Cell mobile phones and handheld pcs advancement

Cell mobile phones and handheld computer systems are two important technical inventions that have changed the face of our world as we view it today. Because the emergence of mobile phones, many people have the ability to communicate wireless and never have to stay at home connecting through their LAN line phone and don't have to be anxious about all of those dangling mobile chords that are just unneeded. A lot of people use mobile phones as an electric device for mobile telecommunications such as mobile mobile phone, texting, and or data transmission over a mobile network of professional base stations known as cell sites. The current cell phones of today support many additional services and accessories such as Text message for texting, email, packet switching for access to the Internet, video games, Bluetooth, infrared, camera with video tutorial recorder and MMS for sending and receiving photos and training video, MP3, AM/FM radio, and Gps unit. Cordless devices just seem to be to pose a huge hassle for people who are always on the run and also for many people who work for big time businesses. Handheld personal computers were the successors for the desktop computers t and are usually used for in home consumption for those people who don't go out quite definitely are just love doing all their work and or business from the personal privacy of their own house. Laptop computers are suitable for mobile use and are extremely small and light enough to sit on someone's lap while used. A laptop computer integrates most of the typical the different parts of a desktop computer, including a display, a key pad, a pointing device (a touchpad, also known as a keep tabs on pad, and or a pointing keep), speakers, and often including a battery, into an individual small and light unit. The aged desktops didn't have as many features as the newer ones which posses most of the features a current laptop has without the ability to hook up to the internet wireless. It looks like year after year, there are usually more new technological developments to both cell phones and laptops. For example, a newer advancement to mobile phones is that a lot of cell phone companies are beginning to make mobile phones that are touch screen. This allows visitors to have the ability to not necessarily have to work with their keypads to dial statistics or type out messages. The introduction of Bluetooth technology in addition has had an impact and has kept many lives by allowing an individual to have the ability to answer thir cellular phone without even picking right up the telephone so they'll be able to concentrate on any situation somewhat than picking right up the telephone and holding it with their ears which is sometimes complicated. Also, with laptops, the new improvements of bigger and better hard drives and Wi-fi technology are actually the best new progress. I feel that since new technical advancements are made with both of these products each year, it'll be very exciting to see what new progress will maintain store for both these products in the near future.

Mobile phones have really made a very big impact on organizations in the way employees communicate, perform transactions, and gain access to information at work. Together with the quick development in technology, mobile phones are surely becoming a lot more favored by each passing day (Sedycias, pg 1). Using the invention of mobile phones, employees and employers have the ability to communicate through cellular phone technology to get and send data. Back in the day, people had to communicate through mailing messages through mail rather than being able to send messages through the telephone that i find is a lot simpler to do than sending messages through the email. For example, many of the people back the day was required to send their text messages through email or typewrite their characters in order to attempt to communicate with other people. Since there have been no telephones back then, you had future inventors thinking up ways to boost their technology even back before my time. When the telephone was invented, people didn't realize how much way in progress that calling would have reached after they were deceased and absent and the newer era began to play important roles in technological innovations. Cell phones took above the LAN range telephones of days gone by and even though many people still use regular mobile phones in their houses, I tend to use my cellular phone on a daily basis that i can talk to my workplace or employees in case there is a crisis or if I have any data that I wish to tell them while I am away from my home. Communication is very important at work and also beyond your workplace and that is when mobile phones really come into play. Most employers want to know where their workers are if something happens to them which can prevent them from getting into work. It is much much easier to have a cell phone in times such as this because when you have to call your company to inform she or he that you will be past due or can't make it to work, you will have your cell phone with you to inform your manager about any situations or situations that you will find. I'm not expressing that this could not be accomplished through a LAN line mobile phone, but it is good for everyone to get their own private phone because of the fact that many of people cannot be trusted and then you are obligated to try to use other peoples phones to try to contact your employers or your loved ones members in case of a crisis. Also, companies may use cell phones to perform business transactions. If companies want to make purchases or conduct deals, they will be able to without having to leave their desks. They will be in a position to use their own cell phones and carry out any business related orders that they may need to do. I feel that it is very much convenient because employers and employees will be able to talk to people across the world from the comfort of these own house or at the work area. Having cell phones makes business people's lives easier because they're a lot more convenient than regular phones due to their accessibility and this now you can do a lot more with a mobile phone than a regular mobile.

Handheld pcs or as some say laptop computers in addition has made a big impact on society as well as an impact on big corporations. Computers I feel were a major enhancement from the initial typewriters that have been used back then to be able to type and deliver information. Since the emergence of computers, many people will be able to send and receive announcements without even having to leave the comfort of their own homes. It has additionally helped firms with preparing presentations as well as making orders with other business and consumers and never have to have a in person meeting. When laptop computers began to emerge, they quickly became an instantaneous impact as a result of fact that people were used to dealing with bigger PC computers which were too heavy to carry around over a day to day basis. By having a laptop computer handy, people and businesses now acquired the chance to actually carry their own private computer around with those to take care of any business that they had a need to take care of. For instance, companies use notebook computers a lot when preparing presentations and then for conducting business related work inside and outside of the work environment. It includes made life so much easier for the kids because they don't have to stay at a table all day over a PC computer to do any of their work. If they are out shopping or on the road, they can still communicate with other employees and workers through their laptop whenever they wish to. I've also started to notice that many people are needs to not buy Personal computer computers any more and that many are beginning to make the transition to purchasing laptops. "For the price tag on a laptop, you could buy a desktop, which is faster, much easier to expand and better, "(Jasper, pg 2). Laptop computers bring customers and business convenience and immediate usage of information be it from saved files or from the web. They allow for better collaboration between employees and professionals meaning that laptop computers can be flipped available to find a solution anytime and anywhere. For good examples, if you are someone you understand is in a meeting and had forgotten an important record, they can simply access it at any time and some other information that they have forgotten off their laptop.

I assume that both mobile phones and laptops have both had a really major impact on organizations in many ways and I assume that there is enough of room for improvement. With mobile phones, there are numerous new scientific features which include games, internet, touchscreen options, MP3, picture messaging, and also text messaging. They are all really great features that are incredibly beneficial, but I also feel that a new feature that can be added to cell phones that might be very beneficial to organizations is most likely a video recording chatting option. This may enable people who work for companies the opportunity to speak to other co-workers and discover them at the same time while they can be talking chatting with them. This feature can let business communicate with other business and also actually watch them although telephone or if someone is unable to attend a very important meeting credited to delay, they'll still be able to listen and watch the appointment form their cellular phone. I'd really love to see this feature put into cell phones for the easy fact that many employees who work for big companies are confronted with travelling issues and issues that may package with a family crisis which can lead them to be absent for one day or maybe late. The new technological feature of cellular phone chatting will be able to place that worker at the job without even literally being there which could work out for both worker and the company. In the case of laptop computers, Personally i think that here has been many new technical advances which have really impacted businesses and provided them with easier means of communications and despite all the advancements from the original PC computer systems to the non-public laptops, I'd want to see better security programs to prevent infections, hackers, and spyware form destroying the laptop and also placing a built-in traffic monitoring device for notebook computers. I feel that with newer and enhanced security programs, this will be able to help business from damaging infections, hackers, and spyware that can potentially do harm to their laptops. When a computer generally speaking catches a virus, it will cost the company money to understand this problem fixed and this could cause that company to lose money as well as important data. Also, with a built-in tracking device located within laptop computers will allow employees to be able to keep track of their computer in case of a fraud. When working for a business, there are a lot of personal and confidential information that is stored in notebooks which if lost with out a backup disk can be damaging if that information is lost or is in the hands of a thief. I feel that companies and their workers should have that extra added security when running a laptop for daily personal needs and for company concerns.

To summarize, even though there has been many scientific changes in the current society, I feel that the emergence of mobile phones and handheld pcs has already established the most impact on my entire life, but I also believe that business were also majorly influenced by the introduction of cell phones and handheld computers as well. Such developments as E-Commerce, Intranets and Extranets, and distance education all aided in the way businesses performs, but I feel that all of the didn't make a greater impact on our world as the mobile phones or handheld computers did. Personally i think that technological developments are really hard to follow especially if you will work in a business environment and understanding that whenever technology changes, that you must change also. One of the major reasons for having on-demand is that it helps a small business become not only more innovative, but also a lot more efficient and much more attentive to change (Wladawsky-Berger, pg 1). I try my better to stay prepared for any new technological breakthroughs or any new changes that are destined to happen whenever I am doing work for any company. I feel that since our world is filled with the capability to develop and make newer plus more innovative products each year, it is vital to attempt to adjust to whatever new technology that is established especially when employed in a small business environment because the one thing that businesses wants are employees that capture on and adjust to their area quick and are able to do whatever is essential to consider their company to the next level.


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