Dr House IT Series English Literature Essay

2>1 Introduction

Dr. House is a pretty well established US Television set series. Since its release in 2004 the series has been forever popular and in 2008 it was broadcasted to 66 countries attaining overall 81. 8 million visitors. Quite simply: Dr. House is the most successful tv show on the globe. This is also approved by a great deal of honors the series has received. For example Dr. House was nominated for six golden globes and obtained two of these.

Overall six times of the series has been produced including entire 132 shows.

But how come this series so successful. Why should it be worth watching? And what is so special about this Dr. House?

2 Dr. House - IT Series

Image 1: Main characters of Dr. House

2. 1 Origin

It was Paul Attanasio, who came up with the thought of a medical drama after he has read an article in the brand new York Times known as "Medical diagnosis". Regarding his business partner Katie Jacobs and David Shoreline he persuaded the television network FOX to obtain his concept. Gail Berman, who was simply chief executive of FOX at that time said: "I want

a medical show, but I dont want to see white coats going down the hallway. " Thus began to refine the idea of a team of doctors who analyze and cure abnormal diseases. Finally, after a great deal of changes and concentrating more on the key identity, they made out a character called House: An ingenious and impolite person who suffers from his injured calf.

2. 2 Plot

Nearly the complete action occurs at the Princeton Plainsboro Clinic in New Jersey, the positioning where Dr. House is dealing with his team. It really is staffed by the neurologist Dr. Eric Foreman, the doctor Dr. Robert Chase and the immunologist Dr. Allison Cameron. Together they often package with very scarce diseases and try to cure them. Moreover the whole series is traversed by Gregory Houses black humor.

2. 3 Composition of an show using the exemplory case of "House vs. God "

Nearly all shows of Dr. House are built following the same patterns. The next exemplory case of the episode "House vs. God" will give a synopsis about the procedure of the displays.

At the start the happenings happen outside the medical center. In this case you can see the inside of your church, where a young "faith healer" solutions an old girl who cant walk common. Someone might think this may be the patient of this episode. However, suddenly, the healer collapses on the basis of seizures. After that the intro of Dr. House shows up. Now the patient is at a healthcare facility and House has to be convinced to adopt this medical case. In this event his team assumes this part. Houses interest is aroused, because the "faith healer" feels God foretells him.

Accordingly Dr. House makes a differential diagnosis regarding his team. That

means they speculate based on the symptoms what disease the individual might have. At first they come to the solution that it must be tuberous sclerosis, because all symptoms fit in. Later on the individual begins to perform a fever which shows that it should be another disease. Dr. House considers he has a herpes virus which is demonstrated by a rash on the low rear thereupon and the individual gets cured as a result. Like most shows this one is finished by a track playing in the backdrop.

3 Dr. Gregory House

Image 2: Dr. Gregory House

3. 1 Biography

Dr. Gregory House was created in Illinois on June 11th 1959. He enjoys his mom Blythe House and is dismissive against his daddy who is not his natural father.

House studied initially at John Hopkins College of Medication, but he was expelled from this university because he previously copied within an exam. Afterwards he persisted his studies at the College or university of Michigan, where he finally gained his graduation.

Subsequently Dr. House started to just work at the Princeton Plainsboro Clinic, a teaching clinic in NJ. He is an expert on the subject of nephrology and also the Head of Diagnostic Medication. His specialist field is unusual diseases.

Since the infarct in his right leg House has to use a walking cane and because of the pain he suffers from that he became dependent on Vicodin.

His Manager at the hospital, Dr. Lisa Cuddy, often forces him to keep up with his duties at the ambulance, which House tries to avoid with all available means. For instance he can take position in front of filled ready room and explains to the patients who he is, that he's addicted to drugs and that he is probably the only doctor, who doesn't work voluntarily in this clinic. In doctors appointments it happens sometimes that Dr. House abandons somebody and plays along with his Gameboy instead.

3. 2 Character

Dr. Gregory House is really an unconventional identity as the protagonist of your US TV Series.

On the one hand he's a medical genius with a lot of knowhow, but on the other palm he can be a real scumbag. House doesn't care about the thoughts of patients and his only goal is to treat them. Just how he achieves that can be really unpleasant for the sick individuals, because House feels that everybody is placed. For instance he asks the patients awful questions about their life or other important things - if he talks to the patient by any means. In addition House says always what he considers and every instance is filled up to capacity with of his (sarcastic) jokes. Furthermore Gregory House doesn't like changes, e. g. he has been participating in the same guitar since the 8th quality and has been moving into his apartment for 15 years.

In the USA the word "Houseism" exists for Houses persona and his habit, which represents his black humor, sarcastic utterances and extraordinary attitude.

3. 3 Professional - Hugh Lorie

"It's a wonderfully liberating thing. I wish I could be more like this. I think all actors worry (what others think). They want to be loved. They need applause. It's pathetic, but here it is. "

Hugh Laurie about his character Dr. House

Hugh Laurie is a favorite English actor who was created on June 11th 1959 in Oxford. He has an older sibling and two older sisters. His parents are Patricia and Ran Laurie, who have won a Gold Medal in Rowing at the Olympic Games 1948 in London. Hugh attended the Dragon College in Oxford, before he signed up with the Eton College. After that he studied at the Selwyn College or university in Cambridge to accomplish a diploma in archaeology and cultural anthropology. There he also was person in the Footlights Golf club, where he found Stephen Fry. Together with him he been able his breakthrough especially with the series Blackadder and Jeeves and Wooster. Finally in 2004 Hugh Laurie became the protagonist of the medical Drama "Dr. House". Because of this role he obtained two Golden Globes and was several times nominated for the Emmy.

4 Houses team

4. 1 Dr. Eric Foreman (portrayed by Omar Epps)

Image 3: Dr. Eric Foreman

Dr. Eric Foreman is a dark-colored neurologist with the best requirements in Houses team.

The only thing that is known about his childhood is the fact that he comes from a poor history. At the age of 16 he was caught, when he burglarized into a house. Later on he studied at Hopkins Medical College. In addition has a brother named Marcus who's in jail and his mom is suffering from Alzheimers disease.

Foremans relationship along with his superior Gregory House is obviously the most complicated one. He despises House regarding his frame of mind to other humans, however, it is often said how similar Foreman is to accommodate. Because of his criminal history and his pores and skin he has to submit to the (racist) jokes House makes about him.

4. 2 Dr. Robert Run after (portrayed by Jesse Spencer)

Image 4: Dr. Robert Chase

Dr. Robert Chase is an Australian plastic surgeon with intensive-care medication as his area of expertise.

Chases father was medical specialist for rheumatology. He abandoned him and his mom, who became dependent on alcohol subsequently and died out of this, when Run after was 16. After that he attended a Catholic school, but he didnt go away the examinations and had to go. Thus he made a decision to study medicine and when he found his dad again, he helped his boy to receive a posture in Houses team.

Chase is very dedicated to House so when an argue breaks he subsequently stands on his part.

4. 3 Dr. Allison Cameron (portrayed by Jennifer Morrison)

Image 5: Dr. Allison Cameron

Dr. Allison Cameron is an immunologist and the only female person of Houses team.

It is not so much own about Camerons child years, but there are clues that - in contrast to Foreman and Run after - her girlhood was eventless. She finished school with a higher graduation and before exercising at Princeton Plainsboro Hospital she was employee at the renowned Mayo Medical clinic.

At age 21 Cameron married a man who came down with thyroid malignancy and perished after half a year of matrimony from the results of his disease.

As against Dr. House Cameron takes care of every patient - even if someone is a criminal. This often brings about issues with her employer House, who is merely interested in rebuilding somebodys health and doesnt provide a crap about the emotions of an individual. Cameron, however, makes an effort to build rely upon the partnership to her patients and engages accountability towards them. When she actually is faced with issues she always attempts to find a solution which means minimal injury to the parties included.

5 Other important characters

5. 1 Dr. James Wilson (portrayed by Robert Sean Leonard)

Image 6: Dr. James Wilson

Dr. James Wilson is Brain of the Section of Oncology at the Princeton Plainsboro Clinic. He is Houses best ally and besides the only person who gets together with his particular kind. Wilson lost his uncle to cancers, whereupon he made a decision to be an oncologist. So far as known he was wedded three times and has a brother who is homeless and hasnt been seen by Wilson for nine years. House often contacts him to ask questions about the diagnoses of an individual. Wilson however, often discloses the backdrop of houses or the patients patterns. These conversations frequently lead House to the answer of the medical circumstance.

5. 2 Dr. Lisa Cuddy (portrayed by Lisa Edelstein)

Image 7: Dr. Lisa Cuddy

Dr. Lisa Cuddy is Dean of Drugs and administrator of the Princeton Plainsboro Medical center.

Cuddy wished to turn into a doctor since her childhood, consequently she went to a medical college and afterwards the University or college of Michigan, where she possessed the first contact to Gregory House. She was profitable student and because of this Dr. Lisa Cuddy became the first female and at years of 32 the next youngest Dean of Medication ever.

When House became his contamination in his right leg (this has happened prior to the tale of the series starts and is also shown in an episode by a review), he was brought to the Princeton Plainsboro Hospital. Against Houses will Cuddy, who was simply accountable for him, decided to take of the inactive knee muscle. Thereof Houses suffers from a persistent pain and it is handicapped in order that he is merely able to walk by utilizing a walking cane.

As Cuddy being the superior of House after he used occupation again their marriage is challenging in any way. House doesnt value rules and has often crazy ideas. FOR INSTANCE when he asked Cuddy, "Could it be still illegal to execute an autopsy on a living person?", she acquired to avoid his lunatic plan. Cuddy is obviously the main one who has to put House in his place as well as the only one who has the authority to get this done.

6 Similarities between Dr. House and Sherlock Holmes

Image 8: Dr. House and Sherlock Holmes

Close inspection reveals that we now have parallels between Dr. House and Sir Arthur Conan Doyles detective Sherlock Holmes. The Reason that David Shore (the producer of Dr. House) is a big admirer of Sherlock Holmes, has obviously inspired the conception of the series. The largest correlation can be seen in their persona: Both are arrogant and both use the same methodology to solve a case.

Furthermore House and his closest friend Wilson were likely to cooperate like Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson. According to Robert Sean Leonard - the acting professional of Dr. James Wilson - Houses team has assumed this part.

Here is a short summary of the similarities of Dr. House and Sherlock Holmes:

Dr. House Sherlock Holmes

Main Character



Best friend

Dr. Wilson

Dr. Watson

Drug addiction







Apartment 221B

221B Baker Street

7 Appendix

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