Advantages And Disadvantages Of Quantitative And Qualitative Methods Psychology Essay

The idea is the fact that you analyse quantitative methods generally, noting the cons and advantages of quantitative research and to illustrate your tips afterward you use samples such as surveys, or structured interviews, or quantitative content evaluation. You then do the same with qualitative methods. And either after or somewhere between this you compare advantages adn down sides.

Despite the clear distinctions between Quantitative and Qualitative research, they both go with each other. But the important question for just about any researcher is which research strategy to make use of and what is highly relevant to my particular analysis. Matching to Dawson, C (2002), who's book is a step to step guide of understanding research, states so it fundamental to chose what research technique to use, "Don't land into the trap which many beginning (and experienced) research workers do in thinking that quantitative research is 'better' than qualitative research. Neither is better than the other- they can be just different and both have advantages and weaknesses. "

When I think of qualitative research I think of subjective form of research, based on someone's own perspective. A good definition I chosen is "Usually emphasizes quantification in the collection and analysis of data. " Example of the use this kind of research would maintain the recent elections, have a up-to time frame polling survey, measuring the success of election applicants, http://www. ukpollingreport. co. uk/blog/.

Secondly Quantitative studies often include larger amounts of respondents, and protects a larger physical area. Therefore can provide and sign of views of a more substantial population, rather than minority thoughts. This therefore boosts the generalisation of the results. For instance surveys, a quantitative research "in which researcher systematically asks a large amount of individuals the same questions and then details their answers. "

A closed questionnaire was conducted to people in Britain, requesting whether they are going to vote in the overall election and that party. This data was moved into stats that have been compared between different towns and counties, and ideas for different areas were likened. This is very useful as it offers a overall picture and knowledge of what research concludes which makes it easy to sketch comparisons, project tendencies and recognize differences among areas and teams.

An example used is at Mcqueen, R and Knussen (2002) p28, Package2. 1, evaluating both types research view things, on the same circumstance. When looking that the results made by the quantitative researcher, it is just a complete secret on the particular numbers are trying to symbolize and the results only make small conclusions. However considering the Qualitative analysts result, there's a much deeper understanding, by me the audience, to what he is discussing, clearly finding his realization, and I've gained a broader knowledge of this research theme.

This is bad because the researcher can be enticed to manipulate the participant's answers to suit the research. The normal questions researcher utilizes, can result in biasness and bogus depiction of the info, which displays the view of the researcher, than the participant. In essence quantitative research method can encourage the researcher could impact the subject's answers to go with the research.

Taking this point one-step further, I also think that it can encourage the researcher to even find new matters to research into, that people not in the beginning considered, by the openness, wealthy and detail presented in qualitative data. For example we can look at Concentrate groups, that happen to be good for generating ideas because members share ideas, viewpoint that may have never been recognised by the researcher.

One Qualitative data method is participant observation; which can include unstructured interviews, autobiographies and novels, information centering on descriptive feature of cultural life, therefore supporting the researcher to experience that part of public life.

There can be an concern with generalizibility with qualitative research. Simply because less people are generally sampled, it isn't possible to generalise leads to that of the populace. In Rubin, A. Babbie, ER (2007) p230 they give a perfect exemplory case of why it is not possible to generalise. A researcher attempt to understand how the location council work and exactly how it makes decisions, using participant observation approach to collecting research. The research showed in-depth understanding of how the council operates and exactly how came up to make decisions; you couldn't expect this is way with all the other city councils work. "Exactly what will you have the ability to say about city councils generally?" And the answer is little or nothing.

According to Becker, s. Bryman, A (2004) Qualitative research lacks transparency. Questions need to be raised on how members were chosen and based on what. For instance in an interview or target group, what exactly are the criteria's used to choose the individuals. Also there is sometimes difficulty in understanding what the researcher performed and how he got to the conclusions made.

Both qualitative and quantitative research methods look for bias, trustworthiness, replicability, validity etc. Those that make use of quantitative methods count on arithmetical techniques helped by computational algorithms and software packages. Whilst qualitative researchers view transcripts, interview recordings, notes of focus groupings or participant research.

It is important to tell apart advantages and drawback of both types of research methods and agree to that qualitative methods are appropriate for some types of research, e. g. Exploring design of discriminatory behavourior among the police force, but quantitative research methods are perhaps more well suited for other types of research, such as comparison between male and feminine average income over the course of an operating life.

In conclusion I really believe quantitative research comes with an objective approach, where data is controlled and calculated, to handle the build up of facts to determine the causes of behavior. From browsing data from someone else's point of view and Qualitative methods tries to find understanding and interpretation, and centres matter on the altering and active character of simple fact.

Researchers could attempt to combine methods which could lead to increasing the value of research. Quantitative have experts will want steady data to allow them to replicate their conclusions, whilst qualitative researchers require validity of data to offer illustration of a true and full picture. Therefore researchers are starting to merge methods so that the strengths of every methodology compliment each other consequently leading to more valid and reliable findings. This minimises the down sides of both methods thus minimizing the danger to inside validity.

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