Communication ACCUSTOMED TO Persuade Audiences Marketing Essay

Advertising is a type of communication used to persuade visitors to take some action with respect to products and services. This assignment is dependant on the scope of marketing communication.

The first segment gives brief aspect about the functions of advertising of reminding, information and persuasion. We've given example each for reminding, information and persuasion advertisements and justified how these advertisings are classified in the three.

In the next section, we've selected two advertisements for the same product, one of Television set commercial and the other of printing commercial. Then we've evaluated these two advertisements for positioning, design, copywriting, and creativity and shown that how the two commercials will vary from one another.

In the third section, we've briefly explained the tasks of advertising organization in the advertising process and also talked about the organization of communication industry. We've explained the phases in the advertising process (multimedia planning, best practices, and levels in key consideration relationships).

In the last and last section, we have mentioned the salient top features of each category of advert made a wisdom which of the advertisements we considered being the most satisfying for the features of that category.

P4: clarify and illustrate how advertising can be designed to differentiate, remind, inform and persuade

Advertising is one element of the promotional combination, and thus advertising aims will be placed in line with the whole Promotional and Marketing Goals, which in turn will narrate to the organizations' overall Corporate and business Objectives.

There are three main categories of advertising.

Informative advertising

Persuasive advertising

Reminder advertising


Promotion that shows the public regarding the benefits and top features of a made goods, what it does or can do, how it contrasts with contending or similar goods in value and reimbursement, and where it could be bought. It really is usually pursued by persuasive and brand-building advertising. (informational advertising, 2011)


The aims of helpful advertising are

Seeks to let know the marketplace about the produced goods and clarify how the product/good works.

Give home elevators pricing.

Make awareness of both the produced goods and the company.

To correct wrong consciousness about the business.

For example: informative advertising of KESC. The ad is given in appendix one.

The reason for categorizing KESC advertisement as helpful because they have given full information about the electricity thefts. They shows that how someone can feel regret by doing one thing before his kid. Also, they are informing people about the fines and punishment of electricity stealing. KESC is exhibiting that stealing is socially and ethically a crime. KESC also pointed out their contact quantities, fax quantity and email identification for grievances about the stealers. This advertisement also educates visitors to think that why others grab and we pay, induces these to speak up.


Persuasive advertising is thought as "promotional advertising that persuades product sampling and brand switching". (Business explanation, 1999 - 2011)


The objectives of persuasive advertising are

To persuade the target people to switch brands.

To make the purchase of the created goods.

To create an initial choice in the market for the product as disparate to its competition.

To increase customers commitment to the company.

For example: persuasive advertising of Suzuki APV. The advertising is given in appendix 2.

Suzuki is recognized as economical cars. The explanation for categorizing their ad as persuasive because the business has raised the level of Suzuki pick up to APV (luxury car). The advertisement is attracting young families towards the automobile and reaching the needs and lifestyle of the clients. The design of the APV is also stylish that persuade customers to get it.


Advertising designed to remind customers of the remuneration of a product or service, or with their existing dependence on those benefits. For example, the XYZ Company may look to remind customers of these want for XYZ anti-freeze when the local climate begins to carefully turn cold. (Bsiness meaning, 1999 - 2011)


The goals of reminder advertising are

To maintain interest about the merchandise.

Awareness of an excellent established produced goods in the market, frequently in the last periods of its product life routine.

It is repeatedly used at the Point-of-Purchase to remind customers of the Brand.

For example: reminder advertising of Coca Cola. The advertisement is given in appendix 3.

The reason behind categorizing their advertisement as reminder advertising because Coca Cola has generated a advertising by showing cartoon taking sip of the coke from bottle and also shows Bollywood Celebrity Amir Khan to make people alert to their existence on the market.

P 5: evaluate appropriate uses and applications for advertising in two given situations

The ad that we have chosen is of the "Warid zem". Warid Telecom is established by Abu-Dhabi group. The Abu Dhabi Group is aimed by Sheikh Nahayan Mabarak Al Nahayan and it is the Government Minister for Education of the United Arab Emirates. He is the Chairman of Warid Telecom, United Loan provider Limited, Wateen Telecom as well as the Founder Chairman of Loan company Alfalah Small. Warid Telecom initiated in Pakistan on 23rd May 2005 but its pre kick off operations started functioning six months before the kick off this shows the look masters took sufficient instance learning Pakistani's Market and is well prepared to serve in neuro-scientific service based mobile sectors in Pakistan.

Print ad

Warid zem: advertisement is given in appendix 4



The headline is very important part if print advertising. The headline in Warid zem advertisement is of the call rates on 75 paisa and 85 paisa to any landline and on other systems. The slogan is actually relating to the customer because most mobile users are young adults. They also have show the youngsters (guys & young ladies) wearing informal dresses and chatting on mobile phones.

Sub heading

The sub proceeding in this advertising is "kyun k hamay ehsaas hai aap ka". This sub going shows that Warid zem cares for his or her customers.

Body copy

There is no body copy included in Warid zem ad. The aim of this advertising is to appeal to youngsters towards their new offer about call rates.


The design of the advertisement is simple. Warid zem shows youngesters picture putting on casual dress, enjoying the decision and delighting their selves from minimum call rates offer. The information about the decision rates and service is given.


The ad is simple and there is no too much creativity in it. The font and the youngters putting on casual dress shows the regular users of mobile telecom enjoying the lowest call rates facilities which makes youngsters desires to avail this opportunity.

The color and large dotted font of call rates 75 paisa and 85 paisa like bliinking light attract customers towards their services.

The youngters using informal dress, smiling and enjoying with the cheapest call rates also generate a focal point for other young people which encourages them to good thing about this opportunity.

The backdrop colors blue and red, and also that lightening factor in red backdrop is looking good.

TV Commercial ad

OfficialWaridzem, (15 jan, 2008), Wridzem Pakistan, Retrieved 05 02, 2011, from http://www. youtube. com/watch?v=9b6HxGFXC0s

Three elements is there to consider is video, audio tracks and computer design.


The significant thing to bear in mind is the visuals. With this ad they are in essence targetting the youngster's. The you start with the blinking of lamps is to catch the attention of the clients attention towards their services. Within this ad, these are displaying car and electric guitar which shows that people are pleased to have low call rates and enjoying their selves by making calls to their family and friends. The blinking light also shows about the a day service ( day & nights) on landline and on thers sites.


In this advertising when the video recording begins, the play again music starts associated with the video recording. The music is detailing the video tutorial visuals and the story. The song claims are " baaton se hain rishty saray" and "din ho ya raat kr lo baat sirf zem k sath". In the last area of the ad, they are simply detailing about the plans which Warid zem is offering and promotes their customers by saying the declaration that "baat hai tou sub sath hai"

Story line

The story is explained perfectly. They have concentrate on both the people, friends and offering customers to work with their low call rates plans of 75 paisa and 85 paisa on all systems. Warid zem is getting customers giving them a day service package which makes customers wish to avail this opportunity.

Computer graphics

There is too much computer producing effects which are quite good to take attention of people and making interest. Computer images effects make an awesome environment in this advertisement, getting people towards their services.


There is a good piece of work done in this advertisement. The creativeness factor is too much good like bringing up the vehicles and guitars by exhibiting the landline and other sites. Specially, the relatives and buddies image which they have build is also good. The lightning factor is also a creative idea, stopping the training video and then flipping it. They also have given the image of fun team where people are enjoying with their own families and friends on calls and giving the thought of making marriage better insurance firms in contact with each other.



Television allows to attain big numbers of individuals on a nationwide or local level in a short period of their time

sovereign stations and cable connection offer new chances to pinpoint local viewers

Television being an image-building and visible medium, it reveals the ability to express your note with sight, reasonable and motion


Message is impermanent, and could need multiple publicity for the advertising to increase above the clutter

Ads on network associates are concerted in local news broadcasts and station breaks

Preferred advertising times are often sold out considerably in advance

partial length of exposure, as almost all ads are only thirty seconds long or less, which restricts the quantity of information a corporation can connect

comparatively expensive in conditions of creative, development and airtime costs



Allows for improved targeting of audience, can decide magazine publications offering to exact audience or whose editorial content focuses on topics of interest to audience.

High reader involvement means that more concentration will be paid to advertisements

Better class newspaper allows better color reproduction and full-color advertisements

The lesser webpage (generally 8 Ѕ by 11 ins) allows even small ads to stand out


Long lead times signify that company must create programs weeks or months in advance

The slower business lead time heightens the threat of companies ad getting pass by events

There is imperfect suppleness in terms of ad position and format.

Space and ad layout expenditures are higher

P 6: evaluate the role, corporation and functions of companies in the advertising process

Role of advertising agency

Businesses and Corporations etc employ the service of advertising agencies to market their goods, brands and services to present and prospective customers.

Understand the Product / Company

An advertising organization begins on by getting well familiar with the client's targets, products & target audience. This information proves helpful in planning and creating an effectual advertising campaign.

Plan & Create an Advertising Campaign

Once an advertising company identifies its clients' requirements, the procedure of brainstorming and planning starts. Keeping in mind the client's objectives

approaching sales of its goods and services

launching new goods in the market

restate its brand's benefits

attracting new clients or keeping in contact with old ones


Some corporations prefer to subcontract their overall marketing household duties to advertising agencies. In such a case, the ad firm takes over the task of brand building, strategizing and moving sales during other campaign techniques like sales offers etc.

Communication is art work and technology. Communication uses as, marketing tools, modern methods and technology procedures for expanding the most effectual communication programs and brand strategies. By joining strategic thinking, creative imagination and professionalism and reliability our ideas come into existence. Communication produces strong connection between brand and customers.

Delozier defines the marketing communication process "The process of delivering an included group of promotion combine to a target market with the level to build up a preferred set of reactions within that target market".

The communication process


There are different types of services that different agencies provide such as:

Full Service Agency

Full service company provides full selection of marketing, communication, research, promotion and all the services. They may also offer services other than advertising such as proper market planning, creation of sales campaign; sales training and trade show materials.

Marketing Services

Marketing services provides all marketing services such as marketing research, planning or marketing selection. Also providing campaign services

Account Services

it is the hyperlink between the ad agency and your client. All of the accounts working and funds are taken health care by them

Creative Boutiques

they provide creative services for extra imagination. They emphasize on creative idea development and unique imaginative services. They work on the creation and execution of advertising. This is used for a brand new approach to an ad campaign.

Creative services

Creative services such as copywriting, Tv set commercial storyboard, script writing etc are given. There is a separate art office, production office for TV advertisements and traffic office to coordinate all phases of creation.

Sales promotion

Advertising organization also provides sales campaign service to market the product and services.

Event marketing

Advertising company also offers event marketing services to speak their customer and conveying the company message.

Media Buying Services

This is press related and lets a client buy radio and television time. That is quite popular these days that provides mass media strategy consultancy. These kinds focus on focusing on the analysis and buy of advertising time and space. Given that they purchase marketing space in large volumes, they receive discount rates and cut costs.

Agency Selection

It can be difficult to decide when to hire ad agency. Advertising agencies are determined based on organization's needs, requirements and almost all of all budgets. A number of the reasons/ situations receive below. Once company have determined the need of selecting an ad agency then it is necessary to find the right organization for your advertisements purpose. You'll find so many agencies to choose from and each specializing in several things.

Type of firms available

In-house agency

In-house agency can be an advertising agency in an organization that is established, owned and run by the advertiser. Sometimes there are advertising departments too. Rather than outsourcing the advertising to some agency, the advertisement campaigns are treated by its own in-house agency. Allowing a business have more control n its advertising activities, it reduces advertising and promotion costs and it is time conserving for the advertisers.

Advertising Agency

As mentioned above it's an outside ad organization providing specialised skills and knowledge in the advertising field. They try to fulfill the need of the client and present their product/service in the best possible way to create a good image of these on the market. All of the activities are outsourced by an organization to them to transport them out.

Full Service agency & Creative Boutiques

As discussed previously, full service agency provides all kinds of services such as planning, promotion, creation etc while creative boutiques only provide creative services to include extra creativeness.

Media Organizations

these are tv set, radio, newspaper publishers and etc. They have its own insurance policy that appeals to particular customers.

Specialized Marketing Communication Services

These services include direct marketing agencies, sales promotion companies, and public relations firms. They offer sampling programs, contest preparations and etc. There are also interactive companies for web development and etc.


Media commission

In the advertising record, frequently called only 'commission rate' or sometimes 'organization commission'. This is actually the markdown which an advertising company allows from the ABOVE-THE-LINE marketing, subject to acknowledgement by the trade systems representing the five major advertising (acknowledged advertising organization)

Creative and development charges

Agency charging for creation, writing and making for the advertising.

Mark ups

Any out-of-agency services or goods such as font, picture taking, producing etc. or resources used purposely for the completion of a given project will be owed to the client with an suitable mark-up.


It is the every month fee or annually which a customer pay to agency which is set up between them.


Customer romance is a broadly executed strategy for managing a company's connections with customers, clients and sales leads. It engross using technology to arrange, mechanize, and harmonize business techniques (principally sales activities), but also those for customer service, marketing and technical support. In general goals are to find, appeal to and win new customers, look after and keep those the company already has, catch the attention of former clients back into the crease, and decrease the costs of marketing and consumer service. Customer romance explains a business intensive business strategy as well as customer-interface departments including other departments

Media Planning

Media division also takes care of the pay for and time management of mass media blocks. Marketing planning is a four-step process

Locating media aims in shine of marketing and advertising objectives.

Developing a press plan for making use of media objectives.

Designing media guidelines for realizing marketing strategy.

Proposing steps for analyzing the effectiveness of the press plan.

The primary target of a multimedia plan is to find the focusing on audience. After media planners describe the mark audience for a advertising plan, they position communication goals. Media organizers build three essential decisions: where you can advertise, when to advertise and what press categories to use. Furthermore, they make these judgments when confronted with budget restraints. Press purchasers choose mass media vehicles to perform established multimedia strategies. The efficiency of your media plan can be an essential area of the mass media plan. Although sales consequences are the last measure of the effectiveness of an advertising campaign, the sales effect is exaggerated by numerous factors such as price, syndication and competition. '


To understand how advertising works and the way to get the best results, start by stimulating understanding of the marketing basics.

Evaluate the basics of focusing on a buyer section and marketing tactically compared to that place.

Choose about the prevailing customers

Define the target market where company needs to reach.

Know what company is actually providing, which is possibly not only company's product or service, but also a obscure such as status, self-enhancement, or peace of mind.

Once advertisers make a decision the intangible benefits of service or product, advertiser have a clearer intellect of who else offers that intangible and what advertising procedure and picture require in order competing effectively.

WORK Circulation CHART

M2: Make a powerful judgement which of these advertisement do you take into account as best in its category and just why?


Informative advertising allows companies to sketch customers attention to a brand and inform them about quality features and benefits.

It is generally broadcasted via media, helpful advertising give marketers with a cost-efficient way to show how their product works, what it holds and where it could be purchased.

This is particularly important whenever a product is new or technologically multifaceted.

The silent top features of KESC advertising are good. They may have given appropriate information about the stealing of electricity and its own punishment. There are a few downsides in this advertising like the philosophy of headlines which is normally difficult for the visitors to understand simultaneously. Secondly, there are a few words which can be difficult to understand by a common citizen. Very last thing is the Urdu version of this information which should also be talked about because many electricity users and residents of Karachi have no idea English terminology well making problematic for them to understand.


Company convinces customers that their good is better than another in assembling their needs.

Company is providing distinct benefits which customers seek.

Company can also inspire a higher-volume or even more instant purchase when compared to a buyer would. . normally. . make.

APV got done good persuasive ad. The headlines, image of friends enjoying at picnic and the appearance of the car persuade customers. You can find a bit lack of information about the automobile specifications.


Company is indented to remind customers of the product existence.

Company uses it for the merchandise or goods which have already turned out successful

Company used for that product which reaches maturity level.

In Coca Cola advertising, there is no written content to remind. They may be getting children towards their product by showing energetic animation and giving lunch break boxes.

There are main three types of advertising categories (informative, persuasive and reminder). The essential aim of these advertising categories is to promote the product and boost the sales. In our opinion, informative advertising is better than the others because it provides all information about the product which increase customer's knowledge and can make reason for them to choose the product. By this, sales can be increased and an organization can create a good reputation in front of their customers.

According to us KESC advertisement is the most gratifying for the features of informative category. With this ad they received very good notion by demonstrating that how someone can feel regret by doing some thing in front of their children. They show that individuals who take electricity are criminals and they have imprinted it on media paper because majority of individuals uses news paper. KESC also discuss the result of electricity stealing on citizens who gives their utilities regularly and promotes those to make voice against electricity thefts and by making calls citizens can inform the regulators.

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