Coca Colas product range and services

Coca-Cola is a carbonated soft drink bought from the stores, restaurants, and vending machines greater than 200 countries. It is made by The Coca-Cola Company of Atlanta, Georgia, and it is often referred to simply as Coke (a documented trademark on the Coca-Cola Company in the United States since March 27, 1994). Actually designed as a patent remedies when it was created in the late 19th century by John Pemberton, Coca-Cola was bought out by entrepreneur Asa Griggs Candler, whose marketing methods led Coke to its dominance of the world soft-drink market throughout the 20th century.

The company produced concentrate which is then sold to accredited Coca-Cola bottlers throughout to the world. The bottlers, who carry territorially exclusive deals with the company, produce finished product in cans and bottles from the focus in combination with filtered water and sweeteners. The bottles then sell, disperse and merchandise Coca-Cola to retails stores and vending machines. Such bottlers include Coca-Cola Enterprises, which is the major solitary Coca-Cola bottler in THE UNITED STATES and Western European countries. The Coca-Cola Company also offers concentrate for soda pop fountains to major restaurant and food service distributor.

The Coca-Cola Company has, a celebration, expose other cola beverages under the Coke brand. The most common of these is Diet Coke, with others including Caffeine-Free Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola Cherry, Coca-Cola Zero, and special editions with lemon, lime, or coffee. (The Coca-Cola Company Profile, www. wikipedia. com, 2011)

Product and Services

The Coca-Cola Company markets the products form of soft drinks include beverage concentrates and syrups, with major drink products. Business has more than 300 drink brands across the world with a major to be Coke, Fanta, Lift up, Sprite, Frutopia 100% JUICE, and Powerade. The Coca-Cola Company Beverages its plans into plastic bottles of sizes 2 liters, 1. 25 liters, 600ml and 300ml. these are also available in aluminium cans of 375ml. Coca-Cola is the most well-known trademark, identified by 94 percent of the world populace. Business was very successful and has a great reputation. The price of Coca-Cola are various matching to size, place, and packaging. Maybe if Coca-Cola offers in the institution will have different price if the Coca-Cola sells in the bazaar or market, or if we compare the price of Coca-Cola in Indonesia will different in the us. (My blog Dewi Irianty, 2011)

As information from Coca-Cola Amatil (CCA) Indonesia (Profile Company, www. Coca-Colaamatil. co. id, 2011) Coca-Cola Bottling Indonesia (CCBI) is a supplier and distributor of soft-drinks in Indonesia. We create and distribute products licensed from The Coca-Cola Company. In addition to providing quality products and high criteria, we also provide the best support services, both for our customer (distribution associates) as well as consumers. To support the best service, the CCBI provides the National Contact Center (NCC), a service centre for customer and consumers throughout Indonesia. NCC serves as a medium for customers and consumers who need information or any services related to the Company and the merchandise of Coca-Cola.

Services from the NCC include:

Customer service which include the request for a customers, refrigeration equipment, buying products from both traditional and modern retailers, and other concerns related to the circulation or sale;

Customer service which includes product information, product quality and product packaging, products campaign and activities;

Frequently Asked Question which include the research, practice or internship and job vacancies the CCBI, request to visits to the stock CCBI, offering products for CCBI.

The suggest 90% in our customers would prefer to buy of Coca-Cola in a cold state. To support increase sales expansion and push the amount of benefits to our customers, the role of Wintry Drink Equipment (cooling equipment) becomes important. Therefore, we always to ensure that the Wintry Drink Equipment that are in all our outlets to operate properly and have an interesting view. Among the special program conducted by Coca-Cola Bottling Indonesia to understand that goal is to provide new services, RED workplace for customers who already have a much cooler of Coca-Cola.

Types of services available are:

Receive and handle claims of harm from the shop of Frosty Drink Equipment as well as the Sales Center

Receive and cope with request assembly or drawback from the shop of Cold Drink Equipment and Sales Center

Answering question about the Chilly Drink Equipment Services Coca-Cola

Why the Coca-Cola Company would go to International Business it because they want to spread the merchandise all around the globe, and people will know the product. Beside that reason, the Coca-Cola also wants to raise the revenue and it will affect the creation and the creation will up because the demand of the product is growth up too. It isn't about just the business get the benefit from this market, but the government will also get the earnings because The Coca-Cola Company do the export-import where there's a tax will raise the income of the federal government. The Coca-Cola Company is often appointed to be a sponsor of FIFA World Glass Football. Coca-Cola became sponsor of the World Cup almost each year held the earth Cup like the 2010 World Glass. (www. google. com, www. scribd. com, 2011)

The distinctions between across countries and home country

The differences between across country and home country shown in the products these are produced. Each country have the several product although they have same name products, there are some products may be same. In Indonesia Coca-Cola Bottling Indonesia or Coca-Cola Company produced the merchandise in the container with ordinary design and non-alcohol, it because in Indonesia the federal government prohibited it. But, in the us they have incredible design with different design every product. In Indonesia they don't really have a distinctive design like the merchandise of America, and in America they have many products of Coca-Cola. This subject of concern is meant to be the center dissimilarities between across country and home country. (Products set of Coca-Cola, www. thecoca-colacompany. co. id, 2011), (Product Coca-Cola, www. google. com, 2011)


To support their products The Coca-Cola Company has technique to their products and their company, the strategy such as sales and marketing, making and distribution, and innovation. To aid their sales and marketing, they designed many programs that are pointed to consumers and devotion of the products.

Sales and Marketing


Various special offers designed not only to increase their sales and marketing, but also to continue enhance their consumer satisfaction and commitment of the products.

Serving Their Customers

Customer Service Center (CSC) was created to continue enhance their client satisfaction and commitment their products by providing superior degrees of service with their customers predicated on their specific needs.

Area Marketing Contractor

Encourage by the company's limited resources to cost-effectively service certain functioning areas immediately and strong determination to build job opportunities in the casual sector, Coca-Cola Bottling Indonesia (CCBI) continue evolves its product syndication system through small and medium-sized business in Indonesia. Beneath the system, CCBI works together with two mains of third parties: Area Marketing Contractors known as AMCs, and road vending.

Serving their products

At Coca-Cola Bottling Indonesia, were commits to providing their customers with a range of Frigid Drink Equipment to support their business. From snow chests for kiosk, to electric coolers for retail outlets, vending machines and neighborhood vending, we provide these facilities to the customer at no cost, to allow them to sells Coca-Cola Products frosty op their consumers.


Having partnership numerous hotels, restaurants, and cafes, their give many great offerings through HoReCa programs. (The Coca-Cola Company sales and marketing, www. coca-colaamatil. co. id, 2011)

Manufacturing and Distribution

The production of all products sold and written by Coca-Cola Bottling Indonesia occurs in Indonesia. You will discover ten production plant life located throughout Indonesia. Over the years, our plant life in Indonesia have been awarded awards from the Coca-Cola Company for attaining specifications above those similar vegetation situated in others part of the world.

All production plants meet and frequently exceed international expectations and local regulatory requirements and undergo regular audits in the areas of quality control, environmental, health, and basic safety practices. Coca-Cola drinks products started out as raw materials and proceed through many stages the following: Ingredients Preparations, Mixing, Washing, Filling up & Capping, Coding, Inspection, Packaging, and Launching.

Coca-Cola will not only sell products to their customers but also give instructions about how to merchandise the merchandise. Sales supervisors also regularly visit customers and offer advice and listen to any source that the clients may provide, it'll be a great contribution to the business.

Overall sales and distribution policy is directed by the National Office, found in Cibitung, Bekasi, but the execution of the insurance plan is completed by well trained and experienced local and area functional managers and their employees. After that, the bottling crops in Indonesia always pleasant visitors who would like to learn about explore their hygienic and state-of-the-art development process.

Coca-Cola implies their invention through some continuance research and development activities. They try to develop Indonesia typical products. Additionally, many variants of plans and accessories are actually easily found throughout Indonesia.

The reputation of Coca-Cola in Indonesia was only named the large forces with main carbonated drink company, now has improved become total beverage company good development of fast non-carbonated drink. It commenced from the issuance of Frestea, tea beverage, on the previous June 2002. Now it becomes the next largest fast beverage product in Indonesia. Furthermore, Coca-Cola has promoted Sunfill Syrup and powder, and Ades mineral water outside Jabodetabek. For the time being, the presentation field always posts its innovations. Following the Refillable Glass Bottle, Frestea, Produced a few years ago; it has been produced in more relax package deal this past year (Tetra Wedge). It is believed to be easier and practice to bring. In the end of 2003, Coca-Cola, Sprite, and Fanta came out in the tiny can bundle of 250ml. In addition, there is Glass Container which is light to 30% in its weight with an extremely tiny design but strong. Now it has started to market in Bali and for the near coming years will be marketing across the country.

Innovation on providing facilities also developed continuously in order to meet the need of consumers and the existing technology development. Some of us had to think that Information Technology approach is absolutely essential for each and every stands of company. On the other hand, Coca-Cola bottling Indonesia has non-pollution materials. Besides increasing offering productivities, those new crates are expected to enhance the product of Coca-Cola in Indonesia.

These continuous improvements have proven which among the famous drink company on earth, Coca-Cola needs to provide its best for the consumers. New idea has presented and continuous opportunities have made in order to become the best beverage company on the globe. (The Coca-Cola Company developing and circulation, www. coca-colaamatil. co. id, 2011)


The Coca-Cola Company tries to make new creativity to build up their products. Furthermore, more packages and interesting accessories are now easily found throughout Indonesia. The reputation The Coca-Cola Company in Indonesia which is recently recognize as the main carbonated drink company, has now evolved become total beverage company based on the creation of fast non-carbonated drink. It commenced from the issuance o f Frestea, Tea Drink, on the previous June 2002. Now, it becomes the second largest fast beverage product in Indonesia. Furthermore, Coca-Cola has marketed Sun Load syrup and Natural powder, and Ades mineral water outside Jabotabek.

In the field of packaging, Coca-Cola always posts its creativity. After Refillable Glass Container, Frestea, produced one or two years ago; it has been produced a final season in more relax package (Tetra Wedge) which is easier and more practice to bring. In the long run of 2003, Coca-Cola, Sprite, and Fanta came out in the tiny can package deal of 250ml. In addition there is Wine glass Container which is light to 30% in its weight with a very little design but strong. Now they have began to market in Bali as well as for the near returning years will be marketed nationwide.

Innovation in selling facilities also developed continuously to meet up with the need of consumers and the existing technology development. Coca-Cola Bottling Indonesia has non pollution materials. Besides increasing productivities, those new creates are anticipated to enhance the product of Coca-Cola Indonesia.

Those continuous inventions have proven that as one of the famous drink company on the globe, Coca-Cola would like to provide its best for the buyer. New idea has offered and continuous investments have manufactured in order to be the best beverage company on the planet. (The Coca-Cola creativity, www. coca-colaamatil. co. id, 2011)


Culture is a part of external affects that impact the consumer. That's culture represents affects that are imposed on the buyer by other individuals. The culture every country is different, not merely about culture of country but the company in addition has culture because of their company. To gain their business, The Coca-Cola Company concentrate in all aspect such as focus in product, determination to people development, graduate trainee program, job vacancy and others. To keep carefully the quality of product The Coca-Cola Company always control buttons the products never to disappointing the buyer. The Coca-Cola Company also kept the events because of their employees such as game titles, get together, etc. The Coca-Cola Company has dedication because of their company to continue to keep the believing from the peoples. (Lars Perner, Ph. D, www. consumerpsychologist. co. id, 2011) (www. coca-colaamatil. co. id, 2011)

Analyzes of PESTEL (Political-Economical-Social-Technological-Environmental-Legal)


The non-alcoholic beverages falls in the category under the FDA and the government plays a job within the procedure of manufacturing these products. For all those companies that didn't meet the standard requirement which were set for legal reasons, an amount of fines will be deemed.

The changes in regulations, such as accounting criteria, taxation requirements and environmental regulations and foreign jurisdictions might affect the booklet of the business as well as their access in overseas country. Apart from that, the changes in the type of business as non-alcoholic beverages can gain competitive product and rates pressures and the ability to improve or keep up with the show in sales in global market therefore of action by opponents. An overview to the united states internal markets and other governmental changes that impacts their capability to permeate the growing and emerging market segments which involves the political and economical conditions. Indeed, Coca-cola always anticipates any changes in the political field and continuously monitoring the policies and regulations placed by government. Within the political variables, most of the items are related to Governmental activities. So, they don't leave any good or bad impact in the Industry of coke.


The problem of recession and inflation rates may impact the industry of coke. Non-alcoholic and alcohol consumption are also means good impact for a certain countries. Non-alcoholic beverages will stand better for Indonesia, Japan, Germany, and so forth. Alternatively, alcoholic beverages will collect a higher demand in USA, Australia, New Zealand, etc. It is supposed that monetary have a negative impact to the demand of coca-cola products when the purchase price changed because of recession and inflation. The economical situation of the country shall be strong in order to adapt to the cost-effective changes.


Lifestyles and attitudes of the marketplace are supposed to change in a lifetime. Additionally it is observed that the entire content nowadays is categorized as seniors. This will continue to influence the non-alcoholic drink industry by increasing the demand overall and in the better beverages. The primary result is the reducing demand for the soda pops and is going to take down the revenue of coca-cola.


IT team is demanded to be the most functional field. This creates opportunities for services and product advancements in terms of marketing and development. New products always come with the progress of technology. Through personal computers coke can boost the efficiency of its business and can have up -to-date data about their productions. This will be a way to keep an eye on the needs of consumer.


The Coca-Cola Company offers consumers with simple occasions of uniquely satisfying refreshment. The Coca-Cola Company work hard to infuse environmentally friendly, health, and safeness performance. Before The Coca-Cola Company discharge wastewater into a natural body of drinking water, they treat that discharge water to an even capable of promoting fish life.

Recognizing that environmental, health, and security issues change as our knowledge of these issues increases, they are suffering from a comprehensive system that employs international specifications (including ISO 14001) and complies with the prevailing laws and regulations. All crops are audited regularly and have solid environment health and safety tactics - from waste management and reuse to occupational health insurance and safeness programs.

Beyond the satisfaction to do the right thing, our responsibility would go to the Indonesian people whose lives touch every day, which responsibility includes doing their business with techniques that protect environment and promote medical and safety of the employees at the work places.

Environment insurance plan:

PT. Coca-Cola Bottling Indonesia has dedication to always comprehend, prevent and reduce any negative influences on environment because of its development process, to continuously provide high quality products to its customers and consumers, and also to make a safe working environment. (The Coca-Cola Company environment, www. coca-colaamatil. co. id, 2011)


Legal aspect emphasizes on the result of the countrywide and world legislation. The industry of Coke receives all the privileges applicable in the type of the business. Every inventions and product trends are always entering the copyrighted process led by governmental rules and regulations. This sort of legal approach causes no highly negative impacts to industry of Coke as prescribed in Presidential decree.

(http://ivythesis. typepad. com/term_paper_topics/2009/12/pestle-analysis-on-coca-cola. html )

Three Majors are incredibly important from PESTEL


A few of economical crisis increases in many countries, especially underdeveloped and growing countries. Both categories seem to be not to have a strong economic level compared to developed countries. Inflation and recession may cause the inexpensive situation of these countries to be unpredictable. Prices can be absurd and unaffordable. This will establish a pick from the demand this means stingy demand. The revenue of coca-cola industry will be lowered in many possible ways. In conclusion, the sales projection will be greater than realization. Bad reputation will then create another negative impact to the other areas of implications.


The lifestyle, styles, and culture of every country are different. The countries such as Indonesia, Japan, Germany, Fiji, Papua Guinea, are nearing "Sparkling beverages", "still beverages", however, not "alcoholic beverages". This implies industry of coke have to determine their products circulation in a simultaneous way. Producing the non-alcoholic drinks in such countries mentioned above can collect a multitude of demands. Producing alcohol consumption will be only misused and only produced in a limited amount which resulting in higher prices than the other products. This problem might not exactly be influencing a country such as USA and Australia. Both of them are multicultural and many products are appropriate in both countries. The sole trouble is merely the competitors such as Pepsi and Nestle.


Apart from all the other filed, scientific do affect most industry even Coca-Cola company. Through the use of technology advantages, most developed establishments on the planet are experiencing the progression of technology as the source with their success. The center benefits are information, marketplace, and products development.

Information always flows from the industry to the clients and vice versa. An industry is a physical form of conceptual plan. Every industry has to convert the foundation of information into data. The data can be accessed by customers in order to give reliable reviews to the industry itself. This would be the access indicate industry. Every country appears to have different likes and needs. In this particular term, industry of coke can section the market with potential demand. The potential demand may be differentiated into some categories. Meanwhile, the industry of Coke can do products development to be able to satisfy the needs of consumer. This kind of monitoring session will bring up the flow into information again. Then, industry of Coke will hold the modified information from customer again. In addition, by the information received, industry of Coke can provide new information about their developed products and any promotion and details about the company.

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