Critical Factors Affecting Job Performance Construction Essay

Although the client can be an important stakeholder in a engineering project, the job administrator has overall responsibility to organise and complete the task for your client promptly and within budget, whilst keeping quality standards. Moreover, the relationship between the project administrator and the client remains important throughout the project's timescale, and effective communication is critically important, so that the client fully understands how the job will be organised and what duties the job team will carry out. Therefore, the task manager needs to ensure that the client's requirements are completely met, and this your client has an obvious overview of the project and the team appointed to complete this.

For the purposes of this task, I am the job supervisor for a construction project, but to receive confirmation from your client I need to undertake an exercise to qualify for this position. The client re quires a report that analyses factors that are likely to impact the performance of the project, and this assignment represents my statement findings that display my knowledge and experience of project management, and how these will overcome problems and ensure that appropriate techniques and techniques of job management will lead to the successful conclusion of the project, and that this degree of performance will be replicated in projects in the foreseeable future.

Therefore, this record will be set up by first examining what factors are likely to have an impact on a project's performance. Subsequently, a case study of Heathrow INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT 5 will be evaluated and analysed to provide an exemplory case of a construction project that was successful. The record will then conclude by reflecting on the studies of this project from researching the literature on the subject, and then make recommendations of methods that might be used to complete a development project effectively.

Success may be defined differently in structure projects based on technology issues, the client's belief of design opportunities, how big is the task, the opportunity of services encompassed and the stakeholders. However, success standards demonstrates a standard routine in the building industry, as success is mainly dependent on the client's, design team's and contractor's perceptions and targets. Therefore, the client actions success by the following elements:

The Terminal 5 task at Heathrow Air port was regarded as successful as it satisfied high standards for safe practices and quality, remained within budget and was completed on time, and attained all its goals. Nevertheless, this is the largest project for engineering in Europe at that time, and its successful conclusion is acknowledged to your client, BAA that used a procurement method that was unique, retained all financial risks, offered incentives to suppliers by rewarding best practice and committed to control and communication skills of the project team. The client also established romantic relationships with stakeholders which were mutually dependent, contributing to team development, and promoted determination to the project at all levels of the supply chain.


Construction projects are now more technical and clients have higher anticipations, so success must avoid failure resulting in lost earnings, goals not achieved, resources diverted from other activities and low staff morale. Therefore, to accomplish a successful project such as Terminal 5, the following methods explained by Robert (1990) may be adopted:

4. 1 Dedication of stakeholders and managers

Senior managers and stakeholders have to be focused on the project because they are the primary beneficiaries, but these benefits need to clearly demonstrated and ecological in terms of specialized and business aims. Moreover, senior managers need to support their dedication throughout the job, which depends on effective communication to see about risks, occasions and developments.

4. 2 Goals, goals and scope

The areas and processes damaged by the task are thought as its range, which must be clearly realized by all stakeholders; therefore, the opportunity of the job shouldn't be changed with no client's approval, which will also require new estimates of costs and new plans.

The goals of the task are normally dependant on your client, but these have to be communicated obviously to the task team, and specially the project supervisor. Therefore, once the goals are obvious, the project manager can build the technological and business objectives of the task that will donate to assembly these goals, that will inform the detailed planning for the job.

Furthermore, changes to the project's company are likely if the project has an extended timescale, and these changes need to be managed effectively, so that the client's expectations continue being attained. However, the company needs to show that it is capable of completing the project, and that the goals, goals and range are natural.

4. 3 Written Plans

All projects need a written plan that describe how it'll be divided into distinct elements, what activities will take put in place each component and who have responsibility for these activities. The ideas should estimate the amount of time for each element of the job, start and end dates and describe the product of each component, as well as defining the overall cover the project. In addition, plans have to be appropriate to the size of the project, so for a little project the programs may be written on one sheet of paper with dates, labels and product effects. However, a computer software is normally adopted for large-scale projects as plans will need to include ways of managing costs, plan dates, responsibilities, jobs and activities and job elements.

4. 4 Resources and teamwork

Most assignments have significant individual resource implications, as many folks are often engaged, including outside companies, advisors, suppliers, consultants, financial and administrative staff, technical staff, as well as customers. Furthermore, these create possible hazards and responsibilities that need to be monitored effectively. Furthermore, other resources need careful management, such as training staff, managing change, discord management, provision of machinery, plant and hardware and financial management. Therefore, an experienced project manager needs to persuade the task team and stakeholders to work together effectively and with dedication.

4. 5 Communications

The project manager needs to talk effectively with the task team and stakeholders, who should not appear to be isolated from the job environment. That is particularly important, as all stakeholders need to understand the client's objectives of the project's benefits. Therefore, good communications are needed throughout the project, but are specifically important when the job is near to completion, so the client is prepared to use the new development. Furthermore, it can be necessary to talk to the client's staff who'll use the completed building, or to contact the public by advertising or creating concentrate groups.

4. 6 Suppliers and Sub-contractors

Many tasks need to consider the risks and dependencies posed by consultants, sub-contractors and suppliers. Therefore, the task manager must set up requirements from suppliers that are clearly given and meet performance benchmarks, so that products or systems meet design, development and delivery schedules. Suppliers have to be regularly monitored by the job manager for performance specifications, but suppliers may also be reliant on other suppliers and sub-contractors. Therefore, these dependencies have to be managed effectively and supervised regularly.

The project supervisor needs to ensure simple processes for control are used to check that performance schedules are being achieved and that products and benefits meet expected standards. This may be achieved through regular meetings to review progress, with a specific agenda to consent and record decisions on important elements, and this various products can be evaluated and verified at measureable milestones. Formal reviews on the project's improvement need to be made on a regular basis to the task team and also to stakeholders. Furthermore, to guarantee the quality specifications of the task overall and then for components of the project, procedures need to be proven that review quality guarantee. Finally, the project manager needs to ensure that risk management policies and methods are in place and used throughout the project to identify, keep an eye on and respond to risk events if they occur.

The final stages of construction job additionally require careful management, particularly by conversing with stakeholders on completion, and reporting on the goals being met effectively. The project administrator needs to ensure all elements of the job have been completed, and this your client is given any support needed when taking possession of the engineering, as well as any functional arrangements that will be required. There also needs to be a last are accountable to be completed and communicated to the stakeholders, including any relevant documents, and any areas for improvement in future tasks or newly bought skills should be reported to the organisation's quality management process.

Subsequently, this survey analysed the case study of Terminal 5 at Heathrow Air-port, which is considered a successful task, as it was completed on time, within budget and met the quality expectations expected by the client, BAA. This exercise was valuable as the research study demonstrated how the project adopted methods suggested by prior research, despite being unique as the most significant construction job in Europe at that time. Therefore, this example is useful for methods to other construction assignments.

Finally, this survey was required to suggest methods that could be used for a engineering project which should achieve its successful conclusion also to avoid any aspect failing to meet requirements. I think that the details of these methods display my capabilities and skills as an experienced project manager, who is able to meet the requirements of your client effectively.

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