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Assessment Of Strengths And Weaknesses Education Essay

Strength and weaknesses, for some reason, is a topic that is hard for me personally to write about. I have started this newspaper numerous times and then hit the backspace key before a phrase is completed. Even though it is hard for me to do sometimes, by figuring out my strengths and weaknesses, it can help me are more successful not only in my professional job, but my own life as well. A confident aspect towards life is what will keep a person growing literally, emotionally, socially, and spiritually. Therefore, by reinforcing personal talents, my mind will stay positive which can only help me to continue a healthy, successful, and successful life. Alternatively, weaknesses have to be dealt with appropriately so that I can attain my goals and not let myself or my fellow co-workers down.

I have learned through my many years of schooling and being in the work environment that successful market leaders understand and strive on the personal strengths, while looking for employees that will help balance out their weaknesses. There are several lessons we can learn in life from our parents, professors, pastors, mentors, etc. but, the most crucial lesson has to result from within myself. I have realized through the years that as I continue steadily to develop as an effective professional it is effective for me personally to learn who I am, as well as, be capable of recognize and expand from my own strengths and weaknesses. Among my many goals in life is to keep to reinforce my advantages and make an effort to overcome my weaknesses. In doing this, I will find joy within myself and become more lucrative not only in my own professional life, but my personal life as well.

It is amazing what sort of person's personality account can change in a years time. In August 2008, I acquired accepted in to the Wingate University Medical doctor Helper Program and during orientation that calendar year I had to take the Myers-Briggs Type Sign online. First, I wasn't excited about taking the personality account because I have taken them before and it really didn't notify me much about me and exactly how I functioned in the world as a whole. After taking the test, my results unveiled that I was an ESFP, which is labeled as a performer. These results were totally different from those that I've received in the past. I assume people do change.

The biggest change i noticed quickly was the fact that I was categorized as an extrovert. I have been an introvert growing up and I feel like I still have a tendency to lean more to that aspect of the fence. It is amazing how, with respect to the day, you can transform from an extrovert to introvert, sensor to intuitive, thinker to feeler, and judger to perceiver. I just recently took the Modified Myers-Briggs Personality Inventory and my results were different than they were a year ago. Now, I am categorized as an ISFJ, which really is a nurturer. After reading the personality portraits of both types, I tend to agree with the fact more with the nurturer description of myself and not the performer side of things. However, I really do accept the fact that I am going to have some form of all the personality traits, especially if I want to continue being a well rounded individual and be open to change, expansion, and development of myself and my professional career.

I have discovered over the past year i am an introvert. I have a tendency to listen more than I speak, keep my excitement and enthusiasm to myself, always be cautious before I speak, and would like being on the sidelines rather than being the guts of attention. The sole extrovert traits i now appear to possess is always being on the go and I want to meet people and take part in all the fun and thrilling activities. I am definitely a sensing kind of person. Regardless of how many lab tests I take, I always rating the same. I like to learn new things by observation, focus on actual experiences rather than the options, behave practically, value realism and good sense, and rely on earlier experiences. So far as feelings go, I credit score off the graphs for the reason that category. I've always been the main one to decide more with my heart, notice when people need support, deal with people compassionately, and prefer to show appreciation for other people. The final change which i noticed from my previous tests is the fact that over the years I have travelled from a perceiver to a judger. I believe a lot of this is due to growing up and growing older, and hopefully more mature. A judger is a person who enjoys completing things, is settled and sorted out, and likes possessing a checking off "to do" list. I've found over the years that my check off list continues my sanity, especially, when I've multiple things that require to be completed in a timely manner. The list helps me prioritize and maintains me on job.

If I think long and hard, I am certain there are many interpersonal relationships that come to mind when interacting with my strengths and weaknesses. The primary one that comes to head is my commitment toward my career and my cultural support network for relatives and buddies. Dedication is certainly one of my own talents. I take my schooling and job very significantly. When a activity or task is given to me, it is not merely my goal to complete the project, but to make an effort to complete it with perfection.

Another durability that comes to mind is the fact that I make myself versatile and make an effort to compromise in so far as i can with co-workers. I believe that everyone's judgment is important and by listening to what someone else must say may make my job easier or make the task I am working on more beneficial and educational to people following in my footsteps. I am not reducing to "suck up" to my co-workers or supervisor by no means, I am just attempting to increase my resources, do what's best for the company, and remain focused on the profession which i am involved with at the same time.

Teamwork is a power that I place on top of the totem pole of life. A lot of people think that I am talking about all the athletics teams that I have been involved with before as well as the present. To me, being a member of a team should go very good beyond the activities field. The most important team that I am a part of is my faith in God. I have learned that through the years, God is definitely there for me personally and will continue being there for me no matter what the situation may be. I could always talk to him and I understand he's always hearing what I am stating. He doesn't judge me, he allows me to live my entire life and study from my mistakes, but also shows me the way by taking my palm and leading me down the path that will assist me see the world and succeed in life's adventures. He's the first choice of my team. Family and friends are another team that I cherish dearly. I am lucky in that I had a family and many great friends that love me and support me whatever curve balls I may be swinging at on a daily basis. These are always there to cheer me up, encourage me, and support me every step of just how. No real matter what team I am own, it needs a whole lot of dedication, and I am the sort of person that is willing to beat for the success and benefit of my team.

On the other aspect of the fence, I also have social weaknesses that I need to overcome. Personally i think like my biggest weakness is the inability expressing myself for concern with hurting the individuals who I really like. I am the kind of person who will listen closely intently, but refrain from talking about my thoughts, thoughts, or beliefs for dread that other people will assess me or think differently of me. I am more of a peacemaker and I do nothing like to rock and roll the sail boat so frequently I am going to not say what is on my brain. I'll just suppress the feelings that I am experiencing and deal with them later on down the road. I've found that working out and playing activities is a great outlet for me to release my worries, thoughts, and frustrations. I am working each day to get over this weakness. I am trying not to fret as much in what others will think of me if and when I point out my items of view. I need to understand how to value myself first and also have learned that in order for me to be able to do this I cannot continue holding back my thoughts. Using this method, I am not being true to myself. My plan is to start with my children and friends, because Personally i think safe around them and I understand they will not hold back easily am being too blunt with my thoughts or ideas. Once I feel confident surrounding the individuals who I trust and love, I'll progress to my teams outside my family. I know that in order to be successful in the workplace and on my team, I need to be able to communicate proficiently with each member so that the job can be completed regularly and done right the first time. I must most probably to positive and negative criticism and do what's right for the company, instead of what I might or might not exactly agree with at the time.

The past several months of medical rotations have trained me a lot about who I am and what my advantages and weaknesses are within the medical vocation. I am in my own fourth rotation, if you would have asked me before I started in August what I thought my worst rotation would be, I would have said women's health certainly. I used to be dreading that rotation with a interest and was delighted it would be the first one so I could get it taken care of. Now looking again, that is by much among the finest rotations I have endured so far. I learned that my strengths aren't necessarily my capability to perform the clinical skills that I have been trained, it is more my potential to interact with the patients and staff to care for every individual patient and their needs. I have already been taught the abilities that it requires to execute an exam, but until you are out there in the field actually doing the work, you never know if that is going to be a power that you will excel with or a weakness that you will have to overcome. Fortunately for me, patient and staff interaction is one of my strong tips.

One of my major regions of weakness is getting the confidence to execute the abilities that I have been taught. I've come to the realization, especially with this rotation, that a lot of men and women do not want to see students nor do they trust what I am hoping to mention to them. When you are students, you must be assured in your skills or the patients will see through you rather than want to listen to what you need or want to inform them. With the practice I am at, the medical assistants ask each patient if it's okay if I come in the room, talk to them, ask questions, and determine their problems. It is hard sometimes position beyond your door and hearing what that they prefer not to see a student because they need a genuine "doctor". I have heard that many times and that will surely lower your self confidence level for another room that you enter. I keep informing myself that not everyone feels like that and I am a competent student and you will be a great PA when I graduate. Every day that goes on, I try to find that inner self-confidence and tell myself that I will be a great PA and make an effort to learn more plus more about medicine therefore i can achieve that goal. My confidence level isn't always the greatest inside, but I continue steadily to put the teeth on my face, show compassion, and also know when to ask for help when I want it.

When I got applying for PA school my thoughts were to pursue the regions of trauma, cardiology, and orthopedics. I am the type of person who thrives on the thrills and rush of having to deal with a crisis type setting. These three areas can be considered a life and death situation and you have to act quickly and correctly to do what you think helps you to save the folks life. If you ask me, that was my ideal job. I wanted to save lots of people. I've not had the ability yet to turn in these various occupations, therefore i cannot say for sure that I will still go down one of the three pathways while i graduate. However, I've learned that we now have more aspects of medicine besides the emergency situations. Hospice is one rotation which i travelled into thinking I hardly understand how people do this day in and day out. After being there for five weeks, I got more out of that rotation than any of the other three that I have already been a part of. It was very moving and important for me personally to understand how to regulate pain issues and to make my patient comfortable so they can pass from this world in a peaceful manner. Loss of life is very hard sometimes, but being at Hospice taught me that you don't have to pass away an extended and painful loss of life. You can find special people out there that can help keep a loved one from hurting and allows those to enter into the Kingdom of God with a giggle on the face knowing they go home to be with other loved ones and our Savior Jesus Christ. Interacting with the families of these patients and just hearing their stories made me realize that I am special for what I am doing and I really do change lives in the lives of others. I have decided that I will keep my options wide open and find out where my heart and soul leads me when i continue to increase and develop through the next eleven a few months.

Everyone has an individual development plan whether it deals with looking forward to retiring, assisting people, or doing minimal amount of work for the most amount of pay. My own growth plan is at constant change which I think is effective for me to keep growing. For me personally to keep climbing up the success ladder I need to alter my strategies on a continual basis so that I don't get burnt out or lose eyesight of my goals. About nine years back, I was informed that I had not been smart enough to apply and get accepted into PA school. I spent many years thinking about, questioning, and thinking that I had not been smart enough, so rather than applying, I quit on the idea for fear of shame. The thoughts of applying never kept my brain, but I'd not respond or follow my dreams because I didn't want to hear what "I advised you so". At that time my personal development plan was buried anywhere down deep and I found myself not growing mentally or physically. I used to be just settling with various jobs and looking for something to make me happy. After ten years of trying to find happiness in employment I made a decision to find out my progress plan, add water, and see if the seeds would develop. As you can see now, I am in my own second calendar year of school and also have grown tremendously as a person. I have learned that no matter what my development plan is right now it will continue steadily to change so that I'll continue to expand and not only settle on second best. Presently, my expansion plan the bottom line is is to stand out with each rotation, learn new information, apply the info learned, graduate school, and complete my national boards. After all of this happens there are limitless opportunities for me personally to grow to add becoming a doctor, specializing in a location, or possibly becoming a PA educator therefore i can teach future students to be practitioners just like I have been trained. I am with an expansion ladder and I will continue steadily to climb so long as I've dreams, aspirations and goals, as well as support from God, relatives and buddies.

This is my this past year of PA school and I am going to do everything I can to become a much better person as well as continue to learn and develop as your physician assistant. I am going to continue to concentrate on my weaknesses and defeat them individually. I have possessed some very nice preceptors up to now and I spend numerous hours observing and working with them to get the knowledge that I need to practice by myself in the future. I will continue to ask questions, research issues, and gain self confidence in my skills as a practitioner. I will continue focusing on my advantages as well by communicating with personnel and patients to come up with the best treatments easy for the situation that I am dealt with.

I truly assume that I will be a great physician helper and I am excited about the fact that I am in my this past year of school. It's been an extended and demanding program at this point, but I have savored every minute of it. I am pleased that I made a decision to wait Wingate University or college because the personnel have been wonderful and have helped make me the individual i am today. I give thanks to them for believing in me and offering me the chance to become a medical professional assistant by receiving me into their program. Every day that moves, I am getting closer and nearer to my wish that I've had since I got in senior high school. In a short time, that dream will be a simple fact and I am looking forward to the day i allow my first job as your physician assistant.

In final result, this paper has made me think about a whole lot of things in my own past as well as my future besides my advantages and weaknesses. There were many times in the past year that I've gotten frustrated, fatigued, stressed and wanted to give up. I am pleased that I didn't. This newspaper has helped me get re-focused, energized and excited about my this past year of school. I am going to continue to grow and develop, progress with a positive attitude, and be the best person I could be. I find it fitting that the best bible verse sums up this newspaper the bottom line is. "I could do all things through Christ who strengthens me. " Philippians 4:13. Dec 2010, here I come!


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