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Concern on environmental issues worldwide

There is a rising concern on environmental issues worldwide nowadays. Ministry of international affairs statistic shows that over time, the heat has been climb because of carbon dioxide trapped and green house gases have influenced the global weather. This change will affect the people live all around the globe. This also includes access to water, health, food and the wellness of the surroundings. Today's consumers have began to notice that their purchasing conducts actually cause a huge impact to the surroundings. Therefore, companies should practice offering environmentally friendly products and service to people to prevent this world become worse.

Although, Malaysia has undergone a fantastic development followed governmental initiatives to attract international investor to come and spend for a green product development in Malaysia, the action of environmental responsible behavior among Malaysian individuals are still low.

One of the types of the lack of environmental responsible tendencies is shown in an article in Bernama whereby garbage tossed by one of their state in Malaysia residents is the main cause of river pollution in the state of hawaii. Corresponding to a review which was taken care of on by global market perception and information group, only 8% of Malaysian respondents responded they have changed their action in a greatest deal to benefit the environment on the aspect of eco-friendliness of patterns and behaviors

In addition 83% respondents reported that their views on a company's and their College's friendliness to the surroundings would influence those to purchases a green products and services.

Studying the determinants of generation-Y consumers renewable purchase patterns will be definitely benefit inexperienced marketers. Generation-Y (also called a millennial) is defined as A label attributed to people born through the 1980s and early 1990s. Participants of Era Y are often known as "echo boomers" because they're the children of parents given birth to through the baby boom ("baby boomers"). Because children delivered during this time period have had constant access to technology (pcs, cell phones) in their youth, they have got required many employers to update their hiring strategy to be able to incorporate kept up to date types of technology. In a simple word, generation-Y grew up with a technology and depends on those things to execute their job and their job.

In addition, when going through a literature review in Malaysian framework, there are still a gap existed between environmental knowledge, purpose and habit towards renewable product. [Said et al. (2005)]. Despite the fact that people that have vast understanding of green products aren't always would buy a green product.

Therefore, factors those determine and affect Generation-Y to buy a renewable product would be well worth to find out.

1. 1 History IN THE RESEARCH

Environment is defined as what surrounds something or something or quite simply it means the surrounding. Maybe it's a physical component which is physical environment, which includes the built environment, environment such as air, normal water, land, atmosphere and etc or it could be individual environment where people encircling the item or thing which also known as the cultural environment. Today environment gets worst and most severe. Many environmental issues happen. Environmental concerns have been growing in recent years. One of the examples of environmental issue is global warming. Global warming and climate change refer to an increase in average global temperatures. Natural occasions and individuals activities such as burning garbage and waste materials are thought to be contributing to an increase in average global temperatures. This is triggered primarily by raises in "greenhouse" gases such as Carbon Dioxide. The greenhouse result keeps the planet earth warm when working normally. For the very first time in history, individual activities are modifying the climate of our own entire planet. According to (Jack, 2010), in less than 2 hundreds of years, humans have increased the quantity of skin tightening and in the atmosphere by 25% from the using up of fossil fuels and the damage of forests. As well as the natural fluxes of carbon through the planet earth system, individual activities, especially fossil fuel using and deforestation, are also releasing carbon dioxide in to the atmosphere (The Carbon Pattern; the Human Role, Earth Observatory, NASA).

Green product is define as something that produce limited carbon footprints; they may require fewer resources to create, eat less energy or produce fewer hazardous emissions. Green product is also a product that is non poisonous, water-efficient, and also recyclable and biodegradable. There are many green products that have been produce for folks on the market. For example, children cleanser. Nowadays it's practically impossible to shop without finding a plethora of products that lay claim to be environmentally and consumer friendly. Strangely enough, many cheap and eco-friendly substances, such as vinegar, have been used for a long time as home cleaners. Whether you get a green cleaning product at a store or use something readily available in your pantry, you can experience the benefits of choosing products that are gentler you and the surroundings. Phosphate-free dishwasher and laundry detergents are also consider a green product because they do not discharge environment-damaging phosphates into waterways. Other examples of green cleaning products are those labeled "authorized biodegradable;" these have approved several stringent testing associated with biodegradability and environmental impact conducted by an independent certifying agency. Regarding to Consumer Records, the "certified biodegradable" label is more significant when compared to a "total biodegradable" label. Wine glass and material cleaners, kitchen and bathroom cleaners, and laundry detergents are products that might take this label.

The rationale for becoming enviromentally friendly is twofold. Plainly, the positive effects on the surroundings are a key drivers for purchasing inexperienced product. Green product provides myriad environmental benefits. They can replace dangerous materials that may be bad for people or family pets. Also, some products save energy and normal water, while others limit solid misuse and manufacturing releases. Green products create a wholesome environment for individuals through reduced exposure to cleaners, solvents, paints and other dangerous chemicals. Green product can also reduce allergies. Many families find that their children suffer from allergies, even though their family history does not necessary say that we now have no allergies. In some situations, chemicals found within cleaning products contain allergens. Bleaches, poisonous cleaning sprays and other chemicals used to clean the house commonly contain a variety of substances specifically able to cause or induce allergies in people.

Generation Y are the cool era, they accept brand and live in the new world of digitize communication. Thus that might be interesting to find their conception and their degree of understanding towards environmental conditions that the world is facing nowadays. Gen Y has grown up in an exceedingly structure, active and over prepared world. Also, Gen Y is made up of confident, optimistic young people who feel appreciated and wanted. Within a article of science daily, Gen-Y is a people that will go all the way as it pertains to saving the surroundings so long as it benefit to world economical and environment. They are simply maturing into a pragmatic technology that wants to do the right thing for the surroundings but also has real financial concerns


Consumers or virtually customers will be the sellers and customers that boost the country's economy. Therefore, many organizations are actually putting many efforts to be able to entice more customers because these customers create businesses opportunities and generate profits to them. As the earth nowadays facing so many problems regarding to an environmental issue, the consumers and their behaviour or behaviors to purchase a inexperienced product are the critical indicators to be considered. Consumers nowadays have significantly more choices due to the effects of globalization. They will prefer the function of the merchandise rather than the brand or whatsoever to ensure a healthier future.

To determine the existing degree of Gen-y consumers inclination towards the renewable products.

To know what are the determinants or factors of Gen-y consumer personal preferences towards the green product.

To determine the results or effects of Gen-y consumer personal preferences towards the renewable product.

To determine consumer level of knowing of Gen-y consumer towards inexperienced product.


Awareness towards environmental concern that the world nowadays facing play a major role encourage people to acquire a green product. Thus, this research is makes an attempt to relate on the various variables that influence consumer especially generation-Y to purchase a renewable product. The objectives are as the next:

* To study the factors influencing the buyer especially Gen-Y to acquire green product.

Gen-y is a new generation and It is imperative to understand as they are more advance and modernize. Thus, several researches have been conducted in order to understand consumers in a way that how they respond, and what exactly are the factors that lead them to behave or react to the reactions of the merchandise. Leading factors such as price and quality are always the top concerns to the consumers. Product characteristics will moderate the effects of price on quality judgments. Partial of the consumers may concentrate on buying low prices goods and disregard the grade of the products. This band of consumers takes the purchase price as a measure of sacrifice. For instance, consumers take the purchase price served as the standard for comparing electricity gains from the grade of the product. One the other hand, some portion of the consumers will be prepared to pay reduced price for the product quality and function of the products, as they are extremely delicate to the signs of the quality of one product. Thus, it is wish that this review will contribute further to the knowledge of factors of price and quality that can lead to the consumers favor for a inexperienced product

* To comprehend the consciousness level of individuals about "Go Green" advertising campaign.

Nowadays, there a wide range of environmental campaign have been planned by a administration and private sector. This advertising campaign is try to encourage people to more concern about the environment. Thus, it is trust that this research will explore how people react to a environmental marketing campaign and what is their level of recognition about the recognition campaign.

* To examine the benefit for people engagement in "Go Green" program.

We might be asking, how we will reap the benefits of getting involved with this environmental marketing campaign. Well, recently there's been a rise in events straight related to the option of natural resources. For example energy shortages that resulted to insert shedding, change in weather patterns and normal water shortages. Because of this, civil society is recognizing the necessity to deal with our natural resources more effectively and responsibly. In doing this, we can ensure positive effects on our health and wellness, standard of living and even the expense of living. Thus, this analysis will help people to getting known more in what they will gain if indeed they participate in environmentally friendly campaign.

*To discover what consumer notion towards green product.

In curiosity to recognize what are the key components or requirements that consumer especially gen-Y want forward to be able to acquire a green product. It really is true that every one of us are special and unique in the manner were, thus, every consumer has their very own perception in purchasing a green product. Differing people from differing backgrounds may have different perceptions on these products. Moreover, different demographic groups may have different perceptions to the kind of product as well. Thus, this analysis will identify if the consumer especially gen-y prefer to buy a renewable product or never to safe a mom of globe.


This study is essential as there are a great number of inexperienced products have been retailing nowadays. Obviously, whenever we talk about green product, the price for that one item might be so expensive. The study on factors impacting on consumer especially Gen-Y buying a green product may allow us to learn in depth why are previous efforts considered does not produce as it is thought it might be. Based on the analysis conducted, motivations towards the environment, knowledge on renewable product, public norm, understanding and self-image impact on the buyer especially Gen-Y buying a inexperienced product. Government may need to improve its program in educating people inexperienced product. New and much more interesting "Go Green" program and method is an absolute necessity in motivating visitors to increase their interest/awareness on a green product and indirectly motivates them to acquire it.

1. 5 Opportunity OF STUDY

The research concentrate on students in Multimedia system School (MMU) Melaka campus and teens from beyond your campus which originates from various demographic backgrounds including the faculty, ethnicity and nationality. The targeted respondents are a great resemblance on the precise people in Malaysia.


1. 6. 1 Section 1: Introduction

Regarding this chapter, it introduce the backdrop of the research such as why do people as a consumer buy a renewable product. Thus, this will create a strong choice one of the gen-y consumers locally and abroad to consume and purchase inexperienced products. These sections will explain in details in the of consumers' choices from the Malaysian perspective and as well from the global view for renewable products. This chapter also recognized the challenge statement and the research objectives for this research. Finally, the justification of the study will help to justify the huge benefits and those who'll gain in this research.

Chapter 2 : Literature Review

A thorough study will be conducted on the based mostly variable and 3rd party variables. The main purpose because of this chapter is to ponder the professionals and negative aspects of the topic and also to discuss in details on the ideas and knowledge worried. In this section, every description of the reliant variable and 3rd party factors will be cited from the publications to be able to strengthen every point described. Several of quarrels and various things of views from different creators to be able to provide a stronger formation of every point can be founded in this chapter. In addition to that, this chapter clarifies the associations on several 3rd party variables relate to the dependent parameters.

1. 6. 2 Chapter 3 : Research Methodology

Research methodology is usually conducted following the thorough review of literature review. On this chapter, theoretical framework will be form to illustrate the relationships between the dependent adjustable and the impartial factors. Hypotheses or a suggested explanation that have been made on the basis of limited evidences will make clear the connections between several variables. All the hypotheses mentioned will be tested together with empirical data. This chapter also contains the information of the sampling data, data selections and as well as the development of the questionnaire because of this research.

Chapter 4 : Data Analysis

After questionnaires are accumulated from all the respondents, then few lab tests will be conducted to test on the validity and consistency of the results. The responds of the questionnaires from the respondents are symbolized by a set of amounts that symbolize their own significant meanings. Whereas the tests that will be carry out are to analyze the responses from the respondents so that it will derive to a more robust conclusion by the end of this research.

Chapter 5 : Conclusion

This chapter will provide the final end result of this research. Thus, the ultimate results will be described and we'll have the ability to identify the way the exact hypotheses that produced earlier are carry.

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