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Do extracurricular programs decrease the stress of students

Life as a student is resplendent with assignments, essays and examine. Not to mention all the extracurricular activities that has to be done. Certainly, as students, a universal problem that can not be avoided is sense stress. In the beginning of this newspaper, it'll discuss and explain about stress and source of stress. Studies and statistical evidence receive to confirmation that students round the world are facing the same problem; stress. Next, this newspaper will discuss about how stress is reduced. There are a few method such as the coping strategies, General Adaptation Symptoms and theory of rest. In this area of the paper, we will proceed through these means of coping in details and connect it to the life span of a student. The students may use these methods to help them minimizing, deal with the strain.

The conclusion of this essay will examine and conclude about the stress reducing ways. Most of the student can't manage their stress because they said that there are no ways to confront stress, but this essay clearly implies that there are techniques can be used to deal with stress. In the long run, this article emphasized the importance of dealing with stress as it can help students to do well in their academics. With clear understanding, maybe students will not experience stress as appalling as today in the foreseeable future.

A research entitled "College's Students' Academics Stress and Its Regards to Their Anxiety, Time Management And Leisure Satisfaction" conducted by Dr. Ranjita Misra(PhD CHES) and Michelle McKean among 249 Midwestern College or university undergraduates. Respondent were randomly chosen from the university index list. The study shows that the stress one of the college's students highly boosts nationwide (Sax, 1997). Students reported stress at the top at predictable times each semester with sources of academics stress caused by ranking competition, the bulky amount of content to understand in just a little amount of time and taking and studying for examinations (Abouserie, 1994; Archer & Lamnin, 1985; Britton & Tesser, 1991; Kohn & Frazer, 1986). When stress is professed depressingly or becomes too much, students experience physical and psychological harm (Murphy & Archer, 1996). Generally, higher stress was experienced because of this of self-imposed stress and pressure, not because of conflict, dissatisfaction and pressure. The result of the research also implies that in general, feminine students facing less stressful moment in time than male students, proven that female students deal with their stress better, some relationship can be seen based how they perceived stress, manage their time well, more than the male students. Leisure activities such as sports, singing, hanging out with friends and doing community services efficiently trim down educational stress among college or university students. Apart from that, an aesthetic area and entertainment benefits also added to reduce stress. Tried in the research, time management behaviours acquired greater effect to minimize academic stress in comparison to outdoor activities (leisure, sports activities, and community services). Nonetheless it is also different between men and feminine students. Prior studies show that problem resolving is an important coping strategy that can reduce, decrease, or prevent stress by allowing a person to better manage daily difficult situations and their psychological effects (D'Zurilla & Sheedy, 1991).

There are proofs that extracurricular activities can helps to decrease the stress experienced by the students but the research also shown that extracurricular activities is not the best way that can be make use of by students to reduce their stress. In MARA School Banting (MCB), the extracurricular activities are known as the CAS programme. CAS is the abbreviation for creative, action and services. Every MCB students must do 180 time of CAS programmes. As students, they can't evade themselves from studying and not to say, the stress. CAS programs should help the MCB students to lessen their stress but how and to what extend does this programme help.


Stress is quite similar with the idea of love. It can be experienced, but it can not be described. It is the state of being in pressure resulted from things that taking place around them. Corresponding to Hans Selye, stress is an idea which has experienced the blended blessing of being too popular and inadequate understood. Well, parents talk about the burden boosting children, teachers discuss the pressure in institution, workers speak about low salary and students speak about the endless tasks. These are the indication that stress is just about everywhere. Selye also divided stress into two, called them eustress and problems. Eustress identifies the positive stress where it is vital to have this kind of stress. Example of eustress is feeling nervous about getting married or feeling stressed about scoring a charges in a football match. Meanwhile, stress is the negative stress, which is bad to one's health. Exemplory case of distress is being concerned because not ready for exam or declining a test.

Sources of Stress

There are extensive sources or things that can be the source of stress. The changes, whether it is pleasant or upsetting, that happen around us can look like the source of stress. Deaths, family, studies, work place, all of this have their own contribution to stress. Traumatic happenings such as death or natural disaster (floods, drought, and tornado) can be last longer and give more impact to 1 person. It can happen directly or indirectly to a stressor. Some research shown that stress cause by day to day activities can be more stressful compared to main events such as loss of life. Missed a bus or forgot where you keep your keys can be really anxious for some people.

How Stress Is Reduced

Blazing the path, we are going to look at the General Adaptation Syndrome, also called GAS, recognized by Selye (1976). GAS is a non-specific physiological effect that occurs to a range of nerve-racking stimuli. Overall, the GAS is divided into three stages. The first period of GAS is the Security alarm Reaction. Essentially, the stimuli that triggers stress is recognized, the hypothalamus of the mind reacts in two ways: it triggers pituitary gland to release adrenocorticotrophic hormone (ACTH), stimulated adrenal gland to trigger adrenal cortex to release corticosteroids and this will hinder disease fighting capability reaction, inhibits muscle irritation and releases energy from the liver. The other reaction of the hypothalamus could it be triggers the sympathetic branch of the autonomic nervous system, makes the adrenal gland to release adrenaline and noradrenaline, preparing the individual with airfare or battles reactions of increased heart and breathing rate, includes blood pressure and muscle stress. Usually period one takes place without one realising it, except if these were in emergency such to be punish or involved in a fight. Level two involves pass after Security alarm Reaction, to create the Level of Resistance, where in fact the body retain arousal at a lesser level. This level however, differs depends on the average person itself. Behavioural coping style maybe different between two individual. Optimal arousal theory says that up to level stress can provide an advantageous motivating result that helps package with the source of stress. Mentioned previously, differing people use different coping strategies, some exploit problem-focused strategies and offer with the foundation of stress plus some become accustomed to emotion-focused strategies and try to deal using its effects. Besides, many people have 'type A' personality that create and maintain advanced of stress in their life (Friedman and Rosenman, 1974). These people are usually insistent, spirited and highly obsessed perfectionists who will not entrust and are intolerant towards others. Hardy personality (Kobasa, 1979) advises that people that folks are less exposed to end product of stress because they have got great sense of control over, more positive attitude towards nerve-racking dealings. Managing the sense during the demanding event can helps to reduce the ramifications of stress. Apart from that, gender and social factors may be at variance in the sum and category of stress experienced. For example, men that socialize more may have less complicated to deal with their stress. Let's get into period three, the Stage Of Exhaustion, where in this phase, the person's body will eventually get tired and turn out negative physiological and psychological effects. Apparently, stress can decrease the disease fighting capability and exposed the body to more attacks such as ulcer (Brady, 1958), asthma (Miller and Strunk, 1979), colds (Stone et al, 1987) and tumors (Jacobs and Charles, 1980). Somehow, stress prompted the heartrate and blood pressure, worsen and jamming the blood vessel hence increasing the cardiovascular disorder. Over three thousand men which may have the 'type A' personality were much more likely to be sick with heart diseases (Rosenman et al, 1975). Any scholar or person will likely to possess anger and aggravation within their manner to lessen stress. Some person who can't deal with it well are more exposed to major depression and helplessness where this may comes together with stress, that is generally, too bad to our health.

As described early on, as part of the fight or air travel situations, the body will releases hormones and many neurotransmitters. For aid adaptation and success, these are critical. Mentioned previously, when facing a stressor, the parasympathetic nervous system will response and these is supposed as the adaptive response to force the body into actions and do more physical activities, where we maybe experience some anger or dread or increasing respiration rates. Furthermore, being toned also engages with reduced risk for most conditions including heart disease and stroke. While doing activities, the extra chemicals released consequently of experiencing stress are used up. This can make a feeling of relaxation occur, over time of exercise. Exercise is very good for the body however, many still find it difficult to find time, and that is why CAS programs are planned for everyone students. Doing activities with lovers is actually useful, so long as one must try to include exercise routine into their day to day routine. Exercise actually functions as an antidepressant and improve up one's mood. But question is, why? This has urged a group of doctors from Nottingham Craze University to make research relating to this. The researchers claim that a chemical known as phenyl ethylamine could play a role. This chemical substance has been related to regulation of physical energy, attention and feelings where it'll be become phenyl acetic acid by an enzyme. It really is proven that the natural fluids in stressed out patient have low degree of both substances. Within the first try to test the effect of exercise on levels of the substance, they found out that level of the chemical increased by 76. 8% after exercise. The test was conducted on twenty healthy men, with a typical time of 22. All repeatedly does around four hours of reasonable to hard aerobic and anaerobic exercise every week. Before they start the study, they abstained from exercise for per day, and a urine test was completed to check for levels of phenyl acetic acid, the most exact amount of the substance. Exercised for around 30 minutes on a treadmill at 70% of maximum center capacity is good since feeling changes are usually reported at that level. Proven by the urine levels, it was discovered that phenyl acetic acid levels were increased in 18 of the 20 men. Quoted in one of the researcher from Nottingham Trent University, Dr. Ellen Billet said: "We are very sure that there could be an impact of exercise on phenyl ethylamine. We also recognized that humble exercise has these positive effects. " On the other hand, a spokesperson for the mental health charity said that physical exercise has a convincing devote the management and avoidance of some mental health problems. Within a latest survey of fitness center customers, 75% said they exercised to trim down their stress levels and 67% said they used exercise to preserve their mental health. She is contacting for all doctors to offer exercise consultations on advice to patients with mental health problems, predominantly as we realize that the majority people with mental health issues don't know this non-drug treatment substitute exists.

A intensifying muscle relaxation has proven to give impressive stress reduced. By perform relaxation, it prop up the parasympathetic anxious system activities and so restore performing and promotes break. A number of the students in KMB practice a yoga-like doings and tai-chi (a type of traditional Chinese solution to relax), and remarkably, it works. They just spent only about thirty minutes at night, and I believe is not impossible to be achieved.

The common thing that students do when they make an effort to offer with stress is, they tend to eat a great deal. Well, to some individuals it does alleviate their stress but it is actually not a good thing to be achieved. What can really help is to regulate the food that we eat. Scrupulously, food materials such as nicotine and caffeine (also known as sympathomimetics) activate the sympathetic area of the autonomic nervous system. Because of this, they boost blood circulation pressure, heart rate and metabolic process, where these can help your body system to become more reactive to stress specially when we are away in the wild to a stressor. For instance, performing a ToK demonstration, the pupil will feel more stressed and reduced performance. Biologically, stress can impact absorption of certain natural vitamins. The discharge of cortisol (a steroid hormone secreted by the adrenal gland) for example, occurs pursuing sympathetic anxious system activation requires the utilization of B-complex vitamin, riboflavin, niacin, pantothenic acid, vitamin supplements C, and pyridoxine hydrochloride. Over a period of persistent stress, the supply of these vitamins in the body will lessen. So when that happens, the body cannot support or cope with the reason for stress; it reduces the performance to stressor. This possibly will results in negative physical symptoms such as abdomen ache, muscular weakness and physical mayhem (insomnia, despair, anxiety). To make certain that the body get all those things it requires, eat fortified cereals, fruit and vegetables, fruits, seafood as well as liver as it includes the B-complex natural vitamins. As for supplement C, eat a whole lot of cabbages, potatoes, tomato vegetables and some other citric fruits that you would like. Not to be forgotten, exposed to frequent stress can point to lower calcium mineral level as it mess about the calcium absorption in the intestine. Supplement B-complex are also needed in processed flour and ingesting sugar. Ability to response to stressor minimize due to the rundown of stores of cortisol. Stress itself really helps to raise glucose levels level because it has known that contact with continual stress have an adverse influence on the creation of insulin in the body. This incident may elucidate why diabetes mellitis occurs for some people. It's a insulin producing disorder. People whose possessed a sodium related disorder, may influenced by sodium, increasing the body to preserve substance. The subsequent increase in blood circulation pressure while facing the stressor may leave the individual at higher risk of stroke and heart attack.

Cognitive restructuring is another method that will help to release stress. Could it be a method where negative thought, misconception or absurd convinced that facilitate stressful reaction are replaced with more positive, realistic and sensible thought that really helps to reduce the person's view of menace or mischief. Two approaches that contain been greatly use by therapist to help restructuring thoughts are the Aaron Beck's cognitive remedy and Albert Ellis' logical emotive therapy. In addition, there is also another system known as the stress-inoculation, developed by Donald Meichenbaum. It consists of a few steps which are conceptualisation, skills acquisition and rehearsal, and software and follow through. First of all, the person learns about the nature of stress and exactly how people respond to it, taking illustrations from own personal encounters will be helpful. Then, find out the number of cognitive and behavioural techniques including cognitive restructuring, rest, and getting community support (friends, instructors and family). Respond to stressors released in remedy in a grouped progression and become present at the follow-up classes (Meichenbaum and Deffenbacher, 1988).

About the self-control, one must have confidence in their self that they can change what's taking place to them, which will make it better in favour of them to deal with the stress. On the other hand, a person will see it more challenging to muddle through the strain if they keep convinced that it is out of their control or it is fated. People tend to only remember about the negative side of things. For instance, alternatively than convinced that a forthcoming display as a potential customer of faltering, think of it as a chance to improve your presenting and public speaking. You may well not know everything about something, but make an effort to concentrate on the things that you know and perhaps will be shocked about the outcome.

How do we think, is what we can control. Make an effort to use thought stopping method. It is very easy yet useful in lessen stress. It's important that each time a negative thought shows up, stop it, and notify yourself that you'll not tolerate you to ultimately have pessimistic thoughts. At the same time, stop, relax, and make an effort to breathe. Practise relaxation method. It offers some sensation result that will act as a supporter to bring to an end to the negative thought.

Have you ever before saw a group of individuals laughing when you were exercising? Don't fret, they are not crazy. Maybe the term "laughter is the better treatments" is quite common inside our lifestyle today. It has been popular that laughter can decrease stress. Researchers found out that humour in reaction to nerve-racking situation brings many advantages. Laughter can change out in physiological changes including a rise in heartrate, oxygen exchange and muscle activities (sympathetic stressed system activity). This can direct to a eventual reduction in these activities to beneath baseline producing a state of rest, which is the parasympathetic anxious system activation. Therefore, if you are feeling stress after the hard research time, while doing CAS activities, have fun with your friends.

I am quite sure that every college student have been subjected to, at least one time, a motivational discussion about how exactly to plan their time. If you are smart, you will plan and deal with your time effectively as it helps to reduce stress. For instance, if you are feeling stress because you have a placement interview, do not turn up past due at the interview place. This will likely buy you a while to relax and to do some leisure, it really helps. Similarly, if you cannot conclude you work or review in your room because you held been distracted, set up your time proficiently and try to find time to study in the library or everywhere that you seems comfortable. It surely can help lower stress and really helps to focus more.

One more thing that is essential to help reduce stress is the communal support that may be gained from friends, professors and family. Stress effects are decreased with a good interpersonal support group. That is why, a great and healthy marriage with friends, educators and family are vital. People, who are friendless and alone, are more high-risk to stress and also mental related problems. For instance, a recent study shows that two third of folks damaged by mental health issues, say that that they sense lonely constantly or often. This survey was made in Australia. Furthermore to friends and teachers, besides family, CAS programme at the neighborhood community centre provide the opportunity to have a wholesome social relationships. The social support is similar to a central coping strategy. It possibly will work in two ways which is the buffering result or the immediate result. The buffering result shields a person from the unfavourable effects of stress. Inside the other side, the direct result may be precious and positive in its own right. Both model of effect is suitable and uncovers multiple paths through which stress and even health benefits are affected (Cohen and Wills, 1985). Actually, it might be easier to consider cultural support in a system context. This is actually the connection between your person and social support is a continuing matter that engages two-way feedback of both positive and negative feeling. One thing that will surely helps is exercise regulatory or disregulatory results on the other as the connection goes on (Leavy, 1983). Well, if one just will depend on the public support to minimize their stress, it could have only minute effect, but when pooled with other rest techniques, it includes enormous effect. Matching to Schultz and Saklofske (1983), the number of the sociable support is much less important as the quality of it. A person, who received a minimal quality public support, although it was plenty of, was reported being more alone than a person who possessed a little but higher quality of public support. The importance of social support might vary, depends on the sort of reason behind stress. Various stressors that never experienced by others are faced by young families with handicapped member (Yablin, 1986) plus they seeming reap the benefits of their social holds (Kirkham, Schilling, Norelius and Schinke, 1986). Plus, families dealing with health issues seem to be to be far better when they may have strong public support contrast to those who has no such support (Shapiro, 1983). A study reported that men with Assists and AIDS-related problems experience increased problems whey they were not given enough support (Zich and Temoshok, 1987). Communal support also seems to be a buffer against severe coronary artery disease in 'type A' personalities (Blumenthal et al. , 1987).

Students must have their own stand, their own attitude and principles. It isn't only for self confidence, but also in assisting to reduce stress. The use of religious practise and religious beliefs is a neglected element of strategies of handle stress. Noted that the religious group support are strong whose influence has not been appropriately assessed. A study conducted by Higher Education Research Institute, School of California found out that college or university students who take part in religious and spiritual activities are usually more possible to own an improved stress level than students who didn't take part in religious activity whatsoever. Besides that, students who didn't join religious activities are definitely more twofold much more likely to be reported with mental health and depression compared to students who attended religious activities constantly. Regarding to Alexander Astin, co-principal investigator for the research affecting 3, 680 third-year university students, sense of internal well-being of one also contributed when you are religious and religious. Those who play a role in religious do also are less likely to undergo stressed during classes. Examples of spiritual activities are reading holy text messages, joining religious company and attending spiritual activities. These result are vital because subconscious well-being becomes less throughout the length, Astin says. One out of five students has talk to the counsellor for personal counselling since becoming the students there, and 77% of the students claim seeming despondent regularly or irregularly through the years before. Only 61% of the students were sensing frustrated commonly or rarely when they first began college. This is still a very high number since official reports symbolize that only 25% of the population is suffering from depression. They are all related, being good about your daily life and high self-confidence has a link with high degree of spiritual. The study labelled spirituality as desiring to assimilate religion into one's life, believing in the purity of life and having divine experience. But the review too finds that extremely spiritual students will be more exposed to experience spiritual distress, or feeling troubled about pious, than students who aren't positively religious. Being spiritual also could play a part in whether someone starts off to swig refreshments that contains alcoholic beverages while in college. A lot more than 70% of students who don't drink alcohol before recorded in school won't set off in college if indeed they got themselves in spiritual doings, the analysis reported, but only less than that of students will go on to stop if not occupied religiously. The question that arises is if the students who do religious activities have really healthy internal or healthy psychological students who go and look for religious activities. The study also found that 77% of university students pray, 78% have a debate about religious conviction with acquaintances, and 76% are looking for significance and reason in life.

Last but not least, the leisure using words also helps. For instance, "relax", "take it easy" and "chill out" are commonly utilized by us. These words form the important part of cue-controlled leisure. The secret is simple and easy; the repeated words will permit your body to do the response automatically. The process is something that we want to control, and we can control it. What act as a sign for your body to do the required response. It sets off the response of relaxation. Yes, maybe initially, it doesn't signify anything. But following the words have been connected to the leisure, it will stimulate the response straight. Just say what and relax.

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