Art Museum Visit Reflection Paper

Visit to the Metropolitan Museum of Artwork at New York City

Last week I seen the Metropolitan Museum of Art at NEW YORK. This museum, also known as The Met is an enormous building with nineteen departments and around two billion fine art items stored and viewed in its free galleries. The main memorial of the museum, i. e. The Met is one of the largest galleries of the world

There are several categories of art works exhibited in different helpings of the museum. The main categories and collections of the art works shown at the museum are American art, Old Near Eastern artwork, American attractive arts, Asian skill, Egyptian artwork, Greek and Roman art work, African skill, South American artwork, art related to biceps and triceps and armory, Western art, Islamic artwork and religious choices. The art works include various forms, though paintings and sculpture are the key forms. Collections composed of weapons and armory, musical devices, halloween costumes and building interiors are various other important art varieties at screen in the museum.

Visit to museums has always been a pleasurable experience for me personally. Museums open entry doors to an environment of fantasy. By entering the doors of any good museum, you'll be able to close off the doorways of mind to the harsh realities of real life for a while. Stop by at a museum is comparable to visiting a fairy land. It really is a wonderful and refreshing experience to see the relics of former from such close proximity. I have particularly been enthusiastic about paintings. A painting is little or nothing less than an incarnation of the creativeness of the painter. The way in which in which an designer brings the lifeless canvas alive by using strokes of his or her brush is amazing. It really is a life created by the artist using only few mundane objects like a clean, colors, essential oil or normal water and a canvas. Spiritual artworks have always intrigued me a lot scheduled to my curiosity about comparative analysis of religions and the collection at the Met was a delicacy for my eye.

I had a chance to notice many beautiful and mesmerizing artworks at the museum but at the moment I'll discuss the next three artworks, because the memories of the artworks are still fresh in my own mind due to the strong impact created by them:

  • Madonna and Child Enthroned with Saints
  • Stoclet Madonna
  • Temple of Dendur

Madonna and Child Enthroned with Saints were done by Italian painter named Raphael. Raphael belonged to the High Renaissance period of artwork. This form of skill was patronized by Pope Julius II and Italy was the center point of this age and Michelangelo, Leonardo de Vinci and Raphael were the dominant artists This is a conservative artwork and it was colored by Raphael when he was about twenty one years of age. This painting as the name depicts, shows Saint John, Saint Peter and Saint Paul with Madonna and the child. Raphael had colored this benefit the convent of Sant'Antonio that was performed at Perugia. Around the desires of the nuns, Raphael colored this work in a very traditional manner and the decorated shows Saint John and the Christ fully clothes in this work. Considering that it was an early on work, this work has a strong influence of Raphael's tutor Perugino. A significant feature of this artwork is the actual fact that there is merely one panel of any altarpiece created by Raphael in america and aside from this work there is absolutely no other similar artwork by Raphael in virtually any American museum. . This artwork piece was completed in year 1504 and essential oil and silver have been used as medium on a wooden base.

The second piece of art is also about Madonna and child Christ. It really is a painting as well. This piece shares another commonality with Raphael's piece in terms that it has also been coated by an Italian musician. This part was decorated by Duccio di Buoninsegna in the middle ages period. The medium employed by Duccio because of this painting is tempera and gold on a bottom part of hardwood. This painting was bought by the Metropolitan Museum of Art work for an expense of around forty-five million US us dollars and it is apparently the costliest purchase of the museum. Making it through works of Duccio are very rare which 's the reason for the high value of this painting. This painting is recognized as Stoclet Madonna due to the fact that the name of the family which privately managed this paiting before its acquisition by the museum was Stoclet. The year of completion of this painting is around 1300 A. D and portrays the kid Christ and the Virgin Mary only. Significant feature mentioned in this painting was the simplistic portrayal of the kid and the mom and use of rounded forms.

The third artwork that i want to create about in this narrative is not really a painting but a temple. This temple was gifted by the government of the Republic of Egypt to USA in 1978. The initial location of this temple was around Aswan dam on the river Nile. This temple was endangered by submersion due to engineering of the dam and hence it was dismantled from its original location to save. Inside the 15th century BC, Egypt was ruled by way of a Roman governor called Petronius. This temple was built by Petronius in determination to historic Egyptian goddess Isis and her brother Osiris. Emperor Augustus of Rome commissioned this temple. The framework of the temple is made of sandstone and the temple has various engravings and carvings depicting the religious icons of the Roman-Egyptian period of the 15th century BC. Base of the temple shows carvings of lotus vegetation and papyrus. These icons are associated with river Nile and river Nile in turn was religiously symbolic of life for the historic Egypt in the same way as river Ganga is a religious connotations for Hindus in India. Essentially the most visible theme that is repeated in the temple is the carvings of the types of goddess Isis, her sibling Osiris and their son Horus. Another stunning feature is graffiti scribbled in English that were kept by the guests when the temple is at its original location.

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