EBay's Progress Strategies: An Analysis

To gain market in India, eBay must change the way it performs. eBay. in has to develop and use new approaches for the change management. Using the following stand the best theory to work with is Lippitt's Phases of Change Theory. This theory consists of 7 steps and it mainly focuses on change agent's tasks and responsibilities in comparison to evolution of change in the organization. Implementing Lippitt's phases of change theory on eBay. in

The problem: eBay failed to make its impression in India, one main reason is the country's internet and technology is still producing unlike in USA, where internet and technology development come to its maturity level. People in India consider eBay as a digital market, and so they don't believe in it, in comparison with retail and low cost markets. eBay struggles to adapt the various languages and ethnicities in the country so it is unfamiliar to most of the folks.

Motivation and capacity for change: eBay has enough convenience of the change, and to localize itself in a variety of states/cultures it requires to appoint local business people/change agents, who are aware of local marketplaces and the technology. Upsurge in gasoline price, inflation, and recession are forcing people to choose other methods to get products they want, so eBay is the choice folks have, and the change agent if in a position to inspire them the organization will grow strong in the market within few months.

Change Agent and Resources: Recruiting those individuals who know the neighborhood market as well as have good understanding of the internet and technology are a good idea. To check the inspiration and commitment of the agent, he/she will be assessed through few interviews and other psychological tests. As the organization will depend on mainly on internet and technology, the required resources can be purchased in India, like manpower, vehicles, etc.

Progressive change objects: Expanding action plans and strategies regarding different ethnicities and dialects needs those language and culture experts, group should employee those people before they build their strategies. The main goal here is to gain the clients belief and get close to them so they know the business. Aims of this process are to diminish complexity and achieve functional excellence.

Role of Change Agent: corporation should explain what they are expecting from the change agent, and change should be clear about what his/her responsibilities are and really should make it clear for the organization and other employees, and customers, where no person gets confused along the way of change.

Maintaining the Change: developing new approaches for marketing, like campaigns, advertisements about the organization and how the organization operates is very important for the business. Taking feedbacks and review helps firm to comprehend how people are reacting and what are the other changes the organization needs to make, to increase belief on the organization?

Change Agent: once business reached a level where people are believing in the business and are able to communicate properly without any problem, the role of change agent should be lessened and the change process should be terminated gradually.

What can you do in a different way if undertaking a project of this nature in the foreseeable future?

Following above steps can raise the belief of the individuals on the organization, but I would like to focus on one specific point i. e. living of the business in the digital environment. The primary reason, why people don't imagine the eBay. in is because of its virtual lifetime, and I would like to improve that directly into physical existence. Both potential buyers and retailers are customers of the business plus they can do it online, but I would like to provide a little place/ business centre where people can come and meet straight and exchange goods or products. By this process people could be more attracted towards the organization and customer's opinion towards the business increases.

However, this contradicts with the idea of online marketing but, this technique should be and you will be followed only for few days, until or more to the organization gains the idea of its customers. And we use this business centre limited to those customers who are willing to come and for complex situations to reduce complexity.

Factors which can affect the change management process

Power: many organizations follow hierarchical vitality i. e. professionals take decisions, sometimes with the support of employees and sometimes without the support of employees, about the process and strategies that corporation is going to follow. Here management of eBay considers potential buyers and retailers are equally powerful to make their own decisions.

Culture: eBay is an enormous community with original culture. In the site individuals can find articles offering wider information than just auction listing or price lists or internet site tools. eBay creates opportunities for people, it cares its customers, and making a difference on the globe. It clarifies us the initial psychology, attitudes, and values and ideals of the management and founders of eBay.

Communication: organizational communication and interpersonal communication plays a essential role in effective change management. Company communication is leader communicating with the employees through reaching, conferences, or electric mails. This information generally speaking is for everybody in the organization to explain new strategies or action packages to its employees. Interpersonal communication is communication between management and employees, on the whole to provide information on what they expect from the employees and what corporation aim's at. It is also useful in taking feedbacks as not all the employees work and learns at same-pace. Interpersonal communication raises marriage between employees and management which is very important for an organization to sustaining change.

Conclusion: eBay was able to make a solid impact on the market in USA, UK, etc. because the growth of technology in these countries was too high. eBay inc mostly rely upon the internet for its living and without internet and technology it cannot is accessible. In countries like India, where internet and technology continues to be growing and didn't reach its maturity level, it is hard for the organization to expand and make an impact on the market. Education level of the clients also performs an important role in online business, producing new software to make selling and buying process simple also is important in the introduction of the organization. Technology is a macro environmental factor, signifying organizations like eBay cannot control or boost the progress of technology in marketplaces like India. So, expanding new strategies like building physical presence rather than virtual existence can change lives, it isn't necessary to get started on a retail market but showing a business centre, where people will come in case there is necessary and delivery issues can increase perception of customers on the organization. Providing local terms call centres and customers support centres also helps group to expand in the expanding markets.

Change is essential in today's world, increase in globalization and internationalization is forcing organization to improve and develop new ways of gain the marketplaces and customers. Due to upsurge in competition organizations are changing their products and markets to get competitive advantage. In a single way or another change is getting into the organizations, and taking care of change is vital as incorrect manage of change can demolish organization.

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