Drugs Maltreatment And Rehabilitation Among Teenagers Friendly Work Essay

Due to the seriousness of drugs abuse and the government authorities' serious concern on drug test in college, this research investigates the views on the reasons of drugs mistreatment and rehabilitation among teens in Hong Kong. A questionnaire is gathered from 109 young adults aged from 13 to 22. It focuses on the teens' view and understanding of drugs misuse and rehabilitation.

The findings show that teens mostly know the health of drugs maltreatment in Hong Kong, as well as its influence on drug abusers. In addition to the cognition on drugs mistreatment, the reason why and the ways of drugs mistreatment are also known well. However, it leads a question - "Why do young drug abusers still take drugs even if they know the result of drug abuse?" It is believed that we now have some exterior and internal affects which are strongly affecting those young drug abusers. Besides, the HKSAR government should take some actions to deal with such serious problem and offer help those drug abusers.


Drug abuse is actually a popular problem discussing just about everywhere, and today it is being increasingly more serious among teenagers in Hong Kong. Based on the Hong Kong Legislative Council Secretariat, the number of reported drug abusers has steadily increased from 13252 to 14175 between 2006 and 2008 and there are excess one third of drug abusers with age range less than 25 in 2008 (Legislative Council Secretariat 2009). It is a worrying condition towards our world.

After looking into the problem, it is found that we now have tons of factors which make a person dropping into the snare of substance abuse. The major reasons of youth to be drug abuse included peer effect (to identify with peers), attention, alleviation of boredom/despair/anxiety, seeking euphoria or sensory satisfaction, and preventing irritation of its absence (Legislative Council Secretariat 2009). It appears that the problem cannot be totally resolved by suppressing medication traffic only.

At the recent period, due to the seriousness of substance abuse in institution, HKSAR government attempts to introduce academic institutions' medication test in TaiPo district. It aims at learning the teen drug abusers who want to get help from others. After the first stage of the plan, Government claims that it is effective on creating a no drugs environment inside institution, and needs to introduce this course of action towards whole Hong Kong. However, this plan is criticized that it generally does not have complete helping steps to help those young drug abusers (China Media 2010).

It needs never to be question that coping with the challenge of drug abuse is a long-term plan. The reasons and factors must be grasp before create the structure which can really help those teen drug abusers. Otherwise, drug abuse will become an endless problem in Hong Kong.


Our goal is to examine the reasons of drugs abuse and treatment among teens in Hong Kong. The study was conducted at HKUSPACE campus, as well as the internet. A complete volume of 109 questionnaires were accumulated within October. We'd randomly selected teenagers aged from 13 to 22 as our respondents.

Since the review has been conducted at HKUSPACE campus, therefore, the info is mainly accumulated from university or college students and mature students (see physique 1. 1).

As the same reason as above, due to the place where in fact the survey requires part, our respondents largely belong to the band of era from 19 to 22 (see shape 1. 2). It may also show that the majority of our respondents are big enough to comprehend this content of survey, which can help the precision of the survey results.

The questionnaire mainly focuses on the teenagers' thoughts and opinions and understanding of drugs maltreatment and rehabilitation. There are also some questions which ask about the health of drugs mistreatment in Hong Kong. It helps to understand whether teens are paying close focus on their environment. Furthermore, teenagers might not exactly tell the truth on some questions. For instance, they may well not tell truly whether they know any their friends or classmates have taken drugs, since they may afraid that they will get trouble if they answer "yes". Therefore, those type of questions are cured as reference material only which help to investigate the results.

Beside the survey, the info is also accumulated from internet and printed books. Due to the variety of source, internet is a great platform to search for a big amount of information. Inside the books, more correct and in depth information can be found. Those are the reasons that why internet and catalogs are chosen to be the database of the research.


Teenagers Views on the reason why of medicine abuse

Introduction to Medication Abuse

Defined by the WHO (World Health Group) a 'Medicine' can be any chemical, which can type in a full time income organism and adjust one or more of its functions. In case the drugs are being used for purposes apart from the prescribed advice, it could be called Drug Abuse. The various names for Substance abuse are Medicine dependence, Harmful medicine use, and Psychoactive substance use disorder (Medindia).

Addiction is normally thought as the constant, compulsive usage of an drug despite the consumer and the population could cause physical or emotional harm (Vivek).

Drug maltreatment is not totally the responsibility of the medicine addict. The main factor is drugs itself contain addictive substance that doesn't enable you to withdrawal from them (Peloski).

The effects induced by substance abuse can be divided into three main parts: Physical, Psychological and Sociable effects. Higher Risk of contracting infectious disease, Loss of consciousness and wreck interactions with peers or family could possibly be the possible samples (Children Mental Health Campaign Program).


Our subject is the teens' views on the reason why of substance abuse. However, teenagers may well not know the real case in the adult population. Therefore, to become more realistic, the review is conducted by asking their views on the factors of youth drug abusers and here is the result:

Peer Pressure

Regarding the consequence of questionnaire, Amount 2. 1, peer pressure and curiosity are the primary reasons of taking drugs which can be voted by 68 and 66 out of 109 respondents respectively. Majority of respondents presumed that peer pressure is the key reason. It is because peers heavily impact the choice of taking drugs (Rea and Curtis 2008). Teens value their image and also are worried about what others think about themselves. Therefore young adults will power themselves to do something to fit in with the group. If one's peers have drugs abuse, the teenager would you not take drugs will be labeled as "outdated" and be isolated from them. As the effect, they take drugs to be able to stay or become a member of an organization.


The second highest rated reason in our statistics is attention. Teenagers are interested and wanting to seek new experience. They also like to know the facts, tastes and feelings of taking drugs so that they may ask questions about how precisely to make use of drugs and then sign up for peers who are employing drugs (Ava 2010). These teenagers are not obligated by others but themselves. This factor always drives teenagers to try the first drugs.

Family Problems

Voted by 45 out of the 109 teenagers, the reason of insufficient connection to parents ratings ranking three in the reports. Moreover, another reason, having chaotic home environment, also related to problem of family scoring get ranking four with 41 respondents. One of the most frequent reasons of drug abuse is exactly Family problems (Davidson 2010). This example is happened frequently especially in younger decades (Davidson 2010). Given that they may not have power to vocalize at home and they don't know what they can do, they may try to use drugs to forget about the pains and hardships that they are going through in their families (Davidson 2010). However, taking drugs cannot avoid occurrence of the problems (Melinda Smith, M. A. , and Joanna Saisan 2010). Drugs may bring you a better sense in short-term, but you will be low self-esteem, stress and anxiety, loneliness, or unsatisfied in family life in long-term. The effects and problems triggered in physical, emotional and communal by substance abuse may be excess the original problem that you will be escaping from (Melinda Smith, M. A. , and Joanna Saisan 2010).


From these results, reasons of teens taking drugs can be sectioned off into three factors which are community, personal and family factors (Rea and Curtis 2008).

Moreover, our reports on the reason why of taking drugs are coinciding to the info from Hong Kong Legislative Council Secretariat. The major reasons are peers affect, curiosity and alleviation of stress and anxiety from family problems.

Rehabilitation of Drug Abuse

Nowadays rehabilitation programs

Because of new knowledge about substance abuse, additional and thorough treatment options have been developed. Identifying addicted specific and prevention of medicine dependence tend to be focused in rehabilitation programs. Treatment programs seem to be to be customized to different options for different populations, such as adolescents, men and women, individuals and categories. Moreover, programs utilize a variety of therapy brokers, for example, doctors, nurses, psychologists, recovering addicts or social personnel (Sussman & Ames 212).

Figure 2. 2. 1: A therapy process flow chart from Sussman and Ames (2001).

Key fundamentals of rehabilitation for children and appearing adults

Brannign, Schackman, Falco, & Millman (cited in Sussman & Ames 219), created a set of nine key fundamentals of effective drug abuse treatment for children. First, program should include comprehensive assessments covering mental health and medical concern, learning disabilities, family performing, and other domains of the teens' lives. Second, program should offer with all angles of teenagers' lives, for illustration, family, school, and cultural activities. Third, Parents are essential to be engaged in the program. Forth, developmental dissimilarities between adults and teenagers should be considered. Fifth, this program should set up a climate of believe, which really is a significant element to activate young adults in treatment. 6th, the treatment personnel should provide with understanding of adolescent development, co morbidity issues, and substance abuse. Seventh, the program can handle the several needs of teens. Eighth, program should include aftercare ideas. Finally, program also needs to include rigid appraisals for enforcing treatment services.

Harm Reduction

Erickson (cited in Sussman & Ames 223) stated that harm decrease emphasizes to understand a personal's potential to regulate his / her behavior. The normal concept of injury reduction is to alleviate harmful outcome of chemicals dependence and diminish individual's risk of harm to home or others (Duncan et. al. , Marlatt, Somers, & Tapert, Pentz, Sussman, & Newman, cited in Sussman & Ames 223). For example, using methadone rather than abusing drugs is being used as a injury reduction program in Hong Kong. This treatment is named methadone treatment which is designed to encourage medication abusers to case substance abuse and prevent the growing of contagious disease like Supports during injections.

General Treatment in Hong Kong

According to the info provided from Narcotics Division, Security Bureau, Hong Kong has offered different types facilities and programs to different medicine abuser. Essentially, counseling program which have medical support service and help to buy psychotropic medication and residential drug rehabilitation program are given to psychotropic substances Abusers. For heroin abuser, as identical to psychotropic chemicals Abusers, government also have counseling program and especially give a Out-patient Methadone Treatment Program helping these abuser to rehabilitate by using social employee and psychologist.

Moreover, the service and program mentioned previously are voluntary to become listed on as the cornerstone of treatment will be the abuser themselves.

Apart from Hong Kong federal, Population for the Help and Rehabilitation of Drug Abusers is one of the famous rehabilitation centers. They have a program just for female or young adults. They aim to help drug abuser to rebuild their life time and a normal family life.

In addition, the person who is sentenced or in prison are compulsory to possess placement scheme carry by Hong Kong Corrections Services.

Rehabilitation for teenager in Hong Kong

Teenager may be a group of being drug addicted easily because of attention. Actually, the HKSAR have conducted many research about the challenge of teen substance abuse and the technique of protection and rehabilitation, such as The 2008/09 Study of Drug Use among Students which to identify the student's knowledge and frame of mind of substance abuse. The newest may be the Fifth Three-year Anticipate Drug Treatment and Treatment Services in Hong Kong (2009 - 2011) to research which drug treatment and rehabilitation services should used in next three calendar year.

Except the federal government office, some voluntary organization or private rehabilitation center likewise have treatment programs. Zheng Sheng College organized by Christian Zheng Sheng Association Small is one of the organizations helping the teenager who was simply drug abuser. Over treatment, social personnel and psychologist play an important role. They increase the patient's internal health as their get rid of to help them to return a normal life.


In this research, we mainly evaluate the views on the reason why of drugs mistreatment and treatment among teenagers in Hong Kong. The review shows their basic knowledge of drugs misuse and accumulated their opinions on rehabilitation. Throughout the questionnaire, we realize that whether teenagers understand the reasons of taking drugs and the methods for getting drugs. We also find out that whether teenagers know the needs whenever a medication abuser is under recovery treatment, or if indeed they feel acceptable if a rehab center is located near them.

According to the study, teenagers mostly think that peer pressure and attention are the main reasons of drugs misuse, after that follow the chaotic home environment, insufficient attachment to parents, aggression and having fun. It is presumed that they consent peers heavily effect the decision of taking drugs, as well as exhilaration seeking. Besides, they can recognize that drugs misuse can be related to issue of family. For instance, drug abuser may choose to use drugs to overlook the pains and hardships.

Since drugs mistreatment becomes a significant long term problem nowadays, several recommendations on how government can provide helps receive and discussed in the next.


After investigating the respondents' views on the reasons of substance abuse and treatment, there are several tips, that could be beneficial in helping teenagers to avoid and deal with substance abuse in order to secure a much healthier life.

Preventing Medicine Abuse

Drug abuse can be prevented by clearing up the factors which might deteriorate to drug abuse. Below are a few suggestions on those factors:

Parents help to combat peer pressure

From the review, more than half of respondents choose which pressed peer pressure as the best ranked reason. In order to avoid the unwanted effects for this reason factor, parents are recommended to pursue the following methods which are suggested by Family MEDICAL of america.

Communication: Parents should talk with teenagers regularly to understand their psychological status whether teens are frustrated under peer pressure.

Having clear expectations: Parents should talk with young adults about the clear expectation such as motivating those to choose "positive" friends when these were young.

Know teenagers' friends and their parents: Parents ought to know the friends' parents to let the teenagers understanding that they are examined up sometimes by calling the friends' parents. Furthermore, parents can also make an effort to make their home to be an inviting place for young adults. Hence, it can supervise them more easily.

The above methods already are enough for parents to avoid their child far from peer pressure.

Parents help to reduce young adults' curiosity

In addition to combating peer pressure, parents also needs to help adolescents to satisfy their curiosity. The efficiency methods will be the followings.

Telling the serious ramifications of having substance abuse to remove their inquisitive on drugs when teenagers are young

Helping teenagers to develop a good value and attitude to prevent drugs abuse

Teaching the correct way for the medicine use, such as obey the doctors' order to using drugs

Warning the teenagers when they are employing the drug by themselves' decision

Above methods are ideal for teenagers to truly have a good habit on medication use.

Schools help to improve the education on young adults to prevent drug abuse

According to your review, over 35 % of respondents choose "No knowledge" about rehabilitation treatments. Beside, understanding of drugs is also significant for teens. Therefore, institution or education authority should take a responsibility for educating young adults about drugs substances, prevention, and treatment. The next events can be held to be able to catch young adults' pursuits:

Holding discussions of ex-drug addict and

Adding the moral education to be regular lesson

Holding the some tournaments about anti-drugs, such as poster and slogan competitions

Since there are many teens who are taking drugs are misconception on substance abuse, university education would be an important persona to correct their misunderstanding.

Deal with Family Problems

Lack of matter, is a common family issues that can lead to youth medicine abusers. However, Family problems are difficult to resolve by teenagers, since they may well not have much expert to vocalize their thoughts during the explosion of emotion of these parents. Then, how to deal with family problems? It is the responsibility of Parents that continuously let the more radiant generation knowing you care about them (Sherman). Furthermore, Teenagers could talk to them in a calmness situation to be able to let them provide an arousal to the problems. Arousal the problems is the first step of solving them. Furthermore, Relating to Jacobs, there are 5 instructions for stopping and solving the discord:

Do not react immediately, but take into account the problems rationally.

Don't say anything, if it wouldn't help to increase the situation.

Do not gossip.

Do try the better to put family first.

Do not be antagonized by hurtful criticism.

In habit, "You can't pick your family, nevertheless, you can pick your friends. " said Sherman. Teenagers can prolong the network of "good" friends. Interpersonal support is very important when you are feeling depressed and restless. But, importantly, Do not meet the friend which could lure or even coerce anyone to take drugs.

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