Creativity: THE MOST FREQUENT Tool to Explain Human Source?

Has Ingenuity Been the most frequent Tool to describe Human Origin?

Bryan Perez


The creative process is straight mixed up in development of ideas that describe the man's origin. In like manner, the religion and the science are linked by their provenance. The contemporaneous beliefs and the ethnic stories from historic civilizations are also affected by creativity, evenly, evolution shows an innovative development positioned in some stages that presents morphological and internal changes. This newspaper evaluates the creative influence in the introduction of theories which make clear the man's source. Web resources and also relevant books were used to recognize and link different tips of view about the topic. The most impressive results identify the creativeness as the process that humans develop all along, with attention to chronological interpretations like the evolution' periods and also common points in different religious and cultural beliefs. Finally, the conclusion stablishes how creative imagination may impact the ideas' postulation, concern where it ought to be as objective as is possible to try and explain facts instead of thoughts.


"It is stated that God has generated man in his own image. But it could be that humankind has generated God in the image of humankind" (Hanh, 1999). Sometimes, people ask themselves how everything around them was made. What or Who is the originator of everything?

Answers to these questions are generated by the same common people, children, educators, youths and experts, who constantly require explanations about their source. This origin is usually related for some ideas (creationism and evolutionism), which come from a process of analysis and a little part of thoughts.

Even when these "theories describe facts" (National Center for Technology Education, n. d. , para. 3), experts don't have enough facts about the first yoctosecond of the Universe's existence. They might be obligated to complete "the absent little bit of the puzzle" with some ideas elaborated by their creative minds.

The advancement theory has gone through some changes throughout background. It is a rsulting consequence the creative affect on the introduction of new theories. For interesting issues, creativity is actually useful. Researchers should be conscious of the information they provide with their theories.

Man's creativity has been an important part of the reason of his source, this statement is suffered in three relevant aspects: man's creation ideas with a typical theme about a creator, individual evolutive process and its own refutations, and finally, the creative development that leads to reason beyond simple ideas.

Common theme in creation theories

Have been found out about "humans out of yellowish and white corn" (Batz, 2012)? Or possibly Lake Titicaca Storyline? Those are ideas that describe man's origin on the Mayas' and the Incas' creation. In another part, the Creationist theory is really associated with these, concluding that we now have different ideas about man's source, but most of them have one common point of a unique Creator.

Human's source theories

To understand the impact of imagination on these human's origin theories, it is necessary to clarify three common samples. As the Bible says: "So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and feminine he created them" (Gen. 1:27 British Standard Version). For Christianism, such as a monotheistic religious beliefs, God is the only explanation for any questions about how precisely man has enter into existence until now.

In another place the Maya's theory tells that "the Designers () wished to create humans with hearts and heads who could "keep carefully the days"" (Batz, 2012). This last phrase complicated the problem for the Mayas gods, because that they had to build three different kinds of humans. The first group was manufactured from mud, but rainwater demolished them and furthermore they could not speak. Gods tried again, and created mans of timber, but these did not revere them. "When these deities finally created humans out of yellow and white corn who could talk, they were satisfied" (Batz, 2012), because these acquired intelligence and esteem for their designers.

In a final comparative theory, Incas converge in a general idea. God Viracocha created Manco Capac and Mama Ocllo[1], who surfaced from the Lake Titicaca and walked guided by the wooden bar right to El Cuzco, place where they found the Inca Empire (Cobo, 1979).

Creativity on this common point

As it is impressive, the ideas have showed the theme in the idea of an only Inventor or Designers. For Christianism, the human being was created from mud, while for the Mayas, mud's man was failing. The Incas, because of their part, build a couple much like Adam and Eve in Christianism but one more time, their God was who create everything around.

Except for Christianity, others are polytheistic, but this does not change that in "nearly every culture throughout the world, the faith of a specific culture commenced with an idea of a masculine, originator God who lives in the heavens" (Zukeran, 2007).

In the same brand, creative imagination is therefore, accountable for this common point. Humans develop strategies from "6 resources- intellectual functions, knowledge, intellectual style, personality, motivation, and environmental framework" (Sternberg & Lubart, 1991). In result, it is thinkable that "Individuals may be influenced to try to create a sense of coherent self-identity through time, in particular in self-narratives of these development" (Feinsten, 2006, p. 26); quite simply, past civilizations have developed the necessity to make a God in who thought and whom they can worship.

To sum up, the similarities founded mirror that there is a standard point that prevails between the theories analyzed, this point shows the creative influence that man uses to make clear his own origin in a religious context.

Human evolutive process and its own refutations

It has been thought that development is the most appropriate theory to describe the man's source. The idea bases its main discussion on the most evidence that is uncovered through time, nonetheless, this theory has its refutations, too. Upon this way, experts are creative people who beyond postulate a theory, postulate a creative bond that create the development as the explanation for the man's source.

The process of the evolution

A Belgian priest, astronomer and professor of physics, Georges Lematre suggested the Big Bang theory in 1933. For Catholicism, it was declared as a technological validation, however, Lematre resented this proclamation, stating that the theory was natural and there was neither an association nor a contradiction between his religious beliefs and his theory (Landsberg, 1999).

As it is seen, this theory has a spiritual origin; but at exactly the same time, it is considered like a valuable explanation for the current science. Lematre's thought gave birth the Development theory by describing the Earth origin, place where human beings advanced from apes. "It had been only overdue in the Tertiary period (about 3-4 million years back) any particular one of the branches of the Primates developed into humans () Human being fossils as well as molecular hereditary and biochemical research demonstrate the living of early on life varieties, which developed before and well prepared the present living beings" (Facchini, 2002).

Do the refutations show an innovative intervention of researchers?

"A 2010 study found no online fruit fly development after 600 decades" (Thomas, 2012). This fact demonstrates that experts do not concordat in a common description for the progression process. Furthermore, another evidence instructs that the "transition from an amphibian's three-chambered heart to a mammal's four-chambered center would require either a new internal heart and soul wall that would block vital blood flow" (Thomas, 2012).

On the other palm, fossils are the main evidence to aid the development theory; but as Ph. D. John D. Morris says, "fossils seem abruptly in the record, completely formed and totally efficient without less adapted ancestors in lower levels that could have preceded them in time" (2003). This implies that fossils do not make clear evolution as a result, so it may be considered that experts created the bonds between "missing links" of the advancement theory.

The article Researchers are usually more creative than you might imagine, shows that "the improvising brains () allow ideas bubble to the surface" (Ossola, 2014). Some lines after, this article explain that it is heading to be the same trend on researchers. Thus, it is sensible to identify that researchers may develop an involuntary procedure for imagination when they make an effort to explain unlinked age ranges of the development theory.

The reason of all

Creativity is "the procedure of having original ideas which may have value" (Robinson, 2006), thus, it is possible to ask, how may the folks create their own origins story by using their creativeness? The creative development contributes to establish questions or answers about this matter. Scientific postulations and also spiritual theories have just a little affect of subjective thoughts.

Indeed, the creativity is much more than an innate quality, it is a state where you'll be able to create something. It is exemplified in the students who may demonstrated this by developing their skills in to the schools. So, educators have big obligation of drive "just how students learn and what they have to learn" (Segan, 2016), since it is changing quickly. The reason of comes from this fact, even with "the scarcity of modern () resources in poor parts of the entire world" (Childress, 2007), creative imagination may be developed atlanta divorce attorneys sense; like the development of new ideas applicable to the main topic of evolution or the man's source.

The reason of all also includes a great hyperlink between actual teachers and future scientists, something such as the educational development of Finland (Faust, 2011), where in fact the creativity is one of the pillars of the training. Therefore, the creative process implies that creative imagination is the question and the answer for this issue, it is involved with developing or restoring ideas to hook up everything related in a theory postulation.

In conclusion, the explanation for the man's origin is because of the creative process. This notion is dependant on three relevant aspects: ideas of man's creation, individuals evolutive process, and lastly the creative development that contributes to establish doubtful answers about our origins.

For the etymology of the Incas and also the Mayas, their living originates from a gods' creation. Historically, the Christianity evolved these thoughts into a typical belief within an only almighty God, who right answers every question about individual existence. On the other hand, the evolution theory postulates a continuing process of development during several decades in past age range of life.

The creative treatment is found in every theory. "Humans have a psychological need for a transcendent being that provides meaning and desire to their life in this great impersonal universe" (Zukeran, 2007). This phrase clears the idea about how the person may include his own thoughts in objective statements like theories. Sometimes, creative imagination is underestimated in several ways, specifically for technology works, but it can be an natural quality of the individual lifetime; so, the creativeness affects our thoughts.

The individual and his origins is a doubtful topic. There are some theories of how he could exist from the first period of time. Creator or designers, advancement or not, the imagination was shown as the question and the answer for this theme since it is involved with developing or repairing ideas to connect everything related in a theory postulation.

[1] The first couple of human beings in the Incas theory.

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