Just how that company pay back to shareholders is call dividend payout. Within the recent years, the number of companies paying dividends has dropped. For instance, the PSEG Company in the United Point out, the payout percentage was about 67% in 2004 and fallen to 45% by 2007. Shows in the graph below: (http://www. pseg. com/index. jsp) This article will mainly discuss the benefit and disadvantage about the dividend-paying. What are dividends? Dividends are payment made by firm to the shareholders. Dividends result from the profit gained by company. You will discover two ways where company spends the surplus of profit, one is to reinvest to the business enterprise and the other is to repay to the shareholders as dividends. The firms who pay dividends are usually taking no profit if the reinvest the surplus earnings back into the business, under this problem dividends are chosen to pay to the shareholders, which is call payout. The varieties of dividends are variable. The most frequent one would be the created by cash, which is the most frequent method of writing corporate gains with the shareholders of the business. The second an example may be the stock dividends that is paid in form of additional share which is counted by proportion, for example, if the shareholder owns 100 shares of the stock with 5% stock dividends, the shareholder can gain 5 more shares. Others like property dividends are used as dividends payout as well.

Advantage of dividend payout policy

There is certain amount of folks of the rightist position declare that company pays a high dividend payout is important for investors for the reason why that paying dividends can convince the shareholders about the business's financial well-being. The bigger rate of dividends payout shows better the company operating as well as greater number of revenue, which might draws in the investors.

Dividends are also attractive for the buyers who wish to get the steady current income easily. There is also an all natural clientele of buyers, like the elderly, who looking to their stock portfolios for a reliable way to obtain cash to live on (P456, Richard, 2008). In concept, the shareholders could sell an integral part of the shares to gain money even if the business does not pay dividends, but it is more convenience for the shareholders to get the money if companies pay the dividends by investigations. In this case, the payout plan of cash dividends will certainly reduce the cost of transaction as well as the hassle for the shareholders reselling the stocks.

In addition, the long-term steady dividends payouts may help the company less afflicted by the changes of the dividends. Those companies with long background of secure dividends will be less inspired if the dividends lower, but will be favorably affected when dividends payout increases or even dividends stay the same level. Furthermore, companies with out a dividend history are usually seen favorably when they declare new dividends. The dividends announcement has led to a 4% go up of the stock price according to the dividend initiations studied by Healy and Palepu (P448, Richard, 2008).

Many companies have taken the dividends paid back to shareholders as payout plan. For instance Microsoft, the greatest software company in the entire world, has declared their first dividends payout in 2003. The quantity of the amount of money has been divided into two forms of dividends, one was one-time dividends and the other was stock dividends paid quarterly installments by way of a unit as per show. (P457, Richard, 2008).

Disadvantage of dividend payout policy

Firstly, the radical state that dividends payout can be heavier than capitals gain when taxation of dividends is bigger than the capital benefits. Under this condition, company should place the spare profit back to the business enterprise by repurchase stocks. It makes sense for the reason why that the administrative centre benefits have a duty advantages. When companies use the amount of money to repurchase the share, the income will be much larger because with the low rate of duty on capital income, comparing to dividends payouts to shareholders with higher level of tax on dividends. Within the banking industries, a part of banks have ended paying dividends to shareholders in '09 2009, in line with the Capital Report. Inside the meanwhile, there are 202 organizations have trim their dividends and 74 which paid none in any way (Web1).

Secondly, the level of dividends payout can mirror the information about the assurance of the management from the company in the foreseeable future, which will own an effect to the stock price. Generally, companies that pay dividends are mailing a note to the market that their income are real that will cause the investors comfort about their investment. Alternatively, once the companies opt to cut the dividend it is also sending the information that they cannot keep up with the dividends. However, the business might be able to cheat on their operation by overstating the earning to get buyers, but it is high-risk in the long term because the actual condition of the business won't have sufficient money to pay the dividends. The outcome will be costly if the firms choose a higher dividend without getting enough earnings. Most managers will not change the dividends without account about the operation of company, nonetheless they will improve the dividends only when they are self-confident it can be maintained.

Thirdly, the consideration of a dividend plan might be irrelevant because shareholders be capable of create their own dividends. This means that investors can be able to make their own Лdividend by adjust the investment into different areas. For example, the traders who prefer a well balanced income are more likely to put their money into the bonds with the secure interest rates. In the event, the stock with dividends repay will lose the advantage as a result of flexible value. Shareholders who have spent to the bonds won't pay attention to the dividend policy of a specific company.


Taking the dividend payout coverage can attract certain amount of investors, and it is convenience for those shareholders who require stable and simple income. But dividends sometimes have duty downside if the taxes rate of dividend is greater than capital increases. And dividends are usually more adaptable, assessing to the rates of interest of bonds. It's important for a firm to think whether for taking the dividend payout insurance policy by considering the assets, earnings, assets opportunities, market value and other factors about the company.

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