Child Observation Analysis: Personality Development Analysis

  • Ivan Mitsko


Middle child years is a time when children improve their motor and sociable skills and become more independent. During this period children experience continuous and homogeneous physical development, they become taller, and gain more weight in faster rates compared to adults. Furthermore to physical changes children get started to develop their cognitive development and moral prices. Because of advanced technology children watch a great deal of inappropriate films and play violent games which is needed for caregivers to help their children develop proper habit and self-identity.

For this task I made a decision to monitor my neighbor's child who's presently seven years old. His name was David and when I discovered him with other kids engaging in different video games I possibly could notice his degree of performance of fine and gross skills. For instance, when we played soccer I could notice that child can develop a good amount of force in order to kick the ball. However, his reliability was a bit off from expected pattern. Alternatively, he could easily improve his performance after he employed the skill. This observation reminded me about the idea that children are fast learners and by exercising certain skill they figure out how to compete with others which is a useful knowledge in real phrase. ( compet. Judge)

After observing David I came to the realization that his desire for being active got an influence from his parents. I understand George and Marta for over eight years and I can say that they are incredibly outgoing people. They spend a lot of time outside participating in such activities as sprinting, walking, or biking. I believe it's a very good approach to instruct children of all of the benefits of physical exercise.

Unfortunately, many children in this technology have inactive lifestyle. As the majority of us know the rapid technological growth might have some negative impact on many kids. For instance, many children like to spend more time watching TV, or playing video games somewhat than being engaged in exercise with peers. Because of this habit children could develop mental health and physiological abnormalities when they expand up such as major depression or weight problems ( Bryant). However, in my case, David was very vibrant child and I made a decision to make almost all of my observation while he participates in sport activities with other kids.

When the very first time I seen David in the school gym I immediately noticed that he is very public person. All of the discussion between other kids is an essential stage of cognitive development. During this time period children learn management skills, control their feelings, develop self-efficacy, and learn to communicate, and take care of different kinds of conflicts (lecture 11). This psychological aspect was very well detailed by Albert Bandura and his social learning theory. The idea of public learning theory shows the way the child adapts to modern world as he discovers the habits and norms of modern society. In other words, besides traditional and operant fitness children can learn though imitation or emulation ( cherry).

According to Bandura, the sociable learning theory is a modeling which include five conditions; attention, retention, duplication, and motivation. One of the key reasons of Davis's dynamic lifestyle can be referred to by attention. In order to learn something, a person must focus on a model that appeals him ( chery). George and Marta possessed a primary influence on David's tendencies because they demonstrated that participating in physical exercise is fun and they have many health benefits.

The other interesting mental behavior I detected was self-regulation. During the game both clubs had disagreements plus some of the youngsters began arguing. I paid an extremely close focus on David's action and noticed that he attempted to suppress his feelings to avoid a conflict. He was very calm at the start but then decided to speak up and solve the situation. Fortunately, both clubs conclude replaying a casino game which shows that self-regulation can help avoid violent tendencies. Matching to Steven Stosny, '' behaviorally, self-regulation is the ability to work in your long-term best interest, constant with your deepest principles and the violation of the values causes guilt, pity, and stress and anxiety, which undermine well-being. '' ( stosny)

During this period of life David already developed intricate feelings such as guilt, pity, or embarrassment. According to research, children have these complex emotions credited to self-awareness that will depend on parental reaction. For me, one of the key reasons David didn't get extreme during argument is his self-awareness that parents will get upset and he'll experience negative thoughts such as guilt or pity (emotional development, santrock 350-351). On the other hand, I can think of Albert Bandura's social learning theory and inspiration. David's parents thought him that physical hostility should be always averted in order develop social stability and control over own feelings. I believe his motivation to avoid consequence helped him to curb his emotions and gain control over negative feelings.

In most cases children's behavior depends on parenting style. During my observation I pointed out that George and Marta practiced authoritative style. However, there may be some exceptions but I came to the realization that in most cases they value and encourage self-expression. Any time they have disagreements or any issues with David they always try to discus the challenge and create certain rules to be able to avoid misbehavior. For instance, when David received ''0'' report for his English home work his parents were very mad. Nonetheless, they didn't use any electric power assertion but made a decision to use inductive techniques that assist the child to understand his misbehavior. Throughout that time I used to be in another room and I could hear the talk about every one of the negative consequences that might have an impact on David if he is not going to get ready for his research promptly. As the result, George and Marta decided to use negative consequence and take away his x-box for your week.

The middle child years is a level of life when children commence to develop cognitive and mental schemas. In this specific time period they begin to comprehend and perceive moral worth and certainty; however, development of these values will have an impact how well the child can flourish in society. Within my observation I possibly could clearly observe how David's parents helped him adjust social emotional learning. His friendly discussion with siblings, mental legislation, and self-awareness will be the primary indications of his future succession. The last and the most important things I discovered from this task is that caregivers are the key people who in charge of child's behavior. There may be many parenting styles and it's hard to tell which one is better but teaching a kid moral ideals and self-regulation is the most crucial goal in cognitive development.

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