Can Happiness Exist Without THE REALITY Philosophy Essay

The book "Brave " NEW WORLD "" was written by Aldous Huxley who brought forth controversial issues regarding the isolation of the truth from contentment. The novel identifies happiness in its own way, arguing that the satisfaction of desire and want will restrain the need for liberty and the pursuit of the truth. THE GLOBE State is offered as something powerful and dangerous as a result of degree it has gone to achieve stableness; technological interventions before beginning allow them to improve the peoples way of thinking and hypnopeadic lessons receive to ensure that they understand the way society functions. On the other hand, this brings forth the question of whether these procedures of control are acceptable despite being against real human privileges and the ethics of morality. If contemporary society is stored happy then exactly what does it matter if they're surviving in slavery? Brave New World allows the audience to see a life of bliss and joy but at the trouble of becoming "less individual. "

The World Status controls the world in ways which makes every single one of these happy through superficial ways in order that they no longer value the lack of truth that is concealed from them even before they are simply born in to the world. Through the use of advanced technology the state has the power to control the population and make sure stableness exists permanently, nevertheless the controversial process affecting birth control brings forth the problem of ethics and morality within the novel. Ovaries are surgically removed and then later on the Bokanovsky Process is applied which really is a special kind of cloning approach used to make genetically similar humans from an individual human egg. Because real human reproduction is separated from intimacy this will control any desired mental attachment to love, marriage, and parenthood which is viewed as extremely vulgar and incorrect nowadays. Genetic anatomist is also used good thing about because modern research has shown us that 50% of your respective sadness depends on one's genes and this was proven when a analysis was conducted observing identical twins and learning that their joy is 50% correlated even though growing up in several houses. Other ways that the entire world state controls its citizens is by using the Hypnopeadic Fitness when a record audio is played again and again while the ones receiving the info are asleep. This means that stability is permanently present throughout the modern culture; nevertheless these technical interventions point directly towards the likelihood that this totalitarian is assisting the enslavement of humans by indoctrinating them in a way in order that they cannot recognize between happiness and fact. The modern culture of Brave " NEW WORLD " resorts to the main one chance they have at emotional tranquility which is through escapism by firmly taking a medicine called Soma. Soma offers a quick and successful get away from all the hardships that actuality offers people and was made compulsory to take in order to regulate everyone by permitting them to feel content and thus avoid needing to come face to face with the reality. Despite the lack of ethics and moral principles everyone (with the exception of a few personas) seem very happy with the life they you live, no matter how artificial and unreal it is. By eliminating everything that relationships to the truth there is absolutely no room for new ideas, individual emotions, or even any sense of personality to come up. The one problem with devoid of any individuality is the fact that if "everyone belongs to everyone, " that subsequently means that you don't exist which is indistinguishable to being useless. This stresses how pointless the machine is with no universal acknowledgement of the presence of the negative side of living; how do humans be called real human if all they feel is pleasure?

Brave New World defines delight as rewarding the satisfaction of food, drugs, promiscuous gender, and consumer goods. Mustafa Mond is one of the smartest specific in this society and he argues that the reality has no value as long as people are happy. But what does he signify by "the truth"? From Mond's perspective, the simple truth is whatever links with human related truths such as camaraderie, love, and parenthood because these can distract you in your focus of left over happy in the stress-free environment you are in. The "truth" can also make reference to having less freedom being exhibited because Mond argues that independence must be segregated from enjoyment as there is absolutely no point of having a choice if you are already sense satisfaction in your life. The government specializes in each and every individual so that they fit in, however there were some character types that demonstrated that they wished to recognize what flexibility is and function upon their intuition. Freedom also means that you have the ability to say no and Helmholtz Watson for example wishes to reject the comfort he has generated up in this modern culture. There is nothing incorrect with Helmholtz, he fits in but his current status of feelings can no longer repress what he really wants which is to move away from the worlds condition and move to an island where he can follow his creativeness better by isolating himself from others. John Savage, a stranger to the "Brave New World" is another that does not concur with Mond's views of suppressing the truth and cases that without familiarizing yourself with the negativity of life and using feelings other than delight, life is not worthy of living and you loose your humanity such as this.

John Savage provokes the assertion whether he too, is conditioned in his own way however, not in the same way as the planet state's people. John is a very interesting personality because he's declined in the Savage Holiday resort because of Linda (his mother) who sleeps around with countless men and also in the "Brave New World" because he is an entire outsider and is considered a "savage" hence his given surname. However, the reader must come to the fact that John may not be more free that the others who stay in this population. He often recites quotes from Shakespeare's "The Tempest" and is totally against the way people reside in this culture, often emitting a shade of pessimism and irony whenever he mentions the "Brave New World" he is in. Shakespeare seems to be the only path John can truly exhibit what he feels when needing to learn about just how this world functions and seems more than repulsed by the structure it is made on. Shakespeare means something completely the opposite of the world state's society if contrasted along: Shakespeare's works always carry a certain respect for humanity and the art of thoughts and passion are completely display which were completely demolished by the World Condition in its initiatives to keep everyone happy. It angers John that they don't take human thoughts very seriously, however he does not seem to understand that chastity no more is accessible as a expression, or even a theory as seen when John labels Lenina a "Whore!" and an "Impudent strumpet!"

Brave " NEW WORLD " shows us that a society that is made on logic and order can are present with the suppression of the truth, in fact we may consider this modern culture utopian to a certain extent. Exactly what does it matter that there surely is no flexibility or if people don't know the truth? The purpose of a utopia is to create the ideal modern culture where everyone fits in perfectly. The average person spends his very existence trying to achieve happiness but cannot reach his / her set target and might end up declining, nevertheless the world point out offers it for you and never have to work for it first- but even if it comes with a price how come it still seem so controversial? Brave New World gives you joy, but it comes with the price tag on your liberty and morality. To be able to function and match this modern culture with all of those other people, you must be ready to possess take drugs, have "feelies" often and be a slave to the system. The citizens of this society have turned into machines designed to keep carefully the order of population to make a balanced and concordant milieu for your population. Nevertheless, there is no longer any reason for existing if you cannot choose what you want regarding your daily life.

The constant experience of happiness is not necessarily considered something good for the motto of Daring " NEW WORLD ": Community, Identity, and Stability. In the event that you get rid of the negative feelings you also happen to get rid of the positive ones; in truth you can not even distinguish between the two if only one is present in modern culture. If contentment is the key focus of your life then boredom can be very common despite sensing felicity and delight on a regular basis. This problem is closely resembled to paralysis or even loss of life since no change is taking place in individuals because it is only the technology that has advanced to a higher level. Without change, progress becomes nonexistent and world has nothing to gain except the satisfaction of materialistic needs and cravings for food, soma, and mindless sexual activity.

In conclusion, it is very difficult for pleasure to are present without knowing the reality due to the lack of choice you have while residing in the globe state's society. Reality is suppressed through the frequent use of soma and the obsession with intimate release as well as the satisfaction of consumer goods. The book depicts a totalitarian declare that controls its residents by permitting them to feel pleasure so that they overlook the human being related truths like the pressure of having to cope with the duty of parenthood and other factors which result in a harmful internal impact upon people, or so Mustafa Mond argues. Alternatively, by eliminating flexibility of choice you get rid of the essence of mankind completely because if one's life is handled and even genetically transformed to fit in, they just become machines that form the composition of a stable and operative society without problems of criminal offense, disease, or unpleasant deaths. Having less identity does mean that there is hardly any point in existing because you are only a bit of the puzzle that is built to become a part of the community. With that being said, the life you lead is meaningless despite the fact that human character allows everyone to adjust to any situation easily, but because of the conditioning they remain oblivious to how man-made their life is really. Happiness can't be separated from the truth because both function best when they are mutually and you must be aware of the reality in order to suppose responsibility for your actions and have the selection of making the incorrect decisions in order to learn from faults and follow your happiness in your own style.

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