Correct Structure Of Business Characters Commerce Essay

Few business ventures are taken through effectively without correspondence sooner or later. Enquires must be responded, quotation given, order positioned, complains handled, transport and insurance organized and account resolved. Letters must be written to customers, salesmen, agencies, suppliers, bankers, shipowners and many more; they cover every conceivable phase of business activity. They will be the firm's silent salesmen and, often enough, represent its only contact with the exterior world. Hence the necessity to build a good impression, not only of the writer's organization, but also of the article writer himself as an efficient person wanting to be of service.

In our Business courses that follow are to be found over hundred specimen words dealing with a thorough range of orders of the type handled in business every day. They are really presented, much less models to be copied, for no two business situations are ever before quite alike, but rather as cases written in the modern British style to demonstrate the accepted rules of good business writing. For those desperate to use the collection as business tool, consisting of headings under which notice are classified and grouped corresponding to subject matter, gives a convenient and useful source of reference.

Every business letter is written to an objective; each has its own special aim, and one of the features of this course is its use of reason to show how the various letters set out to achieve their goals. Basic legal guidelines relevant to different types of transaction are also touched upon, but only where there is a need to clarify legal associations. The exercises the means for students to use in practice what they have been taught.

The many letters included are written in uncomplicated and meaningful style of the modern era and should be of special help the overseas customer, and especially to students from Raffles University where commercial correspondence is taught either as a general business success or as a preparation for the various examinations.

Business notice/e-mail writing

Structure of The business letter

Letter promoting good will

Enquires and replies

Quotations, estimates and tenders

Sales letters and voluntary offers

Orders and their fulfillment

Complaints and adjustments

Invoicing and negotiation of accounts

Letters asking for payment

Credit and position enquires


Foreign trade

Banking (1) home business

Banking(2) repayment in foreign trade

Transport (1) road and rail

Transport (2) sea and air



Travel and hotels

Miscellaneous correspondence

A typical business transaction

Essential Qualities

The business letter is the principal means employed by a business organization to talk to its customers; often enough it's the only 1 customers form their impression of the firm from the build and quality of words it sends out. Top quality paper and a wonderful letter head play their part in this, nonetheless they are less important than the note they take, but it can require us to express ourselves accurately in plain terminology that is clear and commonly understood.

Writing plainly does not mean that characters must be limited to only recital of facts, in a method that is boring and anattractive. Whenever we write a notice we enter into a personal relationship with our reader. Like us he has feelings and we cannot manage to disregard them. This is a required reminder because many individuals who are warmand friendly naturally become people of quite another variety when they sit back to create or dictate an enterprise letter. They seem to be to feel that business letter call for a special kind of Business British. They forget that they are holding discussions by post and employ impersonal constructions that create a cold and aloof build. They prefer to create your letter has been received rather than the warmer and homelier I've received your letter, and your problem is being looked into rather than I am looking at your complaint. They often times refer to themselves as the writer and say. The copy writer been to your showrooms, when they have to say I seen your showrooms. Personal constructions, with the focus on YOU and I or WE, help to produce the warm and friendly firmness more suitable for letter writing.

The whole secret of good business letter writing is to write simply, in an easy and natural way - like one friendly human being talking to another. Make your notice or e-mail, then sound as much as possible like good discussion. You wouldn't say on the telephone It is regretted that the goods cannot be provided today. You would say My apologies we cannot deliver the products today, so why not say it when you write a notice?


1- Think first of the reader and address you to ultimately his interests. Tell him all he wishes to know and do not leave him to imagine between your lines

2-Take up a tone suitable for the occasion and reason for the letter

3- Write effortlessly, as you'll talk, using basic and familiar words

4- Write evidently and to the point. The prominent need in every business writing is exactness indicated in terms that is completely clear

5-Write courteously and make your notice appear friendly and sincere

6- Avoid wordiness, but at exactly the same time remember that it is more important to be clear and courteous even if it means using more words

7- Avoid commercial jargon with its roundabout and meaningless kinds of expression

8- Write effectively - by using simple vocabulary, by being regular and precise

9- Avoid monotony - by adding variety

10- Write to a plan if your letter is long or especially important

11- Pay special focus on the opening and shutting paragraphs - first and previous impressions leave a particular tag on the reader

12- Check your notice or e-mail

All they are matters worth focusing on and we will now take a closer take a look at every one of them.

Study your reader's interests

The letters you send out must produce a good first impression. To achieve this, put yourself in your reader's shoes and try to image how he will feel about what you write. Consider constantly, what exactly are his needs, his desires, his interests, his problems, and how can I meet them?;What would be my own feelings if I were to receive a notice of kind I propose to create? Make an effort to image that you are receiving somewhat than mailing the notice and focus on the you frame of mind as opposed to the I or We.

Adopt the right tone

If a notice is to accomplish its purpose, its firmness must be right. Before you begin to write think carefully about how you want to effect your reader. Ask yourself, what do I'd like this notice to do?and then exhibit yourself accordingly, being persuasive, apologetic, obliging, firm and so on, with regards to the effect you want to create.

Write normally and sincerely

When you sit back to write or dictate a letter, make an effort to feel a genuine interest in the individual you are writing to and in his problems. Say what you have to say with sincerity and ensure that it sounds sincere. Express your ideas in your own words and in your own way. Be yourself. Write so that what you say would appear natural if study the telephone.

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