Case Study Samsung Mobile Ad Marketing Essay

The following article will analyse the attached Samsung mobile advertisements, in conditions of the kind of advertisement, the subconscious strategy used and the mark market to that your advertisement is aimed at. A comparison with other adverts would also be considered in order to aid the general argument of the essay.

Advertising is a pervasive form of communication. Population is bombarded with paid-for communications from the day they awaken until each goes to bed at night. Advertisements seem on tv set as consumers watch their most liked every week shows, on billboards as they commute to work, in mags and newspapers as they read a fascinating article, on radio while they pay attention to the music of the choice and on the internet where they talk to their friends far and wide, advertisements seem wherever humans are present. It is estimated that the average consumer is exposed to more than a thousand images per day. (Tellis, 2004:3) Thus advertisements impinge on consumers' understanding and can greatly have an effect on their thoughts, beliefs, actions, behaviour and decisions, making advertising an exceptionally powerful tool for communicating to the general public. Many people in modern culture make the assumption that advertising is merely done by companies in order to sell their products to consumers and make quick money off it. These individuals also believe advertising can be an automobile accident of the free market system, an evil drive that consumers have to withstand with regard to free speech in our capitalist society. However in simple fact, advertising is a quite crucial force for many reasons. (Tellis, 2004:3)

Advertising firstly creates fierce and healthy competition between corporate organisations. In a free of charge capitalist market companies constantly competes with one another, offering customers better quality products at lower prices than their competitors. Companies employ a brand image to signify a consistent level of quality at specific prices. Commercial organisations then use advertising to converse to prospective customers what these brands signify and what the particular prices are and where in fact the consumers can find the products or services. (Tellis, 2004:4) The many varieties of advertising allow companies to communicate to the actual consumers rapidly and successfully as needed, thus making advertising an essential tool in the workings of the free capitalist market. (Tellis, 2004:4)

Secondly, companies employ advertising as, the burkha tool to talk to customers about new or better products or services. Since the beginning of the 'Industrial Era' during the 19th century, the grade of consumers' lives has greatly advanced primarily due to the option of new or improved products. (Tellis, 2004:4) The great vitality of most free capitalist marketplaces rests on the power of companies to advertise and sell these new or better products to consumers. In order to do so, corporate and business organisations need to speak to prospective customers and inform them of the current innovations accessible and also to persuade them of the prices associated with these innovations. Advertising thus becomes the primary tool commercial organisations use to achieve this task, while at the same time ensuring the essential functioning of markets for new or improved upon products or services. (Tellis, 2004:4)

Advertising thirdly provides major support for mass media in virtually any free market economy around the world. Several kinds of multimedia including broadcast television, satellite television, publications, newspapers, and almost all of the internet, reach consumers mainly free or way below cost. The reason for this is the fact that advertisers pay media companies to show their adverts. The multimedia companies in turn do not have to charge customers the full cost of the chosen multimedia. Consequently, advertising subsidises the chosen marketing. Consumers' major form of information and entertainment originates from the media, thus advertising helps improve and maintain the free move of information and entertainment to population. (Tellis, 2004:4)

Fourthly, advertising as a business in itself is substantial. Total expenses on all varieties of media for the year of 2007 stood at $385 billion worldwide. (Wikipedia, 2010) The advertising industry used over 300, 000 specialists in over 21, 000 companies at the turn of the century with expansion in employment projected to rise to 32% compared to 15% of other market sectors. (Tellis, 2004:4)

The fifth and final reason for the vitality of advertising to the free capitalist market is that, the general public subsidises advertising expenditures. Advertising expenses in many free market economies are taxes deductable. This means that corporate organisations may charge these expenditures as costs of doing business to be able to reduce their pre-tax profits. In Layman terms, the general public pays for a tiny fraction of the price of advertising that is add up to the advertiser's marginal taxes rate. (Tellis, 2004:4)

Advertising may take the form of varied mediums. "Commercial advertising mass media can include wall structure paintings, billboards, streets furniture components, printed flyers and rack cards, radio, cinema and tv set adverts, web banners, mobile mobile phone displays, shopping carts, web popups, skywriting, bus stop benches, individuals billboards, magazines, newspapers, town criers, edges of buses, banners mounted on or sides of airplanes ("logo jets"), in-flight advertisements on seatback holder tables or over head storage area bins, taxicab entry doors, roof top mounts and traveler screens, musical level shows, subway websites and trains, elastic bands on throw-away diapers, entrance doors of bathroom stalls, stickers on apples in supermarkets, shopping cart handles, the opening section of streaming audio and video tutorial, posters, and the backs of event seat tickets and supermarket receipts. Any place an "identified" sponsor compensates to deliver their message by way of a medium is advertising. " (Wikipedia, 2010)

The fastened Samsung Mobile advert is a form of press advertising. Press advertising is form of advertising that utilises newspaper publishers and mags as an instrument for interacting to potential consumers. These encompass the very wide-ranging readership bottom part such as major nationwide or international newspapers and mags to a far more narrowly targeted readership platform like a local publication or magazine. (Wikipedia, 2010) The usage of a textual founded advertisement is a significant reason behind the utilization of press advertising as medium, it makes it essential. The viewers or consumer requires a certain amount of your energy to learn through the ad and then to process the given information on the Samsung Mobile ad. If Samsung Mobile used a billboard as a medium to advertise the attached ad instead of the preferred press advertising medium, the given information of the ad would be lost or misinterpreted by the viewer or consumer, as insufficient time was spend on the reading of the information in the ad. Thus the communication or reason for the advertisements would be ineffective. The usage of press advertising as a medium to speak to potential customers would also render itself less expensive than the use of tv set or billboards as a medium.

In the corporate environment, advertising would either take up a rational or emotional emotional approach in order persuade a possible client in purchasing the specific service or product, or in certain cases both techniques would be utilised. The attached Samsung Mobile advert uses the emotional approach successfully to grab the attention of the viewers or consumer. Emotional advertising can utilise the three most frequent components, namely; quarrels, emotions and endorsements. Quarrels are appeals that persuade the consumer with the use of evidence or pressure of reasoning. An emotional procedure would persuade the consumer by arousing certain emotions, such as anger or love. Endorsements on the other palm utilises the utilization of a lay down endorser, a specialist in the field or a star who vouches for the effectiveness or quality of the product or service either by say or relationship. (Tellis, 2004:23)

Of the variety appeals that companies can use to market, the emotional approach would be thought to be the very best form of persuasion for several reasons. Emotional appeals are firstly more interesting and can easier lower through the clutter and get the attention of the buyer than other kinds of appeals. Secondly, emotional appeals require less attention by the audience or consumer. Thirdly, emotional approaches are far more vivid and easily kept in mind than other appeals. Fourthly, an psychological approach contains far less counterarguments, thus leading to less level of resistance from the audience or consumer. The fifth and final reason an emotional charm is more effective than other appeals is the fact that it evokes a more immediate action by the buyer. (Tellis, 2004:23)

The attached Samsung Mobile advertisements effectively utilises the emotional psychological approach or appeal by using a textual founded advertisement. The text found in the advertising campaign reminds the viewer of explanations why he or she unfortunately cannot sign up for their family and loved ones during the yuletide season, for reasons such as having to work through the yuletide season or living far away. The text or information within the advertisements are written in a hand-style format in order to make a more personal touch or feel to the ad and to build relationships the audience at such an even. Certain words are also circled and underlined to emphasise the importance of the specific words relating to time that may be put in with the viewer's family during Holiday. Side drawn illustrations for example like snowmen, reindeer and turkey dinners are used to enforce the text based mostly information by setting up a festive feel and a personal mental touch of past festive times.

An essential aspect for effective advertising is the ability to understand the picked target market for the precise service or product. Knowledge or information regarding this subject can be achieved by the company involved utilising an activity called market research. The main reason for general market trends is to have a clear understanding who your market or potential customers are. A marketplace consists of those individuals or specific groups which may have common characteristics or needs which the taking part company can fulfill with their products or services. The purpose of market research is to develop a account of the potential consumers by using gathering information through a comprehensive analysis of demographics and psychographics. (Jinnet et al, 2006:19)

The term demographics identifies the statistical information collected regarding sex, get older, ethnic background, profession, education, income, family position and geographical location. Sex can be an important component regarding market analysis, as traditional buying patterns are ever changing, for example, not only men go fly-fishing. Years circulation dictates certain fads associated to a specific age group. Ethnic differences would show specific product personal preferences, language differences and population shifts. (Jinnet et al, 2006:20) Inhabitants circulation would help the specific company involved to create a better understanding of the scale and located area of the target market. Developments indicate that people are moving to the towns suburbs at increasing speeds. The family position of a target market has changed before decade with two new specific groups emerging, solitary people living on their own and unmarried lovers living collectively. Education, job and the amount of income are other demographics to be considered in a marketplace. Specific educational level items to an alteration in service or product preferences. (Jinnet et al, 2006:20)

Target markets are can even be defined as psychographics. Psychographics identifies the specific lifestyle, personal behaviour, self-concept and purchasing style. These factors are just as important as demographics as they can point out why consumers buy and use certain products or services. The approach to life factor refers to the consumer's manner of living and will involve personal characteristics, passions or activities. Personal behaviour is mounted on the specific prices of the buyer, which may be from the consumer being sceptic or mindful. The term or factor of self-concept identifies how the consumer views themselves or how they wish to portray themselves towards the general public. Self-concept is strongly from the demographics of location, family size, income level and occupation. The buying style of the target market is vital to the success of the marketing campaign of any company. Elements such as how often does the consumer choose the product and/or what the reasons were for purchasing the specific service or product. Styles show that services are normally bought by exciting and open-minded consumers rather than less ambitious individuals. (Jinnet et al, 2006:21)

The attached Samsung Mobile advert targeted a specific target market that can be associated to young pros. Young professionals aged between 21-30 years of age, which live typically on their own and are ambitious enough to leave the 'comfort area' of living near their family or loved ones. Individuals that are educated, profession driven and also have a throw-away income to be able to choose the latest Samsung mobile phone in order to communicate with their family during the yuletide season.

If comparing the attached Samsung Mobile ad to other existing mobile adverts, one can observe the use of either the mental or rational internal approaches to sell an identical product. The Sony-Ericsson C905 advert utilises both sexual emotions and rational appeal, combined by the actual fact that the advertisement was the to begin its kind to ever before use a photograph considered by a cellular phone camera rather than a specialist stand-alone camera. (See fastened Figure 1)


Figure The Sony-Ericsson W705 uses a rational method of advertise the cellular phone main selling ability - superior sound. An inner city environment covered in egg pots are used in the advert to point that the sound produced by the mobile phone is as perfect as a taking studio used for professional designers. (See attached Amount 2)nokiastring. preview. jpgSoundproofCityDowntown. preview. jpgsony-ericsson-c905-mobile-phone-ad-campaign-a-world-first. bmp

Figure The Nokia mobile phone ad utilises a logical approach to signify chaos, but with the help of this type of Nokia cellular phone the consumer will never get lost as it gets the function of Gps device (Global Placement Service) - used rather than a traditional road map, the Gps navigation function on the cellular phone can give the user directions with their final vacation spot, thus making the consumer's experience easier and more enjoyable. (See attached Physique 3)

In conclusion, these article effectively analysed the attached Samsung mobile advertising campaign, in conditions of the sort of advertisement, the subconscious approach used and the specific target market to that your attached advertisements was targeted at. Varies comparisons was made to other existing mobile phone advertisements and their individual psychological approaches recognized.

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