Comparison Between Indian And Us Sports activities PRESS Essay

This research on the differentiation between three reports channels and exactly how they telecast and cover sports in their respected countries deals primarily with sports activities journalism. The three information programs are New Delhi Tv (NDTV) in India, CNN - IBN in India and CNN in USA, here we will review the patterns in broadcasting, the journalistic beliefs, the activities that are visible in the two countries, the viewership with regards to different sports activities, the commercialization of sports activities and sports and in every sports journalism all together in broadcast media. The world of activities has evolved within the last century and in the first decade of the 21st century the entire world has seen a whole lot difference in sports as it has become faster, tougher and even more competitive. With sports activities, athletics journalism as well has grown over the years. We can start to see the change in the manner sports journalism, which was just a part of the whole multimedia now it is becoming unique alone.

We can easily see the change from the mid 1900s and the late 1900s and today in the new millennium, athletics journalism is becoming more and more significant and prominent in the mass media. In 1960, the wintertime Olympics were kept in Squaw Valley, California and the multimedia coverage was nowhere close to that of the 2002, Salt Lake winter Olympics. This was just an example, the 2008 - 2009 UEFA Champions Category last between Barcelona and Manchester United was the most watched live event in tv set history beating that year's Super bowl. This shows the variations in the manner sports journalism is effective in several countries and areas. This was the first time the Super dish was defeated with a football match, the explanation for this is the media. They advertised the function of the Champions Little league final as the match between the two best footballers on the planet, Leonel Messi and Christiano Ronaldo as well as the success would be declared as the best in the entire world. One can see how the marketing uses its strategies and production strategies to promote the function. Here the news prices aspect is reflected in sports journalism.

What maybe moral or ethical and the type of news must telecasted and covered these days be based upon the producers, promoters, visitors and also which sport is more interesting. Cricket in India will be broadcast in a fashion that it'll be shown as the most important event on the planet. Whereas, football or hockey will not be shown in the same manner. In the majority of the countries it depends with traditions and culture. In America the four major sports activities are basketball, glaciers hockey, baseball and their version of sports. A lot of the sports played out in countries aside from North America are generally the same. The most popular sport in the world is football rather than American football. In America any big information relating to another sports would not be given much importance and even if it's, it will find hardly any time in the complete sports segment of a news route. Britain will claim that they have invented the majority of the sports that are being played out in the present day day. Their way of covering sports activities is different to that of America, they give all activities almost equivalent importance. In addition they focus on the four American activities and present them more coverage than what America gives to others. You have to consider that the pre and post occurrences for any wearing event are viewed more than the event itself. The summer Olympics can be an example, the beginning and closing wedding ceremony of the function is watched by more folks than the Olympics or any part of it. This shows the way the mass media and journalism has improved in a massive way combined with the sport itself. The market for sports activities journalism is by far the most improving and increasing one and the makers and advertisers know this and want to make full use of it for their benefit and the audiences will be shown what they need and not what exactly is happening, the whole thing is to help make the event sell and also to get the Television Rating Details (TRPs).

It has all become commercialization and deregulation of televised sport. It is becoming this important commodity. IN THE US it has always been around as something emphasizing the entertainment beliefs. In many Europe it's been a model emphasizing neutrality. Together with the life of exclusive athletics channels like Entertainment and Sports Development Network (ESPN), Sky Activities, etc. the news programs have to find something different to make their activities section sell to the public. So, they use different ways of telecasting sports reports. Only in sports one will discover other interesting details like the lives, interests, romantic relationships of the athletics personalities and discuss about them in detail. There exists politics in sports activities as well and the extra information attracts people especially women to the activities. The word "Plausibly Live" was coined to spell it out the production of the 1996 Atlanta summertime Olympics. The saying was used as the broadcasts were not live but might have been. During any event one would get the complete extra details one any particular team or player as the tv set team would be sent to find the info. Then anytime during the show they might give out the information to the audiences. The marketers now will determine that when there has to be a break and exactly how long it must go on. Now there will be more cuts in virtually any match as it'll create more interest and make the sport much faster and better. The camera angles in modern times are such that they will improve the event than it really is. The activity has changed or it has been made it progress. This is the whole notion of sports journalism today. To enhance what's there to an even that is more interesting to the visitors than it is, is the way it is in these times.


The methodology because of this dissertation would be of two sorts. The first will be quantitative method where there is the analysis of all sports sections in the all three information channels and exactly how they have got allocated time and news coverage to each sport and athletics personalities. Every news route will have its regulations on telecasting any sport and how much to telecast and it'll be different for every news route. NDTV and CNN - IBN would typically have the same content and same time which is given for every sport. As both are in the united states they would target more on the sports activities of cricket and cricketers more than some other sport. Both these Indian channels would vary somewhat in the manner they telecast the activities news. As they need to get their news segment sell. They'll try to give attention to what they think will be the best for the visitors and not take the time about some other news that maybe important but might not exactly be that sellable. In quantitative method the time allocated for every single sport, e. g. cricket, football, hockey, badminton, etc. is very important. The time given for individual cricketers and other sport personalities in one channel would be analyzed and in comparison to that of the other two information channels. What's the time given for interviews and for news and features would also be examined. With this one can see the difference in the way each one of the three news stations differ from the other. The news headlines content in CNN would definitely change from that of both Indian news channels. As they are in USA they might concentrate more on the activities that are famous in that area of the world. But the target is on the news headlines content of CNN in India and whether it could change for the Indian audiences or if they would try to promote their sports activities in India. Addititionally there is the fact that CNN and CNN - IBN is the same company and whether their insurance policies could be the same or would be the several according to the region. All facts and results that would result from the analysis of these news channels would be a part of quantitative technique.

There is also qualitative method where the main standards for the research are the interpretation that comes away from what the news stations telecast. If one news channel provides more emphasis for just one sport genuinely or if it offers more emphasis on a sport if a particular occasion will there be like the entire world cup, then the interpretation that comes out would be the basis for qualitative method. Both methods would be utilized for this review as it is vital to know the reality and characters as well as the understanding as to why there is a difference in the way each one of the news channels fluctuate in the telecasting of athletics news from each other. The research and the assessment between these information channels would be essential to determine the difference in procedures and the pursuits of individuals in that region, so, both methodologies are highly essential.


Indian information is dedicating time for personalized and sensationalized reports items than that of information channels.

The terms of commentary employed by reports casters and reporters in Indian reports channels are employing sensationalized and mental words than that folks channels.

The visual vocabulary of India sports activities news is deliberately generating sensationalism.

Scope and Limitations

The scope because of this dissertation is that in the foreseeable future more studies can be made on more news channels. The study can be vaster as media stations from other countries can also be included. Further research can be done as news channels can be compared to exclusive sports information channels. This will help to learn the difference in cultures, traditions and hobbies for sports for folks in the various regions of the earth.

The limitations to this study is that study and research is merely between three media stations, two in India and one in USA. With this it is difficult to investigate the difference between the trends in sports in both countries. By the selection of one news channel in USA one cannot determine the fads and practices in sports there are that of the complete country. Each news route will have its own guidelines and ideas, so, one cannot say that the sports news that they might telecast is the craze of this country which is their mentality towards sports activities.

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