Bill Gates Person Of Success Information Technology Essay

History is manufactured by people. A lot of people have more impact on record than others, thus going out of their names ever sold and books similar to a scripts kept on the stones. They may be of differing backgrounds, personalities and they pursued many different things each with own method but one common feature of all of these is they are unique - outstanding personalities. And this report is a reflection on what I understood and heard bout someone who already became modern world's idol of prosperity, power and success - Mr. William Henry "Monthly bill" Gates III. Hereby, we will mainly concentrate on his personality and inspiration, group working and command skills and finally his decision making talents.

Being very popular worldwide, there is certainly so little known about Invoice Gates' personality except the fact that he's uniquely odd! Even being only part time CEO of Microsoft, he is somebody who can effect the lives of tens of millions of typical people and the way thousands of firms do their businesses. Then the question comes "the type of person he's?" Those who know him personally would say that being apathetic but easily excitable, self-confident and competition feared, he is a boy that hasn't grown up from the 6th grade who matches neither Hippocrates' temperaments theory nor any other. Knowing one sided approach to his personality is by much not rational, we will be examining his personality from different theories' reasoning and stay away from being categorical since categorization itself holds true subjective.

Myers-Briggs' indicator is trusted way of personality examination which predicated on four personality characteristics: personality type, understanding, judgment and approach to a host analyzes human's habit and personality. From this theory perspective, I tend to consider Gates to obtain introvert personality type not only because he couldn't address his classmates in the 8th quality and any moment later and hasn't been sociable but also never expressing thoughts apart from soreness, he seems emotionless (he wedded Melinda so, possibly he has some!). Even though he employs everything and anything that he has, which gives the impression of practicalness which could lead some to believe he's sensing person. However, the actual fact that in 1975 he exchanged Harvard for his goal, having only plans, confidence, intuition, Paul Allen and 5, 000$ only, makes us consider him to have intuitive perception. Not only this but several circumstances of Trey (his dad telephone calls him so because of the "III") to get into future systems such as 1980s and 1990s investment in OS, 1990s investment in internet, 2000s investment in tablet Computers, investment companies, think-tank companies, nuclear reactor production also show that he gets the capacity of intuitive foreseeing. Next, when Trey graduated the institution he have scored SAT 1590 out of 1600 and in his work area he processes data via 2 displays each having 4 parts exhibiting different data, in addition, he himself designs his daily and long-term programs and instructs his personal associate twice per day. That is the indicator of strong analytical and organized thinking skills, time management and decision making skills, making his view true thinking, approach to environment true judging.

If we look at Gates' personality from another well known personality classification method - the best 5 model point of view then we spot the followings. In openness terms open-minded, creative intellectual - Gates with his readiness for troubles and growth to different market segments including banking and assets (Cascade Purchases LLC), imaging and licensing services (Corbis), nuclear reactors (TerraPower) and many more meets explorer extreme by a lot more than the preserver part. About the conscientiousness dimension, we already know that Trey is very much indeed self-disciplined which sets him nearer to the centered extreme. However, the best proof is that when Trey examined at the 6th level he was at war with his mom due to which he was pressured to wait the psychologist for more than 1 year after failing to change him, psychologist concluded "You are going to lose. Then you've got to just adapt to it because there's no use endeavoring to overcome him (do better than Trey). " This very final result is applicable to his very existence, this fact indicates that in agreeableness terms he is vibrant challenger. With regards to extroversion dimension, it is difficult to define him either introvert or extrovert since there are facts promoting both extremes. Despite of his sociability with anyone on the job related matters during meetings and presentations, from my viewpoint the lack of this ability in his daily and personal life outweighs the past, thus adding him closer to introvert aspect. Up to me, in emotional balance criterion of the top 5 model he is right the center point, neither reactive nor resilient, because he is self-assured but stressed, other top features of those model personality factors also do not illustrate him.

Now we know what might possibly give the mix of risk taker tenacious intrinsic explorer and poor self-monitoring determination! Now let us monitor what motivates this original mix.

To focus on we should recognize that Trey always was and is intrinsically enthusiastic person. This is seen from the actual fact that he always will what he desires to do because appealing or requirement of his own. For example, during the institution times he started learning development and used PC bugs which were not in the curricular and the purpose was his own interest. Also, being head of Microsoft he smashed many rivals on desktop software growing, it holds true that partially he pursued the corporation's benefits but I am convinced that he treated this competition the same manner as he have towards _____ that he played being a son.

As a great deal people have Gates also began his life from the belongingness stage of the Maslow's hierarchy, but unlike the same bulk he reached the very top of this pyramid - self-actualization point. Since he always was introvert, he didn't demand affiliation. He always puts purposefulness and successes higher than the others. He is convinced that "the end justifies the means" thus practicing unethical business sometimes as with Sun Microsystems case. Getting the information above McClelland's theory indicate that if at the dawn of his business he previously need for success, later on this need converted into need for Power. In Trey's circumstance the need for affiliation always acquired the lower concern to the two other needs.

Although some might not exactly see a leader in Gates, I am solidly convinced that he is the one and he is original. I do agree that he will not fit the typical leader image who we expect to be an orator with charisma and capability to encourage and communicate. On the other hand Monthly bill Gates is somebody who controlled a business with about 78, 000 employees for 33 years. He built a corporation that is richer than some countries! He does not talk effectively, especially with subordinates, never handles others' opinions and so on. However, he is pragmatic strategist with clear view of future, who brings big gains to people around and donates billions to community. Furthermore, he is highly goal oriented person, combination which with those above makes others to follow him, in the end not only charisma and devotion make leaders but also achievements, character, purposefulness and some of a enigma too, make a good leader as well. "The personality of Costs Gates determines the culture of Microsoft, " says his intellectual sidekick Nathan Myhrvold. Indeed, during all 33 that he ruled the business and created the cultural weather of it by changing the procedure toward surroundings many times that was successful as we have now know. He is the one explained by "the great innovator theory" who from more of a democratic and directive subordinate participation model in early years of Microsoft, relocated to autocratic and directive model that protects the biggest part of the Gates time of the Microsoft. Finally, lately before he still left his full-time job at Microsoft he experimented democratic and participative models. Being able to be idolized by his subordinates, uplifting and directing them, they can be viewed to as "new leader" in respect to organizational strategy and effectiveness part of the Frank Heller theory.

In order to an improved expand, we will take a glance on what surroundings he has been around. During early on years of Microsoft he was employed in a group that was task, interest and friendship group types at the same time however, not a order group. It is proven by the actual fact that at the start-up he caused Paul Allen - his friend from Harvard who shared the same interest and they were task oriented and worked on several projects however they were not accountable to anyone as an supervision, they themselves were administration for themselves. At that time maybe he was a good team player and I suppose the group was effective and well made due to the shared trust resulted using their company friendship, determination and common goals. However, as time proceeded to go Gates' attitude to the group work, especially about subordinates, improved considerably to an unpleasant extend for subordinates. For instance, there are evidences that he often interrupted presentations with such commentary as, "That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard!" and, "The trend is to just quit your options and join the Peace Corps?". When subordinates were procrastinating, he was known to remark sarcastically, "I'll take action over the weekend. " This means that that Gates lacks good being attentive and constructive criticism skills as well. Maybe this resulted from the actual fact that Gates always was at the top of the organizational hierarchy and the one people to whom he was ever in charge of were Board of directors of Microsoft. His great expert may lead to a groupthink.

In the booklet "Business @ the acceleration of thought" of Gates, that presents his own impression, views and approaches to future business, it is obviously seen that Gates along with his analytical thinking, can make decisions predicated on rational monetary model. This model, as Trey will, includes several steps beginning with problem or opportunity recognition, search, analysis and selection of alternatives. One of the first business decisions he made represents the rational monetary model. When he received the contract for trial Operating-system for new IBM PC in 1980, he had nothing in his hands and that was a concern. He previously clear view of the problem, thus immediately found a firm that owned Operating-system and after buying and customizing it to what IBM needed, he sold it to IBM. Quick, easy and profitable decision making!

To conclude I'd like to say that although Mr. William Henry Gates III is a person who appears to be insufficient, not sociable and unusual, he gained "person of success" subject along with his persistence, quick wit, purposefulness and foreseeing ability.

Part II

Hereby drawn is an anthill which I think has probably far more similarities with organizations than one might think. Especially, get back of the autocratic type which has one leader who makes proper decisions that affect the firm's performance most thus places the firm's future, similar to a queen ant that makes critical decisions for colony such as where to move. You can find departments in business each occupied with certain area of the common for entire firm goal achievement of which sets the firm nearer to the result. The exact same is observed in an anthill where there is department-like job circulation. While ant-workers gather food for whole colony, guards protect it and nannies grow the next generation up. Just like an autocratic management, job distribution and activity allocation in anthill should go downwards. Thus the next time when you go by the anthill become more attentive and maybe you will observe more similarities than I did so.

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