Dietary Requirements: Nutritional Restrictions

Clear and effective communication between companions is central to working with children and young people, it allows companions to put the needs and requirements of the kids first permitting them to achieve the best possible final results for the kids and their family. Good communication between associates allows trust to be built between everyone and enables everybody concerned to share their views and have them considered and valued. Having clear and effective communication between associates helps with the collection and showing of relevant information between all get-togethers involved regarding the child, which may also contain very sensitive information. Clear and effective communication also ensures that many people are working into the same aims assisting to prevent any misunderstandings between associates, with one of the seeks being working collectively to meet the emotional, health insurance and educational needs of the children. It will also help with the process of collecting and retaining information/records about the children providing an understanding of the children's needs and requirements which in turn allows lovers to supply the right activities for specific children and keep maintaining a safe learning environment for the kids and teenagers. Regarding the importance of effective communication between parents/carers, clear and effective communication promotes the parent or guardian, carer or legal guardian to seek advice when needed and use services provided which is the main element to establishing and keeping working human relationships. Clear lines of communication also allow the parent/carer to go over issues more readily and resolve problems with ease between partners if indeed they feel you can find basis of trust built and good communication.

The procedures and techniques in the task setting up for information writing are the following,

Information about the children must stay confidential

Information must be stored/registered as mentioned (Data Protection Work 1998)

Confidentiality & Respecting Confidentiality

Establishments storing information on a Laptop or computer must be signed up on the info Protection Register

The Data Coverage Act 1998 provides individuals the protection under the law to see all information stored regarding themselves.

Staff must be acquainted and comply with the guidelines

Confidential matters should not be discussed with co-workers unless necessary

Information regarding the children, establishment and staff should not be distributed to third get-togethers unless it respect to safeguarding

Confidential information must be handled with care & stored securely

Never leave sensitive paperwork/data files unattended or where people who do not need to know will have access to them

All data must be stored safely and securely and password covered ensuring restricted access only

Confidentiality within the setting is vital; breach of confidentiality is only acceptable when it is on the need-to-know basis. For instance particular private information may have to be shared with members of staff that specialize and offer with a child's health, welfare or well-being. Working within this type of environment means particular information has to be gathered and saved about the children and stored securely, this information includes:

  • Names
  • Addresses & Contact Numbers
  • Medical History Records
  • Dietary Requirements/Nutritional Restrictions
  • Family Changes
  • Progress Reports
  • Child's GP & Dentist Details
  • Emergency Contact Details
  • Special Educational Needs SEN

Sharing any of the above information is actually a breach of confidentiality and should only be shared on the need-to-know basis, breaching confidentiality can cause great upset for a number of individuals, loose trust and cause damage to working interactions. Breaching confidentiality in a childcare environment should only be achieved so in extreme circumstances, for example bullying, suspected child misuse and a medical emergency concerning the child.

Within a childcare setting up there is a responsibility to ensure that information/files are correct, stored up to date and confidential, following a settings plans and guidelines and approved onto relevant staff members only. Information and details provided by the parents/carers is given in trust and concerns the kid and their family. This information should only be distributed between those who are directly associated with the child, for example a named carer or employee who works directly with the kid.

As a practitioner you might find yourself in a position where you want or need to talk about information but have been asked never to disclose any information. It may even be due to a matter of safeguarding a child within your health care who you are feeling is at risk, putting you in a difficult position where you must break the self-assurance speaking about it with your collection manager.

When you are in the positioning of having to talk about information and maintain confidentiality, conflicts or dilemmas may surface.

For example you might find yourself being given confidential information with a parent who may have respected and confided in you as a practitioner discussing with you personal family issues, providing you with information regarding her man going out of her and submitting for divorce leading to her sense that she cannot deal with which is also struggling to manage but demands that nobody else is to be told these details. But as a specialist being with all this type of information provides an automatic matter for the child or young person's welfare. This then may result in causing issue or issue because you were placed in a position of trust and confidentiality by the parent or guardian who confided in you and specifically asked you not to tell anyone else but you are also ready where you must consider the welfare of the kid or young person and get hold of your line director, the manager has to understand this information to be able to care for the child effectively considering the Children Work 1989 - The welfare of the child is paramount. Nonetheless it is important that the parent(s) is up to date that you are going to see your line supervisor these details.

Conflicts or dilemmas may also arise if a problem has been made in regards to a child by for example a specialist, key employee or manager right to the child's parents. The parents may in fact feel there is absolutely no reason for concern or that there surely is nothing wrong and for that reason request that there is no further action to be taken or required and this no private information is usually to be shared with every other outside agencies. Putting the individual with matter in a difficult position as this concern regards the welfare of the child or young person included.

You could also find issues or dilemmas arising with regards to showing information with associates and retaining confidentiality in situations such as having concerns regarding a child's welfare because for example you have detected frequent bruising and the child is currently refusing to get transformed for P. E and shows up anxious and jumpy. You intend to share this information but it would be improper to ask agreement from the child's parents as this could possibly put the kid at further risk of damage. Finding yourself in a very difficult position where you want to share information with a older member of staff e. g. Collection Manager or possibly with outside organizations.

It is important to record information clearly, effectively, legibly and concisely, meeting legal requirements to ensure any decisions or actions which may have been put into place for a kid or young person are not neglected or lost and also to ensure that written information aren't misspelt, are filled with incomplete sentences and long confusing paragraphs so that it is more time consuming for a person to find the information they can be want. This also allows everyone engaged regarding a child or young person to get the most correct and up up to now information and records when required and can permit individuals to refer back to the information for future reference point and then for the monitoring of children and young people's behavior patterns, providing an insight on if the child's behaviour has better or got worse as time passes. It will prevent any misunderstandings with any future reference at a later date and prevent any problems reading again on the written details. Additionally it is important because all written records have to be current, dated and signed to meet up with the legal requirements of the Data Protection Action 1998. All configurations managing personal and hypersensitive information/records have lots of legal commitments to protect this information under the info Protection Take action 1998. Information must also be recorded clearly, effectively, legibly and concisely, getting together with legal requirements for personal protection reasons to ensure that there surely is documented evidence regarding something happening, which will abide by the methods and policies put in place within your environment.

Communications and records are recorded and firmly stored assembly data protection requirements by carefully carrying out the next:

All written data must be stored carefully

All information must be adequate, sufficient and relevant

Paper records should be stored stored in a locked filing cabinet

Electronic records must be (password protected)

Invoices, bills and money details should be stored in locked data (password shielded) on the computer.

Personal information regarding each child are to be held within locked data files and password covered documents using the pc.

All information must be taken care of, kept up to date and accurate

Records and saving must comply with the Data Cover Act 1998

Personal information must be retained safely & only used for the purposes it was at first stated for.

Records must be stored safe and secure from any unauthorized access.

Within the setting up the following actions are taken to record and store information safely meeting data cover requirements

Invoices, charges, money details - Are stored in locked data files (password shielded) using the pc which are only accessible to the supervisor.

Outside agencies - If there has been a meeting of any sort with an outside agency regarding a child or young person within the setting up an in depth and clear record must be typed up and a backup of the record distributed to only the relevant concerning parties involved with the kid or young person.

Personal information regarding each young one - Each child within the setting has their own specific file containing personal and hypersensitive information from things such as letters to parents/carers to special eating requirements. These files are securely locked away inside a filing pantry where they need to be stored and used limited to the purposes formerly stated. They aren't to be shared with anyone other than the parents unless they may have given permission to take action.

Child protection records - When making a child protection record a proper form is usually to be completed recording the concerns. The written record should consist of relevant details and exact information. These sensitive records are then locked away and totally controlled where only limited staff can have admission, they are not to be continued file for any more when compared to a 6 time period.

Child development files - Child development information are created by observing a kid or young person on a regular basis and filling in an observation form and keeping a "daily diary" sometimes including photos. These records are only distributed to the child's family and contain delicate & private information which is then held stored independently and safely.

All small children within a environment have their development monitored and saved on day-to-day basis but if a member of staff believes there is reason for concern or a parent or guardian/carer shares concerns regarding their child's development a meeting will be arranged where the concerns can be shared, the child's development record analyzed and where information can be obtained on the child's home life. If the conclusion is that the kid in simple fact requires additional help and support using their development then your administrator within the setting up will complete the correct forms, which will then be delivered to the corresponding agency(s) that will make connection with the parents/carers. For example a child who have been evaluated as developing a talk impediment would be referred to a speech and terms team/therapist that will assess the kid and set up a programme that could then be put in place to them which would then be implemented by the instructors and TA's inside a school setting. They may also arrange one to one classes for the child with the consent of the parents/carers and will assess the child to help understand the reason for the speech problem or wait.

Referrals are created to ensure that a child or young person is receiving the perfect outcome and start in life. Recommendations are usually created by practitioners who watch and make recordings of the child's development and may detect any extra support needed, problems or difficulties the kid may be experiencing. It is important to indentify a kid or young person's needs as soon as possible to ensure that the child's needs are evaluated quickly and that they are described the appropriate setting or firm.

Referrals are created for many different reasons such as concerns regarding a child's safety and welfare or wellness etc. When a referral is necessary for a kid who's in require it should essentially be combined with the consent of the child's parents/carers. If a kid or young person is struggling significant injury or maltreatment then communal services will be involved in their circumstance, sometimes with respect to the severity of the damage the authorities may be engaged. Other children may suffer from different problems such as emotional and/or learning difficulties. For example a child that has been evaluated as having separation nervousness and sensory issues may be described CAMHS where they will under go different investigations and have an occupational remedy assessment and could be observed by a child psychologist. Or a child may be showing signs of behaviour problems and regarded as displaying signs and symptoms of ADHD such as inattention during class time. And therefore may be referred for an ADHD examination after under going a CAF examination. They may then be described a clinic and specialist where further screening may take place to find out the results.

When a child is regarded as looking for additional help or support then a common construction is put into place known as CAF, CAF firstly provides a checklist to ensure that the child's needs are being attained and are up to the standard requirements. If the child's needs meet the CAF standards required in line with the checklist then a appointment would be presented where in fact the child's needs would be utilized and possible support would be mentioned within the group, offering the specialist the opportunity to discuss their assessments, ideas and tips for support. It is important to give a precise, appropriate and factual take on the child's specific needs and requirements including both their advantages and weaknesses. A choice should then be produced after the meeting on whether further support is required and a CAF may only then be completed when you have made an agreement with your supervisor and the child's parents/carers on if the child requires additional support and help which is not provided within the setting. Through the CAF treatment the arrangement will contain agreement to talk about the results of the CAF examination with other firms as sometimes outdoors agencies might need to be brought in to the formula for the advantage of the kid and their needs. You'll want the parent's authorization for the competition of the CAF process when it's concerning a child and they should be held up to date but a young person is required to give authorization themselves. On competition of the assessment an idea must be built addressing the child's needs, this will consist of short and possible goals for the child and should include how these targets may be accomplished. Ideas must be reviewed and kept up to date on a regular occurrence and recommendations must involve the parents/carers and a mature member of staff.

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