Art Nouveau Motion, Dadaism and the Punk Artwork Movement

Art Nouveau is normally viewed as using a procedure for design involving a particular flowing style which artists should use when focusing on everything from architecture to furniture and from jewellery to posters and so making Skill Nouveau part of every day life. Fine art Nouveau was the most popular imaginative style in visual skill at the switch of the century and was at its most popular at the convert of the 20th century; around from around 1890 to 1905. It was popular within architecture and ornamental arts. It was quite a simplistic art work style and possessed a whip lash ripple or floral result where a lot of the imagery seemed as if the starting place have been curved in the design of a whip curves when it is about to punch something. Everything was streaming and fashionable. The French underground stations still have their entrances and systems, signals and railings exactly as they were when the activity was at its elevation.

Czech designer Alphonse Mucha strongly influenced the Artwork Nouveau movement when he produced a lithographed poster, created as an advert for the play Gismonda and came out on the first of January 1895 in the streets and walkways of Paris. It was an overnight feeling and declared itself and its own creator as a fresh imaginative form to the individuals of Paris. It had been originally called Mucha style and later became known as Art work Nouveau which means "new fine art" in French. Skill Nouveau was strongly used over a fifteen yr period and was most widely used through European countries from Glasgow in Scotland, to Moscow in Russia and to Madrid in Spain but its impact was worldwide.

Art Nouveau was a favorite form of graphical design with detailed images and bright colours which established the atmosphere of the imagery within. It had been usually used for posters which drew the viewer's eye first to the layed out figures inside and then to the written text within and then you'll notice the fine detail around the complete image. The art work style was a new form of Japanese motivated art and possessed a William Morris design of repetitiveness such as found in his wall-papers within the information.

In Spain, the Art Nouveau motion was centred in Barcelona. Architect Antoni Gaud, whose attractive architectural style is so highly personal, created the Casa Batllo. The house had recently been bui8lt but he remodelled it completely in the style of Art Nouveau, and is most widely thought to be being the entire essence of Artwork Nouveau. Such distinctive structures can be found all over European countries and America, except in Warsaw, Poland where in fact the Nazis and the Communists destroyed all such works on the foundation that they were decadent.

I love the complicated detail of Art work Nouveau and I liked the amazing patterns produced with this style within poster designs and structures and I thought that it was spectacular that this type of design could be achieved, but I believed that it's not my design of art. I love to produce detailed bits but a stranger style would suit me more. I then made a decision to move from Skill Nouveau and move more in to the varieties of Dada with will be more interesting and confuse the audience, the style is very different to what has been recently produced and that is why I have made a decision to do more of a Dada method of my job now.

The Dada movements started first in Zurich, Switzerland, during World Conflict I. European musicians and artists and international writers created the Dada activity, from 1915 to 1922 and were designated by a spirit of anarchic revolt. French poet Tristan Tzara stabbed the webpages of any dictionary along with his penknife to arbitrarily choose a name for the activity. The importance of chance viewed within Dada fine art is outlined by this random act alone. The style of Dada needed great pleasure in absurdity and prioritised the role of the unstable and unexpected in creative creation. Its goal was to make fun of what its individuals regarded as the nonsensical meaninglessness of today's world.

Dada's' beginnings associate broadly to the outbreak of World Battle I and for most participants the activity was a protest up against the conformist nationalist and colonialist pursuits, which many in the Dadaists activity believed were the primary cause of Worl Conflict I, and up against the social and intellectual conformity in artwork and even more broadly in society in general that corresponded to the warfare. Furthermore to anti-war, Dada was also anti bourgeois, nonconformists, and anarchist in mother nature. These expressions can be compared to the anti-conformity of the Punk activity.

Another key feature in one of Dada's most infamous exhibitions was too little respect. This was shown in an exhibition organised by Max Ernst where axes were provided for people to smash every one of the works available on show. Otto Dix, Hans Richter, Marcel Duchamp, George Grosz, and Jean Arp are on the list of leading Dadaists. Pop artwork was strongly affected by the Dada movement, and was sometimes called neo Dada. Dadaists seeming to show lack of seriousness towards things on the top, as the Dada artists were really galvanized by fake opinion and strong moral outrage at the horrendous, unprecedented carnage and utter destruction of World Conflict I. Surprising people out with their complacency was the ultimate aim of the movements.

Dada generally engaged aesthetic arts, poetry, fine art manifestoes, theatre art, and graphical design, and focused its anti war politics through rejection of the prevailing requirements in art through anti art work cultural works. Dada's purpose was to mock what its contenders thought to be the meaninglessness of the modern world. . Dada represented the opposite to everything for which skill stood. While extensive, the movements was unpredictable. By 1924 in Paris, Dada was changing into surrealism, communal realism and other varieties of modernism. Some theorists think that Dada was actually the start of postmodernism art. Corresponding to its members, Dada was known as 'anti-art'. Everything for which art stood, Dada symbolized the opposite.

Dada made the foundations to abstract fine art and sound poetry, postmodernism, and performing art work, a great effect on pop art work, and a celebration of anti-art which later would be adopted by anarchistic politics uses during the 1960s and the activity that set the ground benefit Surrealism.

I thought that Dada was quite an interesting art period due to the style of its workings and its own slight mysteriousness to it. The images produced during this time period were unusual at that time and were seen as weird as sometimes appears as today. The design of Dada is quite eyes catching with its strange styles and dull shades, it makes the viewers want to try and understand the picture so in ways Dada was quite a successful form of graphic design. But the Dada period is a very interesting and successful graphic design art period, I have decided to progress from this period into the form of Punk skill. Punk art work is more interesting for me because it uses bolder colors and has a more upfront and also to the point style of things which is why I have chosen to move onto this fine art period for my job.

The Punk ideologists are an assemblage of mixed interpersonal and political values within the Punk subculture. In its first status the Punk subculture at first was troubled with ideas including anti- authoritarianism, individualism, rebellion, discontent and free thought. The politics ideology frequently associated with punk is anarchism. Punk ideologies are often portrayed through Punk rock music, Punk fashion, Punk literature, either spoken word recordings, or Punk aesthetic arts. Many Punks have portrayed their extreme radical views through immediate action, such as boycotts, protests, vandalism, squatting, or destruction of property.

Dada painters were quite difficult to find so I got to look at other artists like Theo. Dapore to help me in various inspirational areas of my graphic design and then use those artists style in ways to make it more Dada. This apparently simple task, as a result of style of Dada, had not been as easy as you might think, it was more challenging to make the style of Dada become more active than I had fashioned thought therefore i decided to proceed to a similar style era that might be more fun and even more creative for me that I possibly could produce many more ideas and designs with, therefore i decided to proceed to the punk age. Having seen posters and other designs created from this period, like stuff from the intimacy pistols, I thought this might be an excellent way for me to work with my graphical design skills, to make my variations of these posters and other results therefore i thought this is actually the era I'd use for my final outcome for the unit.

Punk fashion was mostly a highly specific demonstration of nonconformity, as well as rebellion against popular culture and the homespun hippie counterculture. Punk fashion is usually styled to portray rebellion, aggression and individualism. Some punks choose to wear clothing and tattoos that communicate or relate with social and political factors in their style. Punk aesthetic art work is often styled on the same type of socio-political concept. Many punks wear second hand clothing, often as an anti-consumerist affirmation. Their style was very visible and very aggressive, such as putting on basic safety pins pierced through their physiques as jewellery, and extreme spikes in their head of hair, created from glue and hairspray and vividly coloured in reds, greens and blacks and other wonderful styles, all as original and outlandish as possible

Punk visual artwork is artwork which can frequently be entirely on punk rock record protects, punk show flyers, and punk magazines. It is shown as deliberate distortion, such as using of characters cut from mags and magazines, a practice previously associated with kidnapping and ransom records, so that the sender's handwriting was not recognizable. A lot of the earlier artwork was made in black and white, since it was publicized and distributed in punk publications printed at general public copy retailers, but later when color was found in later more costly productions it was often typified when you are high key, often using fluorescent yellowish and pink contrasted with dark-colored. A good example is the recording cover of the Love-making Pistols' 'Never Brain the Bollocks' record designed and created by Jamie Reid.

One of the loudest and most outrageous of the Punk Rings The Making love Pistols with their administrator Malcom McClaren were notorious Punk Rockers; the group itself for his or her anti-establishment music and him for his Punk styles and music. Vivienne Westwood and her then-partner Malcolm McLaren shook up British fashion forever with their Punk styles. They opened up a store on Kings Road, known as Allow it Rock, which became an wall socket for his or her creative talents respectively. The store is still there and is recognized as 'World's End'.

I used the designer Theo. Dapore to make my punk style poster. Using minimal shade and posterized images with abundant blacks. The results was just red dark-colored and white highlights on images because I liked the way Dapore has colored his images so that the backdrop is very saturated with the main focus being very abundant with colour, usually being very attractive. The red in my own poster design is a sort of dull red but not too much concerning not lose the colour entirely.

For my last piece I have made paper skeleton punks that are just looking anti interpersonal. I thought we would do this since when looking through the internet images for enthusiasm I ran across some newspaper sculptures and decided I needed to do something like that. THEREFORE I paper off one of the sculptures you could make yourself and considered ways I could replicate it without actually doing it the way it turned out done. Instead of having parts that trim through the other person to keep them set up I thought that if I glue gunned and sewed and stapled the parts mutually instead, it could give me more texture and would make them more unique than something that you can print off and make everywhere. I liked the thought of making paper skeleton punks because I needed to see what I could do with paper. I put done previous effects using paper but none that managed to get into 3d sculptures so the idea of making this was quite a concern fore me.

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