Consumer buying tendencies and patterns

You have been appointed as the marketing director of something organization. The managing director has asked you to definitely make clear the impact of consumer buying process and its applications to a professional.

Introduction: What is Consumer Buying Tendencies?

Consumer buying behavior is imply that process by individuals search for, select, purchase, use, and get rid of goods and services. Internet entrepreneur need to comprehend and discover consumer action, such as why consumers make the acquisitions that they make? And what factors effect consumer buys? Consumer buying action refers to final made a decision buying of customer.

Impact of Consumer Buying Process and its Request to a Marketer

To evaluate buying tendencies because purchasers reactions to a businesses online marketing strategy has a great impact on firms success and apply marketing mix for the firm to be able to satisfies customers needs and wishes. Therefore, need to investigate about what, where, when and how customers buy.

As I the marketing director of service business, I'd like to make clear about the impact of consumer buying process and its own applications to a internet marketer. Influences of consumer buying process have external and internal affect. A consumer making a purchase decision will be influenced by external and interior factors.

External factors are that the influences come from outside that can be family, friends, or outdoors environment. External factors have demographics, marketing activities, guide group, and interpersonal status. First of all, demographics are characteristic or factors of population, such as years, religion, status, gender, income, education, etc. Demographics can influences customer buying process because different people different interest.

For example, teens and elder flavour are totally different, because they get older are different. The items they like will vary. Different time, gender, income, education have different products are they like. As the marketer should to analyze the merchandise is suit which kind of consumer, and sell to them.

Marketing activities are promotion, on sales, advertising or function. This can to catch the attention of customer and impact their purchase decision. Because people are always inspired by the marketing activities, such as you person is do nothing like sunsilk hair shampoo, but have a 100 visitors to tell the person, sunsilk is a good brand. The person will attempt once. Plus the marketing activities can to result the clients because customers are like to choose the things are on sales. It will attract them come for buying, and insufficient interest customers also will influence by the clients.

For example, a make of shampoo is on sales, people who are not urgent to make use of might will buy because on sales. The shampoo will cheaper than normally days. Customers are always effect by the mental price, such as RM19. 90, actually is RM20 nonetheless they will believe that cheap. Sometimes, customers bought the product may not urgent for use or do not have intended to buy nonetheless they remain buying, it just caused by marketing activities. Such as for example, 'markings and Spencer' is using rebate for attract customers consumptions, using platinum cards have to rebate 10%.

Reference group is people whose attitudes, behavior, beliefs, judgment, and beliefs are follow by someone, and individuals will be a reference for a consumer for example, that can be a movie star, leading minister, richer, and so on. Businesses are known customers are likely to follow someone are famous on the worlds as a guide. That's the reason companies are like to find professional or actress for represent the business.

For example, company are using member card, fantastic card, and star movie or even using internet to grouping customers. Such as, a fashionable person who is professional says 'Salvatore Ferragamo' is a best brand in this world. The sales of 'Salvatore Ferragamo' will be raise because the customers who are like the professional will pay attention to him that is clearly a best brand. Customers wish to try the brand.

Social status is the individual purchase based on their status on the public. That's the reason in the market have various products, different product to meet different social status people. Different products have appearance different statuses is there. Such as, richer is using 'Rolex' watch, a poor guy is using 'Casio'. When people who across through the individuals who are putting on 'Rolex', there already are know the person is richer.

For example, as can easily see in everywhere, it could can to see the several between a supervisor and a clerk. Administrator is by using a 'Gucci' beg, 'Rolex' watch, and to drive BMW, whereas, a clerk is using some beg is not brand, wear a Casio watch, and only take bus for working. When people go through the manager, people know the fellow is supervisor.

Internal factors are other factors to effect customer buying process, which influences result from the inner part, the factors aren't influenced by people and environment that is inspired by your own, there are included personality, memory space, learning, and perception.

Personality is a attribute of people, everyone has their own characteristics. Personality has two sorts, there are interior and external, internal is about a people interior feeling, external is approximately a person prospect, and appearance. For your person in external can be beauty, rock and roll, or punk that is about a people prospect, and interior personality is the sensation of the individuals, such concerning buy an extravagance, low quality, or not quality that is clearly a person inner feeling.

For example, a folks who are like a luxury product, and spent money that is customer's personality. Some people are not ready to buy something is very expensive, they are willing to consumptions a low quality product brought on by cheap. Need to understand what product the company is doing and also to aim for the segmentation. If the merchandise is a high quality, do not try to target low segmentation.

Memory is someone has try before, already have experience to use or consume. Customers are aware this is a good brand by them. In customer experience, they need to use or take in it before and also to give a good make an impression to them. Memory space is very upright ways to impact a customer buys something or not, because in memory space the merchandise is exist before.

For example, customers are utilization about the product that no one to recommend them, is they may be known the merchandise is an excellent product because in they experience, they may have used and used before and they're like this product. As the marketer need not be anxious about the deal because customers are the product is good enough.

Learning is customers are known the information and knowledge. Customers already are having the knowledge about the product. They want not the company to inform them what is good and bad. Nowadays, customers are incredibly smart enough because they may have educated. They can to distinguish what is cheating them.

For example, coca-cola, in customer brain coca-cola can be an unhealthy soda but it is a good enough soda if have to take right way. Such as for example, drink a can of coca-cola is help a visitors to restore energy, but it is bad if absorb too much coca-cola. So, the product must to have the label on the merchandise in order to provide customer to comprehend the merchandise.

Perception is the first sense to the product. The make an impression of the product can to influence a customer to purchasing process. The image of the merchandise is directly to influence the merchandise and company image. The product is unhealthy, undiscovered, damages social and so on that will spoilt the product image, and impact customers do not buy a product from the business.

For example, body shop has a good image for the product and company. The business is trying to give a good image to a customer because the business is environment protection. The company using all the method didn't to injured pets or animals. Marketer is tried out to give a health and good image designed in customers brain. On the body shop product there have talk about that is herb oil and not damages pets or animals.

In summary, a internet entrepreneur should use the external and inner factors to comprehend how customers are inspired by and apply a suit technique to target the clients. To sensing customer problems, responding to customer problem, supporting consumers recognize problem, and suppressing problem acceptance.


Choose something centered company and justify the types of marketing communication they use to draw in customers.

Introduction: Olympia College

Olympia College can be an education service. Olympia School is under Raffles Education Group. It had been founded by late Mr. Winston Pereira, nephew of Elias Pereira, creator of Stamford group. In the entire year 1992, Stamford Group became a open public detailed company in Malaysia, and in the entire year 1995, the first Olympia School was campus in Kuala Lumpur. After 5 years, it was lengthened to Petaling Jaya, Penang, Johor Bharu, Kuantan, and Ipoh.

Types of Marketing Communication

According to business dictionary, marketing communication is coordinated promotional announcements delivered through a number of stations, such as printing, radio, television, direct marketing, and indirect marketing. Every company must have marketing and sales communications to get customers, marketing and sales communications are very important for a corporation. For Olympia College or university has to using a few of marketing communication to get customer.

Olympia College or university is using street show, immediate marketing, campaign, indirect marketing, and canvassing to appeal to customer. Street show is a series of presentations and meeting up potential prospects, investors, and agents. Highway show is to drum up curiosity about the problems among potential shareholders, customers, and agents. For Olympia School eager to do road show because road show is drum up all potential customers and investors. Street show is something similar to fair.

For example, each year Olympia College has goes to Jusco, secondary university (body 1. 1), hotel, and stadium to draw in customers and shareholders to join them. Inside the fair, college has using brochures (figure 1. 2) to explain for the clients and investor. Road show is quickly to catch the attention of customers or investors to join college or university, college's personnel have to make clear and presentation for the customers or buyers with the brochures. In highway show, there are drum up potential customers and investors.

Direct marketing is immediate to deal and influence the clients or investors, such as agent, receptionist, and advisors. For Olympia University has their own immediate marketing to draw in customer, there are position of counselors and agent. Those are immediate to deal customer, such as in person, E-mail, or telephone.

In Olympia College or university Position of counselors and agencies are doing immediate meet up customers and traders to join them. Counselors are to describe the training for the customer in order to they are clear to know very well what the school have provide and have benefit on their behalf.

For example, counselors need to go for road show to describing lessons to the student. They have some display for make the clients understand the course. Explain what course, qualification, exam, fees, and projects also to call out or deal the investors or other branches for meeting.

Promotion is improvement of something, idea, or point of view through publicity or advertising. Advertising is very effective and efficient for promote the university and attract customers, such as billboard, banner, and advertising. Olympia College must do campaign for the university student also, such as discount.

Billboard is the advertising up to speed to publicity next to the highway or highway that is to market the college or university and it can to make customers aware. Customers can to aware the university in everywhere you go cause by the billboard. Billboard is a such good promote a school or other business because in can have to all over.

Banner is to catch the attention of and aware customers, it is going out the company or everywhere. For Olympia College or university is dangling it from the building, as every go through the college and they can really know what the university is. It could let customers aware the building does what business because they're across through the college, they will know very well what the building is.

Advertising is a best way and solution to promote and draw in customer to aware company or business. Normally, advertising is using television, radio, newspaper, publishing, and so on. Advertising also to announcing what exactly are the business doing, and also to allow customers concentrate company reports and what they are turn out new product and service. For Olympia School is using magazine to entice customers. Olympia School advertising on the newspapers for promote what they are performed for the public, company and pupil.

For example, Olympia College or university has doing billboard, banner, and advertising to make customer aware the college. Those things can to assisting college or university been aware by customer. Campaign is very important for an organization and promotion can help a firm raise the sales and consciousness.

Indirect marketing is indirect to long term contract and impact customers and buyers, such as website, top quality, general public related, and public relation. College or university is using these indirect to appeal to customers and investors also. It would such as good method to generally customers range.

Website is a very generally, in internet there is nothing impossible. Website can create their own college website for attract customer, such as School is using facebook and their own hyperlink. In facebook, there have create some of contest to draw in student to participate and there are uploaded event to publicity for announce to customers and trader what they are doing.

Premium is to provide a present to attract customer to use. Many companies are to provide customers discount 5-10% to draw in customers plus some will to ask for 0% for using certain credit cards to purchases. For Olympia School has to give a welcome present for the student and students who are correspond the term and condition, they might can find the scholarship.

Public connection is to transfer the message from one to another one. They are able to get the subject matter or information from another people. Every company must have public regards to announce what the companies have done and also to fulfill customers need. In Olympia University, pupil and student's parents will spread out the message or news from college. They will be the one to promotion messages or media immediately.

Social connection is company to publicity to general public what they are doing available. Olympia College must doing it on paper. In the college, they need to post the newspaper or memo to announce what they are and suppose to do. It can to attract the customers know and understand the college.

For example, Olympia School in indirect marketing is doing website, premium, general population relation, and sociable relation. Those are the way to attract customer, it was very useful to the faculty. Normally, college or university only can to utilize in person, or call out to attract customers however they want to using website to entice more customers through internet.

Canvassing is to venture out for canvases customers and investors aware the business and business. Some of companies are to provide flyer to customer, and let themselves to understand the business through the flyer. Some will be the way such to place the flyer on the automobile, or on the market to provide people.

For example, for Olympia College they will to canvassing the new customers from the Jusco, and all over, they are by using a flyer to canvassing. It could to get customers, they'll explain to folks who are interested in college.

In realization, Olympia School using various type of marketing and sales communications to appeal to customer, there are street show, direct marketing, campaign, indirect marketing, and canvassing. Those are effective and effective to attract customers. Marketing and sales communications are very important for a company and it can to bring a sufficient image, sales, and recognition for company.

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