Analysis ON THE Cuban Missile Turmoil In Cuba Record Essay

Soviet Leading Nikita Khrushchev of the U. S. S. R. had sent missiles sent to Cuba, for defensive purposes. When U. S Chief executive John F. Kennedy found out about that, he sent planes on reconnaissance missions to spy on what Cuba and the U. S. S. R. was using the missies for. Khrushchev responded this with a disagreement, arguing that the missiles were for defensive purposes only and wouldn't normally be utilized against the United States unless necessary. Kennedy needed a blockade to stop the stream of defensive weapons into Cuba, but could not successfully call a blockade unless the United States was at conflict with Cuba. If the United States went to warfare with Cuba, then the United States would have declared war resistant to the U. S. S. R. also. By declaring conflict with the U. S. S. R. and Cuba, Khrushchev advised Kennedy that was possibly placing world peace vulnerable. Knowing this Kennedy created a quarantine to check on Soviet boats that bring cargoes into Cuba, instead of a blockade. AMERICA would not have to be at war with Cuba to make a quarantine. Khrushchev tried out to argue that a quarantine would complicate the lives of Cuban residents. Most likely because this might slow down the rate at which food and items entered the country. Kennedy wished the missiles in Cuba to be removed immediately if not the navy have to eliminate them by destroying them themselves. Also a U-2 spy plane

was shot down while soaring reconnaissance missions over Cuba. Kennedy said the planes were unarmed. Khrushchev then said that the reconnaissance missions were violating Cuba airspace. Following this america sought Kennedy to arm planes on spy missions so that if terminated upon could flames back to defend themselves. In the end this Khrushchev decided to remove this missiles from Cuba, if the United States guaranteed to keep calmness in the Caribbean, rather than invade Cuba. Also the United States had a need to remove their missiles from Turkey which were built in circumstance Cuba and the U. S. S. R. used the missiles in Cuba. Khrushchev possessed the strongest discussion because Kennedy just constantly said that if the bases weren't removed, america would just simply destroy the bases regardless of what consequences to world peace this way of handling the weapons emerged in touch with. Kennedy realized that blowing up the weaponry was most likely heading to lead to something larger than just Khrushchev and Castro being unsatisfied. While Khrushchev is trying to influence Kennedy that the weaponry from the U. S. S. R. being sent to Cuba were just protective weapons.

Khrushchev argued that the weapons being sent from the U. S. S. R. were purely defensive weaponry for Cuba to guard themselves from invasions and other kinds of disorders, since Cuba is smaller than most other nations. Khrushchev also argued that Cuba needed these weaponry, because Cuba is surrounded by other countries like the United States that are much larger and more robust than Cuba is. Everyone in the U. S. S. R. , Cuba, and the United States knew Cuba could not defeat america. "Who would think that Cuba was a problem for US? It was to small; even if it wished to gobble up US, it couldn't. " (US Ambassador to USSR, Foy Kohler, Oct 16, 1962, 7 p. m. ) Khrushchev claimed all the weapons being directed into Cuba were protective and only in times of security were these missiles to be utilized. "We confirm that

armaments now on Cuba, no matter classification to that they belong, are destined only for defensive purposes, " (Khrushchev to JFK, Oct 23, 1962, 5 p. m. ) Since the U. S. S. R. was supplying Cuba with the missiles, Cuba and the U. S. S. R. became allies. This meant that even though Khrushchev recognized the United States didn't want to get started on a conflict, if the United States did harm Cuba then the U. S. S. R. would help protect their ally Cuba. Khrushchev said that attacking Cuba is similar to attacking the U. S. S. R. therefore the U. S. S. R. will anticipate to fight. Khrushchev also doesn't want to start a warfare, but said if the United States attacks the U. S. S. R. and Cuba then most likely a battle will break loose and perhaps threaten world tranquility. Khrushchev was saying that he will only release the missiles and invasion america if the U. S. S. R. or one of the U. S. S. R's allies were attacked by the United States first.

Also in Khrushchev's arguments most of the quarrels that Khrushchev said he appropriately argues that america solution to eliminating the missiles by damage was a possible menace to world peacefulness. Khrushchev understands that neither The United States nor the U. S. S. R. would like to threaten world calmness and he also is aware of neither wants to visit war so he placed sending weapons after Kennedy informed him that he wishes the missiles to be removed. Khrushchev retained sending cargo shipments, because some were materials and others were considered protective weapons.

Kennedy needed a blockade on Cuba to stop supplies from going into the country, so that he could stop anymore of the protective weapons coming into Cuba, but failed to build a blockade and acquired to make a quarantine instead. He couldn't make a blockade in front of Cuba because america was not at warfare with Cuba. The United States needed to be at warfare with

Cuba to make a blockade. If the United States started a battle with Cuba to set-up this blockade, then the U. S. S. R. would have to fight against the United States because the United States declared war against one of U. S. S. R's allies. Kennedy created this quarantine and inspected cargoes getting into Cuba to ensure that no weaponry were being directed into Cuba that may used offensively against the United States. By doing this Khrushchev had written a letter trying to explain to Kennedy that the cargoes getting into Cuba were safe and that all the weapons that were being sent into Cuba are already there. Khrushchev said "I assure you that on those ships, which are destined for Cuba, there are no weapons in any way. The weapons which were essential for the protection of Cuba are already there. " (Khrushchev to Kennedy, October 26, 1962, 7 p. m. ) Khrushchev stored declaring that the weapons that were necessary for Cuba to defend themselves are now there rather than being sent any longer and the rest of the cargoes being shipped into Cuba were peaceful, even though after Khrushchev said that, weaponry still extended to enter into Cuba. Khrushchev most likely argued this aspect to keep Kennedy from searching the cargoes during the quarantine. Khrushchev also suggests that if anytime in this quarantine a vessel is discontinued from coming into Cuba, then Khrushchev recognized just as america knew that would be considered piracy and perhaps be considered a blockade meaning that america is declaring battle against Cuba, which is also declaring battle up against the U. S. S. R. So Khrushchev once more strains that declaring war could threaten world calmness. "In the event that you stop the vessel, then, as you yourself know, that would be piracy. " (Khrushchev to Kennedy, Oct 26, 1962, 7 p. m. )

Khrushchev also argues that america is complicating the life of Cuban people insurance agencies quarantines and soaring over Cuba on reconnaissance missions. This is complicating the lives of Cuban residents because the quarantine was stopping supplies or increasing enough time it

takes for the Cuban people to get equipment, making the easy life of the Cuban residents less simple and more difficult. And the frequent reconnaissance missions from the United States got Cuban residents worried about planes, not knowing if the United States was providing bombs to drop on Cuba to reduce the defensive missiles that were placed there. During the trip over Cuba that Kennedy had sent out to check out the missile bases the very first time on October 27, 1962, an unarmed American plan was taken down by Cuban causes because Khrushchev presumed the United States reconnaissance missions were violating Cuban airspace, therefore got safety safety measures and taken down the planes in case the plane was likely to destroy the missile sites or invading Cuba. The United States military, after the attack by using an American plane began to make an effort to get Chief executive Kennedy to arm such planes with weaponry to return hearth if the aircraft is fired after while on reconnaissance mission over Cuba, because a plane was taken down. Kennedy did not equip these planes, but continued to send planes on reconnaissance missions. On Oct 27, 1962 another planes that was advised to be unarmed was shot down by Cuban makes which made the armed forces ask Chief executive Kennedy to equip these planes and to fire when attacked because america didn't want to lose planes during reconnaissance missions. "If the Cubans were capturing at our planes, then we were heading to shoot again. " (The Attorney Basic to Memorandum for the Secretary of point out, Oct 30, 1962. )

Khrushchev made a package with Kennedy that said, he will possess the missile bases taken off Cuba under the supervision of the United Nations, if the United States removed the missiles that had been placed in Turkey facing the U. S. S. R, never invade onto Cuban land and keep calmness in the Caribbean. Kennedy agreed to not invading Cuba and keeping serenity with Cuba, but cannot hold the missiles taken off Turkey because the missiles in Turkey were under the

control of the NATO, and Kennedy cannot take them off only NATO could. Since Kennedy cannot do anything about the missiles in Turkey he dismissed the telegram. Kennedy agreed to the serenity with Cuba and in the Caribbean, but said nothing about the missiles being removed from Turkey, and Khrushchev accepted these conditions. Khrushchev removed the missiles from Cuba under the guidance of the US, and america did not strike Cuba. The United States possessed the missiles removed from Turkey later on.

Khrushchev had more robust quarrels about the missiles being protective missiles because Khrushchev never really had the missiles used against anyone. Kennedy thought that the missile were heading to be utilized against america, but never were used. Khrushchev also said Cuba is a little country and could have a hard time defending themselves from a region like america that was why Khrushchev said he was mailing weaponry to Cuba that were necessary for security. This was a strong assertion, because Kennedy and Khrushchev both understood that america was much larger and stronger region than Cuba. Khrushchev also had the stronger discussion because he said he'd not want to really have the United States episode and ruin the missiles because it would develop a risk to world calmness which Khrushchev recognized neither side required, but Khrushchev said that if the United States attacked the U. S. S. R's allies the U. S. S. R. would need to help their ally protect themselves. This is a good debate by Khrushchev, because Kennedy want to submit america military and simply destroy the weapons himself. Finally Khrushchev used a far more calm approach to removing these weaponry. Kennedy threatened to demolish the weapons, while Khrushchev appeared more open to negotiations.

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