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American Dream Evaluation In Literature British Literature Essay

Miller's Death of your Salesman and A raisin in the Sun presents "the efforts and frustrations of a family in search of the American Goal" (Curtain 115). Dreams are the completely different to every individual. Walter, the hero in A Raisin in sunlight is another Willy who battles to understand his version of North american Dream. In their attempts to achieve the Wish, Willy and Walter implies that they are normal in a few aspects. A social analysis by Alister Bull points out "America may still think as the land of opportunity, but the likelihood of living a rags-to-riches life are a lot lower than somewhere else on earth"(BBS). The North american Dream is just illusion. It is illusions of opportunity for the future.

Walter has high expectation of himself and he try to succeed. Hansberry has stated that ". . . Walter Younger can be an American more than he is anything else, " he thinks anyone can become anything he desires to be in the land of promise. He wants to quit his boring job. He works as a chauffeur for white. He wants to reach your goals businessman who runs his own business. As sound evidences of success, he needs to buy a Cadillac convertible and "some real pearls" for Ruth, big home with a garden for his family and chance to go to popular college in America for Travis(1537). For himself, he would like to drive a black Chrysler because "Rich people don't have to be flashy"(1538).

Other common backgrounds of the dreams is the thought of being "big", that they are obsess with. The term "big" is often utilized by Willy and his two sons: Willy says around that ". . . working on a very big offer"(1466). He is convinced his sons will "finish up big"(1469). That's the reason Biff complains he has to "be manager big shot in fourteen days, " to satisfy Willy's goal.

The notion of being "big" also use as important in the life span of younger family. Walter practices the thought of being "big": "Big. Invest big, gamble big, hell lose big if you have to, you know what I mean"(1525). When Walter realizes his son want to be a bus drivers, he responses, " A what? Man, that ain't nothing at all to want to be!. . . " "cause, man - it ain't big enough - you really know what After all"(1537). Waiter's attitude echoes Willy's emblematic motto:"Start big and you'll end big"(1452). Other users of Walter's family also reflex his frame of mind. Lena is most reasonable character in the play, also offers desire to have something big, something high in her life:

"Lord, since I was a little girl, I always remembers people stating, "Lena Lena Eggleston, you is designed too high on a regular basis. You must slow down and discover life a bit more like it is. Just slow down some "That's what they always used to state down home "Lord, that Lena Eggleston is a high-minded thing: She'll get her credited 1 day"(1553).

Lena appears to gratify at least an integral part of her goal because she purchases a reliable house: "I just seen my family falling apart today. . . When it gets like this in life - you merely got to do something differently, press on out and do something bigger. . . "(1530). The people' desire to be "big" shows emptiness of these dreams. They may be confuse by the smart appearance of the North american dream.

Walter and Willy are not trained to be "big" as they imagine because they have got many weaknesses. First, they fail to understand the needs of education as the first major step to start their seek out the aspiration. Willy's frame of mind toward education is well show when he shows his sons:

Bernard can obtain the best markings in school, y'understand, but when he gets out available world, y'understand, you will be five times ahead of him That is why I thank Almighty God you're both built like Adonises. As the man who makes an appearance available world, the man who creates personal interest, is the man who gets forward, Be liked and you will never want. (1435).

Willy is convinced that anyone can do well by "being well-liked" or " make an appearance" in the business world, even without education. Walter also miss importance of education. He accuses George and Beneatha:

"I see you at all times - with the literature tucked under your hands - going to your (United kingdom A a imitate) "clahsses. " And then for what! The particular hell you learning over there? Filling your mind -(Counting off on his fingertips) - with the sociology and the mindset - however they instructing you how to be always a man? How exactly to dominate and run the globe? They instructing you how to run a silicone plantation or a metallic mill? New - merely to discuss proper and read books and wear white shoes. "(1525).

He reproaches colleges produce only good-for-nothings. When he cannot understand the value of education as meanings of dreams.

Walter and Willy both make an effort to achieve American dreams without work, both of them are immoral. Willy once stimulates his kid to grab materials to mend their stairs. Their crime is proof courage and soul. He even asks Bernard to help Biff cheat on evaluation. Walter is also corrupted by materialism. He only counts being wealth and have ability is important. It really is somewhat significant for him to run liquor store, which Mama believes immoral. Walter doesn't feel guilty when he determines to bribe the officers to find the license. They are really immoral and also often blind to needs. Willy will try to kick out the woman he slept with in front of Biff. He make an effort to cover his shameful situation. Willy will try to cut down Linda's speaking whenever she will try to start her mouth area, while he retains interrupting Biff's talking. Walter says to Beneatha, "go be considered a nurse like other women-or just get hitched and be silent. . . "(1501). He does not care about Beneatha's desire being sacrifice to satisfy his own.

Willy and Walter share many weak points. Their dreams are strongly related to their family, especially with their child. Willy and Walter are different by their family backgrounds. For Willy, he did not have any parental love: "Dad left when I was such a child and never got a chance to speak to him and I still feel-kind of short-term about myself"(1445). In contrast, Walter has received full attention and love from his parents. Mama describes her husband as you who greatly love his children. One of the reasons Big Walter's loss of life was lack of his third child few years in the past. Walter received love from his parents during his childhood led him to develop "his strong sense of self-esteem, enabling him fully to accept American ideals and presenting him the self confidence to pursue his wish"(Washington 115).

Willy and Walter are in love for their children. Willy have commit his desire to have parental love though pouring his passion, and through making himself idolize to his sons. Linda highlights, "Few men are idolized by their children the way you are"(1437). He desires his sons to fulfill the wish. He is aware he does not achieve through "being liked. Willy and Walter's expectation for his or her sons can be incorporate by Mama's speech, "Look like God didn't see fit to provide the dark man nothing but dreams-but He have give us children to make them dreams seem worthy of while"(1505).

Their desire to fulfill dreams is basically because of their sons. Their seek out the wish is also affected by their marital situation. Linda deeply understand spouse. She informed her sons:

. . . I don't say he's great man. Willy Loman never made big money. His name was never in the newspaper. He's not the best possible character that ever resided. But he's a individual, and a terrible thing is happening to him. So attention must be paid He's never to be permitted to get into his grave as an old dog. Attention, attention must be finally paid to such a person(1447). At this time, it appears natural for Willy to exclaim:"You're my basis and my support, Linda"(1427).

A closer examination of Linda's frame of mind toward Willy, she does not grasp him. Willy comes back from a sales trip. He brags that he made more than twelve hundred on the trip and Linda starts off to estimate how much their net income will be. His brag is followed by the awful confession that he made only 2 hundred gross on the trip. Linda replies, "Well, it makes seventy dollars plus some pennies. That's very good. "(1436). Linda discussions cold somewhat than generosity to her husband's problems. Willy realizes other people laugh at him and he talks too much. When he admits the reality to Linda, he's exposing his true individuality as a man of discouragement and failure. Linda fails to help him admit the truth, "Oh avoid being foolish" "You do not speak too much, you're just lively", "Willy darling, you're the handsomest man in the world"(1437). By sticking with illusion Willy make an effort to implant. She avoids the agonizing second, so she lose chance to help to accept the reality. Therefore, one cannot deny that "there's a clear interconnection between her refusal to concern those illusions and death" (Bigsby, "In Memoriam"12).

Ruth in the Raisin in the Sun understands the stress of her partner, Walter. Unlike Willy he will not complain of his careless better half, Walter openly complains:

"That's it. There you are. Man tell his female: received me a wish. His woman say: Eat your eggs and go to work. (passionately now) Man say: I got eventually to change my life, I'm choking to loss of life, baby! And his girl say-(In utter anguish as he brings his fists down on his thighs)-Your egg is getting chilly!"(1499).

Facing Walter's mistake, Ruth make an effort to help him: "No. Mama, something is happening between Walter and me. I don't know very well what it is-but he needs something-something I cannot give him any longer. He needs this chance, Lena. "(1504). She recognizes what Walter really craves for successful business. This is why she supply the insurance money to Walter even though she recognizes she has nothing to do with the money. The partnership between Walter and Ruth reflex to Mama and Big Walter. Mama remembers " "Honey, Big Walter would come on here some times in the past and slump down on that sofa there and just look at the rug, and look at me and look at the rug and then back again at me and I'd know he was down then. . . really down"(1505). Unlike Linda who helps to keep blind to her husband's problems, Mama is aware of Big Walter's situation. Her battling acquire from helplessness. She's to feel before her husband's frustration. Lena shows endurance, understanding, selflessness and love toward her kid as well as the husband.

Willy and Walter soon find out that their dreams are doomed to inability. Willy's irritation of his own failure also come from his son, Biff's. He already know about his own failing. "I (Biff) never acquired everywhere because you (Willy)`stand taking purchases from anybody! That's whose problem it is!"(1487). Biff has didn't get a well balanced and profitable job. He still makes only a dollars an hour. He has been imprisoned many times for the offense of theft.

As due to the failure, they are simply faced with painful awakening instant. When Willy realizes his dream disappear, he clings to another new illusion: "He (Biff) can make it using their money. " He feels that Biff will have a good chance to get forward on the planet, if he can leave life insurance coverage money for Biff through suicide. When Walter sees money ended up with the imposter, he recognize the guilty money accumulated by the white friends and neighbors of the new community to choose the Youngers off. At last instant, he changes his brain. Instead of obtaining money, he declares to Mr. Lindner, "We have decided to move into our house because my father-my dad- he earned it"(1558). Here, Walter achieves manhood, recognizing that "dignity is an excellent of men, not bank or investment company accounts"(Weales 529).

In different reactions from each other, Willy and Walter still have something in common. Their desire "at hand the planet to his boy" in earnest way. For Willy, suicide is more than simple manifestation of illusion, it is an positive action to show dignity and meaning of his life. Walter's spiritual expansion is easily justified, considering his warm and strong affection for Travis. By rejecting Lindner's offer in Travis's occurrence, he without doubt not disgrace but satisfaction and dignity to Travis, keeping the desire alive. For their dreams "revealed, suspended, destroyed, and renewed again" spring from the heroes' concern for their people, both plays are local under the relatively social context.

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