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Challenges Confronted By Women In Politics Sociology Essay

Though out record there have always been groups of men and women who do not feel that they are being adequately displayed in modern governments, and women are one of them. Many women have experienced issues regarding if their voices and viewpoints being been told and truly acted upon by people in political offices. As society continues to develop, things are beginning to become more noticeable regarding the affect and ideas women have to give you in culture and especially politics. A lot of women believe that there aren't enough legislative power properly representing them and their voices. Men, for their gender majority in politics, have the primary decision making when it comes to passing regulations, which possibly affects more lives than they realize. There becomes a question if their views and decisions are based on their thoughts and opinions or those of whom they are simply supposed to be representing. When talking about such "sensitive" issues as abortion, which obviously relates to decisions which should also be made by women for their immediate regards to the topic have little say if any because of the unequal representation. Despite the fact that America selects to encourage other countries to make themselves around American principles, America herself appears to be falling behind the times. Yet in this male manipulated political system that America has chosen to look at, there seems to be very little change in the capability to sufficiently represent women. This problem can be fixed through more women becoming mixed up in political process.

Do women have a chance to overcome being mind in charge. It has been said at that time when men were the breads machine and women were to be the homemakers. Women have been seeking to wear the slacks for centuries, whether it is as successful, profession or in politics. It has always been debate about whether or not women are capable of being successful in doing careers that men have been doing for quite some time. There are many women now in the task force doing careers that at one time were considered "male" only types of employment opportunities, careers such as: cops, fireman, and construction workers, even in politics. Hilary Clinton, who ran for the President of america, is a perfect example of modern ladies in the political arena. Even though she did not get the presidential contest she still made her way to the White House; she actually is now the United States Secretary of Express. Many people throughout the United States feel that she will prosper with this position. My question is: What makes it hard for women to receive the qualifying job that men carry and why could there be a notable difference in the pay. Can a female do the job better and get the job done equally? These are questions that many people in the current society feel need to be answered.

Equality in the work place has been an issue for so long as women and men have worked alongside one another. Women and men work evenly hard and get as much accomplished as the other. Since the work is identical, the pay should be similar as well. It is seen by many that companies in the United States should be asked to pay all employees evenly and fairly. Naturally, pay should depend on position. If a woman works as a receptionist, she should not expect the same pay as a man in charge of system security. However, if a man and woman are in the same position, they must be paid the same. There are a few jobs that girls do better than men and vice versa. Companies need to realize that men and women work equally hard for their money. Quite often, women work harder merely to prove their equality. Instead of looking at gender, companies should look only at requirements and exactly how well the worker does the work. Women now are starting to become corporate professionals in businesses, and popular in the field of medicine and legislation. Women have attempted hard to force themselves frontward in society to create a balanced and harmonious overall economy and so far it's been successful. Barriers of most varieties have been broken, well, all except a few, mainly in politics.

Politicswhen one stops and considers of the word "politics" what obviously comes to mind? Our founding fathers, Presidents George Washington, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson; the favorite political statistics of today, Chief executive Expenses Clinton, George W. Bush and Al Gore; and today we can think of Hilary Clinton. Is world to blame for this misconception that women do not maintain important assignments in administration and take part in making important decisions for our country? Not necessarily, people just don't hear or find out about women in politics normally as they are doing about men. Because so many people learn throughout primary and junior high or middle institution, our nation first formed authorities in 1776 when Thomas Jefferson first drafted our constitution. During this time women did not have a role in administration, nor would they for another one hundred and eight years, until a female would make an effort to run for office. "In 1884, Belva Ann Lockwood - the first girl to get one of these case before the USA Supreme Court docket - ran for Presidency" (Arenofsky 14). Well, to no real surprise she lost, but her groundbreaking campaign made it possible and easier for Jeannette Rankin, thirty-three years later, to run and be elected to Congress for the status of Montana. However, even with this groundbreaking experience, women were still searched down upon for his or her lack of experience. It wasn't until 1920 when women's suffrage concluded and the nineteenth amendment to the constitution, granting women the to vote, and the ones women were officially introduced into politics. However, even with voting privileges, women were still looked at as weak feeble creatures. The lack of confidence and the shortcoming to be seen as strong-minded females who were not afraid to voice their opinion harmed the female gender hugely. It wasn't until "Eleanor Roosevelt, better half of Chief executive Franklin D. Roosevelt, crisscrossed the united states speaking about sociable problems and providing as the quintessential role model for the politically effective female" that women began to see how to provide themselves confidently (Arenofsky 14). Finally, with women's assurance increasing and their new understanding and attitudes toward authorities, women were beginning to attain an increased position in the political arena. The best break for females came from the decision by Chief executive Franklin D. Roosevelt, who in 1933 appointed Frances Perkins to the cupboard as Secretary of labor (Gurirab, T. , & Cayetano, P. (2010).

However, in some magical, strange way, women are controlling themselves quite very well. Let's face it, there are more white-collared, prosperous men in the United States, and in the planet for example, than there are women. Even with women having highly paid commercial executive jobs, women still make much less than that of their male counterparts. For females, this is one of the major issues as to the reasons government is lacking female participation. Probably the most valid explanation for this problem is that the federal government manages the financial increases of women to limit their electricity. Looking at the reality, women make up fifty-two percent of your nation's population, peculiar how such a major percentage of society has little representation. The thought of a government produced by males and dominated by females just will not stay well with the vast majority of higher male expert. Therefore, to be able to ensure that women do not dominate, without being boldly direct about it, income levels are tampered with. It may sound bizarre, however in Lyn Kathlene's Learning the New Speech of Ladies in Politics, she offers some very valid information that shows how women are paid compared to men in the same high white-collared careers. The results are quite shocking. Kathlene demonstrates women are out-paid by men by practically forty-percent for the same amount of work and jobs! The obligations of taking care of their home and loved ones and the lack of funds, the fight for women's dominance in authorities won't prevail. Will this mean American's should just sit back and overlook the women before them who fought hard for their right to vote, to be heard, and also have equality in administration?

Social class, status, and ability are predetermined by one's gender. Within today's patriarchal society, men simply have greater vitality than women, "and revel in greater access to what is valued by the social group. " (Gurirab, T. , & Cayetano, P. (2010). Patriarchal thought produces male dominance, and authority within multiple areas, including politics. Throughout record, government authorities have designed regulations to keep up such divisions of ability, leading to the oppression of women. "Patriarchal vitality relations construct sexual differences as political differences by giving legal form to the fact that women, because of their making love, are fit and then serve as wives and mothers. " (Gurirab, T. , & Cayetano, P. (2010). One must question how women can perform greater affect within the male political arena if they are not viewed as identical? How are established women wanting to change their position within world, regarding politics? Multiple changes have been made throughout record regarding the host to women in contemporary society, but are they leading towards equality? The primary goal of the women's movement was basic citizenship rights for women. For decades, many of the first women's groupings strived for their civil and politics rights as women. Their central emphasis was the right to vote, and the to run for office. The reason was to declare a role in democratic politics. Many believed that to be able to attain political goals, the right to vote was vital. Women assumed that after the right to vote was granted, equality in the sight of guys was soon to follow, along with their new influence within politics.

Decades packed with protests for women's rights created several politics profits, as well as improvements in their position; however, inequality remained. Women's values that political privileges would lead to equal opportunity, were overshadowed by the truth that their inequality led to their insufficient influence within politics. Multiple procedures and laws might have been created or transformed so that they can improve women's role in culture, but economic dependence, and physical reliance on men sustained as issues. Women remained underrepresented within politics, retaining fewer than twenty percent of federal government, and provincial elected office buildings in america. Eliminating women from political positions hindered their capacity to become valid impact within the political market. Unequal pay, work place harassment, and discrimination sustained to plague women in the work drive. Many assume that the variance between pay is due to the actual fact that forty-one percent of women are employed in part-time or non permanent positions; however, those employed in full-time positions only earn seventy-three percent of what male employees make. Women occupy only twenty-two percent of the country's highest paying jobs, but hold sixty-eight percent of the cheapest paying jobs. With the lack of women in high profile positions, and the belief that women are not as valuable as men, they continue to provide no bearing on the political aspects of population.

Women continue steadily to receive less inside our patriarchal society. "Women have less politics power, fewer economical resources, less security, and lower status that do men. " (Gurirab, T. , & Cayetano, P. (2010). This continues regardless of decades dedicated to moves for women's rights, and lobbying for policies designed to alter women's position in society. For those women who are poor, immigrant, Local, or handicapped, they end up even more substandard than other women. Therefore, the question remains, are women identical? Simply stated, they are not equal. Women continue steadily to combat for liberal democratic political electric power. Their gender is constantly on the play a role in how population will view them, as well as their position. For years and years, electric power has been allotted to men, which goes on even today. Few women have great political vitality because of the problems of obtaining customary equality within modern culture.

In a global where men rule, how is a female able to gain great power, and step into the political location light? In a very contemporary society where women are viewed as insignificant, how are they to effect political decision producers? The law has granted women a tone within politics; however, it remains fragile and inaudible. In order for women to increase their effect in politics, they must first become similar with men. Until then, they will be viewed as poor; therefore, not needing effect in politics. Gradually women are increasing more electric power, and prestige in culture. Soon, the quantity in high-paying careers will increase, developing a less economically based mostly gender. As women shoot for these changes, men, especially politicians, will be required to get sucked in. As power for girls intensifies, so will their influence in politics. As the tone for women's rights grows, so will their equality; therefore, leveling out the playing field in the political area for both men, and women. Culture needs to realize that this is 'the dawn of a fresh hundred years' and the role of the female should indeed be reevaluated. Women are add up to men, and really should have the same opportunities as men. Women follow guidelines and are reasonable too. Women can cooperate with the government. Women can make good selections, and effective speeches. Most people say, "Well what about their kids?" Consider it. Men are in charge of their kids just as much as women are. A woman won't run leader if she has 3 time olds and must stick with them. She'll run when she gets older because her kids will be more aged. I am hoping people changes their minds and present them an opportunity, because they're there to do their careers. I hope that 1 day I can live to see a woman president.

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