Advertising Strategy Impact On Consumer Buying Marketing Essay


This research proposal is based on the impact of advertising strategy on consumer buying behavior in the retail industry at UK. This record is situated Tesco's advertising strategy that will impact their consumer buying behavior. Tesco is a big supermarket in the united kingdom making a huge earnings in the retail industry.

Understanding the advertising strategies is an important which can determine the consumer determination on the purchase decision making. With regards to the nature of the merchandise consumer will observe a certain distinctive phases that may form the purchase decision making process. Consumer purchase decision making process starts off with problem acceptance like identification of your problem or unfulfilled need of the consumer than the seek out information. They can search information by various ways like impulse purchase decisions, internet, advertising etc. Then they will measure the alternatives and finally make the purchase decision. The ultimate part of purchase decision making process include post-purchase evaluation. This is a very important sector for all the marketing managers to gratify their after making the purchasing decision by examining if the products meet up with the level of targets or not.

Advertising is a paid, mediated form of communication from an identifiable source which was created to persuade the recipient to take some action at now or in the foreseeable future. (Richards and Curran, 2002)

Problem Explanation:

Advertising strategy has an impact on consumer buying behavior. Advertising strategy is a advertising campaign developed to converse ideas about the merchandise and services to potential customers for convincing these to buy those products or services (www. enotes. com). the advertising strategy should be built-in a rational and wise manner will represent business thought like overall budget and brand popularity and targets such as open public image enhancement, market share progress.


Retail establishments in UK are facing issue of understanding the buyer behaviour. Consumer interest to a specific product can be increased by their advertising strategy. Advertising strategy should be made so that will understand the consumers head and satisfying the needs and would like of the consumers.


Organizational Qualifications:

This research is situated upon Tesco's advertising strategies to motivate their customers. Tesco is one of largest retail industry in UK. In the year 2000 Tesco has launched in UK. At the year 2001, Tesco launches `Customer Champions' in many stores an in many implement a fresh labour scheduler to improve service for customers and Tesco becomes the best organic retailer in the UK and reaches to 1 billion price cuts. In 2002, Tesco gets into to Malaysia and offers 'Free-From' products created for customers with special dietary needs. In 2003, Tesco inserted in Turkey and Japan to be able to expand their business. Day by day Tesco is increasing their business in several areas and in 2004 Tesco enters in China and launched own-brand Rational trade range and Broadband. At this time tesco. com end up being the first major English supermarket to go into music and download music.

In the year 2005, Tesco Home plus launches and Tesco announces twelve-monthly profit of 2 billion and Tesco is out there the Taiwanese market within an asset swap deal with Carrefour regarding stores and operations in the Czech Republic. In 2006, Tesco Direct launched and in 2007 Tesco starts Fresh and Easy in america. In 2008, Tesco announces projects to establish cash and bring business in India and acquires 36 hypermarkets in South Korea from Homever. Tesco also launched discount brand and personal fund acquisition in this year. In the entire year 2009, another advertising strategy team card re-launched in the UK with 150 million investment offering customers the possibility to twin up their vouchers. (www. tescoplc. com, 2010)

Research Background:

1. 5Research Questions:

What is the idea of advertising and consumer buying behaviour in the framework of retail companies?

What is the impact of advertising strategy on consumer buying behaviour in the UK retail industry?

What is the impact of Tesco's advertising strategy on the buying behavior of its customers?

1. 6 Research Aims:

Critically review books on advertising and consumer buying behaviour in the framework of marketing and business strategy in the united kingdom retail industry.

Collect and examine the info obtained through questionnaires concentrating on Tesco's customer and interview the professionals.


Research Methodology

There are two sorts of research methodologies used in this research such as:-

Qualitative Research:

Qualitative research involves using techniques that will try to gain a knowledge of the life of behaviour and thoughts and then goes to depth and breadth of those attitudes. Qualitative clinical tests do not measure the amount of feeling or opinion nonetheless they indicate the dominating feelings. Qualitative research includes the utilization of debate, observation and projective methods used to elicit reactions. (Bradley, 2007)

Quantitative Research:

Quantitative research is everything relating to about figures and statistics. This sort of research will generate the important segmentation, which brings us the original meaning of the statistics, providing information to the federal government about their state and gives a merchant account of inhabitants. Quantitative research moves beyond basic profile demographics and provides accounts of uses and attitudes. Various methods of dispersion used in this research to measure the variability of the data. (Bradley, 2007)




Data collection method:

There are two varieties of data collection methods used in this research such as:

Primary Data:

The term primary data is employed to spell it out information that is gathered for a particular purpose.

Secondary Data:

Secondary data has already been publicized data which is already done by the other researcher. Typically secondary data is posted in books, special records or even loose pieces of paper. Now-a-days lots of of extra data is available in the internet. Good researcher start with extra data before designing the primary data. (Nigel Bradley, 2007)

There are various uses of secondary data. It could answer the research question; it may also help refine questionё design the principal research, helps in sampling, help pre-codes for questionnaires. Sometimes extra data can be conjunction with the primary data.

The key to using extra data is to locate effectively, to evaluate the effectiveness of the research, rework and combines with other facts. Extra or desk research includes more than consulting and reading documents. Fact-finding interviews, expert interviews with leading numbers in a particular market play a significant role in workplace research.


Indicative Books Review:

The goal of this books review in this article is to identify the literature space.

4. 1 Advertising strategy:

One of the major goals of advertising must to generate awareness of the business and its products. After the business is established and its products sit in the market then the amount of resources to promote will decrease and the buyer develops some sort of loyalty to the product. Advertising strategy starts off with the placement strategy of the merchandise. A positioning strategy explains how a company's product and services can be differentiated from those of the competitors. It will really helps to make foundations for the introduction of a advertising proposal.

4. 2 Periods of Advertising strategy:

The phases of advertising strategy focus on target consumers, product notion, communication press and advertising communication.

Advertising goals:

There are some major goals of earning the advertising such as building brand image, providing information, persuasion, helping marketing initiatives and motivating action. Building brand image include creating a worldwide brand and corporate image. This brand will in turn generate brand collateral. Brand equity is a set of characteristics which makes a brand more attractive to consumers and businesses. It could be made possible if there is a blend of effective advertising with the quality of the product. More impressive range of brand collateral will give the company a distinct edge as consumers move through the purchase decisions.

Advertising also provide information to both consumers and the business buyers to produce a purchase decisions. Typical information for the consumers add a retailer's store time, business location and comprehensive product information. Information can make the purchasing process far more convenient and relatively simple which can lure customers to finalize the purchasing decision and happen to be the store.

One of the major goals of the advertising is the persuasion. Advertising can influence customers that a particular brand is more advanced than the other brand. They can show consumers the negative results of failing a specific brand. Changing consumer attitudes and persuading these to consider a new purchasing choice is a very difficult task for marketing professionals.

The final aim of the advertising is action-oriented advertising. Action-oriented advertising is intensely used in the business-to-business sector. The primary goal of the advertising strategy is to create more sales leads. Many business advertisements provide a website or telephone numbers that buyers can use to request more information and move towards a purchase more easily and quickly.

Target consumers:

It will includes the people who are buying the products or those who end up buying the product or those influence product purchases like children, spouse, friends etc.

Product Notion:

Communication Press:

Advertising Message:

Advertising budget:

4. 3 Advertising theory:

For the introduction of the advertising strategy it is useful to use different theoretical platform which are the following:-

Hierarchy of results model: This model will clarify the goals of the advertising strategies as well as the aims of a particular advertisement. Additionally it is helpful to determining the communication strategy. This model identifies a business buyer or a consumer movements through some six making a purchase like recognition, knowledge, liking, inclination, conviction and the genuine purchase. (Kenneth E. Clow and D. Baack, 2002)

Means-End Theory: The next theoritical style of Advertising strategy called the means-end string. An advertisement consists of a message or a means to lead the consumers a desired end status. Here the end-states are the personal values. The goal of the means-end chain is to result in a chain reaction where viewing the ad leads to the buyer to beliefe the product will achieve one of these personal prices. The means-end theory model suggests that there are five elements in creating advertising like the product features, consumer benefits, leverage things, personal beliefs and the execution framework.

This model is designed to move the consumers through these five elements. Thus, the attributes of the product should be from the specific benefits consumer can derive and these benefits can result in the attainment of an individual value. (Kenneth E. Clow and D. Baack, 2002)

Leverage Point model: The hierarchy of results model and the means-end string procedure are associated with leverage point methods. A leverage point is certainly an attribute in the advertisements that lead the visitors to change the advertising subject matter into a personal value. To create a quality leverage point, the marketers attempts to build a pathway connecting something benefit with the actual buyer's value system. (Kenneth E. Clow and D. Baack, 2002)

Verbal and visible images: The ultimate kind of advertising model is named verbal and visible images model. Here the degree of emphasis is given on the aesthetic elements. Aesthetic images often lead to more favourable attitudes toward both the ad and the brand. Visuals also trend to be more easily remembered than a verbal copy. Visual elements will be stored in the storage as both pictures and the verbal backup. This dual handling helps it be easier for folks to remember the communication and also visible images are usually stored in the still left and right hands sides of the mind while verbal emails are tend to be stored in the remaining side of the brain only. (Kenneth E. Clow and D. Baack, 2002)

4. 3 Methods of Advertising:

a) DRIP Model: To make an advertisement it's important to understand the DRIP acronym.

Differentiate: it's important to distinguish the advertising from the rivals by adding more value than other competitor products on the market.

Reinforcement: it can be done with the addition of product features, benefits and support facilities, reassuring them in conditions of continuity value and trustworthiness.

Information: It is important to put required information of the merchandise or services for making an advertisement. It's important to place market and product information in the advertising.

Persuade: it is important to persuade the clients by providing facilities and meet up with the required service level. It is important to provide promotional support and financial conditions to persuade more purchasers. (Chris Load, 2006)

Key Accounts Management (KAM):

Key Profile Management can be an important tool to retail customers and present them new offers to persuade those to buy over and over. According to the Pareto principle more profit can be produced by holding the main element accounts somewhat than getting the new customers. Key Accounts are the business customers who are wiling to enter ling-term interactions and who has got proper importance. Co-ordination of conferences, mail, telephone and different electronic communication will help to maintain a good romantic relationship with the Key Members.

There are some risk from the Key Bank account Management like fulfilling the target customers required plenty of cost and it ought to be in connections with the return on investment. There is risk of committing to one partner at the exclusion of others and there is a risk of misunderstanding the human relationships and failing woefully to achieve reciprocal security. These hazards can be minimize by making close romantic relationship with the key accounts, not making romantic relationships with a few accounts and customer interactions should be carefully chosen and prioritize for prudent investment of scarce resources.

4. 4 Need for Advertising strategy:

The need for advertising strategy are the following:-

Advertising strategy will reach the large number of customers across different geographic market segments.

Effective advertising allows greater audience to be come to with specific text messages.

Depending on media used, cost of getting individuals can be reduced compared to other kinds of communications.

Advertising can be used to provide information for consumers at different purchasing periods.

Advertising strategy will be effective in consciousness creation at early stages of new product launched.

Advertising strategy include a wide range of media to carry the advertising.

4. 5 Analysing the advertising strategy:

4. 6 Consumer Behaviour:

Consumer behaviour will involve the psychological procedures a consumer undergoes for realizing the needs and learning the ways to resolve these needs when coming up with a purchase decision, interpret information, make strategies and apply these strategies by participating in assessment shopping or actually purchasing a product. (www. consumerphychologist. com, 2010)

4. 7 Associations between the consumer behaviour and the Advertising strategy:

4. 8 Ethical issues in Advertising:

It is important to consider the moral and moral issues when coming up with a advertising strategy. Advertising should be made in that ways which is beneficial for the society and its own well-being. It could be done by the following ways:-

Pre-testing: Pre-testing is an important technique where unfinished advertising can be proven to the representative band of focus groups of the mark audience with a view to ensure that the final creative will meet up with the advertising objectives. To get this done pre-testing of advertising three critical indicators should be considered like the internal effects like checklists and readability analysis, communications effects like physiological exams, recall and immediate opinion measurement and finally the behavioural results which is designed to measure actual alternatively than predictive response using truck tests and separated scan strategies. (Chris Load, 2008)

Post-testing: post-testing can be involved with the advertising campaign after releasing the final product. This can measure the volume of inquiries or direct responses stimulated by the solo advertisement or marketing campaign and can take the proper execution of returned coupons and response credit cards, requests for further literature and genuine orders. You can find three types of assessments can be carried out to gauge the advertising efficiency like recall assessments which is determine how memorable a specific advertisement has been a market. The next one is called recognition checks which are based on the ability of respondents to reprocess information about an ad and lastly the sales testing by using single-source data. (Chris Load, 2008)

Financial Test: it is important to do the financial exams in order to comprehend how much cash it is required to spend in the advertising and how these are spending and when. It's important to consider the balance and efficiency of the promotional investment into different mass media.

Tracking Studies: A traffic monitoring study entails collecting data from clients frequently to be able to evaluate their perceptions about the advertising campaign.

Likeability test: it's the deep group of meanings inside the individual to understanding their personality, stimulating interest and fascination with the brand and entertainment of using that particular brand.


Integrated marketing communications is a communications process that requires the planning, integration and execution of diverse forms of ads, sales campaigns, publicity, happenings etc that supplied over time to brand a goal customers and potential customers. (Shimp, 2007)


5. 1 Hypothesis Statement:

Problem question: How do advertising strategies impact on consumer buying behaviour?

H0: Advertising strategies have an impact on consumer buying behavior.

H1: Advertising strategies have no impact on consumer buying behavior.


5. 1 Conclusions:

5. 2 Restrictions of the study:

The limitation of this research is to submit this project within a short time frame and so some of the top issues may havent been discussed on this research. Another restriction can be limited sources of secondary information available for sale and that's why this research can not use a significant resources of information in order to make an extensive task.


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