Diminishing Knee Shaking Behaviour Mindset Essay

Behaviour adjustment is thought as the following: it consists of the systematic request of learning ideas and ways to assess and improve individuals covert and overt behaviours to be able to improve their daily functioning" (Martin & Pear, 2011). Quite simply, behaviour changes is founded on the ideas of operant fitness. It is a strategy to improve an individual's habit by changing the way a person serves to a particular situation or stimuli using negative and positive reinforcement. In final result, it replaces an unhealthy behavior to a far more desirable patterns.

There are guidelines to follow and that are critical when planning and participating in a behaviour modification program. These guidelines includes the guidelines of negative and positive reinforcement, guidelines of unconditioned and conditioned support, the rules of extinction, the guidelines of schedules of encouragement the rules of fading, and the guideline of shaping (Martin & Pear, 2011). A timetable of reinforcement is a program that determines how so when the event of a reply will be followed by a reinforcer. The delivery of the reinforcer could depend on the incident of a certain variety of responses, the duration of time, the existence of certain stimuli, the event of other reactions of the animal, or a variety of other activities. There are different schedules of encouragement, I will discuss very briefly about the top ones that I'll implement in my own program. Among the various schedules of encouragement will be the schedules of intermittent support. Another is percentage plan which is defined as that reinforcement is based only on the number of responses the organism has performed. Encouragement that depends upon only a few of the time are said to involve incomplete or intermittent reinforcement. In period schedules, responses are reinforced only when the responses occur after a certain amount of time has handed. In fixed period agenda (abbreviated FI), the place time is constant from one occasion to the next. With a variable interval plan (abbreviated VI), reactions are reinforced if they occur after having a variable interval since the start of the schedule routine.

For this behavior modification program, I have chosen to diminish and control my leg-shaking behaviour. The operational classification of leg-shaking is the fact for this program, I analyzed the effect of leg-shaking on my performance during the times when I got seated. I had a need to know exactly what sort of leg-shaking behaviour I used to be performing and exactly how I assessed it. I had a need to know what type of performance I am recommending that leg-shaking behaviour affected, and how I assessed that. Furthermore, I had a need to know the primary causes and sets off of my leg-shaking behaviour.

How I Decided on My Target Behavior and just why it's Befitting this Assignment

Two other behaviours I had been considering focusing on, but made a decision to work on my leg-shaking behavior instead were to increase my piano taking part in practice, also to exercise more. These were appropriate for the assignment, however they were not sensible for me personally to focus on this semester. I am almost never home, therefore the probability of baking and better food was very trim during the time. However, the probability of exercising during the time was moderately likely to occur, but I did not understand this behaviour to be as essential to change as my leg-shaking habit. I needed to work to improve a behaviour that's not only affecting me among others, but that it's also more simple plus more doable to work on during the past months. Moreover, these other two behaviours are both common behaviour that I believe most people use for a project such as this behaviour modification program.

Controlling Antecedents of Pre-Program Behaviour

The root of my habit probably started and revolved around a social situation I had been facing whenever i was very young. I was extremely shy. I put social panic. My fear of being in any public situations or relationships made me so stressed that maybe it's the main cause of my shaking legs.

Pre-Program Behaviour Level

In this section, I'll describe how I observed my behaviour. During the process of this observation, I found that I possessed automated thoughts that momentarily flash through my brain. Here my job was to displace these programmed thoughts or bad thinking habits with good thinking patterns. By doing so, I would create new thoughts that became my new automatic thoughts. These thoughts originated from my thoughts of anxiety, especially in interpersonal situation or stressed situation. I counted to keep anxiousness in check such that it would not encourage my old programmed negative thoughts. Associated with that my automatic thoughts affects just how I see myself in a significant way in situation. EASILY did not change my thinking, my old computerized thoughts will continue to perpetuate my leg-shaking behaviour.

Controlling Consequences of Pre-Program Behaviour

Not controlling my lower leg- shaking behaviour is rewarded with being able to only concentrate while learning or listening to lectures or doing other things when sitting down. This enables me never to think about monitoring my leg-shaking constantly and freely share my inner feelings of stress and anxiety by making my subconscious behaviour gets control. By detaching myself from watching and being mindless of my leg-shaking behaviour elicited by emotions of stress and overgeneralizing. In subconscious terms this method is named positive encouragement for a behaviour such as leg-shaking. I tremble my calf and in exchange get rewarded by getting away with behaving any way I want whenever i am feeling anxious, stressed, or nervous. Just how positive encouragement works is that once I get compensated for my leg-shaking behaviour I am much more likely to do it again.

My Self-Modification Program

For my self-modification program, since I prepared on changing my pondering patterns to be able to prevent me at least from shaking my lower limbs too often, then I rewarded myself with a reasonable reward. The smart compensation was that once I've managed my leg-shaking tendencies, I could pay attention to music. I had fashioned to earn a privilege to be able to listen to a music or songs much longer as listening to music is very satisfying for me.

I kept an eye on minutes on a sheet. I started with two hours of listening to music each day. I normally did not listen to 2 hours of music straight, but this was doable. I may not hear the music without headphone therefore i asked one of my family members to take away my headphone from me for your day and then give it back again to me sometime after 10 during the night. I lost one minute of listening to music whenever i failed to control my leg-shaking behavior. At the end of your day, I listened to the amount of time I have earned to hear music provided that I have any minutes kept. Whenever I acquired sidetracked by might work and other distractions, then for every leg-shaking behaviour I do, I subtracted about a minute of hearing music.

In addition to the note, l organized an idea, including making notes of the key moments that I was less likely and most more likely to shake my lower limbs unconsciously due to feeling anxious, pressured, or stressed. I ready for my important moments by embracing helpful sources of influence, a friend and a member of family. Then I organized on starting deliberate practice by inserting myself to a tempting situation. In a nutshell, my goal was to experience the desire however, not to provide in shaking my leg expressing my feelings of anxiousness outwardly.

My Program in Action

This is the part as i applied deliberate practice especially practice for crucial moments. I broke the steps into small bits, and practice each step in brief intervals. I also got immediate feedback sometimes against a definite standard, and examined my improvement. I discovered to be prepare for setbacks and also was well prepared for them.

Evaluation of My Program

Referring to the amount of the behaviour pre-program and through the program (see Shape 1 in the Appendix), my try to decrease my trend to shake my leg didn't work in the beginning of the program due to the effects of delay of abuse. When it emerged to the utilization of consequence in the program, the important aspect in the consequence is the interval between the instrumental behavior and the aversive arousal. I found that the increase in the hold off of punishment ends in less suppression of behaviour. Such delays made punishment totally inadequate in modifying the undesired behavior.

Ending this program; Future Plans

Although I am done with the behaviour adjustment program, I plan on continuing to control my leg-shaking behavior, which, again, happens when I get troubled. I will make an effort to slowly stop myself from depending on program to keep my leg-shaking behaviour under control. I'll keep a long-term point of view to boost my behaviour and also to improve myself. I plan on practising not only self applied control, but self-care when i tend to face stress or amount of anxiety in the face of difficult situations such as speaking up in school as I am shy. I am going to help myself feel at ease during cycles of stress by wanting to use what I learned from the behaviour techniques and exercises this semester.

Even though I am going to not depend on the exercises and techniques I've applied in my own program, I really believe I still need regular contact with anxiety-provoking situations in order to stay in condition. I really believe this can help me above the long-term to keep myself habituated to the experiences that I discovered from in situations I came across were and still are a little anxiety-provoking.

Discussion and Conclusion

What I learned from this experience was that my obsessive thoughts and compulsive leg-shaking behavior did not seem sensible. These thinking patterns that I fell into whenever i am nervous, anxious, sad, or stressed out were generally very believable, quite persuasive, and negative, plus they made my life more difficult than they needed to be. Even though I did so not fully imagine my obsessive thoughts, I came across which i frequently engaged in my leg-shaking behaviour to get the obsessive thoughts to stop. I overestimated the likelihood of risk that if something could go wrong, it will go wrong. I am guilty of overgeneralizing things. So I held back many times from placing myself using situation that recommended no injury to me or anyone, and normally I slipped into my leg-shaking behavior.

When I prompted one of my old computerized thoughts, I corrected it with the positive one so these positive thoughts became my new automated thoughts. Even though I am finished with this behavioural changes program for the course, I still need to carefully weave this truth into my memory space whenever my leg-shaking behaviour strikes. This way, I am able to weave this truth into my mindful control to yank the plug on my propensity to worry and overgeneralize which causes leg-shaking behaviour. I understand that a lot more I practice this new behavior, the much more likely I will get it done in the future so that I do not return to my former state of leg-shaking behaviour.


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