Case study of bipolar disorder sufferer

People with bipolar disorder have extreme mood swings (symptoms). They can go from sense as if they are really on top of the entire world, hyperactive, creative, and grandiose- mania to feeling very miserable, despairing, helpless, worthless, and hopeless -depression. This disease is named bipolar disorder because the spirits of any person with bipolar disorder can alternate between two completely reverse poles, euphoric pleasure and extreme sadness. The extremes of mood usually occur in cycles, in between these spirits swings, people who have bipolar disorder are able to function normally, carry a job, and possess a normal family life. The episodes of mood swings tend to become closer as well as age. When a person is in the grip of the disease, chaos can occur. Bipolar disorder can cause major disruption of family and funds, loss of job, and marital problems. In Jim's case he becomes completely dependant of his parents.

Because of the extreme and dangerous behaviour that goes with bipolar disorder, it is vital that the disorder be discovered. With proper and early on analysis, this mental condition can be cared for. Bipolar disorder is a long-term illness that will demand proper management throughout someone's life.

Jim is in his mid fifths and he still live with his parents, whose are in their past due seventies. He is the only child and his parents overprotect him through the years due to that he became completely de-skilled, dis-empowered and total dependant. He is unable to negotiate and he was not contained in family discussions to show his opinion. The only path that he must show that he is unhappy is by screaming and crying. Jim definitely also suffers from Eternal child symptoms, also know as Peter Skillet syndrome, which is to blame his parents who been treated him such as a child all his life.

Psychologists warn that overprotective parents can be responsible for this disorder as this avoids them from developing necessary skills to confront life. Jim chronologically develops older but in truth he hasn't developed. Like Peter Pan he breaks societal norms to provide their own purposes and don't care much for the thoughts and rights of his parents. He wishes all the power but is not ready to talk about the obligations, not prepared to sacrifice and reject moral buildings which can be part of older adulthood. As the World Health Organization hasn't yet acknowledged Peter Pan Syndrome as a internal disorder, the symptoms is not presently considered a psychopathology.

Psychologists make a clear distinction between Peter Skillet Symptoms and other, more serious, mental conditions affecting adults who behave as children both psychologically and mentally. This is because it is often found that folks suffering from Peter Pan Symptoms are mentally totally developed individuals who often carry professional activities needing strong intellectual skills.

This symptoms is often associated with narcissism, although not in a negative way, self-centered sense. These are drawn to introspection in an attempt to find that imaginative comfort inside their own minds. On the positive sense this feature is seen to be touching the unbridled imaginational independence of child years. While succumbing to the prescribed order of things, most people neglect all of that they realized as an idealistic child, the eternal child is able to attract from their own uncooked, creative energy to remind us of how multi-colored life is really.

Men experiencing the Peter Skillet Syndrome display the next features in their romance with parents:

Are enthusiastic about their mothers

Have estranged relationship with the father

They assume that it is not possible to obtain the father's love and approval

They have difficulty interacting with statistics of authority

Are not adult emotionally

Exhibit silly behavior

Hide their interior insecurity with macho attitude

Males identified as having having this symptoms were found to exhibit the following subconscious traits:

Either exaggerated or paralyzed emotions

Anger taking extreme form of rage

Joy turning out to be hysteria

Disappointment develops and produces into depression or self-pity

As an outcome males diagnosed with this syndrome find it difficult to express love, refuse to share emotions, feel guilty and also have difficulty calming. Men with Peter Pan Syndrome find it difficult to make genuine friends and consequently feel desperately only.

They don't have a pity party for inappropriate activities but blame others because of their shortcoming.

Males identified as having having this symptoms were found to exhibit the following subconscious traits:

Either exaggerated or paralyzed emotions

Anger taking extreme form of rage

Joy turning out to be hysteria

Disappointment develops and advances into unhappiness or self-pity

As a result males identified as having this syndrome find it difficult to express love, won't share emotions, feel guilty and also have difficulty relaxing and find difficult to make genuine friends and as a result feel desperately exclusively.

This has a huge impact in Jim's parents who have found difficult to cope with all this concerns, especially in during the winter. They may be gradually concerned about their ability to cope and what will happen with Jim when they die. They might feel a host of thoughts: distress, vulnerability, anger, guilt and, surely they probably are worn out. As an "informal carer" for several years, Jim's parents revolved almost all their life on him, they devoted almost all their live to him.

Like Jim would you not has friends (aside form his parent's friends), some individuals that experienced the same condition as him generally have a very limited communal network as well, and normally the people that they interact are mainly "informal careers".


First of most Jim's parents have take him to GP of course, if he is identified as having bipolar disorder, the GP will send him to a psychiatrist (a medically qualified mental health specialist), psychotherapist and /or CPN.

At his session he will be given an diagnosis. The psychiatrist will ask him lots of questions to determine whether or not he has bipolar disorder and, if he has, what treatments will be most ideal for you.

He will be asked about his symptoms so when he first experienced them. The psychiatrist will also ask him, about how exactly he, usually feel leading up to, and during, an bout of mania, or unhappiness, and whether he has had thoughts about harming yourself or others.

The psychiatrist will also want to find out about his health background and his genealogy in order to determine whether any of your relatives has already established bipolar disorder. If someone else in his family possessed the problem, the psychiatrist may wish to talk to them.

After the evaluation the psychiatrist will suggest the right drugs and send him to a psychotherapist. Psychotherapists work with individuals, couples, families and categories to help them overcome a range of psychological and mental issues. With the client as a dynamic participant, psychotherapists use personal treatment strategies and a number of non-medical-based treatments to:

address the client's thought operations, feelings and behavior;

understand inner conflicts;

find new ways to cope with, and alleviate, distress

They take a variety of strategies according to the theoretical models they take up and the remedy they practice. These 'talking therapies' include:

cognitive behavioural solutions;

psychoanalytic and psychodynamic solutions;

humanistic and integrative psychotherapies;

systemic solutions;


experiential constructivist remedies.

Community Psychiatric nurses (CPNs) would be beneficial to Jim as they can visit him in his new house and offer him support through the difficult durations of his health problems, they also will see him when is well to check that everything is alright and be the first point of contact if he becomes unwell again. The CPN can help Jim with his medication and make sure that he knows what he should be taking and when. They also help patient's family (in cases like this Jim's parents) and employment opportunities understand and manage the illness.

Jim and his parents would advantage of Occupational therapists (OTs) as well. An occupational therapist can have many different tasks. They'll help Jim and his parents (when he steps out of his parents house) to adjust to the new environment and cope with their daily life. OTs may work in clinics or in the community. They supervise and evaluate a person's capability to provide for themselves, e. g. self-care, baking and housework, I would like explain that Jim will not know how to make, clean or do his laundry. . OTs work with both individuals and groupings. They can arranged goals for folks with depressive disorder to cause them to become achieve more than they have had the opportunity to do while ill. They might get patients involved in specific job-related training strategies to boost their decision making and planning about the near future. Group work is often aimed at increasing people's public interactions. OTs might use many different types of remedy on an individual or group basis, including cognitive behavioural remedy and art work and music remedy. They may also be involved in providing rest training to patients referred to them by the mental health team or Gps unit.

Social workers are employed by social services rather than the health service. However, most mental health cultural workers are located in multidisciplinary community mental health teams.

Social workers may see patients described the team by GPs. They are likely to be included if patients have social problems, such as cover, money and work. They may provide counselling and advice or more specific therapies. They may control access to some services such as day centres, respite treatment, residential health care and other community support services, eg home helps. A sociable worker will provide Jim a recognized tenancy service which can only help and coach him how to get his freedom and improve his standard of living.

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