Children Change In Life Children And Young People Essay

Bereavement - This is often a very traumatic time for a kid or young person, bereavement can affect concentration, storage and learning.

New sibling - A challenging transition for young children, it may influence the child's patterns as they could act out, attempting to gain attention.

Parental Parting - This may affect children and young people in many different ways and must be dealt with in consequently in a sensitive manner.

Moving Home - Moving house can be a huge upheaval, it can affect the child or young person because they are being removed from their safe and familiar environment.

Illness or Injury - Whether the child/young person directly affected or a family member, either way the kid may need help interacting with the change of circumstances.

Divorce - This is a hard period for a child or young person, they might be afflicted in many various ways and must have endless mental support.

Taken into the health care system - This is often a difficult transition where in fact the school and sociable services must work together to help make the process run as properly as possible for a kid.

Abuse & Disregard - Misuse and neglect make a difference all areas of development. Children and young people are damaged by abuse in different ways, results of abuse vary.

Moving countries - Moving countries can have a poor affect after children and young people, socially, academically and emotionally.

These types of transitions are generally unplanned, or occur with little if any warning and in turn can be damaging if not responded and handled in the right way. These unplanned transitions will also however have an impact on children and teenagers in different ways.

Some children and young people could also experience transitions such as:

The release of Step Siblings

Changing schools

Change of carer

Pet dying

Parental change of partner

It is a known fact that children and young people are confronted with transitions, although some may be damaged positively and some negatively. When children are confronted with prepared or unplanned transitions they could experience emotions such as anger, guilt, rejection and sadness. Different ways that children and teenagers may show the influences made by transition i. e. attention seeking behavior, camaraderie/peer problems, and becoming withdrawn and quiet or displaying uncharacteristic practices.

Children and teenagers moving from most important to secondary senior high school could find it hard to adjust to being shown more formally. They can be suddenly expected to study a wider variance of subjects, to defend myself against more responsibility and sometimes make a new circle of friendships. Relating changes like learning more and having less free time. For most children and young people going through a change such as moving university can impact on the learning and successes, sometimes affecting them academically. Out of the blue a child is taken off their "comfort zone" and recinded from a familiar environment, off their friends and professors etc. The kid is completely thrown of keep track of and placed into a new environment which may be extremely problematic for a kid or young person to change too. It can have affects over a child's learning, self esteem and sometimes leading to them no longer attempting to go to institution, even though some children and young people do conform well to this type of changeover. For example when I was attending extra school a young girl changed from her original school scheduled to her parents moving country, when she began attending my extra school she resolved in and adapted very well, demonstrating to be very popular with her peers. It seemed to have a confident affect on the young female but then suddenly her peers transformed against her, this then led to the young young lady becoming a victim of torment and bullying. She became unsatisfied, tranquil, withdrawn and reserved. Her parents made the decision it is at their child's best interests to change institutions once again, where she started to restore her self esteem and confidence that was extremely damaged by the bullying, changing universities and moving countries. Thankfully the next change of university experienced a positive impact on the young girl's education and learning which dramatically improved. She began acquiring buddies, displayed more self-assurance and began to enjoy attending institution again. Moving institution can have a poor and/or positive impact on a kid or young person's tendencies and development. In the beginning an alteration of school turned out to have a negative affect after the young gal but fortunately the second amount of moving school resulted in possessing a positive affect after her, increasing her action and development. Therefore I feel it is important a child's parents consider their child's happiness prior to making this choice, due to the positive and negative affects it can have on a child and young person. Although changing classes unfortunately cannot always be prevented anticipated to unexpected circumstances in life.

Parental Change Of Partner - A parent introducing their new partner to their child can be a challenging and difficult time. It can result in influencing a child or young person's patterns and development. For instance whenever i was a teenager my mother released me to her new long-term partner which at the time felt like a stranger was seeking to replace my father, I also sensed that her new partner was taking away my mothers attention. Suddenly a fresh authoritative number was brought in to the family. From my own experience it possessed a bad influence on my action and development as I started to misbehave, smoke, drink and action out because I had been extremely furious inside and wanted to regain my moms attention that i no longer believed I needed. I became an upset, stressed out, withdrawn and isolated teenager, clearly displaying symptoms that we was negatively damaged, no longer being my standard bubbly, happy self applied. My education also started suffering for this reason transition as I could no longer focus in institution. However this will not always have a poor impact on children and teenagers but it can need to be managed cautiously and sensitively. It's rather a very challenging time for the child and young person also for the parents, family members and anybody else engaged.

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