Construction Technology - Design processes and Procedures

The design procedure for a project can be very complex, there are multiple factors in which designers must take into consideration during the first stages of an project. Each factor plays an important role not only through the design process nonetheless they can also affect the life cycle of the project, which means RIBA plan of work is usually used which allows clear guidance on the roles of these involved and is easy to understand. Below is a short description of the factors surrounding the Nottingham Jubilee Campus: Advanced Manufacturing Building Redevelopment project.


Finances are usually the essential thing to consider on a new project as it could massively influence if the project is feasible or not. A budget is set in place and each stage of the design and production process is allocated an amount of money to keep within the budget. Running over budget can mean that the design may need to be adapted to keep the extra costs as low as possible which can affect the entire outcome of the project in conditions of aesthetics and performance. Some projects can be funded by organisations that are involved or will take advantage of the project, i. e. Local Authorities/Government, Stakeholders, Companies/Partnerships, residents and Students.


A consideration must be made of the social impact of your proposed project, this can include:

  • Impacts on residents - The project should be designed so that minimal disruption is made both through the construction process and the operation of the project. Disruptive factors such as excessive noise and visual obtrusiveness will negatively impact the view of residents who'll be damaged by the project in their day to day lives.
  • Environmental impacts - The design should consider the neighborhood environment where the building is usually to be placed. This may include higher pollution levels from increased traffic to and from the University Campus through the life cycle of the building and the impacts on local wildlife. Care should be studied to ensure that habitats that are removed are restored elsewhere so the wildlife are not subjected to danger. It might also possible to create certain habitats in to the project itself, through green roofs/walls and planted platforms.
  • Economy - Having an extension to a University Campus provides a boost to the local economy. This may subsequently lead to businesses expanding and providing more jobs to residents and potentially to the University Students.

Client needs

The Client's needs are incredibly important over a project, in the end they are spending money on everything. For the project, such as an extension to a University Campus, the client's needs will include:

  • Fit for purpose classrooms - The University has a duty to provide education to a higher standard, providing classrooms that can achieve the high standards is essential.
  • Security - The safety of the students is the University's responsibility whilst on Campus, therefore having effective security measures in place is important. These security measures can include image ID cards that allow access to the building by using a card reader, security staff that patrol the premises and CCTV cameras.
  • Energy efficiency - There is certainly a big focus on new buildings to be as environmentally friendly and sustainable through energy use because of the increased knowing of climate change. By giving ways that energy efficiency can be increased, the running costs of the building will be lowered substantially throughout the lifecycle of the building.

Legal Constraints

The design of a building must adhere to very strict Standards, Regulations and Laws. These practices are in spot to ensure that any project was created and built safely whilst providing construction guidelines. There may also be a contract in place which indicates what the client is receiving for his or her money. A number of the legislations set up are:

  • Building regulations
  • Construction Design Management (CDM) Regulations
  • British Safety Standards
  • EN - European Norm
  • ISO - International Standards Organisation


There must be consideration for the environment through the design process of a project, the designers shouldn't only consider environmental impacts during construction but also throughout the life cycle of the structure and finally the demolition. Some aspects that needs to be considered are:

  • Plant and machinery that is employed on site to minimise pollution
  • Materials: the way they are manufactured, where they are sourced and the recycling possibilities
  • Heat and power sources on site
  • Water waste

These factors should be considered to ensure that minimal impact is manufactured on the neighborhood wildlife habitats and residents.

There are multiple roles for numerous professions within the design team with each creating a vital role. The roles and obligations for those involved are:

  • Architect - The architect is the individual who at first designs the structure predicated on the client's needs/requests. There may be several Architects working together who are given a particular section/area to design if it is a large-scale project. Architects must ensure that the designs they create adhere to the relevant regulations in conditions of environmental, safety and the construction of the structure. An Architect will have a University Degree with relevant experience studying art.
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