Domestic Assault against Women

A Comparative Analysis Of Domestic Assault Against LADIES IN Ghana And Uk


Domestic Violence in the united kingdom is widely accepted, accepted, handled as an issue. Yet, in Ghana, scheduled to illiteracy, culture, domestic violence is widely not accepted as a concern. You will find no measures in place by the government to tackle the problem. The following goals to provide a comparative analysis of domestic violence in women in the united kingdom as against women in Ghana. Secondary reviews from the authorities, Charities (NGOs), publications and publication issues were used in doing this examination. Results showed that conditions of domestic violence against women in the UK were widespread. There's a social services composition to deal with these issues. Children who are indirectly or directly affected by home assault can be determined in most cases and are offered any help or necessary treatment. In Ghana, there are numerous cultural barriers to first of all getting the communication of domestic violence across and second of all being accepted as an infringement of individuals rights. You will discover no social set ups in spot to help these women. NGOs are the equivalent to sociable services in the united kingdom, but cannot/are much less proactive. They rely on women arriving forwards and do not/cannot perform investigations on suspicion of domestic violence. Children, who are straight or indirectly damaged, tend to pass through unnoticed. This is due to the fact that culturally, children must be seen and not listened to. In other cases, children's accounts are not believed over the elderly person out of social value for the adult; such a thing would be considered a taboo. In conclusion, the social workers engagement in women influenced by DV and any related children are more considerable than any involvement in Ghana. Overall, Ghana has a lot to learn and possibly implement to be able to tackle the problem of domestic assault in women and children.


This study can look at a comparative of Home Violence, hereon referred to as DV, in ladies in two different countries, Ghana and the UK. I thought we would compare both of these countries first of all because I'm a Ghanaian and secondly because I have lived in both countries and presently studying interpersonal work in the UK. I have come to know of the sociable workers engagement with women plagued by DV. I'll also include just a little on the result DV is wearing children in both of these countries. It is my objective through this research, to emphasize the conception and differences of DV between your two countries and also to examine the impact of cultural work(ers) in dealing with DV in these countries.

In order to get an improved knowledge of how DV is identified in both countries, I'd like to speak about the Demographics concentrating on the culture and public standing up of Ghana.

Ghana Demographics

Ghana is a country within West Africa, located on the Gulf and Guinea and is a few diplomas north of the equator, supplying it a warm local climate. It spans 238, 535 square kilometres and has a society of about 23 million as of 2007. Colonised back in the times by the Uk, the national words of the land has continued to be as British till today.

However, out of it's ten recognized areas or counties, Ghana has more than 250 indigenous languages spoken. Within these areas and languages, many dialects and cultures also exist. Each cultural group has it's culture and each culture has a means of life. Ghanaians are generally peace caring people. Tradition takes on an essential area of the Ghanaians life from beginning (naming and commitment ceremonies), through to Puberty (initiation rites), to marriage (traditional marriage) and loss of life (funeral rites). The legal system however, is an assortment of British law, appropriate to criminal conditions, and indigenous custom for civil conditions. Civil situations that matter customary issues, such as land, inheritance, and relationship, are usually read by a traditional chief. Folks are generally wary of the judicial system, which can involve considerable costs and unpredictable outcomes. They usually attempt to take care of infractions and fix disputes informally through personal charm and mediation. Strong extended family ties tend to exercise a restraint on deviant patterns, and family meetings are often called to settle problems before they become general population. Marital disputes are normally resolved by having the couple meet with the wife's uncle or daddy, who will undertake the role of an matrimony counsellor and reunite the get-togethers. As culture and traditional customs play a large role, each goes along way in defining or influencing popularity of DV in the Ghanaian population as we will explore later.

Ghana is a low income country with a per capital GDP of only $400 (U. S. ) per 12 months. It includes many economical and sociable problems especially in the areas of employment, property, health, and sanitation. Ghana has an dynamic Non governmental Organization (NGO) sector, with over 900 signed up organizations that take part in welfare and development jobs in health, education, micro funding, women's status, family planning, child attention, and numerous the areas. The longest position categories have been church-based organizations and the Red Cross. Most are backed by overseas donors. Urban voluntary associations, such as cultural and occupational unions, also offer important cultural and financial assistance. The family product is undoubtedly an important structure of the community and is kept in high regard.

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