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When British became the rulers of India in 1856, Muslims got Shattered in parts. In 1857, Muslims got part in Self-reliance War in their expectation of reviving the Mughal empire. As a matter of known fact, it might not be averted that it was a mutiny not a war where Muslims had taken part.

As an outcome, British presented Muslims accountable for this mutiny plus they adopt cruel policy against Muslims. They confiscated Muslims properties and Withdrawn their careers. Muslims were suppressed by Uk and Hindus. Those were the dark times for Muslims. These were troubled by the hands of English and Hindus.

Sir Sayyed Ahmed Khan's Role:

Sir Sayyed awakened the Muslims. Muslims were in deep slumber at that time. He awakened them using their slumber. He guided Muslims. He battled for these people.

Sir Sayyed was from a commendable family and was created on 17 Oct 1817 in Delhi. He received his early on education from his maternal grandfather Khawaja Farid ud Din. He was educated in holy Quran, Arabic and Persian books.

After his father loss of life in 1833, he had to join federal government service. By 1857, Sir Sayyed Ahmed khan had spent nearly two decades in judicial service. He was known for his justice.

In 1857, sir Sayyed was submitted at Bijnaur when the warfare of 1857 broke out. It perturbed local European officers and their own families. He saved many British Officers even at the risk of his own life. He also saved English women and children from being wiped out. He refused to accept the offered house for his services which he rendered to the English.

The Beginning of the Aligarh Movement:

The British possessed performed the Muslims accountable for the battle of Freedom and, therefore followed a cruel insurance plan to punish them for his or her role in the war of Independence. Alternatively Hindus were let off though these were also equally accountable for the war.

Due to coverage adopted by British isles, Muslims continue to be suppressed. They lost their difference as a nation. Their properties were confiscated and their jobs were withdrawn. To help expand increase pressure or situation, the British replaced Persian with British as Official Vocabulary. The Muslims didn't learn British. They thought it is against their religion. Alternatively Hindus quickly superseded the Muslims in the educational field by implementing English.

Sir Sayyed Always wanted to see Muslims at a respectable position in world and decided to guide them in their struggle for the revival of these previous position of glory. The services which Sir Sayyed rendered for the Muslims are known as "The Aligarh Movement".

The Indian Muslims got always saw British isles as their enemies plus they always avoided social relationship with them, which created a great deal of misunderstanding on the list of English about the Muslims. Sir Sayyed realized that condition of Muslims shall not be upgraded unless the Muslims change their habit. He desired Muslims should adopt a far more lenient frame of mind towards Uk and extend necessary loyalties to rulers of the country. Muslim's policy of hatred for the Uk was only beneficial for Hindus who were getting close to English. He advised to improve that coverage.

Muslims were also lagging behind in the education for their conservative methodology toward the English and Modern Knowledge. Sir Sayyed started his motion by diluting suspicion and misunderstanding between your Muslims and Hindus.


The Aligarh movement was established on the basis of two significant reasons one including modern education and the other is good relations among the list of britishes one the basis of the good relations one of the muslims and the britishes the conservative individuals criticized sir syed. To moralized the muslims he thought Muslims must acquire modern education to get right place in the culture. By implementing his thoughts of educational uplift of muslims sir syed had taken many practical steps. In Muradabad sir syed create a college in 1859 where English and Persian was trained. Later on sir syed made another school in Ghazipur. Together with the success of his institution in ghazipur and muradabad sir syed presented the scientific contemporary society the reason to establish this population was to convert the literature written in English into Urdu. To improve the education of muslims sir syed create different institutions in the country.


With the success different universities and societies founded in different areas of India sir syed set up MAO (MUHAMMADAN ANGLO _ORIENTAL COLLEGE) AT ALIGARH in 1877 which was the greatest achievement of sir syed after his long have difficulties. while sir syed was at England he was much impressed from the present day routine of education of oxford and Cambridge college or university. so sir syed deciede to introduced today's educational style for the peoples of India.

When sir syed returned from Britain he create anjuman-taraqi-Muslimnane Hind. the aim of the up anjuman-taraqi-Muslimnane Hind was to create modern education among the Muslims.

Sir syed made committees which elevated money for MAO college or university. Authorities also give financial support on the request of sir syed.

First of MAO high school was proven on 24th may, 1874 at Aligarh.

Sir syed battled hard to improve MAO senior high school to uplift on the amount of a college or university finally in 1877 MAO senior high school was given the grade of a university.

IN MAO college or university sir syed launched modern education system so that Muslims competing with Hindus atlanta divorce attorneys field of life.

In MAO university there are no restrictions after Hindu students to get modern education. MAO college or university progress daily and finally following the fatality of sir syed MAO college or university reached the level of university.

Now MAO school become Aligarh Muslim university or college. IN 1920 MAO Aligarh muslim university was given the status of central university.

Now Aligarh Muslim college or university offers 250 different training in different fields/ branches of modern education. Raja Mohammad ali Mohammad khan of mahmudabad was the first vice chancler of the college or university. (wikipidia)

Muhammadan educational seminar :-

To convey his message to the muslims of sub continent. Sir syed introduced muslim educational seminar in 1866. Through this discussion Sir Syed in several regions of country set up public meetings. From the successof the comitee in various regions of india. This committee Sir Syed made sub-comittes in several regions of india. This comitee through this conference produce self admiration and self confidence to muslims. The goal of this discussion is to go over different modern approaches for the development of educational areas of muslims and so that educational standard of muslims can uplift. The leaders who was included in Muhammadan educational convention and who with the excellent success produced wish among the list of Muslims that was Nawab Mohsin- ul- Mulk, mulana Shibli and maulana Hali.

Political facet of the Aligarh moment:-

After the war of freedom 1857 Sir Syed encouraged the Muslims never to be a part of politics unless they make themselves with modern education. Sir Syed encouraged Muslims that credited to education Hindus are more advanced than Muslims in politics field. To be competitive Hindus in political field Muslims must get modern education first of all, So that Muslims can demand their credited rights. And in this way Aligarh movement prepared the Muslims to safeguard their political passions.

The most powerful political party: the Indian Country wide Congress was proven so that the peoples of sub-continent informed the federal government about their faulty and good works. It had been established such that it safeguard the rights of all peoples of India but Sir Syed know that it is the party of Hindus and it protect the rights of Hindus not the Muslims.

To contending Hindus in the politics field Sir Syed felt that the Muslims should focus for education and monetary treatment. Sir Syed firmly believed that political activities of Muslims may divert their attentions from modern education.

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