Care of individuals in Residential Setting

Task 1 Explanation of Te Tiriti o Waitangi and apply in the sociable services

  • There are four key points of Te Tiriti o Waitangi:
  1. Partnership: engagement/work collectively for attained outcome
  2. Protection: protect all maori assets
  3. Participation: maori ensure to be engaging by any means levels
  4. Permission: maori given rights to practise their culture
  • To apply the rules of Te Tiriti o Waitangi
  1. Partnership: entail whanau/family into client's care plan, hint the consent form, inform whanau/family if something unconventional happened to your client, always consult whanau/family's point of view.
  2. Protection: all the social services delivery should follow the individual right and privateness work. Information of clients must not be disclosed to others except whanau/family and staff of the business who agreed upon the confidentiality. Also, clients contain the to be respected during the services delivery.
  3. Participation: Encourage customer into decision making such as assist client to set the goals for himself/herself in the analysis, in order to encourage independence as well as let consumer pay more focus on achieve the goals.
  4. Permission: allow social practises such as karakia, to speak their terminology maori.

Task 2 Manage entrance to personal care

Context /Setting


Age group

Summary reason behind admission to residential care


20+Adult, Male

Intellectual disability

Type 1 Diabetes

Student Name: Jingzhu YE

Workplace: XX Men House


Note/Key points of information provided to the residents


There is vacancy in XX men house. Also, advantages of XX service organization


Requirement of resident who entry xx men house: full medical examination, needs evaluation by relevant assessor, funds, etc.

Summary of information gained to ascertain individual location needs in the residence

  • Health position: significant intellectual impairment& Type 1 Diabetes, general health is good
  • Medication: insulin dependence: Lantax 20 units at 8am & 14 unit at 8 pm. Novorapid before every meal. Glucagon available when RP semester in coma.
  • Police check: No issues found from Justice of Minstry.
  • Smoking & Drugs & alcohol: No record of smoking and medicine. No addicted to alcohol.
  • Finance management: struggling to take care of his money. Need support in shopping within his budget.
  • Hygiene: He if unbiased with personal cares. The guy can keep himself clean.
  • House activity: Have to prepare food for him. He's willing to do some of the house work. Need assistance with gardening, laundry.
  • Outing acidity: Need to deal with the relevant hazards of Type 1 Diabetes. Need to drive him for outing
  • Communication: In a position to speak, hear, and write English.
  • Socialise: like socialise with others but might annoy and annoyed girls.

Note/Key details of how you will managed admission in accordance with our workplace standards/requirements.

  • Check RP's private information. He must be a grown-up with intellectual impairment existed no less than 6 months is regarded as to go longer than 6 months.
  • RP is a citizen in NZ
  • RP has financial support from federal government, community and family to meet basic living needs.
  • A need evaluation must be completed by approved assessor.
  • Get the application form form done.
  • Obtain effects of RP's full medical examination.
  • Inform RP/family their protection under the law: code of right, compliant right, privateness act, etc.
  • Sign consent form, agreement is performed by both RP guardian and xx men house.

Other records/reflections on the admission process

RP admitted a trial basis of at least one- month to examine compatibility within the house. After which the problem was reassessed.

A meeting with RP and his family/guardian was made both parties reached contract that xx men house wish to RP to stay. Also RP was happy and desired to stay in the house.

Task 3 Contribute to planning for home good care of the resident


Note/Key details of any conferences or other communication, information on actions related to planning the care of the resident


Meeting with RP and his family was made for the care plan of RP. XX men house established a care and attention plan with RP and his family. RP and his family get more support for outing


Contact relevant services vacancy, register in the singing program-starjam for RP


Aother assembly was made to make support arrange for the new get from RP's family. Dicussion. Confirm the program with all functions.

What factors were highly relevant to the look of residential look after the citizen.

  • Risk management of outing: RP has Type 1 diabetes. His blood glucose level must be inspected and handled for outing. Often he might fall season in coma with low BSL or too high to cause challenging behaviours.
  • RP wants to find a job in Caf.
  • RP likes performing. He wants to become listed on the singing program-starjam
  • Family Connection: RP likes to visit family on weekends.
  • He hopes to do house activity with assistance.
  • Need keep an eye on /deal with his challenging behaviours.

What were the fundamental features of the resident's personal care and attention plan?

Activity, food, behaviours, crisis regarding to RP's Blood Sugar Level.

  • Before activity, his BSL needed to be checked and in line with the type of activity, there are different standards of BSL. If his level is at safe range, he can do the activity. Risks management Plan should be achieved before outing.
  • Food. RP needs food on time anticipated to his insulin. No extra for him and any drink, ice-cream should be none-added sweets.
  • Monitor signal of low BSL and high BSL. Ask RP to check on BSL if needed.
  • Glucagon for he fall in coma. Disaster kit must be with RP in any way time.

Other notes/reflections on the admission process

  • RP and his family were very excited about RP would go to starjam every Wednesday.
  • Family visit of RP was supervised in every Saturday morning with company van to drop him at 8 am and picked him from family's at 5PM.
  • All information about RP insulin was given to family to manage his BSL when at home.

Task 4 Donate to residential health care of the resident


Note/Key details of any meetings or other communication, details of actions related to planning the care of the resident


Phone RP's his family to see what information we are in need of. Needs Evaluation of RP must be done by relevant proven Assessor.


Phone RP's his family for RP's full information.


Face to handle meeting to have the Needs Evaluation of RP from his family and relevant information. Confirm next reaching for RP treatment plan with RP's family.

Outline your role and the main duties you have in the personal good care plan.

  • To check RP's information. For example, check Authorities record to see will there be any history of issues so that to place into the RP's good care plan. Or significant behaviours to stress in the care and attention plan. Check his record of smoking and alcohol to jot down in the health care plan if any.
  • To see RP' full medical evaluation and medication. Consult RP's GP with continue GP support in the treatment plan as well as put his medication management in the treatment plan.
  • Get RP's family information and record to write down in his attention plan. Confirm disaster contacts.
  • Risk management of RP for activities.
  • Behaviours management in RP's good care plan for staff to keep an eye on/manage his challenging behaviours.

What contact was assemble for the citizen to have with their family/whanau?

  • Telephone with RP' family were established to get RP's full information: law enforcement officials recoreds, health position, mecdication, education history. Also, make phone call connection with RP's family to inform what process of care and attention plan in at this time and asked views. Moreover, calls were made before ending up in RP's family.
  • Face to handle meeting were organized for signing records, seeking appropriate solution for RP's care plan. Final arrangement of care and attention plan was made after having a few assembly.
  • Documentation of management of outing activities also directed at RP family when RP goes out with family.

What are the supervision and custodial attention requirements of the resident?

  • To screen and manage the hallmark of challenging behaviours of RP based on the behaviours management in his treatment plan.
  • To monitor potential hazards to RP, statement it as soon as possible to TL to eliminate/Isolate/decrease the harms and enhance safe practices of RP. Fill up the event/accident form if there is any happen to RP, inform TL and family at the earliest opportunity.
  • To promote the health and protection of RP by enhance hygiene of RP, encourage independent, gain connection with family/friends/community.
  • Ongoing contact with RP's family for better results of RP. Any issues/change of RP needs to inform family as quickly as possible and involve family to get solutions.

How will the residential good care plan encourage self-determination of the resident, and discourage dependency you, other social personnel and the sociable service provider?

Involve RP into designing his good care plan. Encourage and assist RP to create goals for himself so that RP is encouraged to be dynamic in focusing on the goals rather than counting on staff, social workers, or other service providers.

Other records (Think about your choice making process)

RP set one of is own goals in increasing working experience. To aid him, staff assisted him to find a caf to work as volunteer a few hrs/regular. RP was very worked up about it and work hard in the caf.

Task 5 Donate to analysis of the home care plan


Note/Key tips related to the analysis of residential treatment plan




Contact RP and category of the review assembly and have available time.

Contact all people that inform about RP's review reaching, ask available time.


To confirm a period for reaching and check with all gatherings and RP family

How have you assist people to identify improvement in reaching the objectives of the home care plan?

Contact all the functions available time to arrange a meeting that parties sit together and review the progress in obtaining the objectives of RP's good care plan.

Print out the review varieties before the reaching and get tea/caffeine, biscuits to ready.

Also involve RP, RP's family and key workers in to the review appointment.

According to different objectives, proceed through with relevant people one at a time. Check situation of RP with previous assessment and the goal. If better than last analysis, RP is on the right way to the objective. If it was worse than last assessment, the improvement might need to stop and change.

How do you assist the parties to judge the safeness and wellbeing of the resident and other residents?

Make sure restraint used, RP's behaviours and situations/accident are documented. Those documentations confirmed how often was RP becoming agitated, having challenging behaviours or reasons of incidents. Provide those documentation available to relevant parties is can help to evaluate the protection and wellbeing of PR.

Key worker to wait the assembly of RP with other gatherings or give contact amount designed for other parties become familiar with about information about RP: environment security, procedures and policies of XX men house, and so forth.

What further options (if any) were recognized following a overview of the resident's good care plan?

If some goals have been satisfied, assist RP to recognize further goals for better safe practices and well-being. If some goals never have been met, the procedure might need to change or stop to improve better services delivery and RP's security and wellbeing. The attention plan could continue if it works.

How did you keep all communication confidential?

All meetings must be kept in different private room and close the entranceway to enhance confidentiality. All personnel, relevant parties to signal the confidentiality so that celebrations take clients' information confidentiality within their tasks. All records of RP must be locked safe in the cabinet of any office. All information disclosed to other celebrations must advise RP and his family before get it done.

Outline the legislation that was highly relevant to this citizen/situation, and exactly how it impacted on your contribution to the resident's good care.

Privacy Function 1993, Human Rights Act 1993, medical and Disability Commissioner Action 1994 and the code of Health and Disability Services Consumers' Protection under the law.

Those effect on RP's situation that all his documents should be held safe as confidentiality and level of privacy. Also, ten protection under the law of RP were post on the wall structure of XX men house to remind RP that he has his rights to be respected, complain, has appropriate services delivery etc.

Other notes( Reflect on your choice making process)

All the procedure of getting together with and any decision making about RP always are good to involve RP' family. It isn't only for admiration but also engagement to provide appropriate services.

Task 6 Program of communal service theory

  • RP and me aren't from the same culture. To work on cross cultural context, public services theory is engagement in RP's culture for the cultural safety and interconnection. Good examples are to respect RP's belief Christian, provide support available to RP for going to chapel/attending fellowship, give options to RP, and seek Christian guidelines if needed.
  • To use RP who from particular group, communal services theory is non- biased, non- discrimination, non-prejudiced and non-judgemental. When sent services to RP, always treat him in the manner of normal individuals who he has the same human rights as everyone did. For instance, to notify/ask his view somewhat than making decisions for RP as respecting him, to make the complaint process available to RP to promote his right to problem, also to provide equivalent services to RP as any other clients.
  • One of the communal services ideas is identify hazards of RP's activities to improve RP's security and quality life. Example: screen if the environment is safe, if RP went for a cycle ride, he can only goes on the street which has 50Km/hrly restriction. Also RP's BSL needs to be examined before he goes for outing, the outing might be terminated due to the BSL is too low.

Student: Jingzhu YE

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