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Ask a woman this question, "Who will be the only two dependable men that will never let you down and will continually be there when you need them?" - Ben & Jerry. No, Ben & Jerry aren't two famous Hollywood stars, but the ice-cream brand.

Ben & Jerry's produces an array of super prime ice-cream known because of its high quality, all natural ingredients chunk-filled ice-cream and creative taste names. What began as an ice-cream shop operating in a renovated gas place by two high-school friends, Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield 30 years ago, has advanced into a brand, which includes string of nearly 160 franchised outlets in America itself and even more globally; and a line of products bought from supermarkets almost everywhere. How has the product of what two Hippies has chose as seeking "to do something that might be more fun" grown to an internationally accepted brand that is now a subsidiary of Unilever?

Ben & Jerry's is founded and dedicated on its 3-parts quest statement which include product, economical and social. With these in mind, the company runs predicated on two values - "Whether it's not fun, why undertake it" and " Business has a responsibility to give back to the city". The business determined that business success alone was not enough alone to sustain and therefore set on operating a small business that is both profitable and socially responsible.

Ben & Jerry's commits to its ideology of creating "Ice-Cream for the people". With this idea in mind for days gone by 30 years, the business is able to produce an considerable range of flavors that totals up to 75 or more flavors dished up in its scoop-shops around the world and even more than 400 flavours concocted current. To attain out to an even larger mass, Ben & Jerry's furthered its enlargement to sell packaged ice-cream in pints in supermarkets globally. This allowed them to gain recognition not only within the states, but also internationally.

Each ice-cream flavor of Ben & Jerry's are creatively-named, that allows each taste to stand out on its own. Supporters of Ben & Jerry's (which they believe in terming their customers as) are even allowed to make suggestions for the materials of the ice-cream. Take for example, Chunky Monkey, a banana-flavored ice-cream filled with chocolate chunks and walnuts. With the use of such innovative names, it assists as an advantage over Ben & Jerry's closest rival, Haagen Dazs, which ice-cream flavours are named as simple as possible. In addition, flavours are sometimes named after superstars such as Cherry Garcia, the top-ranked flavor cherry ice-cream filled with cherries and fudge chunks, was named after Grateful Dead's guitarists. With the use of famous icons, the business is able to capture the marketplace of the followers of these icons to take a pastime in their ice-cream. This shows how Ben & Jerry's are receptive towards their admirers and exactly how important they value them.

However, with the current global ice-cream industry, customization of the tastes are easily accessible to each individual customer. In Singapore, ice-cream parlors such as Freezing Rock Snow Creamery and Marble Slab Creamery offer their ice-cream with mix-in concoctions - allowing customers to choose the toppings that'll be mixed into their ice-cream. Therefore, there are hundred and thousand ways for customers to customize their ice-cream that may differ with each purchase. Ben & Jerry's thus, has its own Research & Development department to continue innovating new tastes and concoctions because of its ice-cream, so that their admirers will be captivated by the constant refreshment of these ice-cream.

Ben & Jerry's built on its "responsibility to give back to the community" by positively participating in activities that give value to the contemporary society. This is greatly acknowledged as the brand's main form of online marketing strategy, through word-of oral cavity. Ben & Jerry's partake in little media advertisements, and when so, mainly for the promotion of their situations rather than for their ice-cream products. The most well-known event of Ben & Jerry's worldwide, is the Annual Free Cone Day. What began as a concept of giving back again to the community simply by offering their product, has become the brand's most basic, immediate form of marketing possible. Each year, on Free Cone Day, scoop retailers all over the world give out several million free ice-cream cones to the customers. Also, scoop-shops spouse with beneficiaries to gather fund-raising. With this effort, Ben & Jerry's ice-cream spreads through word-of-mouth and gain customers' reputation in the form of creating goodwill and opportunities for individuals to flavor their ice-cream.

The relationship of Ben & Jerry's with non-profit and community organizations is another factor of the success of Ben & Jerry's non-conventional online marketing strategy. The Ben & Jerry's Foundation was setup to aid the founding ideals of the business. Ben & Jerry's term this as "Beliefs Led Marketing" where they dedicate themselves to make a difference at reason behind societal and environmental problems instead. This offers the brand a spot of differentiation and is part of the brand's personality. Customers would like to be associated with products that not only create value on their behalf, also for the rest of the society. This image seems to boost consumers' notion of themselves and the brand.

However, Ben & Jerry's at times, have were overly-focused on the social areas of their ideals that they overlook the business management of the company's framework and also the key emphasis with their product quality. It's been accused of repeatedly neglecting the performance of the business. The company's net income was on the decline towards the late 1990s as compared to the early 1990s where there was a large emphasis on the participation of activism. There was difficulty in keeping the positioning of the CEO loaded in those days because of the split between your management of the business businesses of the firm and the control of the business's objective led by Ben. Therefore, the brand's financial performance came as a sacrifice.

Another form of direct marketing that Ben & Jerry's builds on is through its online marketing, the fastest-form of such strategy. The official website of Ben & Jerry's includes a database that the company employs mostly for to reasons: firstly, to learn what their lovers think about their proposed new products and ideas; and also to also require their followers in the social-related triggers they are involved in. Ben & Jerry's website is a kind of corporate Website where it is utilized mainly to generate customer relationships using their ice-cream fans. Supporters are able to go onto the net to learn more about the business rather than to buy their products online, and there's also interactive activities that supporters can take part in such as mailing e-cards with their friends. This can help to advertise the brand of Ben & Jerry's where it is also a form of viral marketing.

Ben & Jerry's believe in not just providing the best ice-cream for his or her enthusiasts, but also in creating value for their fans. Scoop-shops setup all around the world give their fans the ambience of having fun, whilst having Ben & Jerry's ice-cream. Besides packaging the ice-cream in the colourful mugs and pints, Ben & Jerry's put emphasis in providing a fun-filled environment because of their followers. Scoop-shops are adorned according to the festival styles such as Halloween and Holiday. Thus giving the fans an incentive to want to return to the scoop-shops for more ice-cream as Ben & Jerry's.

Ben & Jerry's wouldn't normally be Ben & Jerry's without their fans, their chunk-filled ice-cream, their values-led company mission. Only with all these set up, Ben & Jerry's is then focused on making sure that every scoop of Ben & Jerry's offers a "tastebud-boggling odyssey" great enough to have their fans all the way to the status of "euphoria". And this is exactly what ables Ben & Jerry's to be one of the very best brands of ice-cream round the world.

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