Customer behavior


Customer action is a much better predictor of establishment's future marriage with a person than demographic information ever before will be. An organization just have to look at the data obtained, the record and producing style of the customers' behavior, and it will certainly let you know a lot of things. (jimnovo. com)

This sort of analysis is relatively very important to the permanent as it can help identify future tendencies to help organizations tailoring their future strategies based on this information. Customer behavior profiling is critical to a business considering keeping customers and increasing their value.

Chart 1. Restaurant Visits

Most of the diners sampled on both stores, most of them visits restaurants frequently, at least one time every fortnight. This demonstrates British diners really love eating out. That is a great opportunity for Nando's and other restaurants; however, it could be a big obstacle to win them over as they are spoilt with a whole lot of options. Founded from the Office of National Statistics Social Fads 2009, spending on heading to restaurants and hotels comes fourth on the average household spending, next to casing, water and fuel, transport and recreation. The volume of spending tightly followed the progress pattern in gross local product and home income. (Sociable Tendencies 39: 2009 Edition) It implies that restaurants undoubtedly fare well through any impending recession.

The succeeding graphs will pertain specifically to Nando's' performance which defines customer's habit and influences their insights and views.

Chart 2. Food Selection

The stand above shows a little of a blended views. The fire grilled peri peri Nando's chicken breast is with without doubt very delicious, however, that is the only thing that basically stands out. You can find burgers and salads on the menu, but the again, it is not "authentically Nando's" as they do not have peri peri, which differentiates Nando's from the others. Others argued that the meals selection is good because you get to choose the spice level and/or flavor of your chicken breast. Nevertheless, the main one third of the respondents who marked Nando's below good said that there surely is no "vegeterian peri peri" option on the menu. The said menu didn't seem to possess thought about vegetarians, they said. They even went on suggesting having a peri peri veggie dish - fire grilled put together vegetables in a skewer. It really is then an opportunity for Nando's to re-think their product development strategy and may possibly incorporate this rather functional and feasible advice of their customers.

Chart 3. Food quality

Food quality is certainly near the top of Nando's ethos, and they really first got it correct, predicated on the chart above. Majority of the clients questioned thought that the meals is fantastic. They said that the chicken breast was wonderfully flavoured. Besides that simple fact that it is delicious, they also found it very healthy as it is flame grilled not profound fried. After eating at Nando's customers said that it made them feel great. There is that emphasis on healthful eating which Nando's was able to fuse health, convenience, and flavour superbly. As what Hume said, Nando's is about being the best in what they do, but not about being the largest. The strategy here shows that it is approximately good quality food - just enabling the meals do the communicating.

Chart 1. Speed of Service

This graph is a very interesting one. Rate of service is merely average. If the diners were asked about why they just said average, they said that the timing was perfect. Food service was neither very quick nor slow, which is good. Meaning the longing time was ideal as they do not want their food to be coming in a flash. Alternatively, they don't want to wait for lengthy as well because it will make them starve. The queue at the right up until sometimes can be long over a busy night, the regulars said. This occasionally can be uncomfortable, they said, considering that they are famished too and they'll have to stand in a queue to place their requests. The diners pointed out that it would have been more convenient if they were to hold back by their desk and have their orders extracted from there.

Chart 5. Friendliness of Service

The diners confessed the particular one of the reason why they come back to Nando's is the friendly staff. When they enter to the restaurant, they can be always warmly greeted by an employee which feels very welcoming. Another good point is when they ask if you have gone to Nando's before in case not they will educate you on how it actually works - from their menu, table quantity, cutleries and their purchasing system. Most diners find this very useful and attentiveness. The one downside they said is that it's not being adopted through consistently during their meal, probably because it is not a waiter offered restaurant. However, the servers could have been more attentive during the food, too, they advised, where they will be ready any time in the event some assistance is necessary. On the other hand, the diners came to the realization that probably the staffs are just there mainly to clear and clean furniture ready for the next guests to arrive. The entire experience, nonetheless, has been great - very tranquil and everyday.

Chart 6. Atmosphere / Decor

Again, nearly the same results as Nando's friendliness of service, the stores' atmosphere and decoration have scored highly with not one of its diners voting it as poor. A lot of the diners praised highly Nando's design. They said that they feel good each and every time they eat at Nando's since there is a sense of "homeliness" to the area. Every restaurant seems so cosy yet sophisticated. Every fine detail of the decoration appears to have been intricately thought of - from the wall paint coloring, the signals, seats, down to its restrooms. The complete ambience has that sense of community that's the reason they often come back as testified by the 22 coming back customers who responded either very good or excellent on the above mentioned questionnaire. Nine (9) of the respondents replied good and good because for the purchase price they purchase the food, they strongly believe that it is crucial for Nando's to help make the ambience feel good, so they get that extra "value" they paid for.

Chart 7. Value for Money

This chart is a very interesting one and disclosed what Nando's diners considered its costs strategy taken every other factor into consideration. Generally, the diners ticked either listed perfectly or a little expensive. Although 50 % of the respondents haven't any problems with Nando's' costs, still, nearly fifty percent of them as well done their product appears to be a little bit pricey.

Once the diners, who found that Nando's is an excellent affordability, were asked as to the reasons they said so, they replied that considering everything into consideration (food quality, service, and atmosphere), they thought that it was affordable. The other diners, though, considered it as just a little expensive, however, not really much, because they said it is merely a straightforward dish and there is nothing far special about it. In addition, the menu does not offer much variety. It's the decor and atmosphere that you actually pay for, they added. Certainly, there's been mixed views on this issue.

Chart 8. How Does You Listen to About Nandos?

Forty percent (40%) of the clients questioned were do it again customers, which is relatively good. If the regulars were asked if they have noticed any Nando's adverts in any form of multimedia, each of them startlingly said never. They said that the key motivating factors of them returning to Nando's'are the peri peri chicken breast, velocity and warm atmosphere. 1 / 2 of the new diners found out about Nando's through personal advice from friends, family, and family members. It is extremely interesting to know that there is hardly any of the respondents who already have heard about Nando's through any form of marketing. Furthermore, twenty percent (20%) of the diners simply just strolled in. They felt hungry, observed the buzz from the exterior of the restaurant and found the restaurant looking good, so they decided to go in. Chicken, in the end, is an extremely safe food, so nonetheless it tastes, they are certain they might not repent it. True enough, when asked if indeed they have enjoyed their meal, most of them replied with a resounding yes.

Chart 9. Perhaps you have ever been inspired by marketing activities and/or adverts in deciding whether to go to a restaurant or any establishment for that matter?

Relating to the prior response regarding the way the customers have heard about Nando's, none of the respondents has ever before seen any Nando's advertisements. It is very interesting to learn, judging by the results illustrated above, that most of the diners sampled are highly inspired by marketing activities and adverts. They said that most of the times, they do not necessarily realize that they can be indeed drawn to a product or service mainly because of its image and brand portrayed and communicated by advertising. Most of them described that through these marketing activities, they are able to familiarize themselves about the product and understand the merchandise or brand even more. Thus, it clarifies what it is offering and exactly how these offerings complement and fill up their needs and tastes.

Chart 10. DO YOU WANT TO Come and Visit Nando's Again?

Now, this is the most crucial questions of most on the questionnaire; how many of the diners thought that it was worth returning to Nando's? Impressively eighty percent (80%) said yes, while fourteen percent (14%) said maybe, and the rest of the surprisingly said no. The majority said they will come back because the meals is nice while the others said that everything was amazing. The maybe diners said so because they said that they can not eat chicken plenty of times. If Nando's offers other meats products with peri peri sauce as well, then, they could be tempted another. They merely needed variety on the menu, something interesting and ground-breaking - is actually a new product or a fresh cooking or marinade theory. It had been the reluctant another customers that were very intriguing. They replied as such due to little variety of food that Nando's offers. When they come as a group, not everyone expensive having hen, so these people will be required to order the same as this is the only type of beef available, and in effect, might not enjoy their meal. It is very awkward to be enjoying your meal as the others aren't, they argued. They might rather to go to a location where nearly almost all their choices are catered for. If it was simply for a relaxing, quick no fuss meal, then they will come back to Nando's, for other dinner reasons, no.


One of the top stakeholders of Nando's is their workers. In some restaurants, they consider their staff as the main asset of the organization. Thus it's important to listen to their views and know about their objectives about Nando's as their workplace. It will always be said that if the personnel loves and loves their job and if they're content with what they do, these behaviour exudes a confident vibe towards the clients, which therefore affects a customer's overall eating out experience. It is then significant to make certain that the personnel are well taken care of, and are content with their job. That is why getting the whole impression of the restaurant in the view of the Nando's' employees or personnel is vital. Thus, a questionnaire or survey was passed out for the staff to fill in. These were briefed about it so that only the most honest and truthful replies will be accumulated.

Mentioned then below is the synopsis of the employees' reactions on the questionnaire and interviews. For easier understanding and view, the employees' replies are charted as well. It is very evident, as shown on the graph, that most the Nando's staff strongly imagine and support Nando's' ethos and "way of life".

As plainly charted above, majority of the staff either recognize or strongly agree with how Nando's manages its staff. It is very impressive to observe that no one of its staff responded adversely on any of the questions. The one question that got a little of its personnel "just agreeing" to it's the continuous feedback system that Nando's implements, which should be subsequently meticulously looked at. On closer scrutiny of the replies by doing somewhat of your interview with a few chosen staff, an in-depth understanding of how Nando's take care of, manage, and nurture their staff was achieved.

The Nando's quest is "to always deliver the 'Nando's experience' to your customers", which is to experience Nando's traditional hospitality, comfort and fun. (www. jobs. ie) Incredibly, all the staff interviewed was able to state this quest. They do seem to really know what their employer is focused on. And for them to surpass the mission, they were all given an induction and basic training on what their job entails, and concerning how to do it "the Nando's way". Based on the two professionals interviewed, Nando's identifies its staff's hardwork by consistently praising them for their good work plus they do some acknowledgement honours as well. In this way, their staff keeps determined, competitive and upbeat about their job. The staffs are happy working in just a team. One of them even mentioned about developing a "buddy" throughout their first couple of days at work. Because of this "buddy system" the new staff will not feel just like an outsider and she or he can easily merge with the group. Besides that, learning the work will be a great deal easier and simpler. Nando's also offers appraisals; however, sometimes management seems to forget to get it done on a timely basis. Nevertheless, the staffs are regularly praised whenever good work is performed. The aspect that most staff really appreciates is the versatility of their shifts. As almost all of the staffs are students, whether international or local, Nando's management realizes and is aware of their priorities and personal issues. Not many restaurants pertains to this matter the staff talks about. From management down to its floor and again of house personnel, Nando's offers a professional service because they're extremely excited on what they feature and on what they do.

As a final point, this is really how Nando's summarizes the knowledge of working for them:

"We believe our continuing success is down to our people, which explains why our exceptional learning and development opportunities allow everyone to help make the almost all of their true potential. We have a great inner training team offering extensive training programmes to match each individual. You train how you learn best! Whether courses, face to face or coaching. We've programmes to match all levels. We always try to surpass the high criteria set by the Traders in People initiative - especially as everyone here aspires to do more than their finest for all of us. " (www. jobs. ie)


Several websites were seen in order to find articles regarding Nando's' performance in the industry. The commentaries obtained discovered a lot of things and raised lots of issues about Nando's - its current position on the market, product differentiation, employee responsibility, social awareness, and even some charitable works.

The information collected can be best summarized by doing a SWOT analysis, which is a simple yet powerful tool. This may show the internal and external factors that affect Nando's operations, and eventually provide insights into the way the establishment can further condition a sustainable niche market in its market.

The next webpage will show the SWOT evaluation well prepared for Nando's. This graph will virtually help one uncover the opportunities that Nando's are very much with the capacity of experiencing. And by understanding the weaknesses, the restaurant can devise a means of managing it and possibly eventually eliminating its threats so that it can successfully compete in its market.

SWOT Analysis - Nando's



A company's advantages will be the positive, interior factors that make it unique and which models it apart from its challengers. Above, it clearly implies that two of the four P's of the marketing combination is perfectly produced by Nandos. The product, fire grilled peri peri fowl, is very much accepted in the market mainly because of its originality. It really is highly regarded as unique due to its association to being able to eat something really delicious but still keeping it healthy. Furthermore, Nando's is wanting to introduce variety by providing an array of flavors or spice-level to choose from, thus there appears to be something for everybody. And in order to complete the whole eating out experience, Nando's ensured that the personnel are well-trained especially in providing the so-called "Nando's experience". Besides that, the business has made an attempt to ensure that their restaurants are attractively designed, so so it exudes warmness and homeliness. In order to lure their customers to come back, there is also introduced a loyalty stamp card system where regular diners get a stamp make on their credit card and once you have reached a specific number of visits, you can get a complimentary hen meal.


Since Nando's is actually classified as a fast food restaurant, a few of the customers said that Nando's have a tendency to be considered a little pricey, but not overly costed. Customers are by natural means responsive as it pertains to product prices, more so during this time period of tough economy, they tend to be all the more looking for the best value for their hard earned cash. Another concern that the customers raised is the limited food selection that Nando's has - mainly selling chicken only. There is no other meat type available that may be chosen that is flame grilled using their famous peri peri marinade. And same is true with vegetables, there is no fire grilled peri peri vegetarian options being offered. Due to its order of service, where customers are designed to place their own order at the right up until, there is certainly very less close interaction with the personnel and employees. There appears to be no room for quick, first-hand feedback, direct from one of the main people in the business - the customers.



Looking at how Nando's is currently operating, there's a coordinator of opportunities looking forward to the establishment to benefit from. These potential customers just desire a close considering and fine tuning to fit Nando's overall business quest, objectives, and culture. Using the approaching 2012 Olympics in London, new commercial spots will be built in and around London to cater for the multitude of people going to the capital. Nando's may possibly secure areas in these areas, which really is a great chance to expand. In addition, with the healthy-eating style constantly increasing, Nando's can constantly tap into this market and possibly develop its food variety offering selection for its diners. Consistent with this, they may then think of new product development. Since a few of the Nando's branches are doing takeaway, it'll be good if they will rotate it out to each and every branch, and do make extra efforts in making the service known to its customers. Along with the recession slowly fading away, customers' spending electricity will eventually increase and more and more of them will dine out again.


Nando's and other businesses will always and permanently face certain stresses in the working of its establishment. Any business journey is never an easy road; it is always going to be bumpy. These threats should be strongly faced which businesses should discover a way to attempt to, if not eliminate, at least controllably deal with them. In Nando's circumstance, it is the promotions aspect of the four P's that basically let them down, which includes been evidently manifested on the replies of the diners who performed the questionnaire. Another threat would be the new entrants in the industry as there have been a number of small restaurant businesses endeavoring to replicate the success of Nando's flame grilled peri peri chicken. Also, some newly opened restaurants are trying to introduce a completely new diet that is much healthier and scrumptious at exactly the same time, apparently looking to get a chunk of the market. On the other hand, big supermarkets are also inching its way to grab a bit of share of the market by offering newly ready food and sandwiches and set up small dinner areas within its stores. They provide newly roasted and fried fowl, curries, steaks, pork, and freshly ready sandwiches.

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