Analysis Of External And Internal Environment Marketing Essay

A small business is a small business that is privately possessed and operated, with a little variety of employees and relatively low volume of sales. Smaller businesses are normally privately owned businesses, partnerships, or lone proprietorships. Every business which begins with the small capital, few participants of personnel and management, don't possess much branches in the areas, town or country will be called as smaller businesses. Small businesses frequently have the eye-sight of expansion, spend more capitalisation as well as profit maximisation. Here I am taking about Fried chicken shop which is necessary to UK people. This deep-fried hen shop name is european fried chicken.

Executive Summation:

The marketing plan of American Fried Chicken targets their current placement and the consequences of repositioning themselves by launching Halal Fried Fowl. With its introduction, they'd also maintain the set of one of the "Halal" food suppliers in UK. The primary idea is to offer Halal fried hen in european style as well as with a few amendments in the menu by so that it is spicy to make it attractive to its extended market i. e. Muslims that have a home in United Kingdom. The reason being Muslims favor a slightly more spicy food than the western food. The repositioning of the brand is targeted towards the extension of its market by allowing access to another goal group i. e. a profitable human population of Muslims from all over the world, moving into UK. There is a high inclination of its success as Western Fried Chicken is already liked by its existing target audience and gets good reviews if anyone is a large enthusiast of scrumptious rooster, potato chips and even juicy burgers. The consumers choose WFC several of its big rivals i. e. KFC. The Excitement marketing impact would be among the best and without charge ways of promoting their chicken breast.

The Challenge

The food industry is a mammoth industry in UK and since there's a occupied lifestyle, people like junk food take - away somewhat than choosing fine dining. To be able to survive in the food industry where there is minimize throat competition with over 1, 000 specific brands and 1, 700 shops, WFC provides something exceptional to its existing target audience to be able to maintain them and also entice new ones by allowing Muslims to be carefree about the Halal meats and concentrate on providing them something relating to their personal preferences and taste. Just a little work on consumer research should be placed in, in order to learn about their tastes and ultimately provide better final results to them and remove likelihood of consumer disgust.


To establish a world class brand.

To be the leading and most effective growing junk food string in UK.

For being synonymous with quality and profitability.

To create impressive products and business models to customers.


Providing a hot drink burger, hot testy fried wings and chips. Providing a customer nice environment and nice service.

Analysis of external and inner environment of the business:

EXTERNAL environment:

EXTERNAL ENVIRONMENT is factors (conditions, styles, and makes) essentially outside the control of organizational customers. Exterior environmental scans are conducted to identify important factors in the exterior environment. This examination is usually a critical aspect in every business or proper plans. Also known as the operating environment, this identifies market conditions, economic and political issues on the local and national levels, demographic factors, and other pushes outside of a company that affect the overall success of that business. The external environment creates both risks and opportunities for a company. Company's external environment has two factors such as Micro and Macro. To review micro factors, we have to targets Porter's five general forces model and review macro factors, we have to focuses on PEST analysis of the company.

Organization Macro factor: Macro environment factors are exterior forces or components which could affect the going of any business or organization. Despite being largely beyond the control of a company, macro environment factors often require changes and shifts in operating, management, development, and marketing. There are various types of macro environment factors, including political, economic, public, and technological concerns also called "PEST" factors. Macro-environmental factor normally using by the management and experts to check the exterior environment of the business enterprise to study proper business management. There are several factors in the American Fried chickens macro-environment that could have an effect on the decisions of its management.







Political factors can have a serious effect on how an enterprise is run and managed. Tax policy, government-issued safeness regulations, the availability of government agreements, and even shifts in the controlling political party may all change the macro environment for a business. International laws, such as trade agreements and tariffs, may have an effect on the resource and demand chains and available marketplaces for many different businesses as well. Politics factors like changes in the Duty changes, new laws, trade barriers, demographic changes and authorities policy changes make a difference WFC. WFC comes with an advantage being a food outlet as there will not be any such constraints in working their business. Regardless of the political distress it wouldn't have an effect on the business enterprise of food chains whatsoever as people won't stop eating food. Therefore, in politics terms it has a positive advantage.

Economic Environment:

A market increase, downturn, or growing inflation problem can all change just how a business strategies for the future and operates in today's. Economic macro environment factors tend to be difficult to examine, since financial forecasts and analyses range generally between experts. Unemployment levels, comparative foreign exchange rates, and the express of the global market can all help or harm a business' ability to get components it requires and maintain stable revenue levels. Envisioning the financial environment of UK where inflation is as high as 3. 3424%, the business enterprise might get affected thereby, decreasing the customer footfall, but at exactly the same time, welcoming another marketplace will subsidize this outcome.

Social and Cultural Environment:

With respect to sociable and ethnical environment, WFC is at an outstanding situation. For the reason that they may be providing food which is one of the basic necessities of success of real human life. Second of all when talking about culture, just like the name advises Western Fried Fowl, their offering will fit the culture of UK the best and today they are even planning to launch Halal meat which would include the understanding of traditional western consumer groups as well as other consumer teams i. e. Muslims for whom Halal beef is sacred This might help create positive associations to their brand.


Technological macro environment factors can influence how a company does indeed business. A fresh type of equipment, advanced computer chip, or product created through research and development can help a corporation stay modernized and ahead of the market curve. Maintaining technological innovations can be something of any marathon and a gamble; smart business owners must have the ability to effectively identify which new innovations will be truly useful, and which are merely shiny objects without real ability to improve business. Being truly a food outlet, European Fried Poultry can adapt to some more advanced technological cooking utensils such as electric ovens and deep fryers etc. that would be hassle free and heat up the engine oil at a flawless level in order to provide well cooked and crispy chicken breast than ever before.

Organization Micro Factor:

Company's micro environmental factors can be explained by using Michael Porter's generic five pushes model. This model mainly clarifies the partnership between company and their potential competition, customers and suppliers. These five causes also have an effect on WFC. With this analysis one will discover out your best option ideal for WFC to overcome the problems on the market due to prospects five makes.

Bargaining power of CustomerMichael Porter's five forces model:

Bargaining Electric power of Suppliers

Threat of substitute Products

Competitive Rivalry within industry

Threat of new Entrance

Threat of new Entry:

Threat of New entrants is high as there are low barriers to entry on and there is absolutely no monopoly of any food shops. For the reason that the center product i. e. fried chicken is often a hit and there are higher likelihood of new entrants to make it through pretty much in this industry by eating other existing businesses' market talk about.

The bargaining electricity of suppliers:

The bargaining vitality of suppliers is also low as chicken breast which is the raw material for WFC is not a difficult item to get due to the sufficient amount of suppliers however when it involves Halal meat then it could be considered as bargaining electric power of suppliers is high as a very few suppliers provide Halal meat which is near to having monopoly.

The bargaining vitality of buyers:

The bargaining electric power of purchasers is high when it comes to fast food items as there are a great many other stores such as Rooster Cottage, KFC and Dixy Hen etc. offering the same menu. Therefore, if the clients believe that WFC is consistently over rates then there's a possibility of switching to other rivals.

Threat of substitutes:

Threat of substitutes is also high as there are over 1000 individual brands in procedure in UK if in future the consumers may think that WFC is not really a healthy food, they could get willing towards healthy food choices such as Chinese language, Thai and Subway etc.

Competitive Rivalry in the industry:

Competitive Rivalry on the market is high because there is lower throat competition in the food industry of UK. You will discover over 1700 outlet stores providing something or the other. WFC has a great deal of direct and indirect opponents.

Internal examination:

To analyse any company's internal environment, it is vital to give attention to what are the company's power and weaknesses. Through the use of strength, company may use this positive factor to increase in the competitive market. It shows company's uniqueness from its challengers. Why we should choose or do not choose this company, we can get idea from its strengths or weakness. By focusing on company's weaknesses management can transform or increase the weak points and they can enhance weakness into their strengths.


Characteristics of the business, or project team that provide it an edge over others.

Good Tastes: WFC is famous for providing among the best fried chicken breast and hen burgers around.

Strong Brand Conviction: With regards to fried chicken the customers strongly choose and the fact that WFC is wide open till 4am which gives it an edge over-all its competitors such as KFC etc.

Customer Loyalty: If a customer has once tried out WFC; he'd get changed into a normal customer very quickly.

Customer Oriented Business: WFC is relatively an amateur customer oriented business that plans to give attention to consumer choices and meet the prospects of the consumers better.

Adaptability to improve: WFC is ready to change as they're considering on the lines producing "Halal" beef and extending their market.


Weaknesses are characteristics that place the team at a disadvantage relative to others.

Narrow range of menu: fried chicken items, burgers, wings and ribs with fries and drink are just too limited offerings credited to that they might lose on some of the actual customers.

Lack in providing value for money to the customers: According to some customers WFC is currently charging expensive rates with regards to the value they are simply providing in form of food. The identified value is less than the genuine value delivered to the clients.

Lacks in marketing research: Just a little effort put into the marketing research of existing as well as appealing to new customers might help WFC to become more profitable by giving value to its marketplace.

Business Plan:

Every small and big business starts with business plan. An enterprise plan is a formal affirmation of a set of business goals, the reason why they are presumed attainable, and the plan for achieving those goals. It could also contain qualifications information about the business or team wanting to reach those goals. Business programs may also aim for changes in notion and branding by the customer, customer, taxpayer, or bigger community. When the prevailing business is to assume a significant change or when planning for a new venture, a three to five 5 yr business plan is required, since investors can look for their twelve-monthly return for the reason that timeframe. The procedure of business plan passes through group of stages.

Gather Information: WFC has accumulated information about market tendency in the united kingdom. They discovered that in UK there are several Muslim people. Years 14 - 45 years; teens who are students to people, who will work there usually, like fried hen. That's why there beginning at let night 4 AM.

Mission & Goals: To provide a hot good quality and drink food to customer. Providing a good customer support. Increasing the income 15000 to 25000.

Devise Strategies:

At this stage WFC formulate their strategies to play on the market. Owner sit alongside one another and discuss about the marketplace research and statistical data predicated on past study. They develop the strategies based on those data.

Evaluation Plan:

On the foundation of the information regarding watched performance, Owner can evaluate the business plan again if he fined any spaces in their genuine then targeted final result. He can again start gathering information about genuine market development.

Business plan is similar to a cycle. It doesn't stop after they achieved their concentrate on.


Western Fried Fowl is operating really well in the meals industry in UK and is absolutely popular among its target audience. Catering to some other untapped market of the Muslim society would make it a profitable venture by leaps and bounds as there are a really few Halal meats retail outlets in the UK. The opportunity is huge for the shop which if grabbed properly can take the company into a fresh arena completely. I feel that this opportunity should be grabbed by the organization as there's a huge potential market available for it.

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