Domestic Violence Analysis Report Social Work Essay

Mrs. Chan has been married to Mr. Chan for more than twenty years. Her spouse is a supermarket owner and he's very busy with his business. Every month, Mr. Chan provides her enough money to support the family. They have two children, a 11-year-old son and a child of 8 years of age.


Presenting problems

The client came up to seek advice from the worsening father-son romance and her son's behavioral problems. She recognized it therefore of witnessing spousal assault that she had been suffering for a number of a few months. She said her hubby acquired a bad temper, demonstrating no care and attention or esteem to her and he often beat her in front of the children after drunk. She remained tolerate and silent before battery shifted alive threatening danger lately.

Worker's conception of the problems

According from what Mrs. Chan has said and worker's observation, there are three main problems in the family as the following.

Spousal Violence

Mrs. Chan has been suffering from her husband's irascible temper and violent functions over a long time. The domestic violence triggered grievous harms to your client both in physical form and emotionally. Empirical evidence demonstrates after physical maltreatment, the effects of psychological maltreatment can be even more harmful. Women survivors of local violence have higher possibility to show Post Traumatic Stress Disorder symptoms, along with dissociation, despair, panic and axiety, with lowered self-esteem and self-efficacy, and poor of life.

The Son's behavioral problem

The two children have been subjected to their father's abusive patterns to their mom. Witnessing a violent event, especially one relating parents, is likely to cause children's serious adjustment and behavioral problems. Witnessing is a stressor comparable in impact to the immediate experience of a violent action. The sign becomes more robust when the assault is 1) resilient, 2) human being designed, 3) in which the aggressor and victim are near to them. Children will probably produce PTSD reactions such as withdrawal, aggression and difficulty in awareness after exposure to violence. Thus college performance of the boy deteriorated and his temper worsened. He went as far as to cover up some weapons to strike his father in the event to protect Mrs. Chan.

Family Relations

Family is a particular interpersonal system which executes certain functions and certain obligations. It performs the fundamental function of participating in to the communal and educational needs, health and well-being, and common health care of its users. The Chan's family is in a dysfunctional position. Lacking marketing communications in both spousal and parental relationships brings about blockings in presenting cares, getting together with needs, releasing functions and undertaking responsibilities. Mr. Chan is occupied on business every day and everyone rarely have activities alongside one another. A demanding family environment under assault restrains expressions of emotions. Besides, children who observed domestic assault always face a problem of loyalty. Choosing either area to support provides problems in relatives inevitably.

These three problems aren't separated from one another. Instead, they are in some way in causal connections. Spousal violence brought on children's behavioral problems and poor family relationships, so in the involvement process, we have to address the issues one by one according to the order.

Intervention phase

In order to obtain the family back again to performing, we devised an involvement arrange for the above-mentioned problems based on informed consent to your client and ethic codes of social worker.


Short-term objectives:

To keep carefully the safe practices of Mrs. Chan and her children

To assess and recover the trauma of Mrs. Chan and her children

To repress Mr. Chan's competitive behavior and activate his purpose to change

Long-term objectives

To prevent any physical and mental mistreatment in the family

To improve parenting skills

To repair the communication and also to promote harmonious and healthy marriage in the family

Strategy and rationales

PTSD Evaluation ----- The Keane MMPI(MMPI2)-PTSD Scale

As Mrs. Chan has been suffering from intimate partner assault for several calendar months, the consequences of the maltreatment on her should be found by methodical methods. The Keane MMPI PTSD Level has proven to be a trusted and valid measure of PTSD in battered women. If any observeable symptoms are observed, the worker would send Mrs. Chan to professional therapist for even more treatment.

Financial Assistance and Group training

Due to economical freedom and isolation, the sufferer has very little money of her own and few people on whom she can rely when seeking help, so the worker would assist Mrs. Chan to use for some financial assistance like CSSA.

In addition, she lacks specialised skills, education, self-confidence, self-esteem, self-efficacy. Not foreseeing any method of livelihoods could exacerbate her sense of hopelessness, helplessness and therefore major depression. Therefore, trainings are essential to help her find gainful employment to support herself as well as her children. Group training like gardening, handcrafting, preparing food etc. can not only equip her with some basic professional skills but also provide her with more social network and interpersonal support. Increases in self-esteem are because of the opportunities for communal interaction, imagination and self-expression (Parker, 2004).

Solution-focused treatment

There are a great deal of ideas to explain why individuals acquire violent actions in intimate associations. The interpersonal learning theory shows that the offenders learn by experiencing or witnessing violence and "intergenerational transmitting of assault" is present in domestic assault. Others focused on psychopathology and personality characteristics. Biological and physiological factors can also help to produce violence. Substance abuse such as liquor and drug consumption may also account the situation in some way.

However, so far as we know at the moment, we cannot tell the reason why Mr. Chan beats his wife. The thing our company is sure for the moment is the fact Mr. Chan should make a big change to avoid the abusive functions and regain the family working.

The solution-focused treatment deemphasizes problems and emphasizes the building of solutions. Rather than requesting the offender to be responsible for the problem, the treatment demands the offender to be accountable for solutions. The couple have been married for twenty years and Mr. Chan has always been hard focusing on business to aid the family. Out of this love, in addition to the worker's stimulation and instruction, Mr. Chan is likely to ascertain motives, establish meaningful goals to get rid of assault and develop new behavior to solve the problems detail by detail. Assessment interview, individual, few and family solution-talks and offender group training workshops will be completed with the furthering of the involvement.

According to the self-changing process theory, there are five stages along the way of an individual's change----pre-contemplation, contemplation, determination, action and maintenance, while relapse will probably occur at all stages. Therefore, the process would take a long time and it needs worker's patience and encouragement all along.

Art therapy

In the Chan's case, the kid has probably shown some gentle symptoms of PTSD. Without intervention, it'll lead to inconceivable results. The girl's condition should also be adopted up although there continues to be no obvious indicator on her. Considering the age of the two children, the employee would adopt art therapy in the intervention. Children shows higher decrease in PTSD symptoms through creative manifestation such as drawing, painting, play, or storytelling. We intend to use this method of assist children to identify and change dangerous belief habits, identify and express psychological residue, exercise personal control, make ideas for future and breakdown the sense of isolation.

Family Gathering

Interactions and marketing communications are essential to family working. The worker implies Mr. and Mrs. Chan plan more family activities that can involve the whole family to market the family relationship.

According to parent-child interaction therapy, such activities can modify modes between the parent or guardian and child, diminish child action problems and promote positive parenting. Moreover, family gatherings can give Mr. Chan an opportunity to know how his wife takes care of the children every day, which can promote love and respect between the few. It is hoped these activities can be kept at least once weekly.

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