Advertising And OTHER STYLES Of Advertising Marketing Essay

Advertising and other varieties of promotion are a fundamental element of the marketing process in most businesses. Within the last decade, the money allocated to advertising, sales offers, immediate marketing, and other kinds of marketing communication have increased enormously over the world.

Promotion is best viewed as the communication function of marketing. It is accomplished by having a promotional mix that includes advertising, personal offering, publicity, sales advertising, communication, coordinating the many marketing and promotional elements to attain more efficient and effective communication programs. It is vital to handle the quickly changing environment with respect to consumers, technology, and marketing.

Marketing program decisions regarding product, price, distribution, and campaigns must be made and coordinated to donate to the overall image of the merchandise or brand. (Belch 2009)

According to Belch and Belch (2009), "marketers use the many promotional blend elements such as advertising to see consumers about their products, their prices and places where in fact the products can be found. Besides, it also helps marketers to achieve their promotional goals, and all parameters must work together to achieve a built-in marketing communication program.

In this proposal, we centered on researching the amount of recognition and competitiveness of Papa John's Pizza from the other pizza chain stores in Malaysia; and how advertising and promotional promotions affect and help in accumulating the branding image of Papa John's Pizza. We is only going to concentrate on the stores that are located in Klang Valley. Based on our survey previously, we were able to notice and determine the above-mentioned phenomena, and then propose effective answers to increase the consciousness, thus the sales income and market show of Papa John's Pizza in Malaysia.

Therefore, Papa John's Pizza, having to compete with other pizza restaurants in the industry, will need to have something special that give an advantage over competition. Their competitive advantages may be accomplished through advertising and campaign that creates and maintains product differentiation and brand collateral.

1. 2 Books Review

1. 2. 1 Various Definitions of Advertising and Promotion

Armstrong and Kotler (2009) establish advertising as any paid form of non-personal presentation and campaign of ideas, goods, or services by an identified sponsor. Alternatively, Belch and Belch (2009) described advertising as any paid form of non-personal communication about a business, product, service, or idea by an determined sponsor. "Advertising is the experience of attracting public attention to something or business, as by paid announcements in the print, broadcast, or digital marketing. "(Answer. com n. d) Advertising is a "description or demonstration of a product, idea, organization to be able to cause individuals to buy, support, and approve it. (Invertorsword. com n. d) William Pattis (1996), on the other palm, defines "advertising can be an essential force in today's marketplace, it serves marketers by convincing visitors to buy their products and functions consumers by providing home elevators what's available in the marketplace. "(Jarlath Jack Graham, Previous editor). Whereas advertising is define as just how of connecting with the public to influence these to choose the company's product. (About. com. n. d) "Campaign consists of marketing communication that informs potential consumers about a company or its products or service and try to persuade them to buy it. " (p. 421 Managing Small Business By Carlos W. Moore)

1. 2. 2 The brand awareness

Rossiter and Percy (1987) areas that brand recognition as being essential for the marketing communications process to occur as it precedes all the steps along the way. With no brand awareness, there will be no other communication results can occur. In order for a consumer to buy something they must first be made aware of the brand. Brand frame of mind cannot be developed, and goal to buy cannot appear unless brand recognition has took place. (Rossiter & Percy 1987; Rossiter et al. 1991) It is crucial for a firm to create recognition, it is much more likely for a consumer to consider or choose the brand if the level of awareness is higher than the other alternatives brands. Added on, Dickson and Sawyer (1986) found out that consumer got an average of 12 seconds from enough time of first looking at the shelf to enough time they placed the item in their trolley in purchasing products such as coffee, toothpaste and margarine. Thus, if the brand is not paying attention by the consumers, the consumers will tend to buy only the brands that they are familiar and well established on the market that is less frustrating to make decision while purchasing. Hoyer and Dark brown (1990) had conducted a consumer choice study, among 3 selections of brand, over 70% of consumers decided on a known make of peanut butter even though another brand was 'objectively' better quality (as determined by blind taste checks) and although that they had never attempted or bought the brand before. This shows that, the well-known brand may have an effect on the consumer's judgement and judgment on the other brands. Hence, advertising is profitable and is crucial to do to make awareness among the consumers on the market place in order to influence the consumers.

1. 2. 3 Does Advertising Influence Sales?

Marketers continue steadily to spend huge amounts of money on advertising, which is one of the most crucial marketing tools. Advertising is actually thought to have a current-period effect on sales, called the current impact, and a long-term effect beyond the existing period, called the long-term or carryover. Typically, more is put in to market new brands with small market stocks rather than advertise on the more mature brands.

"Brands with large market talk about use advertising mainly to maintain their talk about of the marketplace" (The Essential of Marketing, 2009, Lamb et al. , pg. 435 n. d. )

When the advertising of a company is say to be attractive and attractive, it is going to affect the consumer's purchase and daily live as well. Thus, the sales of the company increase and the advertisements may help to position their self on the market place. Smart versa, if the advertising is said to be not attractive and interesting, the amount of sales will eventually lower.

1. 2. 4 How Advertising MAKE A DIFFERENCE a Firm Negatively?

Advertisement plays an important role in a firm. As when the company advertises wrongly, it could bring several unwanted effects towards the company. Advertising may bring some benefits to the organization, but however there are a few negative aspects too. In order to raise the sales and make the advertising campaign attractive, the organization must create fads that consumers will follow.

"Marketers have discovered that if indeed they make a product, and make customers believe their product can make them happy, sky will skyrocket. " (realcool. biz 2008)

In order to boost the sales, the marketer will have to create fake images and bogus claim for hours every day patiently, until people have confidence in certain things. Besides that, consumer often tend to be offended by ad as consumers mistaken the message or information that the company of the advert is trying to send to them, situation like this will change the state of mind of consumer of the company, because the consumer will think that that they had been cheated by the company. This revealed another negative effect of the ad made.

1. 2. 5 Sales Promotion

In regards to advertising programs, sales special offers is one of the various tools utilized by advertising supervisor to draw in consumers and talk to other components of advertising.

Sales special offers are split into two major categories, they are the consumer-oriented and trade oriented activities. A consumer-oriented sales campaign is targeted to the ultimate user of something or service, which induces the consumers to make an instantaneous response or purchase, and thus can stimulate brief conditions sales. Whereas for trade-oriented activities, it is targeted towards marketing intermediaries, which stimulates the trade to stock and promote the company's product. (Belch & Belch 2009, pg23). A sales campaign may help a firm to increase in their profits. Firstly, sales promotion may encourage trials among new consumers. As the consumers spot the sales promotion given by the firm, they might change their brain on changing their brand that they normally use to the brand that is giving sales promotion. This allows the company to increase in sales. Besides, if the merchandise suit the buyer, the consumers might transform from a fresh customer to devoted customer after using the merchandise produce by the organization. In cases like this, a sales advertising can help in increasing of profits.

1. 2. 6 Advertising Tools

Internet marketing is one of the advertising tools. Internet is being widely used nowadays. Advertising on the internet is one of the most productive advertising tools to generate branding. Advertising tools are part of an company marketing campaign to bring a primary response. These tools can impact persuasively.

Advertising tools can help a firm website improve its search rankings on the search engine page. A traffic generating tool helps appeal to the targeted audience to the website. The potential to establish new sales off-line can create a better return on investment.

On-line tools allow the advertiser usage of easy monitoring and ad plan examination. On-line tools can help create advertising, focus on the right audience, and define and assess traffic. Advertising form can take different varieties: for example, working paid commercial throughout a Podcast. Blogging is another Advertising on the internet tool that allows consumers to connect at their convenience. This world of oral cavity advertising that was effective as a traditional means can reach across the globe via the Internet. Off-line advertising can lead to an on-line existence. For example, a television advertising that induces the viewers to order through the website employs two varieties of mass media. One multimedia drives traffic to the web page.

Directories provide another Advertising on the internet tool. Certain online web directories can increase reciprocal links. Especially if the linking partner from the other site offers a high-quality link, then the chances of obtaining a higher standing on the search engine results webpage may increase. An advertising tool is effective if the web-site content is rich with relevant information. Great quality allures both internet directories and search engines. Sites with a short loading time can retain more visitors who want to click on your page and visit for a bit longer. Boosting keyword density is another on-line advertising tool.

A web page Meta tag offers a coded explanation of the page features. The HTML coding statement that appears at the top of the page is exactly what the internet search engine crawler can identify to index the net site. This tool helps the audience to search for the site. Another tool includes telephoning after observing a website. The search engine results can include listings with a telephone icon. When the serious viewers clicks on the icon, he can then talk with the product owner.

Advertising tools can be considered a vital part of an company branding solution.

(1-Hit, n. d. )

1. 2. 7 Market segmentation

The market segmentation concept is crucial to market analysis and market strategy. Split the market into workable market sections -- age group, income, product type, geography, buying habits, customer needs, or other classifications. Define your conditions, and determine your market.

Segmentation can make a huge difference in understanding your market. For instance, when a local computer store business defines its customer segments as "high-end home office" and "high-technology small business, " its segmentation says a whole lot about its customers. The segmentation helps the business plan give attention to the several types of customers. (Berry 1999)

Market segmentation allows businesses to gear their marketing efforts toward consumers who most benefit from their products and services. Because of this, they won't spend your time and valuable marketing us dollars on those who would haven't any interest. For instance, when a company's product appeals to teenagers, it might advertise on a radio station that plays modern day music.

An effective way to find out a target market segment is to execute marketing research. Marketing research uses methods such as surveys and interviews of potential users of something to see if it satisfies their needs. Marketing research considers factors such as demographics, which includes categories such as age, gender and income level and psychographics, which examines public and social factors that affect consumer purchasing.

Target market segmentation allows a firm to differentiate itself from its rivals and carve out a niche. For example, if research shows that a product attracts those between the ages of 25 and 34 and no person else has targeted that market with an identical product, the business can record this section of the marketplace.

When determining your marketplace, you might have to make changes along the way. For instance, if your target market is too small, you may have to grow your marketing work to attain more potential prospects. Also, if your marketplace is outside of your geographic area, you need to decide if the expense of expansion is possible.

Their degree of importance can breakdown target markets. Female market contains the probably or regular users of something, so most of the marketing initiatives should be targeted to it. A second market contains individuals who involve some use for something, and a tertiary market could be thought as those who make use of a product sometimes. (Joseph 2010)

1. 2. 8 Targeting Success

Truly successful targeting of offers and services addresses the needs of the potential customer and offers an offer that speaks from the organization's strength. The main element to obtaining success in focusing on offers and services is also dependent on its application within a cohesive market strategy, complete segment-by segment plans, marketing activity of sufficient level, and a dimension process.

Once the company has chosen its marketplace sections it must choose a competitive strategy and look at it across goal segments. In some cases it might become apparent that a counter-top segmentation or umbrella strategy does apply. In most cases, however, the development of distinct mixes for each and every segment is necessary. Matching to marketing author Philip Kotler the sole sustainable general strategy in a segmented market is differentiation. He explains that really the only other common competitive strategy solution (low priced) is not ecological in a segmented market. This is even more the situation in the relationship and content delivery world where free resources are abundant. In addition, a successful differentiation strategy must create customer value, provide perceived value, and become difficult to duplicate. (Restrepo 2006)

Having clear marketing targets for each segment is crucial to success. The articulation of the precise offers along with their timing, sequence, and packaging needs to be developed via an integrated marketing strategy. When growing the mix it's quite common to find that segmented approaches are not pursued with sufficient effort, as building enough resources for every targeted section and doing this across channels and media is essential. The main element steps are:

Articulate your marketing objectives for each section.

Define your marketing communications and positioning aims.

Develop a marketing mixture specific to the segment.

Develop a tactical plan that is integrated with overall initiatives and is scaled to make a direct effect on the market segment. 2 The Research Problem and Range of Study

2 THE STUDY Problem and Scope of Study

2. 1 Company's Profile

Papa John's Pizza is a well-established international franchise restaurant string from USA and it is the third greatest pizza company on the globe.

Berjaya Pizza Company Sdn. Bhd. , a wholly possessed subsidiary of Berjaya Firm, has agreed upon a franchise arrangement with Papa John's International Inc, to develop and operate Papa John's restaurants in Malaysia. Berjaya Pizza Company was also awarded the first right of refusal for the enlargement of franchise business to Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines. (Papa John's Pizza 2009)

According to Berjaya Corporation Berhad, currently, there tend to be than 3, 200 Papa John's restaurants worldwide including 171 restaurants in Asia and other 29 International Countries. Such countries include China, Korea, India, and the Middle East. The very first outlet was opened in Indiana United States back 1985. A far more thorough Papa John's achievements milestones can be purchased in Appendix A.

Papa John's success is made on the determination to 'Better Materials, Better Pizza'. They keep the focus on 'The Main Thing' and can consistently deliver a normal Papa John's superior-quality pizza. Papa John's also bring customer satisfaction into one main body - to be constant, quantifiable, and demonstrable. At Papa John's, they expect quality in everything they are doing.

According to Papa John's website, P. A. P. A. means FOLKS ARE Top priority Always. Papa John's Pizza depends upon their capacity, as a team, to work together to accomplish their goals and expectations.

Their brand personality is friendliness, international branding, Award winning, quality, honest, and casual. With such personalities, Papa John's Pizza has favoured food, job centre that stimulates employees who would like for a better job plan as well as those who find themselves looking for job opportunities. They also offer delivery services, coupons, and other promotional rules.

2. 2 Research Problem

Papa John's Pizza creates a unique, high quality position within the pizza category. However, in Malaysia market where there are strong market market leaders; Papa John's encounters issues to carve out an increased position, which differentiates themselves with the high quality products and fresh ingredient story.

The target market of Papa John's Pizza is composed mainly of young families - parents with kids; children to teenagers, young to working individuals, for example school students and executive; or those with middle upper class income between the get older of twenty-two and thirty-three.

Despite the better tasting pizza with fresh elements, for good examples, dough that are imported and not freezing, 100 per cent mozzarella cheese, etc, however there are just six retailers in Malaysia at this time. They are positioned in Berjaya Times Square, Puchong IOI Mall, Klang AEON Bukit Tinggi, Sunway Pyramid Oasis Boulevard, AEON Bandaraya Melaka, and Aeon Mahkota Cheras.

Therefore, there's a low or poor knowing of its lifestyle especially to consumers who are not within the trade area which in turn lead to low economies of level. It is grasped that location is very essential for each business. Throughout the stores in Malaysia, Papa John's Pizza is available only in two of the popular shopping malls - Sunway Pyramid and Berjaya Times Square. Hence, less consciousness among the general public, also regarded as hazy image by the general public.

The other problem or difficulty experienced by Papa John's Pizza is competition. Thekey competitors of Papa John's Pizza are Pizza Hut and Domino's. Pizza Hut offers localized preference with many variations throughout the year and offers hot and fresh pizza after delivery whereas Domino's are experts in delivery service where delivery is assured to arrive within 30 mins; also, they are quite strong in conditions of promotional pricing.

As mentioned before, promotion performs an important role to market businesses' product, service, or suggestions to consumers. In comparison with these key competition, Papa John's Pizza has low advertising support and there has been a lack of promotions. Furthermore, delivery services are available at limited trade areas only. Therefore, Papa John's Pizza will lose out to rivals.

Papa John's Pizza is suffering from poor store branding. Although Papa John's Pizza stores own desired image that are warm, family, and wholesome, nonetheless they are somewhat unspectacular and retro vis- -vis Pizza Hut's.

3 Research Questions

What is the general conception towards Papa John's?

What are the factors that brought on Papa John's to lose out to competitors?

Which advertising methods would be appropriate for Papa John's current situation?

What is the recognition degree of Papa John in Malaysia market?

How will awareness affect Papa John?

4 Research Objectives

Our objective to get this research first of all was to investigate the brand image of Papa John's helped bring towards Malaysia consumers. We wished to know what consumers think about Papa John's and the personal preferences between Papa John's and their opponents.

Secondly, we needed to learn the factors that brought on Papa John's to lose out to challengers. We wanted to know consumers' satisfaction towards Papa John's food and environment. We also wanted to determine whether locations of Papa John's are one factor.

Thirdly, we wanted to determine the appropriate advertising methods for Papa John's current situation. We wished to know which advertising methods can increase Papa John's awareness and raise up their sales.

Fourth, we wanted to examine the advertising & promotional campaign of Papa John's in Malaysia. We had a need to know their current advertising campaign and its efficiency then improve and raise the advertising & promotional campaign to increase sales.

Last but not least, we wanted to determine the effect of recognition to Papa John's. We will compare Papa John's and their rivals about consciousness then study the importance of awareness as well as how to increase consciousness effectively.

5 Need for Study

The proposal therefore, was to determine the awareness degree of Papa John's in Malaysia. Understanding can be created by advertising & promotional campaign. The range of analysis will be limited by teenagers between the age range of 18 to 28 years of age in Klang Valley. This band of teenagers is customers of Papa John's. Also, they are the near future consumers who Papa John's should give attention to creating awareness. The key reason why we decided Klang Valley for this research was because Papa John's have only 6 outlets, in which 5 of them are positioned in Klang Valley.

The need for this research study was to see the advertising & promotional marketing campaign and to research the result it brings to Papa John, and find out the level of awareness of Papa John in Malaysia. Then, research the reasons (factors), where should there be more advertising & promotional campaign and what would be the appropriate advertising options for Papa John's current situation for building a more robust brand image of Papa John's. Most of all to determine the area of expertise of Papa John's and differentiate them using their company competitors. Lastly, we were to look for the factors Papa John's lose out to opponents such as Pizza Hut, Domino, etc, in term of location, food, understanding or environment.

6 Methodology

6. 1 Location and Product Analysis of the study Problem

The location of research was conducted in the Klang Valley region only. The reason to our centered decision entirely on Klang Valley was due to majority of Papa John's outlets being in this area. Specifically, the survey was conducted in Brickfields Asia University in Kuala Lumpur. Matching to Papa John's website (2009), there are 6 outlets in Malaysia, 5 being around Klang Valley and 2 more retailers opening soon. Since there is only 1 electric outlet located beyond Klang Valley, examining the awareness may lead to an inappropriate final result. Hence, centering specifically in the region where this franchising company has ventured.

The unit research contains the objects that were studied and analyzed for a justification of the subject matter. (Research Methods 2006) In cases like this, the unit analyses were students as well as young working adults; particularly between your years of 18 - 28 years of age and about 40 respondents to the primary research. These is the possible respondents to the questionnaires.

6. 2 Sampling Casings and Techniques Applied

Basic ways of sampling are such as:

Random sampling;

Systematic sampling;

Stratified sampling; and

Cluster sampling.

Since Papa John's focused mainly in Klang Valley, all the respondents were from that area itself as the proper execution of the cluster sampling method. However, among the list of students as well as young working parents, non-random sampling was chosen and executed as a form of sampling method for this study. Cluster sampling method was chosen because we'd be focusing straight in a specific area with predetermined era. (Bluman 2009) Finally, cluster sampling would be performed among anyone of the unit analysis, in cases like this, 40 respondents of students and young working people from age 18 -28 years old, half which is under employment and half non-working.

6. 3 Research Tool Framework and Pre-testing

According to Coming up with and Integrating Original Research (2010), before making a decision how when your research tool be or be organized, we must know which function of research tool is usually to be used for effectively acquiring information from the respondents. Some basic settings are: print out and web questionnaire and personal questioning or interview.

Since this is a brief research respect to awareness of Papa John's in a particular area, the study device that was used is a blend of a printing questionnaire dominating plus a few interview questions to receive respondent's thoughts and opinions.

The questionnaire was set up:

Section A - the demographics of the respondent (eg. Race, gender, income group). This section recognizes the essential factors which may separate the difference of final result among unit analysis. 7 demographic questions asked.

Section B - this section centers directly on the study problem, which is the poor awareness of Papa John's along with its causes and results associated with. About 20 questions asked.

Section C - 3 interview questions to receive opinions consider to solutions and effective advertising that could enhance its recognition in the modern culture.

Section A and B were close-ended question where predetermined replies were provided for respondents to choose from. Whereas for Section C, open-ended questions were given to get the respondents' suggestions regarding the research concern.

Before nearly doing these studies, pre-testing was carried out once to guarantee the justification and clarification of questions and feedbacks of the questionnaire. The pre-testing was completed among fellow workers and course mates as well as lecturers. This allowed feedback to be constructive since pre-testing would be achieved with those people who have possessed experience with research works.

6. 4 Research Data Collection Approach

Data was collected although questionnaires and a few interview questions, as mentioned above. It required roughly 14 days after the agreement of the proposal to implement the research work. The target was to have 40 respondents to the questionnaire.

The approach was to privately hand in the hardcopy of the questionnaire to the machine evaluation and asked them the few interview questions at Section C of the questionnaire. This process as means that it was a combination of two methods: drop and pick-up as well as interview. As stated, interviewing technique covered Section C, the drop and pick-up covered the rest of the data collection approach.

6. 5 Analyzing Finalized Data to make Final result on Research Problem

At last, data of the analysis were analyzed to produce a conclusion regarding the issues facing. Data obtained were used to perform certain statistical formulas to accomplish results such as, in cases like this: dissimilarities between product analyses of consciousness subjection, location factor, the occurrence of circulation and percentages of advertising respondents which may have used Papa John's, etc.

These results would be shaped into a graph, bar, pie graph or any other form of chart that would be relevant and useful to present these details through the formal presentation after the agreement of proposal. Hence, after these data were offered in an structured and critical view, a realization can be made about them matter of Papa John's as well as advised opinions by studies and unit research. Thus as Bluman (2009) pointed out, by using data, you can perform and conclude a report by collecting, arranging, summarizing, inspecting and sketching a bottom line on.

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