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Developing self understanding reflection paper

Through going to the course of "Knowing ourselves, knowing our world", I've increased do it yourself- awareness. Weekly, I keep learning more and more about myself. Do it yourself awareness, regarding to Wong (2003), means recognition of our own personality, advantages and weaknesses and likes and dislikes. Developing self-awareness can help us to identify when we are stressed or under pressure. Self consciousness also promotes effective communication and social relations, and also for developing empathy for others.

After I have gone to the camp, I learn to face something I used to evade. I was raised up by my aunt whenever i was young. I usually feel difficult to reside in the love between my very own parents and my aunt. These persecute me for long. All these years, I have never told others about the above thoughts. I just want to flee from these exact things. However, I feel so satisfied that I've finally let my thoughts released out once i told my classmates in the camp. I used to evade the situation of "how to balance the connections between my parents and my aunts and uncle". Learning to increase self- consciousness, Rothman (1999) shows that it brings increased openness to other ways of thinking and a greater understanding into other kinds of life experience. I'll not get away from tackling the associations and I can know more about my deep self. This enables me to comprehend my clients when they have something used to evade. I could then guide my clients to release their feelings and increase openness.

It helps me to be more aware of myself by focusing on how my past activities influence my own beliefs. Having an uncle who experience three relationships because of experiencing other relationships beyond his relationship (with women from the mainland China), I personally dislike women who are result from mainland China, come to Hong Kong to marry a guy and to grab our resources. I dislike like them when i feel that they always intervene in their matrimony. However, this hatred towards new immigrants makes me struggling to make appropriate decision whenever a client who's a new immigrant seeks help from me. Furthermore, Biestek (1961) suggests that the relationship between the social staff member and the client has been called the heart and soul of casework. With such a bias, I might have personal value view and uncontrolled emotional attitudes toward the clients. Because of this, it can be problematic for me to develop close marriage with the client. However, now I understand and recognize that my earlier family encounters are impacting on my principles and thoughts, Rothman (1999) recommended that it helps the worker to work with clients, and to control and lessen the affects of personal attitudes and beliefs that may be hazardous and prejudicial toward clients.

According to Rothman (1999), as an adult, one has his own viewpoint towards something. Probably the most concerned part in self-awareness is approximately the unaware perceptions, especially those negative thoughts towards others, such as biases, prejudices or stereotypes. Regarding to Rothman (1999), these are hidden inside and included in "acceptable" excuses and rationale. Take several minorities for a good example, general people usually have some negative personal emotions and comments to the disabled, homosexuals, prostitutes, the street sleepers etc. Unaware perceptions may be portrayed in conversations, works or behavior being that they are hidden in the unconscious. Having these unaware perceptions, as a communal worker, I might unconsciously say some words which hurt clients' thoughts and make them become defensive and don't trust me. Thus rendering it hard to build up good romance with the client and hard to have intervention processes.

Besides, sharing my own feelings and viewpoints among peers can also help to make up my own viewpoint towards the populace. I can learn about the peers' behaviour and the way the others react towards some concern by listening and sharing among several peers. By exchanging thoughts in an review, I can figure out how to think more comprehensively and view an issue with different point of view. By gaining ideas and activities from others, I might then little by little change my past views towards a concern.

When it involves the public work profession, it's quite common to have prices or attitude conflicts with certain aspects. Self-awareness stimulates several essential attributes, such as openness, approval, determination, trust, knowledge, interest and courage towards the customers (Rothman, 1999). When communal employee can have thorough thoughts and view towards a concern, it can allow social worker to own a much better understanding on the perceptions of the customers. Even the thoughts of clients differs from the communal worker's personal view, the sociable worker can give clients a proper advice without any bias and would be more convenient to deal with the circumstances using their attitudes, principles and values (Rothman, 1999). . Sociable employees' role is to stands right on the clients' situations to provide services for the kids according to their needs and needs. Self-awareness enables social workers to assist clients in the right and appropriate way.

According to Segal E. A, part of do it yourself recognition is understanding one's down personal problems and biases, and addressing them in order that they do not interfere in use others. As the social worker (in the foreseeable future), self awareness enables me to know myself and be aware of their own ideals, assumptions, beliefs, talents, and weakness, so that I am in a position to help the clients effectively. Rothman (1999) suggests that increased recognition brings increased openness to other ways of pondering and a larger information into other kinds of life experience. So, keeping my mind open, as a cultural worker (in the foreseeable future), I can then listen to client's showing patiently, even when clients have other perspective different from mine, I can have an appropriate response and advice.

Self awareness encourages effective communication and social relations, and so as expanding empathy for others. They are all elements which enable social employees to provide skillful service and good attitude to clients. Increasing home awareness do helps me with my professional development.

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